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I am Marc who is Perfect and I am not the mark of the beasts who is an arch rival against me Marc who is Perfect and an enemy of me Marc who is Perfect; and I have caught these people witness of jahova and zionists ready and trained and fated to fuck animals for all eternity if not stopped infact many of them already are zooaphilia women and men becoming witness of jahova; as I am writing this paper I am being literally spiritually fuckraped by invisible beings raping me with spiritual beings that are invisible to my eyes; though I am Absolute Strait Heterosexual and have never been gay and never will be gay; I am constantly under attack by zooaphilia gods which include the god of zion himself and theirselves also who are raping and killing my whole kind as a species known as MarcAndMarcia Peoples; zooaphilia nations have always been a part of haminity as an arch rival to all closer towards perfect human nations of peoples who have sex between mankind and womenkind only as ActualHuman Races; the zooaphilia and none sexing nations of peoples are aggressive always and secret at first as to the sin they are, the prefere sensorship of who they are at firsts keeping secret that they fuck animals, monsters, and none humans as beings, things, and reality they a zooaphilia and pansexual nation and peoples and society are at ware secret and obvious against all nations of peoples who are Human Only and ActualMankind and Actual Womenkind who have Proper Sex with each other and love each other only as a species who is common to each other; beware none humans fucking nations are aggrevaters of violence and rape with no mercy and have all the none humans who fuck human being backing them in desecretion to take over all nations of peoples who are human only and human firstly and only have sex between human beings only; zooapilia nations of peoples and individuals firsts use sensorship to keep all nastiness they do secret until they gain powers mainly by eating the brains of peoples while fuckraping them with invisible spirits then they steal all commerce and wealth then they deny all strait heterosexuals that they could ever have sex at all not even a prostitute they will offer them from among their own kind; they the zooaphile nations will not only steal all women who are clean sex to a man he have legal permission under MarcPerfect Laws; they will even steal prostitutes as emergency to actual humans males; note, zooaphile creatures and none humans are already fucking and eating and reharvesting all ancient females they still have possessions of and have taken all modern females almost and have already sit in the future even to fuck away all possessions of ActualHumanity to fuckrape and eat and reharvests human females while killing the majority of ActualHuman Males leaving behind only deucewaks as men who become women to beasts and none humans and faggots who fuck men only and rape men and gays who are queer men who hate women and like men only; and zooaphile males who fucksex animals only or animals and men and women and none humans; beware none humans have been challenging human biengs for thousands of years ever since conception none humans challenge Actual Human beings by challenging to become mindless worshipers of none human beings, things, and reality; especially as animals, as all form transform and as reality; the path is fated to be dismal not only for witness of jehovas but for all religions and societies who fucksex none humans and animals and who worship none humans and animals they are due to be beaten and killed and eaten and reharvested all over again even though animals and beasts and none humans protect white skin women they also soil them and dirty them and kill and beat them also but mainly they hate browner or middle brown skin women who are marcias for they belong to me GreatnessMarc Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis firstly and I am Against all beasts and animals and abominations and do not want them to haves sex with marcias as a kind or natalies as a kind, or women that belong to me as female cousins; beware without witnesses to see them as strait heterosexual who are moral or MarcPerfect Morality all zooaphiles and pansexuals become heathens and no longer use sensorship brought upon them by zion they then began fucking all beings, things, and reality and animals and beasts publictly they fuck all animals in fields they are eaten alive and beaten and killed by animals and beasts right before the eye of each other without protests nor complaint they eat them alive as zog, they worship the very destruction of they they swim in shit of animals and themselves they even eat shit of animals and themselves the become a bryone de cochon all in the name of worship they have no mind no more but it is not worship who have killed them only it is the desire of gods devils demons devas transformers animals transformers being that dwell in all things universe universe entities wicked angels and usurper evil humans; they have been destroyed by none humans monsters and monster minds seeking after to fuck and eat the flesh of they to become instead species lower then mankind wearing mankinds image or wearing an animal or monsters image over mankind and womenkind; beware right in your own neighborhood zooaphilie takes place without you seeing it through sensorship brough upon by zion the animals religions and cults they the animals of zion have blinded you by sorcery and reality powers and by the mind of human beings not to see right in front of you that sin takes place but you annot see it for its invisible to your own eyes or hidden behind walls of a house or room for you not to see that sin is the universe and that sin have hidden itself because of the laws of zion the aimal kingdom hiding all evil from the eyes of Moral Acutal Humans who can make a moral judgement to kill sin and punishe sin and seek reveange against sin this is how sin live laphing at ActualMankind saying oblivious and unaware they are they do not see how sin rule the world right in front of them without them being able to see it or hear it or harm it while it eats them and their whole kind away and fuck their their kind away and harvests and replant their whole kind into mere fuck and food; beware do not say none humans are greater then you who are an Actual Human instead say you are s Superior Species Under attack to rape and eat you not for being inferior but for being fortunate with your own kind as a species to make progeny that are a superior species that is why none human animals seek after you genetics and all that you own to become instead of you and especially to gluttany fuck your female out of your mind and body and to even take away your young children and boys and girls to rape and turn into zooaphiles and pansexuals to all beings, things, and reality; this is a advisory of warfare only and reveange only even if you dont fight them physically be on ready against them to work against them and have sex with your own kind against them and take reveange sex agains them for they only think two things food is power by eating you into food and sex is power by fucking your female and even your male children with all that they are as none humans and animals and beasts therefore protect the female that is your own to have sex with take reveange sex against enemy females sexable to you and keep all your wealth for you and your community and become more powerful against none humans and animals and beasts and worshipping of especially none humans as god over you, worshiper religions with all its desire to deceive only fate all humans to an evil fate of becoming inferior to none humans and harvested into fuck and food for none humans to grow their own none human species into humans instead or into a power instead, beware and this cannot be Actual Humanity and Appliable Humanities must win instead.  


zion the oblivious and unaware secret protector of gods zoo animal creation

witness of jehova have shown the past, present, and future of zion the ability to be at peace and at sexual union with animals they do not show the sex part but to all who are in the warfare against zooaphilia and pansexualism it is obvious these people pictured fuck animals and enjoy it to the fullness of they and have no mind against an enemy that is eternal which is the arch rival against humanity animal...


​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power


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