Petition To Euthanize All dogs In The World

Petition to Kill All Dogs in the World:

Before I begin this petition I would like for you to listen to a song I wrote and sang:

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( Speech ) Dogs are the most dangerous animal to ever encounter Human Beings so far because of the conning nature of dogs to move into the daily life of Human Beings and culture and not only get permission to attack other Humans and kill them as guard dogs, and pets, but also dogs have been breeding with low morality IQ human males and females, mostly Human females who are of low morality IQ are breeding with dogs in alarming numbers and percentages and also low morality IQ human males are also breeding with dogs in alarming numbers which means they are committing bestiality with dogs; the fact that low morality IQ males and females are committing bestiality and breeding with dogs in alarming percentages and numbers should scare Humanity greatly because this can lead to the end of Human Culture by any opportunistic being that wish to accuse and condemn Humanity for great immoral practices of breeding with dirty, stink, diseased, evil dogs; Humanity must wake up and see that the keeping of dogs in Human houses is a plan of an evil being that is spiritual to rape and kill Humanity it is estimated that over 12% of Human all over the world are committing bestiality and breeding with animals and dogs are the number 1 animal that such people breed with; in fact 60% percent of women that own dogs sleep in the same bed with the dog which is a cause of bestiality with dogs this is brought upon by great brainwash from evil beings that are invisible; also low morality IQ males that own dogs also permit the dirty evil perverted dog to lay in the same bed with them. A great evil is occurring to Humanity and Humanity must get rid of all dogs from our houses and culture; the age of dogs in Human houses and Culture must come to an end all dogs must be removed from Human Houses, all dogs must die, all dogs must be put to sleep, all dogs must be destroyed from the everyday life of Humanity. You who watch this video please do something for yourself for your sanctity and for your security and cleanliness remove any dog you have in your house out of your house take the dog to the dog pound and have them put the dog to sleep, pay them whatever fee they ask you for and free yourself of the dirty, evil, perverted dog in your house. I have one of the greatest bad news in existences the number of bestiality acts with dogs by Human males and females have increased due to massive brainwash from invisible beings such as bestial spirits and others bestial beings, many Human beings have fallen victim to dogs that rape them because they are under massive mind control from evil bestial beings in the spiritual world; you who watch this video please get rid of all dogs from your house and culture get them all killed out of your house. After watching this advisory and petition if you have a dog take it to the dog pound or animal shelter and have it put to sleep pay them the fee to take the dog and put it to sleep, if you do not have a dog please never get a dog or any kind of pet; animals are evil and have always been the enemy of Humanity. To sum it all, dogs naturally eat and rape Human Beings, in fact one of the greatest tormentors of Humans in hell depicted in mid evil pictures of hell are dogs; please take my petition seriously get rid of any dog or pet you have and keep your house clean of all evil that can occur to you because you have a dog or a pet. Throughout the whole history of Humanity dogs are the number one animal that have raped Humanity especially Human females have been raped by dogs because they are brainwashed by bestial toxic emotions to mate with dirty dogs because unlike normal Human Females, they have low morality IQ given to them by spiritual and invisible beings that are bestial in nature and that mate with all animals in nature and demonic worlds. You who watch this video please get rid of all dogs in your house get rid of all pets you have it is for your own safety. Dogs are not only raping and breeding bestially with Humans through brainwash physically, but spiritually you who watch this video please get rid of all dogs in your possession and please remove all pets out of your house, you who do not have a pet especially a male dog please do not ever get a pet dog or any pet at all. This advisory is for your own good and your own safety, and cleanliness, and pride, and morality; please have no sympathy for the dog or pet that came to ruin your life because you are Human and dominant over them, please get rid of all dogs and animals out of your house and save your Human Self, Human Family, Human Community, Human Race, Human Nation, and Human World.



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