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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power

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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

3.When a non-human have power, that non-human 
may seek to use the non-humans power to obtain 
worship from Humanity. Even when a non-Human is 
an evil malicious entity to Humanity the non-
Human will seek to control and strip away the 
power of Humanity through worship programming 
and formalities. non-humans have trampled many 
Humans underfoot through worship programming 
and formalities, because a worshiper can sometimes 
have trouble seeing when an object of worship is 
evil malicious against worshipers and other beings. 
many illegal hells were designed by non-Human 
beings to torture Humanity and sometimes only a 
Non-Worshiper can truly see how evil malicious 
these illegal hells are towards Humanity that even 
for all eternity a non-human would torture a 

Human Beings in the worst levels of evil malicious 
illegal hells, in fact even in illegal hell non-humans 
seek for worship from Humanity. The only answer 
for Humanity is for Humanity to obtain Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, to survive and overcome all 
difficulty, to Create all things with Perfect intention, 
and to understand and control all things that is 
necessary to control in the Most Perfect Way. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

63-(2-7).Why some non-humans sabotageand 
stop the progress ofHuman beingsand their 
non-Human alliesfrom becoming more powerful 
asHuman beingsand other beings: 

1.Progress brings Knowledge, Ability, and Power, 
and those who have Knowledge, Ability, and Power, 
are at an advantage over those without Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, some non-humans understand 
this that is why they seek to sabotage Humanity 
and their Non-Human Allies from becoming more 
powerful. One of the first things a sabotager of 
Humanity will do is stop Humanity from obtaining 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, that will give 
Humanity an advantage over an oppressive race or 
a race that seeks to dominate over Humanity. 

2.The Progress of Humanity is often sabotaged by 
visible and invisible beings so that Humanity can be 
controlled, ruled over, or even eaten as a food 
source. Many times the enemies of Humanity seek 
to lower the power of Humanity so that Humanity 
can be destroyed from existences or ruled over 
suppressively. Many times a Human society is so 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

sabotaged that they literally Existence upon their 
knees to those who rule over them and most of the 
time it is worship that keeps Humanity down. 
Sometimes non-humans are so degrading that it is 
the superior Human form that they hate and seek 
to rob from Humanity, that is why sometimes they 
cause Humanity to reincarnate to lower forms such 
as animals after their Human body is robbed from 
them. Sometimes those who rule over Humanity are 
so evil malicious that only worship can lesson the 
evil maliciousness that they would do upon 
Humanity. Many times it is evil malicious beings 

that seek to be worshiped because that is the only 
way they can be accepted through the veil of 
worship they can be accepted because a 
Owuwunow that does not worship would have seen 
the evil malicious nature of evil malicious beings for 
their mind is loosuncaptured of the boundaries and 
restrictive parameters of worship programming 
formalities that causes a worshiper not to be able 

to see the evil maliciousness of objects of worship. 

3.Many times the progress and power of Humanity 
is suppressed and stolen from Humanity by those 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

who are non-Human in nature, because Humanity 
would have become superior as a race that is Marc 
Perfect formatted in Perfectness when the Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) is trained for 
Perfectness. Humanity when Perfect is a Great 
Manager over existences. Humanity must be ready 
for Progress and the obtainment of Power and 
Humanity must never be afraid of Progress nor the 
obtainment of Power; for only Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, will survive Humanity after all sequences 
of events. 

64-(2-8). Why humans should be scared to 
worshiping something that is not a Human 

1.Something non-Human will have a more difficult 
time identifying with Human pain, concerns, and 
habits. The majority of the time a persons own race 
is more likely to feel compassion and care for a 
person then someone of another race. Even though 
sometimes it is a persons own race that offend 
them and terminates them; it is more likely that 
someone of a different race would be more prone 
towards committing genocide and harm against 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

someone of a different race that is not their own. 

2.In nature if one observe every creature is the 
enemy of a creature that is not their kind. Wither 
they are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores they 
make enemy against a species that is not their kind. 
The ability to accept different races and kinds as a 
friend to dwell with in peace is a Higher Conscious 
Beings Modality that understand what a threat is 
and what an ally is. Basic natural instincts do not 
provide the modality to make peace with species 
that are not ones kind, but allow aggression 

towards any other species that is not ones kind; and 
so it is the modality of Higher Conscious Beings to 
make friends with compatible beings that are not 
their kind when it is proven that they are safe to 
make friends with when they are compatible, but 
the lower conscious mind see all outside of its own 
race and kind as a potential threat to eliminate it 
and compete against it for resources, and 
immediately make an enemy out of them. 

3.Most of the time a Human should be scared or 
concerned to worship something that is a non

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Human as a god over Humanity, because an object 
of worship that is not Human will be more prone 
towards mistreating humans, punishing humans 
severely even with eternal illegal hell, eating 

humans as a food source, or eliminating humans 
from existence completely through genocide, but 
not all humans can be trusted to hold a position of 
Leadership because some humans are evil malicious 
and cannot be entrusted to lead other Humans. 
worship itself can ruin a Human as a Leader over 
other Humans because it gives the Human too 
much power over other Humans which can lead to 
more abuse of power. Humans should be more 
prone to be Non-Object worshipers seeking to 
achieve a Marc Perfect Possibility and Perfect 
Leadership to Manage Over Humanity. It is safer 
when Leadership of Humans is occupied by Humans 
and proven to be safe allies, but the majority of 
leadership of Human should be Human in nature 
and such leadership that is Human should be 
proven to be safe leadership that understand that 
they are suppose to be Perfect Managers As 

Leaders instead of rulers stuck up in their 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

4.At times Humans will come across and meet Non-
Human Beings who are actually genuine friends and 
allies of Humanity. When this occurs Humanity 
should use our Higher Conscious Mind to accept 
that we have a friend that is Non-Human, but 
genuine in Friendship and Allegiance. 

65-(2-9).Whyhumans should never Procreation 
Espouse something that isnot aHuman being: 

1.Supporting the Law of Perfect Pairing and Lifetime 
Partnership Humans are only Procreation Espoused 
to each other as Human beings, they are not 
Procreation Espoused to anyone else in the 

Universe nor are they proxies or connectives of 
anyone else in the the Universe except for each 
other, No Being of any level or construct can claim 
that they are Procreation Espoused to humans for 
humans should not seek to be Procreation 
Espoused to anything else in the Whole Universe 
except to each other as Human beings, any other 
component or being in the Whole Universe is 
Procreation Espoused to their own pair, but not to 
Human beings or in any future form humans may 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

become. According to the Law of Perfect Pairing 
and Lifetime Partnership, spirit, or spiritual beings 
and Physical Beings in existence, Worlds in 
existence, Matrixes in existence, and Universes in 
existence are not Procreation Espoused to Human 
Beings but to each other. According to the Law of 
Perfect Pairing and Lifetime Partnership, Humans 
are only Procreation Espoused to each other and to 
no one else; this is the way humans should view 
their Procreation Espouses that they are only 
Procreation Espoused to each other and to no one 
else. Wither Humans are located in any dimension 
or reality, Humans that are compatible with each 
other and are a race that are similar and are a 
bloodline with each other are the ones that should 
Procreation Espouse each other instead of strangers 
that are not Human. 

2.It is dangerous for Humans to seek to Procreation 
Espouse non-Human beings and it is dangerous for 
Humans to let non-Human being Procreation 
Espouse Human Beings. There are some beings on 
the planet Earth especially male entities that are 
non-Human that seek to take away the spouses of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Human Beings from them. Human Beings should 
protect the Human female as a mate and refuse to 
allow other non-humans from taking her away even 
if they are more powerful then Human Beings. One 
excuse non-Human beings will attempt to use is to 
say that their Procreation Espoused Partner have 
incarnated as a Human female therefore they are 
the one that should be Procreation Espoused to the 
Human female. Humanity should be an institutions 
for Humans only. The attempt of non-Human 
beings to incarnate as Human beings is an attempt 
to replace Human Beings literally. Human Females 
are for Human Males only. Non-Humans should not 
have a right to take away Human Females from 
Human Males or Human Males from Human 

3.Human males and females should be very careful 
not to attempt to Procreation Espouse something 
that is non-Human in nature because that can 

cause the non-Human spouses of such beings to 
retaliate and attack Human beings for attempting to 
Procreation Espouse their spouse. My final 
conclusion to keep Humanity safe is that what is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

born naturally as a Human belong to Humans; 
therefore when a Human courts a naturally born 
Human the Human is at the right of way for that is 
the Humans kind. The most perfect form of 
Procreation Espouse for Humanity is perfect pairing 
that is when two or More Human pairs males and 
females are designed specifically for each other in 
Monogamy or Polygamy; the second modality is 
closer pair that is when two or more Humans are 
matched based on their physical attributes with the 
closest available pair in a heterosexual manner 
Monogamously or Polygamously; the third modality 
is free inquiry this is when a Human chooses with 
the humans own freewill which Human to mate with 
despite of Perfect Pairing or Closer Pairing or 
Monogamy or Polygamy. Human Beings have the 
right to be Procreation Espoused to a Human Being 
before anyone else in the Universe and Existences, 
because a Human was made for a Human before 
anything else in the Universe and Existences. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

66-(2-10).Whysome non-humansare trying to 
Procreation Espouse humansandwhyHumanity 
should be afraid of thispractice: 

1.Humans are some of the most beautiful creatures 
in existences. In fact when it comes to the 
Humanoid form, Humanity is the most beautiful 
Humanoid form of all. Some beings seek to mate 
with Humanity because Humanity is Beautiful, 
Intelligent, and usually Perfect. Sometimes it is a 
foreign male entity that is not a physical Human 
that notice how beautiful a Human Female is that 
seek to mate with the Human female by 
terminating physical Human males to do so. Even if 
the race is humanoid or not, the race have no right 
to terminate Human Males to mate with Human 
females, because Human Males have the right of 
way to mate with Human Females. 

2.Wither a Supernatural Being or Other Being is the 
cause that a Human Being Mom and Dad produced 
a Human Child that was born of a Human Mother 
and a Human Father, a Human is for a Human, is 

for a Human, which means that Humans were made 
for Humans in Procreation Espouse. Sometimes a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Being that have greater power then Human Beings 
will seek to terminate Human males to mate with 
Human females or a more powerful non-Human 
female will terminate Human Females to mate with 
Human Males, this is highly illegal, Human Beings 
were made for Human Beings, a Human Being is 

the rightful pair of a Human Being. If a Human 
Being mate with a Non-Human Being depending on 
the physiological makeup of the Non-Human it can 
be seen as an abomination against Humanity. Only 
when a Human Mate with something that looks 
Human is it not an abomination, but if a Human 
mate with something that does not look Human it 
is an abomination against Humanity. 

3.Humans should be afraid to mate outside of the 
Human Race, in fact when Human Beings practice 
perfect pairing and closer pairing it is far more 
advantageous for Humanity. Perfect Pairing is when 
two or More Humans are made specifically for each 
other and their physiological make-up is a match 
for each other, and they are wedded to each other 
in a heterosexual manner one or more male to one 
female in monogamous or polyandrous singular or 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

multi-conscious mind node or router Procreation 
Espouses or one or more females in monogamous 
or polygamous singular, or multi-conscious mind 
node or router Procreation Espouses; females look 
feminine and males look masculine; closer pairing is 
when humans who are already born are matched 
with the closest available Human who have similar 
attributes with them in a heterosexual monogamous 
or polygamists manner males and females; free 
inquire is when humans males and females choose 
each other freely without being perfect for each 
other nor closer paired with each other this match 
making though it is less accurate is also sometimes 

o.k. under exception languages of non-availability of 
more perfect mates for Humanity, but such free 
inquire must be done among ones own race and 
kind, free inquiry that is not among ones own race 
and kind is not safe; it is safer not to mate outside 
ones own race and kind; Perfect Pairing and Closer 
Pairing are far more accurate and far Marc Perfect 
then free inquire. Humans should use maximum 
privacy when it comes to Humans mating with each 
other and should take precaution not to let nonhumans 
see the mating habit of Humanity, inside 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

the house of Humanity should be a private room no 
one should be able to see the mating habit of 
Humans in their private room not even the room 
itself should be able to see the mating habit of 
Humans in their private room. Some races that are 
beastly think that they see food when they see the 
naked body of a Human being that is why Human 
Beings should never allow any being to see the 
privacy of Human Beings, Humans should keep the 
nude Human body private especially from non-
Human Beings that eat Humanity. 

67-(2-11).Whyhumansshould make sure that 
only humansandtheir safe non-Human allies 
dwellin ahumans house. 

1.Houses were built for the protection of Human 
beings. Before Humanity built houses Humanity 
Existed in the open jungle, this caused Human 
Beings to be in harms way of being eaten by any 
predator in the Jungle. When Humanity started 
builder shelters such as houses, Humanity started 
living longer because predators of the jungle and 
the environmental weather could not terminate 
Humanity as easily as they use to because of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

protective houses Humanity built for safety from 
predators and from the environmental weather. 

2.When evil malicious spirits, or spiritual beings and 
invisible and visible beings Existence in a Humans 
house, the Human have a chance that the Human 
may never enjoy the humans home nor life and that 
the Human will be persecuted or murdered by evil 
malicious inhabitants of the Humans safe haven 
which is the Humans home and body. evil malicious 
spirits, or spiritual beings beings and outsiders that 
are not a Humans ally should never live inside of a 
Humans Inhabitable home, nor inside of a Humans 
body, or the humans life will depreciate and 

become a living illegal hell. I personally experienced 
this when evil malicious spirits, or spiritual beings 
beings invaded my personal body and my home my 
life became a living illegal hell with spirits, or 
spiritual beings beings attacking me constantly in 
my own body and in my own home. Beings that are 
not the ally of Humanity nor essential to their 
survival should not dwell in a Humans house nor in 
a Humans body. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

3.Houses can sometimes have large sums of spirit, 
or spiritual beings living on walls, floors, and 
furniture of houses, if these spirit, or spiritual beings 
are evil malicious and are allowed to interact with 
Humanity or become animated and movable inside 
of a Humans house the Humans house will become 
a illegal hell instead of a safe haven for a Human to 
dwell or for a Human to rest. It is safer for a Human 
when a Humans house cannot harm the inhabitant 
and manager of the home which is the Human 
Being. Only a safe component that cannot harm 
Humanity can dwell in a Humans house. When 
visible and invisible beings can monitor the thought 
and feelings of Humanity, Humanity may be in 
greater danger then they were before. I experienced 
this when invisible beings started to monitor all my 
thoughts and feelings they soon began to 

persecute me for my thoughts and my feelings. The 
Ultimate Home and Form of a Human Beings is the 
Humans Body and Form in whatever form and 
aspect material it comes in wither it is Physical, or 
spirit, or spiritual beings, or Super Natural, or 
Higher Form, or Humansicad Marc Power Material 
Composition; when invisible and visible beings are 

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