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Advisory against the dog sexing abomination against Humanity:

This is not a coincidence nor a lie invisible beings also known as spirits that are evil and that a malicious have planed to rape Human Beings especially Human Females with all kinds of breeds of dirty stink filthy dogs. I would show you the evidence of what they have been showing all over the internet which are Human males and Females breeding with dogs and other animals, but I cannot because it is too sexually toxic. This incident is going to get a lot worst in the next few years if Humanity does not do something severe about this evil of dog sexing humans that are spreading all over the world.

This conspiracy have been planed by the invisible world for thousands of years and is now coming to fruit in our age just like they planed it a long time ago; bestiality is not something new on earth it is the old way of dumb heathens that use to dwell on earth who worshiped ancient evil gods and devils and animals and beast a long time ago ancient humans were so dumb that they could not tell the difference between clean sex and dirty sex because of the gods and devils they worshiped; the gods and devils they worshiped where unclean and evil that is why they practiced bestiality and all kinds of heathenism behaviors.

Let me reveal a subliminal conspiracy to you someone have been giving you the subliminal message that a dog is your god if you spell the word god backward it says dog the word god spelled backward, spells dog, that is correct the word god spells dog backward that is because someone long ago who is a bestiality god want you to think subliminally without even knowing it that a dog is a god over you, ancient humans even worshiped dogs as a god some humans like hindus still worship dogs as gods over them today; the ancient egyptians worshipped a dog headed god name anubhis, ancient romans worshiped a dog and believed that it was their progenitor, there are even some nature dwelling africans that worship dogs for their bravery, native americans worshiped the wolf which is the ancestor of modern dogs, almost all pagan cultures had some kind of animals or dog worshiping going on and many of them practiced bestiality in their culture; even christians are now in big trouble with this ancient sin and evil because the chief name being used by them which is god is a subliminal message that god and dog are the same thing because the word god spelled backward is dog. Spell it yourself write the word god down and write it backward and it will say dog; that is not by error someone planned all along to rape Humanity with dogs through brainwash and subliminal message written in their minds to submit and kneel before mere dirty stink filthy diseased dogs and lay with them in abomination through massive brain control and subliminal messages for them to submit and kneel before dirty dogs and have corrupt disgusting abomination sex with filthy dogs that must all die as soon as possible for the safety of Humanity.

Sickeningly, the earliest dogs came from southeast asia china near india 33,000 years ago and migrated to other parts of africa then these ancient dogs migrated towards the middle east and africa around 15,000 years ago; the savage modern abomination dogs we see today did not exists long ago they were created into existence.

dirty dogs were not distinctive into different breeds until about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago when dirty greyhound type dogs were bred in egypt and western asia, dirty mastiff type dogs were kept for guarding and hunting which is something humans should never have done, then they also bred short legged dogs which was also a big mistake done by humanity by design of invisible manipulators, by the age of Rome most of the dog breed type we know today were being developed in their early stages and their specification were defined by romans, but not in a negative manner like they should have reported in fact the evil roman empire even used dogs to rape prisoners in gladiator shows which was another abomination dogs were used for against Humanity;

Many dog breeds were created in europe 700 years ago, but most of the modern wicked abomination dogs we see today were bread into this world from 1830 to 1900 around the victorian era and were disgustingly brought into existence by an organization known as the english kennel club and mostly by the secret manipulation of time and space by evil invisible forces against humanity that planned all along to rape Human Culture with dirty abomination dogs by bringing hell on earth all this is the plan of beings that eat Humanity as a food that want to prove that Humans are a lower intelligent life form that deserve to be eaten as a food source. I accused reptilians of being the main eater of Human Beings they said no personally to me that god is the main eater of human beings not reptilians, the reason I was able to speak to them is because I have the limited ability to see and hear invisible beings by practice.

All over the world the dog infestation is spreading day by day, humans, especially human females are breeding with dogs secretly behind closed doors and publicly on the internet in bestiality websites which number in millions of pages for all we know if not millions then hundreds of thousands of pages of abomination with animals especially with dogs, this is something that should never have occurred in Human history yet it is occurring in the Human world that is physical and spiritual, and it is occurring in hells.

Why is this occurring?

Well dumb uniformed humans like to worship things many of the things humans worship are entities that dwell in everything they often call these entities gods; though not all gods dwell in everything many gods that humans worship dwell in all things around humanity some of these gods are called om gods om or omni means all; why does om and omni mean all because these gods often say that they are omni-present that means that they are present everywhere around a measurable area; by the way I am not a worshiper who reveal these truths to you; such omnipresent gods and devils are not few they are many they are present in everything including plants, animals, elements, stone, dirt, the air, the environment, in being and things, also they dwell in Human beings secretly without us even knowing about it; these network entities are either good or evil; even though I hate to use the word good because its also says dog backward and a dog is not good at all; these network entities also known as omnipresent gods and devils are present inside of animals when they have sex and they know how it feels when animals have sex and they participate in the sex with the animals they also live in Human beings and know how it feels when Humans have sex now when you mix the two together what do you get bestiality; that is correct network entities that are omni-present in humans and in animals are causing humans to breed with animals by fooling them into the act that they experience themselves;

Don't be amused by something that say that it is omnipresent believe me it is not a good thing to be located in everything that is good and evil at the same time; such a being that is located in everything that is good and evil in an area is experiencing a mix of emotions that only equate to evilness, it is the presence of omnipresent network entities that are inside of humans and animals at the same time, that are causing bestiality to spread throughout human culture. That is correct, immoral wicked evil beings that are located in both animals and humans at the same time are causing humans to breed with animals.

According to my investigations the act of humans breeding with dirty stink dogs was planned ever since they wrote the word, god and dog in the same name that is correct the person that named god and dog have a sinister plan to cause humans to submit to dogs when they are a worshiper because subliminally the word god spelled backward means dog; the word god spelled backward says dog; if you are a dirty whore do not get exited about what I have revealed to you and think you can lay with a filthy dog and say that god name say dog backward because we Humans in the revolution against gods and devils and omnipresent network entities that dwell both in animals and in humans at the same time that are causing bestiality to occur; will bring you to justice and trial for bestiality acts with a dirty stink filthy animal. This is how the conspiracy works somewhat, if a person own a male dog especially wicked spirits that desire to experience breeding between a dog and a human female especially brainwash the low morality iq female into submission to a lowly stink dirty dog and she soon dies a few years later from contamination of dirty stink contaminated dog sperm infection which kills most bestiality practicing human females and males that are lower intelligent humans that are not as smart as higher intelligent humans are.

Do not purchase any dog at all or own any dog at all or receive any dog or any animals at all as a gift do not hang around anyone that own a dog; if you own a dog or have a friend that own a dog convince them to get rid of the evil dog; there is a dog emergency among Humanity in fact dogs are the only animal that have the free will to all alone by their own self interest attack a human to initiate sexual acts; that is correct they call it leg humping; dogs mysteriously start humping the leg of their mostly female owners after they smell the vagina of the female dog owner, the dirty stink evil filthy dog then attack the female dog owner raping her with its dirty infected stink dog penis that is correct dogs rape humans with their own will especially when dogs are commended by a spirit to rape human males and females, by the way dogs are bi-sexual which means that dirty dogs are homosexual queer animals.

Dogs are raping Humans all over the world and many brainwashed humans are breeding with dogs on the internet in bestiality websites; it is the will of spiritual beings that are causing humans to lay with filthy dirty animals like dogs, horses, and even pigs, they are trying to eat Humanity as a food by proving the humans even lay with dirty lowly animals; do not fallow the doomed bestiality whores; avoid it by all your power kill all dogs from existences and stop worshiping gods and things and chose to fallow morality laws without worshiping; Already the venom and brainwash of bestiality is spreading all over the world do not join the other side and lay with dirty animals choose to keep your house clean of all animals you must hate animals with all your heart and never keep them as a pet; animals are a food to Human Beings do not lay with animals especially do not keep any animals as a pet, do not admire animals; do not admire gods name because it is a subliminal message to use a dog as a god over you many have fallen prey to the subliminal name of god which spells dog backward that is correct the word god which is the letters g-o-d spelles backward to the letters d-o-g this is a subliminal message to cause the brain to submit to dogs as a god many Humans especially Human females are now laying with dirty, stink, filthy, diseased, dogs in the privacy of their own home behind closed doors without us the public knowing about it the only evidence is located all over bestiality websites, but please do not watch such evil bestiality or they will infect you with weird bodily chemical signals that dwell in you, instead take my advisory get rid of all dogs from you house and stop admiring god as a name to worship obtain knowledge instead of worship free yourself of all animals in your house animals are a food and are not a sexual partner Humans must eat animals they must never lay with animals; anyone that is a Human that lay with animals is practicing bestiality and must be brought to justice and punished severely.

Do not lay with dogs or you might die or become crippled, especially big dogs often eat the person after wards after a spirit command the perverted dog to attack the dirty filthy dog sexing owner, many wicked low morality females especially have died breeding with dirty evil dogs from dogs killing them during filthy dog abomination forbidden sex or from toxic infectious contaminated dirty dog sperm disease. You must hate dogs with all your heart and all your soul and seek to destroy dogs from existence completely do not love dogs kill them instead for the safety of Humanity or our race will cease to exists and abomination will replace us such as animal heads and beast; kill all dogs from existences if you are a Human or some evil being will even try to eat fallen Humans as a food source, which is illegal to Human Beings.

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