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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Human or in the death and corruption of the 
Human Mind and Body. When an extra spirit, or 
spiritual beings components that was suppose to 
Existence in another dimension start to attempt to 
take over a Humans body that component must be 
removed from the Human Body Network 
Completely. Many Humans are assisted by Helper 
spirit, or spiritual beings and physical components 
that are there to help the Human in the Humans 
everyday task and survival these spirit, or spiritual 
beings become as Citizens of the Human Body 

( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ). These Citizens of the Human Body 

( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ) are suppose to only help in the progress 
and continuation of the Human Body and the Main 
Component and Each Other. The Component of the 
Human Body that is most in charge and the leader 
of the Human body is the Human who is the active 
mind and controller of the body also known as the 
Main Component of the Human Body. Some Human 
are assisted, by immigrating connective spirit, or 
spiritual beings who observe, and guide them as 
Network Beings these are entities functional in a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Network they are as an internet that is connected 

to every Human in the Human Network these 
Network Components communicate with each other 
and know what other Humans are doing in thinking 
through a huge internet they share with each other, 
these components are Network Components that 
function like a huge internet of Consciousness. 
Humans have multidimensional and density 
components that are functional near by Humans 
some of them do not know the existence of each 
other; others are aware of Multi-Component 
Existence Beings. In case there is ever an arguments 
as to who owns the Procreation Espoused Partner 

of a Human or the Human Body it is always the 
Human who was born as a child that grew up into 
an adult that is the physical body inhabitant and 
controller who is the rightful husband of the 
physical Human Procreation Espoused Partner that 
is legally or naturally Procreation Espoused to him 
and the Human Body that he was born with; and 
after the death of the body if the Human becomes 
a spirit, or spiritual beings along with the 
Procreation Espoused Partner then the two of them 
as spirit, or spiritual beings are Procreation 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Espoused to each other, but they are not 
Procreation Espoused to the foreign components 
that moved into the body or extra boards that was 
born in the body. Extra components found in the 
Human Body must be matched with equivalent 
components that matches them in the opposite sex. 
Each component is Procreation Espoused to the 
appropriate matching component. The Human is 
the child that was born in the Human body that 
grew up to become an adult that controlled the 
Human body machine and willfully sought after 
knowledge to become more intelligent the Human 
who is this child that grew up into adulthood and 
may become a Spirit, or spiritual beings Being if the 
body dies; Existed all along with the Human body 
and controlled the Human Body all along is known 
as the Main Component of the Human Body; 
everything the Human Body is, is for the progress 
of the Human who is the body who is the Main 
Component of the Human Body which is the 
Human child that grew into adulthood and 
controlled the Human Body all along. 

3-8-2. Refugee spirit, or spiritual beings and Entities 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

that are Helpful Beings; Many times a Human is 
assisted not only by the Humans Self, but by 
outsiders that were not born with the Human Body 
these external beings that are not born with the 
Human are Perfect Helping spirits, or spiritual 
beings that moved into the Human Body to help 
the Human Survive these spirit, or spiritual beings 
are known as Perfect Refugee spirit, or spiritual 
beings that immigrated into the Human Body for 
the protection of the Human body and its 
preservation. These Perfect Refugee spirits, or 
spiritual beings beings often can feel everything a 
Human can feel and know everything a Human 
Knows, and can Read the Mind of the Human; some 
of them can even access the memory files in the 
Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of the Human. 
Perfect Refugee spirit, or spiritual beings often 
protect themselves and the Human from harm. 
Sometimes the world, density, and dimension, of 
Perfect Refugee spirit, or spiritual beings have evil 
malicious beings that dwell in it and that is why 
Perfect Refugee spirit, or spiritual beings immigrate 
into the body of Human Beings as spirit, or spiritual 
beings and other beings to help the Human Survive 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

an attack the Humans body is not currently 
designed to survive and so Perfect Refugee spirits, 
or spiritual beings move into the Human Body to 
protect the Human body from the harmful beings 
that are found in their world. Many times a Human 
would have died if Perfect Refugee spirit, or spiritual 
beings did not move into the Human Body to 
protect the Human body from something that the 
Human body did not evolve to protect itself from 
yet. Perfect Refugee spirit, or spiritual beings and 
Humans must protect each other from harm. 
Because Humanity have not evolved to a Higher 
Form yet that can protect itself from certain harmful 
beings it is currently necessary for Perfect Refugee 
spirit, or spiritual beings and other forms to protect 
the Human Body from the unseen and seen that 
harm Humanity. Only Perfect Refugee spirit, or 
spiritual beings that do not do evil malicious things 
against the Human body that they protect should 
be allowed to temporarily protect Human Beings 
until the upgrading of Humanity to a More 
Advanced Form such as the Humansicad Marc 
Power Body that can become Flesh and spirit, or 
spiritual beings without death nor decay, and also 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

control Particle Codex and many rearrangement of 
elemental properties and Universal Computation 
Properties and all other Re-arrangeable and NonRe-
arrangeable properties. 

3-8-3. Invasive spirit, or spiritual beings and Entities 
that cause trouble and terminate the body; Many 
times a Human dies because an invasive spirit, or 
spiritual beings or entity moved into the Human 
Body to terminate the Human and the Human body. 
In its less advanced form the Human body is 
currently vulnerable to attacks from invisible and 
visible beings. Many times an evil malicious invisible 
spirit, or spiritual beings or entity invade the Human 
body to terminate the Human Body. Many times the 
death of a Human and the Human body is caused 
by an invasive evil malicious spirit, or spiritual 
beings or entity. Sometimes an invasive being don't 
feel that it is evil malicious, but think that it is 
Perfect and that is why it chooses to move into the 
Human body to terminate the Human body even 
the Human spirit, or spiritual beings is in danger of 
being terminated by invasive harmful invisible spirit, 
or spiritual beings and entities some invasive evil 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

malicious spirit, or spiritual beings even see Humans 
as a food for them to eat. Some invasive spirit, or 
spiritual beings move into the Human body to rape 
the Human body and to sodomize the Humans 
body. In this world we find Perfect and evil 

malicious beings in a constant battle for survival 
and sometimes evil malicious beings feel that they 
can eat other living and dead Beings as a food 
source. Many times Humanity become ill with a 
mental illness and the General Public who are blind 
to the reality that Humanity is surrounded by 
invisible beings even in the privacy of their own 
home believe that a Human is imagining things and 
hearing voices when in reality it is an evil malicious 
minded invisible spirit, or spiritual beings or being 
that have come to terminate the Human from 
existence by torturing the Human to death and to 
the point of suicide. Many times a Human become 
ill with an illness that is life threatening or non life 
threatening and the illness was given to the Human 
by an invisible spirit, or spiritual beings or entity. 
Many times the greatest racists are spirit, or 

spiritual beings that hate each other or any other 
race they come in contact with so great are the 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

hatred of spirit, or spiritual beings against each 
other that they are willing to even eat each other 
from existences based on the hatred of race and 
color. Many times a spirit, or spiritual beings inter 
into the life of a Human who still possess a physical 
body to terminate the Human and terminate the 
Human from existences because of the race and 
color of the Human. Many times it is ( "sincrime" ) 
that is said to be the cause that a Human is 
terminated from existences. There are spirit, or 
spiritual beings that use the law of karma and 

( "sincrime" ) law to reap and harvest and cull 
Humanity from existences by the use of food 
construct law which determine who should be eaten 
next based on ( "sincrime" ), and karma. Humanity 
and Higher Conscious Beings are not a food, but 
evil malicious beings who lack Perfect judgment 
cannot compute that Humanity and Higher 
Conscious Beings are not a food and so such prime 
evil malicious beings who are the greatest evil 
malicious seek to eat Humanity and Higher 
Conscious Beings as a food source, yet Humanity 
shall fight with all our might to defeat the eaters of 
Humanity and Higher Conscious lifeforms. Humanity 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

and our genuine allies that are visible and invisible 
must obtain the Knowledge, Ability, and Power to 
protect all our bodies from being eaten as a food. 
The punishment for a Human or Higher Conscious 
Being who have sinned, committed a ( "sincrime" ), 
or is said to have bad karma should not be to be 
turned into food, but should be rehabilitated into a 
productive non criminal being through retraining in 
a rehabilitation prison institution where a harmful 
Human or Higher Conscious Being is reformatted 
into a non criminal being. evil malicious invasive 
spirit, or spiritual beings should not be allowed to 
Existence inside of a Humans body. 

3-8-4. External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, or 
spiritual beings and Entities. Some Humans, but not 
all Humans are born through an External Cue 
Router Proxy spirit, or spiritual beings that Existence 
in another density but have caused the Human to 
come into existences as a reality game player that 
causes a reality game character to come into 
existence in a reality game but in the case of 
Humanity it is a sub-( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) that a Human is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

caused to be born into. Sometimes a Human is not 
born by an External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, 
or spiritual beings or Entity, but is adopted by them 
as a proxy to cue and proxy through their guidance. 
It is not always Perfect for a Human to have an 
External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual 
beings or Entities because such a being could be 
the cause of the death and misfortune of the 
Human, or the take over of the Humans 
characteristics by the elimination of the Human; but 
sometimes an External Cue Router Proxy Causer 
spirit, or spiritual beings or Entities is the protector 
of a Human who is a proxy and so an External Cue 
Router Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual beings or 
Entities is a positive and negative aspect of Human 
Life. In my opinion it is Marc Perfect for a Human to 
be a sole proprietor of the Humans self instead of 
being controlled by an External Cue Router Proxy 
Causer spirit, or spiritual beings or Entities, but an 
External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual 
beings or Entities can be a positive thing in a 
Human life so long as they are there for the 
absolute benefit of the Human instead of the 
demise of the Human. My experience with External 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual beings or 
Entities was a little positive, but was mostly negative 
because a male external cue router proxy causer 
spirit, or spiritual beings or entities who I did not 
come from was trying to lay with my Procreation 
Espoused Partner and replace me completely he 
even tried to steal my face and cause me not to be 
able to use it as my own, and so my experience 

with that external cue router proxy causer spirit, or 
spiritual beings or entity was a complete negative. 
Some evil malicious gay homosexual man even 
started teaching that higher selves which are 

routers are gay and homosexual and are a shim, or 
she-male and that the final incarnation of humans 
who have a higher self, is to become a gay 
homosexual; this teaching was an outrage and an 
abomination attack against Humanity and I 
personally hated the teaching of the person who 
thought it because it robbed Humanity of one of 
our greatest advantages and benefits in existences 
which is the advantage of being a Heterosexual 
Species. I even invented perfect pair Law to protect 
the Union between heterosexual Human Beings into 
something that is Marc Perfect that would cause the 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Union of a Heterosexual Male and Female to 
become perfect, permanent, and without separation, 
or divorce. External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, 
or spiritual beings or Entities are positive and 
negative and so Humans should be Sole Proprietors 
that are in full control of their existence and 

External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual 
beings or Entities should only be observers of 
approved observations of Human Life. Though 
External Cue Router Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual 
beings or Entities should be allowed to help 
Humans survive they should not be allowed to 
terminate Humans from existences to replace them 
nor cause Humans not to be able to lay with 
Humans Procreation Espoused Partners. I Marc 
Gregory Pierre-Louis have no External Cue Router 
Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual beings or Entities 
that I agree to be my own. I am my own person 

and one day I shall have my own Power and with 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, Optimum Power I 
and Human Kind Shall Obtain. I Marc Gregory 
Pierre-Louis realize that An External Cue Router 
Proxy Causer spirit, or spiritual beings or Entities is 

a Positive and Negative aspect of Human Life. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

3-8-5. Perfect Suggesters and wicked suggester 
Components; Inside and outside some humans are 
located Perfect Suggesters and wicked Suggester 
components that assists Humans to make certain 
decision usually without any knowledge that they 
are present inside and outside the Human to cause 
the Human to make certain decisions. For example, 
the Perfect Suggesters usually tell the Human only 
Perfect things to say as a Suggester, but the wicked 
suggester only tell the human wicked suggestions 
to do. The suggester is not the Conscious mind of 
the Human but a sub-conscious entity working 
behind invisible doors to suggest things to Humans 
without the Human asking them to do so. For 
example the wicked suggesters are such an evil 
malicious subliminal doomer of Humans that they 
are often responsible for heinous acts done by 
humans. I observed that a wicked heifer woman 
suggester is responsible for large rates of beastiality 
acts done by human females the wicked heifer 
suggester often whisper in the ears and mind of 
low morality iq human females to commit 
beastiality and other indecent acts, if the human 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

female have low morality iq or low intelligence she 
listens to the wicked suggestions of the wicked 
heifer suggester and downs herself to dogs and 
other beast by the suggestions and wicked 
commands of invisible suggesters. The wicked 
suggester as a female is also responsible sometimes 
of taking complete control subliminally over a 
human female and causing her to have sex with any 
wicked male that approach her for sex; the reason 
the wicked heifer suggester do this is because she 

is wicked and prefer wicked men to lay women, and 
therefore the wicked suggester causes females she 
is inside of to submit to wicked men immediately if 
the woman have low morality iq or is less 

intelligent. If a Human have a High Morality IQ or 
High Intelligence as a Conscious Mind the Human 
will be More Perfect then both the Perfect 
Suggester and the wicked heifer suggester. 
Especially wicked heifer male and female suggesters 
must be removed from a Humans body in order for 
the Human to be safer, but sometimes even the 
Perfect suggester have to be removed sometimes as 
a foreign entity to avoid the entity from dooming 
the Human that posses the Human Body, because 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

sometimes the perfect suggester want to replace 
the Human and because of this sometimes the 
perfect suggester must be removed out of the body 
of the Human Being they sit inside of secretly for 
the perfect suggester to replace the Human 
component is as if a lower official was trying to 
commit an overthrow against a Leader of a Country. 
In my final opinion anything foreign to the Human 
Body and its Operations that are against the Prime 
User which is the Human that was born as a Child 
and Grew into an Adult as the Conscious Mind of 
the Human Body, anything against the Childhood to 
Adulthood user, must be removed from the Human 
Body if they are innocent they must be given their 
own body in their own layer if they are guilty evil 
malicious heifer spirit, or spiritual beings that are 
male or female they must be terminated in order 

for a Human to truly be safe from enemies inside of 
them that can kill them from inside because they 
are a part of the Humans body. I advise removers of 
such entities never to remove the perfect suggester 
without removing the wicked heifer suggester or 

the Human will be in great danger from having only 
a wicked suggester secretly talking in the ears. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Loosuncapturety Will Humans are the Main Decision 
Maker in their Existences and the Main Desire of 
their Mind and the Main Orderer of their Thoughts; 
any other component is a suggester of things to a 
Human Being. 

91-(3-9).Existence iscurrentlya 
Baphomotomorphosis(OperationComplex) of 
One eatthe other to survive You must adapt 
quickly andevolve to adominant form to 

1.Throughout many places in existences in order to 
survive living beings require external food and 
energy, this requirement of the need of external 
food and energy to survive. Have caused living 
beings to hunt each other and terminate each 
other as a food source. This requirement of food 
and energy to survive cause a 
baphomotomorphosis ( OperationComplex ) to 
come into existences, and a baffling mathematical 
equation and ( OperationComplex ) of one eat the 
other to survive come into existences with an 
infinite fatality rate until the energy cure is invented 
and used as a sustenance. Many creatures Existence 

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