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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 904 

attempt to mate with a Human looking thing of any 
color or race, in the future non animal shall mate at 
all nor breed at all but will all be sexless drones; 11. 
breath, 12. drink when thirsty, 13. limitedly protect 
from attack only from another animal only, but not 
from a human formed being or thing, they must be 
programmed to run away from humans with great 
fear and panic, 14. find approved thing only that is 
non Human Formed, 15. find way to animal territory 
or animal shelter, 16. run away from Human Formed 
things, 17. seek shelter from natural disasters such 
as fires, earth quakes, storms, and hurricanes, 18. 
form herd of size less then 100 animals for 
approved animals only other then that animals 
should be loners, 19. die of old age or approved 
injury, disease, or attack, 20. animal die and 
reincarnate in same animal species and breed until 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Human Authority 
decide to terminate animal completely by 
discontinuance, I give no authority to an animal 
over a Human Being or Form; other then these 20 
things No Other Speech Capacity or other abilities 
must be know by any animal or animal looking 
thing. Animals shall not dwell in Marc-G-P-L 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 905 

advanced cities. Until Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics obtain Clean Materials such as unassigned 
particles, Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics have 

the right to use lower animals as food material and 
as sustenance for Human Beings. When Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics become Nourishment Food-
Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable Pleasure Food and 
Deathless, Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics have 
the right to stop using animals as a food source 
and to release such animals in animal planets, 
animal planets are where such animals will Existence 
with limited abilities and such animals will be 
harmless to Humans. All lower animal genes shall 
be kept in a Library in case animals need to be 
created to use as a Food Source for Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics. 

5.We must never have compassion fatigue for 
Human Beings and Human Oriented Programs. We 
must have compassion for ourselves and for others 
who are approved, enough to do all that we can do 
to help ourselves and approved other Beings Of 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics in their againstpleasure, 
misfortune, calamity, sickness and death. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 906 

6.Our compassion and Perfectness should be 
optimized and inspire us to diminish againstpleasure 
to the lowest level possible for Human 
Beings and Human Oriented Programs inside the 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and all 
Compatible Worlds. 

296-(6-21-3-3-1).The Upgrading ofHuman 
Forms andUpgrading ofNon-BeastlyHumanoid 
Forms andThe Descending to lower form ofall 
AnimalTransformers, beast forms, andbeings 
andthingsto alower forms that cannot harm 
anyhuman atallorchallenge anyHuman atAll: 

1.All animal transformers that ever transformed 
between animals and a Human or other Humanoid 
form shall be turned permanently to the beast or 
animal form they transformed into by force and 
shall be made never to be transformable ever again; 
All Beastly formed beings and, animal headed 
beings, and beings that are mixed with animal parts 
must not ever be allowed to have a Humanoid form 
but shall be condemned to walk on 4 legs, or crawl 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 907 

on their belies, or fly with wings as a small bird that 
are not bigger then 12 inches long or 1 feet; and 
they shall be given an animals mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) with the ( 20 Animal 
Capacity Limitation ); all such creatures shall be 
imprisoned in a cubed prisoned planet and never 

let out ever again even forever they shall Existence 
in a cubed prison planet never to be let out as any 
composition of matter that is known their whole 
state of being shall be trapped in a prison planet by 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics. All beast and 
animals shall be shrunken to a smaller size that 
cannot harm humans at all forever such animals in 
all their forms sea animals, land animals, and sky 
animals, space animals, and universe animals shall 
be shrunken to be less then 1 feet long x 1 feet tall, 
and shall have all their talons, beaks, and teeth filed 
to a harmless thing that can never hurt any Human 
at all; such creatures are inferior to the Human 

Form and must never be allowed to challenge harm 
nor beastiality copulate with Humans; Humans who 
were violated in their dreams and made to dream 
that they were an animal are pardoned because 
they are not an animal it is a trespasser that tried to 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 908 

make them have an illegal dream while they were 
sleeping that is guilty of criminal activity not 
Humans who were made to have an illegal dream; 
but all reincarnaters that were animals shall be 
returned back to their animal form and imprisoned 
in the animal prison planet. All animals in the 
animal prison planet shall become a permanency 
and shall not copulate anymore, nor breed anymore 
and shall have no sexual organ at all and will be 
drones; and shall be made to run on limited energy 
cures that replenish by drinking water and 
breathing air only such animals will be harmless to 
each other and non-attacking animal nature 
prisoners; and also all plants shall have no mind at 
all, clouds should have no mind at all, planets shall 
have no mind at all, things shall no mind at all, 
space should have no mind at all, stars galaxies, 
suns, any natural thing that is not a Human shall 
have no mind at all, elements, water, air, colors shall 
have no mind at all, light phenomena and dark 
phenomena shall have no mind at all, and all 
machines other then computerized machines with 
their capacity limitations shall have not mind at all; 
Only non evil Human Races and Approved Non 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 909 

Beastly Humanoid Beings shall have a Higher 
Intelligent Mind at different levels; other then 
Humans and Approved Humanoid Beings and 
Things nothing shall have a Higher Intelligent Mind 
at all but shall only react to existential Law written 
to cause action and reaction and states of 
permanency or transformation by programming or 
by the will of a Motile or Stationary Human or 
Humanoid. Power shall not be measured by color or 
beauty; but by Knowledge, Ability, and Power. 
Perfect and Evil Humans and and Non Beastly 
Humanoids shall be observed and judged ((One At 
ATime )) to see if they are evil and a ttwus code 
and deserve reprogramming and discontinuity, or a 
Marc Perfect Human or Non Beastly Humanoid and 
deserve to be Upgraded and Existence Forever. One 
at a time means that if not at war; and if a race of 
Humans and Non-Beastly Humanoids did not kill a 
whole Race of Humans or Non Beastly Humanoids 
unjustly every member of their kind must be 

Judged 1 at a time to find fault and shall pay for 
their own imperfections or be Upgraded for their 
own Perfection. Only Heterosexual Humans Shall be 
Left Operational All other Sexual Modality Humans 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 910 

and Humanoids shall be converted to Heterosexual 
or discontinued into a prison cubed planet for 
observation to discontinue them if they are a ttwus 
code or freeze their animation to motionless 
sleeping dormant enstonement statued Humans 

and Humanoids to avoid the Law of termination of 
kind and the claiming of kind for kind from being 
used as an argument to take revenge upon Perfect 
Heterosexuals; Procreation Espouse and Sexual 
Relationship wither they are Main Polygamy, 
Balanced Polygamy, or Monogamy shall use the Law 
of Perfect Pairing and Perfect Direct Lineage 
Procreation Espouses. 

297-(6-21-3-3-2). “evil malicious, or harmful 
threatening entityquarantine”;the Quarantining 
ofallproven tobe quarantine-ableand 
discontinuity ofallproven to be ttwuscodes that 
meet the parameter to be quarantined or 

1.The Quarantining of all powerful or powerless 
deserving proven to be illegal hell bringers; 
undeserving mental and physical disease givers and 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 911 

genocidal murderers, and rapists, against Human 
Beings and other qualified entities; mutilators by 
design; those that make humans mortal 
undeservingly, those that sacrifice humanity by 
design, those that fully depart undeserving human 
beings; those that make humans powerless 
undeservingly; the confused by design; anarchists; 
the wicked; the diabolical; the monstrous; the evil; 
the illegally dangerous; the low morality iq by 
design; the abominable, the desecrative; the 
whorelike and prostitutive in nature; the low 

qualitying by design of humanity into 3rd world 
conditions; the worst possibility whore heifer minds; 
gangsters by nature; criminals by nature; 

( sincriminal )s by nature; monster minds; those that 
have a foul smell by nature; those who are 
monstrous looking by nature; those that persecute 
humans who are acceptable looking but call them 
ugly because of vanity and racists thinking; those 
who attribute Knowledge, Ability, and Power to skin 
color and color solely instead of proven facts about 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power; routers that wish to 
replace humanity; races and beings and things that 
wish to replace humanity; non heterosexuals; 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 912 

animals; beastly entities; beastiality performers; 
tempters by nature; harmful deceivers by nature; 

( sincriminal ) by design; cannibalistic towards 
humanity; reincar-eating of human beings; harmful 
reincarnation of human beings; for dehumanizing of 
humans into lower forms; for turning animals into 
humans; for being an animal that reincarnate into a 
human form; for acronym fuck activities against 
humanity which stands for f=fucksex, fooding, 
u=unconscious, c=coruptioning, k=knowledge 
killings; harmful objects of worship; toxic racists by 
design; warfare strength worshipers; lowly 
worshipers; animal transformers and transformers; 
qualified machine consciousness beings; sub-human 
looking beings such as prehistoric monkey mix men 
and prehistoric monkey mix women; animal heads; 
wickedly designed intermix species humans; entities 
that dwell inside of Human Beings illegally or are 
harmful when they dwell inside of Human Beings; 
meet qualification quarantine-able universe and 
world and galactic consciousnesses; weak links in 
human evolution; those that replace Marc Gregory 
Pierre-Louis as the Leader of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatic Males and Females; potentially 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 913 

dangerous threats against Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
humanoid species; sworn enemies of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics as a people or individual; 
modalities that are incompatible with Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics; arch rivaling and arch 
challenging, arch competing, and arch usurping and 
arch thefting races and beings and thing against 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic that keep arch 
challenging and attacking me Marc Gregory Pierre-
Louis and other Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics; 
beings and things against Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics; beings and things that declare war against 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic; beings and things 
that seek to exterminate from existence Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics; beings and things that seek 
to steal away Lineage Mothers from the 
Circumference of Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis and all 
others that meet future classification of the 
deserving to be quarantined; According the above 
list foundin this chapter; chapter: (6-21-3-3-2) 

all those who meet the qualification as whole 
individuals and groups; beings, things, groups, 
races, species, kinds, planets, galaxies, universes, 
reality ( OperationComplex )s, frequency channels, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 914 

dimensions, densities, etc... can be quarantined even 
forever by deceiving non-revealing inescapable 
force fields and solid non-breakable materials or 
any form of material or non-material that keeps 
them a prisoner so that they may never escape 
from “evil malicious, or harmful threatening 

entityquarantine”, Tailor Made Proper 
Management of Quarantined Beings, things, and 
realities must be achieved for each specific 
quarantined group to become non sexually immoral 
and non harmful towards Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and deserving Human Beings, and nonharmful 
towards each other; the Policy of “The Non 
Genocidal Killings of Quarantined Species Policy” to 
avoid “killing kind for killing kind undeservingly 
retribution” against Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics; the Stabilizing of the members of the 
Quarantined Population to a fixed non increasing 
population number to a Manage-able deathless 
until killed by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics by 
secret or public tribunal when found to be 
deserving of death for written formal reasons; and 
also all beings and things that are quarantined that 
meet kind qualification to have a leader of their 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 915 

own kind shall be given a chosen leader of their 
own kind that is under the unconscious control unknowledge-
able control of the Leader of Marc-G-P-
L Perfectionists Creatic Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis 
and such quarantined leaders of quarantined beings 
and things shall have no power against the Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatic all quarantined beings, 
things, realities, planets, galaxies, and universes shall 
not be given no power to escape quarantine and if 
they meet qualification shall be quarantined forever; 
quarantined people will only be able to practice 
culture and will not practice warfare at all if they 
practice fighting training their mind shall not be 
made to make the decision to offend or harm 
anyone they will be given limited weapon 

( OperationComplex )s that cannot defeat Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatics at all, nor help them 
escape quarantine, they will not be given any 
technology nor knowledge, ability, nor power that 
can reveal to them that they are quarantined beings 
or things; if they are quarantined for sexual 
immorality, or sexual oppression of heterosexuals, or 
stealing other races sexual mates, or for not being a 
heterosexual they shall be turned into sexless 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 916 

asexuals and if they violate sexual quarantine they 
shall be put into dormant enstonement sleep; 
furthermore, all deserving ttwus codes that meet 
the qualification to be discontinued shall be 
discontinued after being quarantined. The 
discontinuing of all proven to be harmful ttwus 
codes after quarantine test prove them guilty of 
being an unchangeable harmful ttwus codes that 
deserve to be discontinued shall be a standard 
policy for all harmful ttwus conscious and 
conscious-less ttwus code beings, things, planets, 
galaxies, spaces, universes, and realities. 

298-(6-21-3-3-2-1). “The FinalDiscontinuity: 

1.“The Final Discontinuity; every evil ttwus code 
universe, reality, being, and thing must be 
discontinued from throughout the whole of 
existences; leaving only Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics to Become Marc Perfect and Live in Peace 
With Each Other Under a Perfect Hierarchy that 
Scan the Whole of Existences in Preparation for 
anything that appears to re-start evil variations and 
combinations again. Only Humanity will remain in 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 917 

Existences and any other race of beings and things 
that are proven not to be a ttwus code and are 
proven that will never kill the whole of Humanity or 
bother Humanity For All Ever. Throughout The 
Whole of Infinity when I Marc Gregory Louis Obtain 
the Greatest Power I will ( OperationComplex ) 
atically as Quickly as possible without even 
punishing them discontinue all being and things 
that are proven to be evil and ttwus code in nature 
and against-heterosexual; we shall not care about 
torture as a punishment we just want everything 
evil and ttwus in nature to go and be discontinued 
once and for all; faster then a second all evil things 
and ttwus universes, beings, and things will be 
discontinued without even feeling any pain because 
we don't care about them at all we just want them 
all dead and gone from all existences never to 
return ever again and all that they are shall be 
discontinued from existences all traces of them 
from the endless past, present and endless future 
shall be removed and they shall never be allowed 
to ever return back to any part of existences. We 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Once we Have 
the Greatest Humansicad Marc Power to Win Over 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 918 

All Beings and Things in Existences Shall 
Discontinue All evil ttwus codes, universes, worlds, 
beings, and things never shall they be born again. 
Any human model number that was wasted by an 
evil being shall be born again but the evil being 
recognition shall be totally destroyed into nothing 
and all traces of the evil beings recognition shall be 
destroyed completely from existences. After all evil 
ttwus codes, universes, worlds, beings, and things 
are removed Only Marc Perfect Human Races Shall 
Remain that cannot destroy each other from 
existences even when they are the Greatest Powers 
of Humansicad Marc Powers, but shall use such 
Humansicad Marc Powers to Hold the Greatest 
Superiority Against any being or thing from ever 
existing that can eat or kill or do evil to, or oppress, 
or ttwusify Humanity as Humansicad Marc Powers. 
Such Marc Fortunate Humansicad Marc Powers will 
live for All-Ever in Marc Perfect Humansicad Marc 
Perfect Paradises as Segregated Groups of Human 
Races that Live in Separate Fuse Cubes that Enjoy 
the Company of their own Race and Kind while 
Respecting the Peace of All other Fuse Cube 
Humansicad Races and Kinds to Existence Forever 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 919 

Marc. I Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis shall 
be the Greatness Marc Moderator of All 
Humansicad Marc Powers Fuse Cubes and Shall be 
the Greatest Power of Such Fuse Cube Universes 
Humansicad Marc Powers Shall be Greatest Power 
of All any race that do not Existence now that are 
non-human shall not be permitted to ever Existence 
in all future times, any race that already Existence 
that are non-human that are not an evil ttwus code 
shall be allowed to Existence only after they are 
proven not to be an evil ttwus code; if any nonhuman 
race is proven to be a ttwus code they shall 
be discontinued no matter where they are found 
throughout the whole of existences; All Humans 
who prove to be an evil ttwus code shall be killed 
as fast as possible without any torture if they all 
could die in less then 1 second they shall be killed 
without a second thought along with all evil ttwus 
components they are their recognition will be 
completely destroyed into non-existence and they 
shall never be allowed to ever return back into 
existences; and whatever design they were as a 
model number shall be re-designed with a Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) and New Recognition 


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