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This Shirt Covers the Arms and Upper Body From Contracting Any Disease it can stop and is Very Comfotable to Wear and to the touch of Strippers

Must Buy: These Clothing Will Stop You From Getting Disease At Exotic Dance Clubs And Make Exotic Dancing Very Fun To  Pleasure and more confortable with less worries in your mind:

Buy All 6 of These Items to Visit Strip Clubs and Practice Safe Sex with the Exotic Dancers Especially the Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear "You Must Buy" to Practice Safe Friction Dancing Sex at Exotic Dance Clubs:

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This bodysuite is needed for extra safety at exotic dance clubs and will block diseases that it is able to block such disease that can be blocked by the material that it is

This Plastic


can go underneath

clothing or

even the pants can go as clothing

to protect from Sexually Transmitted STD at Strip Clubs and give safet during Friction Dancing

This Plastic Underwear is Disease Proof and must go underneath the pants as underwear and will keep disease from infecting the client receiving exotic dancing from strippers the Plastic Underwear Protects from sexually transmitted diseases or STD's

This Pair of Pants is Very Thin and Very Soft to the Feel of Both Client and Stripper With the Plastic Underwear Sold on This Site the Plastic Underwear Acts Like a Condom to Stop Sexually Transmitted Disease STD's

This Condom Underwear can be worn underneath pants to cause safety from STD and to catch sperm and can cause a person to relax and not worry about catching STDs during Frictionn Dancing

Fallow These Instruction After Purchasing These 6 items or After Purchasing the "Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear":

Instruction: Before Wearing Clothing After Putting On the Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear put lotion upon penis and upon interior front of of Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear to make underwear gliserin and unable to tear from penis touching it; then put on other three piece of clothing shown in this add or put other clothing you own; Note especially the Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear must be purchased in order to be safe from catching STD's at exotic dance clubs, note condoms have already been tested and will slip off during friction dancing by the dancer pressure and hip rolling slipping the condom off and also from the penis going down and going up between stimulations and not being stimulated; so the Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear have been tested to work and will cause the exotic dancing to work till pleasure friction dancing takes place; Take off Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear and wash with cold or warm water; the Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear can be used multiple times; Note before using check Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear for holes and tears in the front portion in contact with the penis if there are any holes and tears in the front portion in contact with the penis on the Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear do not wear the plastic underwear if it have any holes or tears in the front portion of it instead put on a new one, or buy a new set of Haian Adult Incontience Plastic Underwear.