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40-(1-20).The Four Routes,Router One: One 
Object or Being worship,Router Two: Multiple 
Object or Being worship,Router Three: 
Owuwunow,Router Four Anarchy: 

1.The Law of Variations and Combination cause 
there to be Four Routes of actualities when it comes 
to Religious and Leadmental 

( MindOperationCausation )s and the intermixing of 
those Four routes is the Fifth route. The first Route 
is Router One, One Object or Being worship: One 
Object or Being worship profess that there is only 
one god and no other being is god before that 

god, and that, that one god is supreme over all 
objects of worship in existences and that is the god 
that must be worshiped by everyone who is to 
worship a god; it does not matter if the god they 
profess is the god actually have the power which 
they attribute to the god, so long as they have 
chosen a god that is who will be their god and they 
will profess that, that god is a Tri-Omni, meaning 
that god is All Powerful, All Knowing, and all 
present, in the case of Human Beings and the Myth 
of the one god I am afraid it is a lie; based on my 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

calculation there is nothing as a Tri-Omni; although 
a people can choose a Being to become their only 
god they will never find a Tri-Omni to worship 
because no such power Existence and if such a 
power did Existence another one would come to 
Existence with equal strength and that would cause 
the Tri-Omni's work to be challenge-able which 
would equal that there is no Tri-Omni because there 
is more then one Tri-Omni, the nature of the infinite 
universe alone would cause there to be more then 
one Tri-Omni, because of how Intelligent life-forms 
came to Existence in different locations throughout 
Qualified and Compatible Infinity independent of 
each other through the Laws of Always Existent 
Order, Self-Existent Order, and Self-Initiative Order. 
As to the actuality of saying there is only one god it 
is as falsely as a Human saying that there is only 
one Human Being; there is of-course more then one 
Human Being; the truth is there is more then just 
one god in the race that is the objects of worship 

as there is more then one Human in the race that is 
the Human Race; but someone can choose only 

one god to worship out of all objects of worship 
and say that god is their personal god and that is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

who they will worship and give glory to; it is like a 
Human choosing one Human to be their leader out 
of all Humans. 

2.Router Two multiple object, or being worship: 
Beings can choose to become a router two follower 
which is to worship as a total power over 
themselves, multiple objects of worship or even the 
insane to worship all things in existences and all 
objects of worship in existences which is to become 
a total worshiper which equals to a total slave to all 
beings, objects and things. It is such a shame to see 
someone who worship every single thing they run 
into. I would say it is a punishment for someone to 
worship all things in existences. The variational 
choice may sometimes be favorable to a router two 
practitioner, and the router two practitioner might 
become lucky enough to worship a manageable 
number of objects of worship over themselves as a 
total leader over themselves, but if they are unlucky 
they will wind up worshiping every single thing in 
existences and this will make them a total slave to 
all objects in existences. If a human begs every 
human down the roadside they may find him 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

despicable and annoying and a bum, and if a 
human declare to all humans that they all are his or 
her master humans may find that human to be a 
slave that any human can do away with or have his 
or her way with, any evil malicious human could 
just show up to that humans house and have their 
way with that human, that is the same for someone 
who chooses to become the worshiper and servant 
of everything in existence a despicable life of 
servitude to every being and thing in existence. 
Traditional worship of every god and thing in 
existences have not always brought Perfect Luck to 
the worship. One culture I know of that worship 
every being and thing called hindu culture based in 
india currently have so much slums operational in 
the country that it is a shame to live in the country 
the culture is also a dissatisfy-able culture of 
inequality, discriminatory, oppressive caste 

( OperationComplex ) and inter caste cruelty 
especially orchestrated against lower caste by 
higher caste peoples who are thieves of their 
territory. The culture even have humans worshiping 
animals that are lower then them as a master over 
themselves, even butter is worshiped, by hindus. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

There are even hindus that worship cow dung which 
they apply all over their body and eat before and 
after burning the cow dung into ashes and it smells 
awful and some of them eat dung and drink piss of 
cows as a supplement. The culture of those who 
worship every being and thing is as unclean as the 
habit of becoming the servant of every being and 
thing. There is one person I know who begs 
everyone down the street it is a bum, and there is a 
person I know of who will open their door to 

almost every stranger with a dollar it is a 
"traditional fatal prostitute" and hindus even 
worship sacred whores, whoredom is sacred to 
hindus along with many obscene things such as 
cannibalism which is a sacred thing to hindus; 
hindus even worship cannibals known as aghori 
saddhus who profess that they can murder up to 
nine people and be blessed for it or eat any rotting 
garbage or trash they find even in the cemetery. 

The practice of worshiping every being and thing is 
a slaves practice and is equivalent to a bum walking 
down the street begging everyone for money. 

3.The Third Router is Router Three Owuwunow that 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

does not worship anything an Owuwunow is an 
intelligent life form who have figured out that no 
one must be given absolute power over anyone or 
they will resort to even commanding evil malicious 
and erroneous practices as Law to fallow; 
furthermore, someone who have all power and all 
command over someone else is their master and 
the commanded is a total slave mind. Owuwunow 
do not worship anything at all as their master 
because to say the code word you “worship” is to 
say you “totally submit” to “all command” and to 
“all will” of that which you worship. Owuwunows 
can build a Hierarchy to their advantage only and 
to set Perfect Codes and Law into order to operate 
individuals and ( OperationComplex )s in their Marc 
Perfect Manner, but such Hierarchy do not possess 
total power over the people, but must fallow the 
Law just like the people, and is a Perfect Manager 
to the advantage of the Hierarchy and to the 
advantage of the People evenly. Leadership must be 
to the advantage of those who are led, therefore 
leadership must become a Perfect Manager of 
those who fallow and those who fallow must only 
fallow for their advantage. Leadership is to provide 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

benefits and followers are to provide benefits also. 
In order for a Marc Perfect ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) to come into 
existence Leadership which are Managers and 
Providers and Achievers of the Code and followers 
which are Followers and Achievers of the Code 
must all work to the advantage of each other to 
bring forth a Marc Perfect ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) where both the 
Leadership which is the “Manager Achiever Reality 
Creator” (Marc) of the Code and the Follower which 
are the Followers and Achievers of the Code 
Existence in Perfect Paradises of the Marc Perfect 
Possibility. Owuwunow are not worshipers of 
anything but are observers which are those who 
study all things they come in contact with in order 
to obtain the knowledge of their function-ability 
and operations. By obtaining the Knowledge, of all 
objects function-ability and operations an 
Owuwunow obtain Knowledge, Ability, and Power, 
to understand or even control such objects. Non-
Object worshipers believe in the obtainment of 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to Survive, to Create, 
and to Overcome all things that are necessary to 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Survive, to Create, or to Overcome. Owuwunow of 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics believe in the 
achievement of the Marc Perfect Possibility and the 
obtainment of Knowledge, Ability, and Power; and 
also believe in the achievement of the Three Marc 
Perfect Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes 
and Plan which are the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics diminishment of anti-pleasure 
painfulness, personally and ( OperationComplex ) 
atically; purpose two the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics removal of all illegal hell personally and 

( OperationComplex )atically; and purpose three the 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Spreading of 
Paradise personally and ( OperationComplex ) 
atically. After all sequences of events those who 
have Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to protect 
themselves who refuse to worship others become 
the Greatest Power; for those who worship are 
servants and slaves of what they worship and those 
who do not worship are masters of their own Mind, 
Body, Spirit, and Soul. 

4.The Fourth Router is Router Four Anarchy which 
are people that have no capacity to form order nor 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

to abide by lawful parameters; such people have no 
leadership or orderly guidance; such a thing as 
anarchy is not liked by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics because anarchy is a disorder and a 

( OperationComplex ) failure. 

41-(1-21). Knowledge, Ability, and Power, is 
Greater andMarc Perfect than worship: 

1.worship equates to depend upon a being that 
have greater power and that being with greater 
power using the formality of worship shall always 
seek to keep the power of worshipers nonfunctional 
by keeping the worshiper as a lower 
power that depend upon the worshiped for 
everything, if objects of worship can get away with 
it not a single power a worshiper will have for 
example ancient and modern terrestrial earth mainly 
consists of humans with no extra powers then 
pushing and puling objects manually, ancient and 
modern terrestrial humans posses no extra sensory 
power to affect existential phenomena like the 
powers I plan to give Humansicad Marc Powers, 

that is because they were and are under the control 
of objects of worship, spirits, ancestral spirits, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

divinities, devils, demons, worldly and universe 
entities, and animal transformers, animal heads, and 
transformable beings all the mentioned eat human 
beings as a food source and they steal all the 
powers of terrestrial Humanity other humans that 
dwell in Higher Worlds sometimes have Extra 
Normal Powers but terrestrial Humans were robbed 
all of their extra normal powers by objects of 
worship that kill and eat them by gaining their trust 
through brainwashive worship formalities, even 
though all Humans are born with extra normal 
abilities and extra bodies inside of themselves; 
invasive spiritual beings that are invisible live inside 
of humans illegally and steal all extra-normal 
powers humans have by shutting them down for 
the human that own the body and using all the 
humans extra-normal powers for themselves.; 
therefore when a Human Being have their own 
personal Knowledge, Ability, and Power, that Human 
Being have achieved something Far Greater and 
Marc Perfect then worshiping beings that eat 
humanity as a food and steal all our Powers. 

2.To worship is to lose power, to worship is to be 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

servile, to have Knowledge is to have power, to 
have Ability is to have clarity, not to worship is to 
be loosuncaptured, not to worship is to obtain 
friendship with your fellow peers and leadership; for 
those who worship cannot approach what they 
worship in peace and many times cannot even look 
upon the face of what they worship for worship 
formality forbid the worshiper to understand fully 
what they worship. The gesture of bowing down 
before an object of worship is to confirm that the 
worshiper is totally upon their knees to the object 
of worship and is a servant. Those who worship an 
object of worship have agreed to have lower power 
then the object of worship; unlike accepting the 
command of a leader to lead that allows followers 
to obtain Knowledge, Ability, and Power, many 
objects of worship that are real living beings will 
prevent worshipers from obtaining many 
Knowledge, Many Ability, and Many Power so that 
the object of worship can maintain its power over 
people who worship. 

3.Knowledge, Ability and Power is far greater then 
worshiping objects, those who have their own 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

personal and ( OperationComplex )ic Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, can resolve all difficulties they 

are able to resolve without begging, nor bowing, 
nor praying, but those who do not possess their 
own Knowledge, Ability, and Power, are obligated to 
pray for assistance, to beg for assistance, and to 
bow upon their knees for assistance from those 

who possess the Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to 
assist who demand worship for their services. 
Sometimes worshipers are unlucky they ignore the 
obtainment of Knowledge, Ability, and Power, and 
instead invest in worship, unfortunately for them 
sometimes the object they choose to worship does 
not possess the power they attribute to it and 
worshipers fail to obtain what is to their advantage 
which is their own personal and 

( OperationComplex )ic Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, this set back their civilization by ages and 
they wind up dying after prayer when personal 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, could have resolved 
most or all of their difficulties. Sometimes objects of 
worship prevent worshipers from obtaining their 
own power to achieve what the object of worship 
provide as a service. Object of worship will even 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

sabotage the upgrading of worshipers to those who 
have their own power so that those who worship 
can depend upon objects of worship. At times 
objects of worship will even terminate those who 
have Knowledge, Ability, and Power, just so they can 
be worshiped by the general population. At the end 
of all sequences of events, Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, is far Marc Perfect then worship. Anything 
survive by their Knowledge, Ability, and Power; 
without Knowledge, Ability, and Power anything is 

at the mercy of all that can overpower them with 
greater Knowledge, Ability and Power then they 

4.Unless a Human society or any qualified society 
have at least 1 component that is Loyal to their 
kind and that does not harm their kind or do evil 
against their kind; that Have the Greatest, 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power as a Protector; their 
society is just waiting to be discovered by an evil 
that is greater in power then they are to defeat 
them in combat and sometimes what they will meet 
is far greater then evil this is when the worst of 
possibility of evil have a probability to occur to a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

society or even a whole society; therefore, Marc-G-
P-L perfectionists Creatics must Obtain the Greatest, 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power to protect themselves 
from all evil and all that will come their way to 
defeat them in any combat. 

42-(1-22).Perfect LeadershipisMarc Perfect than 

1.The Purpose of Leadership is to make Perfect Law. 
worship is usually for the purpose of submission to 
an object of worship; worship does not equate that 
perfect Law will be made in the life of worshipers. 
worship is usually focused on complete submission 
to an object of worship to fulfill the will of the 
object of worship and the will of the priest and 
authority figures of the object of worship. The will 
of the object of worship does not usually equate to 
perfection, but usually equate to the domination of 
the worshipers who worship the object of worship. 
In the beginning of Human experience and even 
today many forms of worship mainly focus on 
worshiping kneeling, bowing, and praying to an 
object of worship for favors instead of Perfect Law 
for worshipers to fallow. Many religions of worship 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

that have Law does not necessarily have perfect 
Law to fallow nor perfect manuals to fallow. Many 
religions of the past and even some of the present 
day and some in the future if they are not changed 
or prevented will demand Human and animal 
sacrifice, though animals can be terminated and 
used as a food source and material Humanity do 
not have to please anything with animal sacrifices, 
but Humanity should despise such practices as 
keeping animals at all and remove unneeded 
animals from Human environments especially dogs 
and all animals that beastiality against a Human 
have ever been committed which should be 
removed from the Human world completely. The 
concept of murdering a Human is not fully 
understood by these religions; for example many 
religions demand sacrifice from worshipers many 
times it is the murder of a Human these religions 
truly would like to promote such as the sacrificing 
of a child or an adult in a fire alive or after being 
murdered. Many times religion speak of ( "sincrime" 
) only to promote some other form of ( "sincrime" ) 
that is excepted by the religion. Many times it is an 
evil malicious being that is worshiped by worshipers 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

and the evil malicious being promote committing 
evil malicious acts. Many times worshiper towns in 
their worst state are towns of evil malicious 
practices that are found to be sacred by the 
worshipers. worshipers often promote the worst 
possibility which are illegal hells, many times 
worshipers own a multitude of illegal hell 

( OperationComplex ) and illegal hell sub-matrixes 
to torture converts who they find to be unsatisfying 
to their teachings. 

2.( MindOperationCausation )s of Perfect Law mainly 
focus on writing perfect Law into code for citizens 

to fallow. Perfect Law cause the Marc Perfect 
Possibility to occur. Perfect Law cause the least 
amountof 􀀀7􀀀Z􀀀±􀀀J􀀀n􀀀’􀀀*􀀀[􀀀7􀀀&􀀀?􀀀#􀀀[

and painfulness to occur 
individually and ( OperationComplex )atically; perfect 
Law causes all illegal hell to be removed 
individualistically and ( OperationComplex )atically; 
and perfect Law causes Paradise to spread 
throughout individuals and ( OperationComplex )s. 
Perfect Law, and Knowledge, Ability, and Power, 
causes the Most Advanced Reality Creation to come 
into existence where only the Marc Perfect 

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