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Ability and Power




2-8.Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against objectum sexualizing of Humanity:

objectum sexuals are humans or vise verso who fall sexually in love with objects such as furniture, vehicles, cars, boats, planes, chain saws, non human statues, buildings, windows, clouds, whole worlds, world matrixes, whole planets, stars, galaxy's, whole universes, tools, weapons or land, clothing, shoes, pots and pans, refrigerators, stoves, cell phones, toys, stones, elements, trees, street pols, all types of objects, non-humanoid machines, or any other Object that is non-human or humanoid in shape. These mentioned objects must be paired with each other they cannot be paired with human beings, human beings are a pair for each other not for the above mentioned objectums. Objectums are to be paired with each other as perfect pairs even as inanimate things as duo pairs not with humans. A human who like non-human objects is an erroneous human and a dangerous human that endanger the whole human race. For example a human who like a whole world or Universe can cause all humans to lose their spouses or pairs by a component in the universe that is inhuman and far bigger then humans that seek to mate with human males or females which is totally illegal, because humans would lose their pairs to an inhuman thing that seek to steal mates from the rightful pair which is the human pair, a world, galaxy, or Universe is far too big for a little human such things must be paired with each other at a bigger scale then the scale of humanity. Humans must be very careful who they like; worlds, suns, galaxies, and universes where made to be paired with each other at a larger scale then the scale of humanity for humans are pinpricks inside of infinity, humans cannot like such things as worlds, world matrixes, galaxies, and universes because this is dangerous and a miscalculation, humans were made for each other; furthermore humans cannot pair themselves with any object that is not a human being or they are practicing erroneous behavior and are insane when they do these things such as liking a non-human object. We do not use objectum sexuality in our way for it is insane, illegal, a miscalculation, and dangerous to humanity.