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Ability and Power

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28-(1-8). Building a network of friends that are 
Human beings as protection against objects of 
worship and worshipers that seek to terminate 
you anddestroyyour community: 

Humanity depend upon objects of worship instead 
of each other for answers to their problems and as 

their leadership, and if the object of worship is not 

a Human, the object of worship can be out of touch 
with Humanity or have less sympathy for Humanity. 
objects of worship that are non-human that humans 
worship can become very dangerous towards 
Humanity, they can even cause the extermination of 
Humanity as a race completely by terminating 
Humanity from existence through genocide. Non-
Human objects who are worshiped can sometimes 
even see Humanity as a food source. Some evil 
malicious beings that are worshiped by Humanity 
use Humanity as a food source, some of them are 
cannibalistic beings that eat each other and that see 
Humanity as a food source. Sometimes a beings 
that is worshiped by humans that is a non-Human 
result to punishing Humanity in the most inhumane 
ways such as tormenting a Human that is said to be 
a ( sincriminal ) for all eternity in illegal hell 

( OperationComplex )s, or sending a Human who 
become a spirit, or spiritual beings being to illegal 
hell ( OperationComplex )s to be tormented in the 
most tormenting ways; or using Human children as 
religious sacrifices in fires or even as food for 
crocodiles, by having humans allow an animal to 

eat a child or an object of worship eat a child or a 
grown Human as a food. A Human should never 
respect nor love an animal enough to let an animal 
eat a Human Child; Humans should despise and 
hate animals and keep all animals away from the 
household and world of Humanity, because without 
Humanity having the appropriate Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power animals can cause the death and 
destruction of Humanity in many ways, Humans 
should only use farm animals as a food, but all 
other animals that are not needed to pollinate 
plants should be destroyed out of the household 
and world of Humanity or be put in quarantine 
planets as sexless animals with no sex organ that is 
male nor female; such animals shall be no greater 
then 1feet x 1feet x 1feet or smaller that do not eat 
any food so that humanity may not be blamed for 
committing genocide against the animal species 
such animals will be kept in quarantine forever and 
will never escape the quarantine area as any aspect 
of what they are forever, nor shall they populate 
more then the confined number of animals that 
represent the animal species; which will not be able 
to think nor speak beyond extremely limited animal 

language and reactions; not only will animals be 
treated this way but any race or state of existence 
that must be quarantined into a harmless thing 
because they are a ttwus code shall be quarantined 
in all their aspects by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics in Quarantine Planets where they shall 
never exceed the quarantine amount of the 
representation of their race and species and kind 
and their limitations shall be set and all among 

such races and species that cannot copulate in a 
sexual manner shall be turned into sexless asexual 
beings they shall live forever in quarantine planets 
under monitoring and no aspect of what they are 
visible and invisible shall be able to escape the 
quarantine of their species; for example all 
homosexual species are due to become sexless 
being that have no sexual organs at all and no 
thought to copulate and if they are a ttwus code 
they shall have their sexual organs removed 
completely and they are a ttwus code that can't be 
changed they shall be put into dormant 
enstonement and put into motionless permanent 
sleep; and all beings and things who are too much 
of a ttwus code to survive shall be discontinued in a 

legal manner that leave no fault, no blame, no 
retribution, and not deficit against the Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatic 
ngHuman; for example worshiper ttwus codes; 
which are beings that cannot stop worshiping even 
forever because their mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) is stuck to worshiping 
shall all be quarantined in worshiper quarantine 
planets where they will be allowed to worship 
allowable worship-able things; and they shall not be 
allowed to turn Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
into worship slaves with no power. The reason 
deserving but troublesome races, kinds, and 

species, beings and things are quarantined instead 
of discontinued when they are not a deserving 
ttwus code that deserve to be discontinued is 
because the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic does 
not want the argument of killing kind for killing 

kind to claim a retribution against Our Kind the 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic Marc and Marcia 
Race; and so when we confine such races that prove 
to be quarantine-able we modify them to a state in 
which they can be quarantined into the monitored 

in quarantine planets that does not allow the 
species, race, or kind to be discontinued but allows 
it to be quarantined into the harmless against 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and qualified 

1-8-1. Humanity must build a network of caring 
Human beings that are moral and empathetic 
towards Humanity and that have sympathy for 
Humanity and that can identify with Humanity, 
because they themselves are Human beings. These 
humans working as a network will not ask humans 
to worship them for assistance but will help 
Humanity because it is the Marc Perfect thing to do 
to help your fellow Humanity in the Marc Perfect 
way possible to achieve a Marc Perfect possibility. 
non-humans who hear of humans working together 
who for example see Humanity as a lower species 
can sometimes hate Humanity and seek for 
Humanity not to gain any Knowledge, Ability and 
Power to build a Marc Perfect future and way of life 
for Humanity, but Humanity must overcome these 
obstacles and obtain Greater Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, to protect Humanity from non-humans 

that seek to obtain servantry through worship from 
Humanity and to eliminate Humanity from existence 
when they cannot have their Ways with Humanity. 

1-8-2. When an object of worship have supernatural 
powers or extra-abilities then Humanity they can 
sometimes become extremely harmful towards 
Humanity, I experienced this firsthand from invisible 
entities that I could not see unless I practiced 
Waking Up From Your Sleep To See Invisible Worlds 
(Wufystsiw); which mean that someone who do not 
sleep for over 3, 5, 8, or 10 days or more will begin 
to see the invisible world, it is not a hallucination it 
is waking up your eyes from sleep to see the 
invisible worlds the longer someone does not sleep 
the more of the invisible world they will see, but 
this technique is also dangerous and can lead to 

the persons death by invisible beings who see that 
they can see the invisible world some of these 
invisible beings even eat Humanity as a food source 
and this is highly illegal. These invisible beings were 
some of the most evil malicious beings in the 
Universe and Existence. These invisible beings 
desired worship, gay sex, and food from Humanity. 

These invisible non-humans desired to turn humans 
into worshipers, at the same time they desired to 
have gay sex with humans, and at the same time 
they desired to eat humans as a food source. These 
non-humans were some of the most evil malicious 
beings in all existence yet they desired worship 

from Humanity. I had to fight against these evil 
malicious invisible beings who were spirit, or 
spiritual beings in the matrix of the Earth, even as I 
write these truths I have to fight for every word that 
I write into this book. 

1-8-3. Humanity must build a network of Human 
beings that have Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to 
protect each other and Humanity from harmful 
humans and non-humans. This Human network 
must not be Leaded by worship this Human 
network must be Leaded by Perfect Leadership, 
Perfect Law, and the Marc Perfect Possibility. This 
Leadership must not be a Leadership in which the 
habit of voting keep removing Leadmental officials 
out of office before they gain any seniority, this 
Perfect Leadership must be a stable Leadership that 
is perfect and I have invented this Perfect 

Leadership in this book and I am the ( Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics ( Main Leadershipment Law 
Maker Powerful Leader ), And Main Peoples Leader, 
And Main Marc Perfect Possibility Maker ), I am 
Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis the first leader of this 
Perfect Leadership known as the Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics. 

29-(1-9).Objectsthat are worshiped are not 
always powerful nor are some of them real living 

Many times objects that are worshiped are not that 
powerful, even though certain objects that are 
worshiped are powerful enough to assists others in 
a supernatural manner many times objects of 
worship are not powerful. For example one of the 
main objects to be worshiped at times is an idol; 
usually an idol is not able to help anyone, but there 
is one way to bring an idol to life it is when the 
Human eye allow an idol to be animated, how is 
this possible well there is a secret formula of the 
Human mind that can cause an idol to move or any 
inanimate thing. Inanimate things can move if 
someone cause them to become animated by not 

sleeping for over 3, 5, 7, 10 or more days when the 
Human mind awaken from its sleep for many days 
the mind open a channel to the invisible world that 
is vibrating next to the inanimate world that 
Humanity Existence safely inside of and now the 
mind is transferred to the animated world which is 
a world where everything can speak and move 
around, even a statue can move and even a picture 
can talk back to the person. Even though these 
things that were usually inanimate can move now it 
does not mean that they can grant a worshiper or 
askers their wishes or answer their prayers. 

1-9-1. There are supernatural beings with great 
abilities in the invisible world, but they don't always 
answer prayers in fact it is proven that Humanity is 
a very prayerful race of beings where the majority 
of Humanity are worshipers some form of an object 
as a Super Natural Being over themselves yet 
Humanity experience calamity and catastrophe on a 
everyday bases very few diseases are cured by 
prayer or by Human medicine or worship; and so 
Humanity a very worshipful and prayerful people 
still Existence with diseases, catastrophe, warfare, 

hunger, and accidents, dissatisfaction with life, stress 
and unhappiness. Some humans and spirit, or 
spiritual beings even blame the objects of worship 
for the cause of the sorrows of Humanity, that it is 
the fault of objects of worship that Humanity 
experience anti-pleasure, painfulness, and illegal hell 
on a regular basis. 

1-9-2. Many times a Human will even turn to an 
animal as a god over the Human even though a 
Human should despise and hate an animal form 
with all a Humans heart and see animals as a 
natural enemy to the survival of Humanity. Some 
polytheist such as hindus worship animals as a god 
over themselves and pray to them to answer 

prayers to no avail for these dumb animals don't 
even know what day it is, or their names or what 
planet they are on, they can't even understand 
Human language. Though humanities memory is 
poor at times, at least an educated Human can look 
at a watch or calendar and know what day and time 
it is. Though there are spirit, or spiritual beings that 
dwell in certain unclean animals these spirit, or 
spiritual beings cannot do anything for Humanity; 

even when an animal is as intelligent as a Human 
Being and can speak a Human should not worship 
such an animal because they are not our kind and 
are a lower form to Human Beings and can cause 
the death of Humanity, even individualistic and 

mass beastiality sexual assault through mind control 
and force, and cannibalism animals can cause to 
occur to humanity who worship animals which can 
lead to the death of humanity, and so Humanity 
must despise and hate animals and seek to get rid 
of all animals except for animals Humans use as 
farm animals for food while Humans still eat food, 
and animals that pollinate plants while they are still 
needed for that purpose, other then that all animals 
should die so that the world of Humanity can be 
safer and cleaner loosuncapturetied from animal 
pollution; animals should be removed spiritually and 
physically and in all other forms and be put in a 
quarantined prison with with a material covering it 
that is a solid mass and an inescapable force-field 
for all animal components that are physical, 
spiritual, or any other form, or aspect where all such 
animal aspects are imprisoned in an inescapable 
prison planet where all animals are no bigger then 

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