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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power

INAIability to see the intention of an object of worship 
or the intention of anything that is calculable, this 
form of structuralist programming known as the 
logical, knowledgeable, reasonable, mind of a 
Owuwunow that can reason and calculate harm 
from the worshiped and non worshiped, lead an 
Owuwunow to have a superior Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) then an object 
worshiper. The Reasonable Mind of an Owuwunow 
sees the scheme of an object of worship to destroy 
the Owuwunow self, community, or society, this 
includes the calculation by an Owuwunow that an 
object of worship is trying to eat them and their 
race as a food source. Even the word bow sounds 
like the word bowel. I met some cannibalistic Super 
Natural Beings that said bow to become a bowel 
movement literally to opponents and brainedwashed 
worshipers. worshiping is worst; the three 
beginning letters in the word worship (W-O-R) 
match the 3 beginning letters in the word worst 
(W-O-R); almost spelling the word (worst). worship 
can become warfare against the worshipers or nonworshipers 
of the object of worship; the three 
beginning letters in the word worship (W-O-R) 

almost say the word War; many Human beings and 
other Beings of Existences have been terminated 
because of worship, in fact worshipers teach 
Humans that humans should die to becoming a 
spirit, or spiritual beings being or to reincarnate and 
die over and over again, it is not that the Human 
body could not be improved and Existence forever 
even as a Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave 
Recyclable Pleasure Food, Deathless body, “no”, it is 
that objects of worship and evil malicious entity 
threats refuse for Humanity to Existence longer or 
obtain a Marc Perfect body that is Nourishment 
Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable Pleasure 
Food and Deathless and Existence forever on Earth. 
Humanity will have to literally fight to obtain a 
Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable 
Pleasure Food, Deathless body. I tried to meet a 
Source Code Being that would Rearrange, and 
Reorder, and Convert my body into a Nourishment 
Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable Pleasure 
Food, Deathless body worshipers, and cannibalistic 
evil malicious minded beings and evil godly super 
natural beings stood in the way of such an 
obtainment and rearrangement, they would even 

try to eat me as a food and try to sexually assault 
me with gay spirits, or spiritual beings beings 
instead of letting me meet the source code being 
for the rearrangement, but I and my friends must 
overcome them and obtain the rearrangement into 
Humansicad Marc Power. Humanity must use the 
modality and structuralist programming of a Marc 
Perfect Possibility Maker and a Reasonable being 
that does not allow the spirit, or spiritual beings 
state of cowardice to turn Humanity into lowly 
worshipers of objects and things. Though becoming 
an Owuwunow in the mist of worshipers and 
objects of worship is a state of being filled with 
threats of danger from the worshiped and from 
worshipers it is a greater existence then that of the 
worshipers especially with the obtainment of 
Knowledge, Ability, Power, Paradise, Peace, Love, 
Tranquility, the Marc Perfect Possibility, and 
Perfectness among your fellow Non-Object 

32-(1-12). worship can cause you to lose allyour 
power inexistence and become adependent 
person or race: 

1.In the past, present, and some of the future times 
if worshiping is continued as a 

( OperationComplex ) of things on Earth and in 
existence; worshiping will cause worshipers to lose 
all their power to the object of worship. The main 
idea of worship is to allow the object of worship to 
obtain total power over the worshiper that is why 
worshiping uses many different levels of postures, 
that includes kneeling and bowing. Some objects of 
worship are very real and do have power to harm 
those who their power can harm. When an object 

of worship have Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to 
inflict harm against others who are worshipers and 
non-worshipers alike, that object of worship is more 
dangerous then objects of worship that have no 
power at all. When it comes to Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, objects of worship come in three forms, 
objects of worship that have great knowledge, great 
ability, and great power, and objects of worship that 
have limited knowledge, limited ability, and limited 
power, or objects of worship that possess no 

knowledge, no ability, and no power at all. objects 
of worship that possess great or limited Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, are far more dangerous then 
objects of worship that possess no knowledge, no 
ability, and no power. 

2.An observation is made that if an object of 
worship possess great knowledge, abilities and 
power, limited Knowledge, Ability, and Power, or no 
knowledge, ability, or power that object of worship 
will ask or demand total submission of worshipers, 
or total power over worshipers. worshipers are 
exactly what the word say they are worshipers this 
means that their whole purpose is to worship an 
object of worship which means that they are the 
total servants to even a point of slavery of total 
submission to the object of worship. Even when an 
object of worship call servants children of the 

object of worship those worshipers known as 
children of objects of worship are total servants of 
the object of worship. The programming of 
worshipers usually involve total brainwash that takes 
away all reasoning towards the object of worship, 
which means that worshipers of objects have an 

ignorant, un-knowledgeable mind towards the 
object of worship which means that they have 
worship boundaries that are a limit as to what they 
can think about or do to the object of worship. This 
means that there are things that worshipers cannot 
think about objects of worship and there are things 
that worshipers cannot do to objects of worship 
such as seeking revenge for a ( "sincrime" ) done 
against an individual or a community. 

3.worshipers are so robbed of certain aspects of 
their mind ( MindOperationCausation ) that they 
cannot even seek revenge against an object of 
worship even when an object of worship terminate 
their whole race or kind; this is how much power 
worship have over the mind of worshipers, worship 
conquers the mind ( MindOperationCausation ) 
especially worship that is learned from childhood to 
adulthood with no previous experiences in life that 
are non-worshipful. There are three mind 

( MindOperationCausation )s an existential being 

can be born with they are a worshipful mind 

( MindOperationCausation ), or a non-worshipful 
mind ( MindOperationCausation ), or an anarchist 

mind ( MindOperationCausation ). A worshipful 
mind ( MindOperationCausation ) comes prepared 
for worship and favors worship over not worshiping. 
A worshipful mind ( MindOperationCausation ) have 
very low resistance towards worship and will 
worship the object it was programmed to worship 
or anything it is trained or told to worship. An 
Owuwunow that does not worship mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) comes with resistance 
towards worshiping and is more likely to escape 
from worship programming then a worshipers mind 
( MindOperationCausation ), an anarchist mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) comes prepared with 
no structuralist ability to form order. Some 
existential beings come prepared as if they were 
machines trained to submit without a question such 
existential beings will worship whatever their mind ( 
MindOperationCausation ) was programmed to 
worship without any question or objection. Such 
mind ( MindOperationCausation ) are as mindless 
machines with no choice when it comes to worship. 

4.objects of worship usually prefer that the 
worshipers have no power over them this is when 

an object of worship possess enough Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, to overcome the worshiper; 

some times worshipers possess more power then 

an object of worship and can overpower the object 
of worship, for example most of the time one man 
cannot overpower one Milhumen men and women 
put together that are equally armed with his own 
strength; this is when the object of worship is 
weaker then the worshipers; at times an object of 
worship is very powerful and can terminate 
worshipers this is when an object of worship have 
enough Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to terminate 
a large sum of worshipers; this is when worshipers 
are in great danger of being terminated by an 
object of worship with enough Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, to terminate them. Non-object 
worshipers minds are usually more powerful when it 
comes to resistance to serve objects of worship and 
others as a total servant as an Owuwunow mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) that does not worship, 
and that can deny worship that would lead to total 
servitude to objects of worship. Objects of worship 
are not always Perfect beings sometimes the object 
of worship is extremely evil malicious in nature, in 

fact that is exactly why the object desire worship 
because the object is evil malicious in nature and 
desire total power over the mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of worshipers; when 
worshipers worship an evil malicious being it is 
more difficult for them to see how evil malicious 

the object of worship is, but when existential being 
do not worship someone or something it is easier 
for existential beings to see that the being or thing 
does evil malicious deeds and wrong, when evil 
maliciousness and wrong is done. Sometimes 
worship is desired by an object of worship that 
desires to control the mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) to do what is said to be 
good instead of evil malicious; though Perfectness 
varies in opinion because some beings think 
something is good when in reality it is an evil 
malicious thing that they do. Sometimes an object 
of worship desire to do good things and that is why 
the object of worship establish worship this form of 
worship if it is truly good that is done can be 
beneficial, but that form of worship will lead to 
servitude and danger of submitting totally to an 
object of worship without question; this can lead 

worshipers into great danger from the object of 
worship. Even when a worshiper is more powerful 
then the object of worship the object of worship 
will require total submission from the worshiper. 
Sometimes worship is used by hypocrites this is 
when worship is establish for the purpose of 
mockery this is when a being establish worship to 
lower powered things to control their mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) until it is time to get 
rid of them, terminate them, or even eat them as a 
food. A non-object worshipers mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) that is Perfect is more 
powerful then a worshipers brain that is good when 
it comes to reasoning against an object of worship, 
because a non-object worshipers mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) have more power to 
question what is Perfect, good, or evil malicious 
deeds that are done by an object of worship or a 
Owuwunow that does not worship, while a 
worshipers mind ( MindOperationCausation ) that is 
good cannot think beyond the boundaries of 
worship formalities towards an object of worship. 

for everything, and attribute every phenomena to 
the object of worship, worshipers often have trouble 
living without thanking the object of worship all day 
long. worshipers become very dependent on the 
object of worship as if they were lambs in a pasture 
waiting for the farmer to slaughter them. worship 
causes existential beings to become very dependent 
on the object of worship, objects of worship often 
take away the power of worshipers from them so 
that they cannot harm the object of worship nor 
prevent the object of worship from harming them. 
worshipers often lose all their power as a person 
and as a race to the object of worship. In fact many 
supernatural being that eat certain beings with 
enough intelligence require for them to worship 
their eater as an object of worship over them. When 
a worship friendly spirit, or spiritual beings entity or 
being dwell in natural and created objects and 
things, such dwelling beings often attempt to 

obtain worship from beings who use natural 
resources and created objects and things, such 
worship seekers that are a part of environments, 
dwellings, and created objects and things can 
attempt to take away all power a being who is a 

user of such resources and things have over them. A 
being possessing an Owuwunow mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) must resists the 
pressure to worship dwellings, objects, and 
environments or the being will become a complete 
servant and slave to every object in the 
environment and to the environment and the 
dwelling. It is Marc Perfect for a being to be 
humane towards deserving things in the 
environment then to worship them, but sometimes 
beings and things that dwell, in things, objects, the 
environment, and dwellings can be unexceptionally 
evil malicious and even display the behavior of 
wickedness, under such conditions a being who 
come in contact with such beings must protect 
themselves from harm; contrarily in certain 
situations a being who dwell in objects, things, 
environments, and dwellings will be a decent, well 
cultured, and nice being such beings will have to be 
treated with respect, dignity, and humanely, but do 
not worship any being, object, thing, environment, 
or dwelling, or you will become a slave or servant 

of that being, object, thing, environment, or 
dwelling. worship is often used as a tool to cause 

existential beings to become a complete dependent 
or slave of objects of worship this causes a 
worshiper to lose all power against an object of 
worship until the mind ( MindOperationCausation ) 
of the worship becomes an Owuwunow that does 
not worship but acquire Knowledge, Ability, and 

33-(1-13). worshipers are aform of religion that 
strips awayall ourpower andall of our 

1.Religion is a form of organization most religions 
on earth require some form of worship. worship is a 
dominater of the mind ( MindOperationCausation ). 
worship usually include some, many, or one deity or 
god; the purpose of the deity is to serve as a 
dominater of worshipers. The deity is so dominant 
in the mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of 
worshipers that they prostrate upon their knees 
before the deity or god. When the worshipers get 
upon their knees this is a acknowledgment that the 
deity or god is dominant over their mind. The 
objective of worship is to give the deity or god total 
power over the worshipers mind, body, spirit, and 

soul. If the object of worship is powerful or weak 
worshipers will give the object of worship the 
programming language to dominate over the mind 
( MindOperationCausation ) of the worshiper. 
worshipers often have trouble reasoning beyond 

the boundaries of worship programming and the 
parameters set by the programming language of 
worshiping and their manuals. Creation stories often 
vary when it come to religion on the planet earth 
though there is often supporting truths behind 
creation some form of worship have ridiculous 
creation stories. Creation stories vary based on the 
religion on earth some of them begin interestingly 
but include weird falsehood, lies, and confusions. 

3.objects of worship are often the cruelest beings in 
existence, the cruelness associated with objects of 
worship can cause worshipers to become 
unreasonable especially when it come to speaking 
against objects of worship. On earth we have 
learned that objects of worship cause severe 
atrocities against planetary inhabitants and their 
worshipers, though objects of worship are not alone 
when it come to cruelty most religions on earth 

have an object of worship that will give illegal hell 
which is the worst possibility of pain to worshipers 
and those who do not worship them that they can 
overcome or guide towards the catastrophe of 
illegal hell worlds, illegal hell worlds are dimensions 
and densities that Existence on earth and in other 

4.The fear and ignorance associated with 

worshiping causes unreasonable behavior to occur 
sometimes it is worshipers persecuting each other 
and people who do not belong in their religion; 
other times it is worshipers persecuting non 
worshipers. The persecution of non-worshipers is 
because non-worshipers have a mind that can 
reason against worshipers and objects of worship. 
Unreasonable worshipers persecute reasonable nonworshipers. 
The world around us is also a great 
danger to us it is not only the weather, or natural 
catastrophe, or the dangerous animals that dwell in 
the world it is ( OperationComplex )s and networks 
of being that are invisible temporarily to the sight 

of Humanity. The world of planet earth is a worship 
frenzy world the network is worship frenzy and 

filled with worship frenzy spirit, or spiritual beings 
connected to dwelling places and sky networks; 
these worship frenzy beings can become extremely 
dangerous when they are not worshiped or when 
their master is not worshiped. A reasonable minded 
Owuwunow that does not worship must have 
enough Knowledge, Ability, and Power, or friends 
with Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to survive 
worship frenzy beings and things. It is even more 
dangerous when inhabitants live in a sub-matrixes 
or a section of an Infinite Existence that is worship 
friendly and frenzy, this can cause compatibility 
issues when a existential being is a Owuwunow that 
does not worship, or becomes an Owuwunow that 
does not worship; ( an Owuwunow is a Persona and 
Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) I Marc Gregory 
Pierre-Louis Programmed into Existences that does 
not worship but fully understand Hierarchy, Power 
Levels, Great Morality, Command Language, 
Knowledge, Ability and Power and Contentment 
With Life by the Achievement of The Three Marc 
Perfect Possibility. ) When a person is an 
Owuwunow that Does Not Worship in a worshiper 
zone of existences this can cause the whole 

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