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36-(1-16).Putting away allfearofbeing 
terminatedby worshipers andlivingyourlife in 
anPerfect, Honorable, Brave manner: 

1.worshipers are the owners of most organized 
illegal hells. Most religions on earth profess a illegal 
hell ( OperationComplex ) for worshipers they 
consider as ( sincriminal )s or worshipers they do 
not agree with; worshipers also profess illegal hell 
for their enemies and those who are not worshipers 
of their specific god which they worship. We must 
deliver our souls from the bondage of the eternal 
illegal hells of worships or any other modality of 
thought and ( MindOperationCausation ); we must 
deliver humankind from the desecration of the 
illegal hells that worshipers Create to torment, 
torture, and terminate Humanity and other beings. 
We as Non-Object worshipers must put away all 
fears of being terminated by worshipers; and the 
fear is very real for worshipers are terminators of 
those they do not agree with or those who they 
feel are competitors against their ways. 

2.Non-Object worships must Existence in a Perfect, 
Honorable, Brave Manner. Non-Object worshipers 

must be Perfect because Perfectness is the only way 
that will help us to survive; evil maliciousness will 
not promote any advantage for Non-Object 
worshipers, but evil maliciousness shall only give 
others an advantage over us, only Perfectness will 
lead the way towards a successful life; Owuwunow 
must be Honorable having a high rank of dignity or 
distinction being different then the dishonorable; 
having special regard or favoritism among others; 
being noble which is of high-mindedness in 
principles; magnanimous which is having or 
showing a generous and kind nature, illustriousness 
which is notably or brilliantly outstanding because 
of dignity or achievements or actions, or having a 
distinguished, excellence, noted, eminent, famous 
character worthy of honor and high respect; 
estimable worthy of esteem which is regards which 
brings respect and admiration; Non-Object 
worshipers must behave in a way which make 
others see that they are deserving of respect and 
admiration; creditable which is the characteristic of 
bringing or deserving Perfect credit, honor, 
reputation, or esteem. It is Perfect to Bring honor 
and Perfect credit wherever you go; an Owuwunow 

must be consistent with honor and brave to show it. 

37-(1-17).Some object of worship are realliving 
beings withpower,but you should not worship 
them or theywillhave totalpower over your, 
mind,body andsoul to dispose of them asthey 

1.When objects of worship are not fake idols, myth, 
or legends and are real living beings with power 
who demand servitude and worship, it is more 
difficult for Non-Object worshipers to Existence 
among them, because such real objects of worship 
will come looking for worship so that they may 
obtain a new servant through conversion or stop a 
converted servant from becoming loosuncaptured 
of their dominion. Some objects of worship are real 
living beings, some of these objects of worship 
possess real Knowledge, Ability, and Power, and this 
is why they remain in power as an object of 
worship, because they possess some form of 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to force or maintain 
worship by others who are of lessor power then 

2.When a lessor power worship a being with greater 
power or considerably greater power then the 

lessor power have, the object of worship with 
greater power will attempt to have total power over 
the mind, body, and soul of the lessor power; the 
worshiper will become as a possession that can be 
handled and disposed of with impunity or without 
any payment by the object of worship. Human 
Beings are a highly intelligent life form who are 
currently under worship domination, one of the 
main advantage some objects of worship have 
against Humanity is invisibility and super natural 
power. Humans who are in physical form do not 
currently possess supernatural power as a group 
this causes invisible beings that have supernatural 
powers to have an advantage against Humanity to 
control the masses of Humanity through worship 

3.Supernatural Power is power, pertaining to, or 
being above or beyond what is natural; 
unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; 
abnormal. Of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or 
attributed to Super Natural or a deity. Beings with 

supernatural power have power that is beyond what 
Humanity is able to do with the current laws of 
nature physical pushing and puling and movements. 
Supernatural Beings have extra abilities then 
Humanity do such as the ability to control natural 
phenomena with thought instead of with the 
pushing and pulling of the laws of physics. 
Supernatural Beings also have the ability to control 
particles more so then physical beings do, some 
supernatural beings can control particles by 
ordering them around with thought instead of with 
physical pushing and pulling which requires contact 
with the hands or objects. It is like a cordless radio 
wave transmission verses that which is wired and 
connected by metal which is physical. Supernatural 
Beings also currently are more spirit, or spiritual 
beings then physical which means they are made 
out of a different building material then physical 
beings are. Many supernatural Beings also Existence 
beyond the nature realm into the spirit, or spiritual 
beings realm that can observe natural beings 
without their awareness nor consent. spirit, or 
spiritual beings are made out of a lighter material 
then physical beings are the particles of physical 

beings are more dense and pact together then 
spirit, or spiritual beings whose particles are less 
dense and less pact together and also spirit, or 
spiritual beings are made out of holographic light 
particles that is why spirit, or spiritual beings are 
easier to teleport from one destination to another 
because they are made out of a radio wave such as 
light that behave like a solid substance when it is 
not solid as physical beings. At some levels of 
reality the Earthly Physical Realm is as a solid 
computer environment that is control-able like a 
Human manipulating software in a computer 
environment certain spirit, or spiritual beings can 
control the world by sending radio wave commands 
to certain physical aspects of the world, these spirit, 
or spiritual beings control the physical world 
through thought transmission; their thoughts 
become as radio waves that come from a remote 
control that command a television to change 
channels or that command a video game character 
to move in a computerized video game 
environment. Some spirit, or spiritual beings can 
control particles with thought transmission by 
sending radio wave instructions to the particles to 

fallow their command that is how they build worlds 
with thought alone. Certain particles are controlable 
with radio wave command when a Being 
obtain enough mental power to control the mind 
such a being can send radio wave command to 
particles and have those particles fallow the 
command and arrangement command such 
particles will fallow the thought transmission 
command of the Beings and do the will of the 
Being based on the order the Being send to the 
particles. Certain supernatural Beings can read the 
mind of physical beings and other beings, they can 
also function in a network of co-similar beings or 
communal beings to work as a unified 

( OperationComplex ) made out of separate beings 
that function in a mental network that share data as 
computers in a network share data this is when a 
supernatural being work as a network to control a 

( OperationComplex ). Many times a supernatural 
being possess enough mental power to do what 

the search engine google does which is to listen to 
and search data from multiple minds in a matrix. 
Some supernatural beings also possess the power 
to see the future and the past. Some Supernatural 

Beings can also control elements. 

4.Humanity can upgrade the physical body into 
something that can do what supernatural beings 
can do, because the Human body is a 
multifunctional body that have physical power, 

spirit, or spiritual beings power, and soul power 
combined, but the spirit, or spiritual beings realm 
prevent Humanity from using our full power so that 
some evil malicious spirit, or spiritual beings can eat 
Humanity as a food and control Humanity as 
worship servants and slaves. The Human mind is a 
powerful machine that is limited by spirit, or 
spiritual beings, spirit, or spiritual beings limit the 
power of the Human mind, body, and soul; many 
times spirit, or spiritual beings will pirate the 

Human body and Existence inside the Human body 
without the consent nor the knowledge of the 
Human who owns the body and who is the body. 
Humanity is a multifunctional machine that can 

even control natural phenomena with thought 
alone, but all the power of the humans mind, body, 
spirit, or spiritual beings aspect and soul are stolen 
by invisible beings that pirate the Human body, 

these invisible beings live a life of multi-dimensions 
and are some of the main reasons why humans 
cannot use the full function of the Human mind, 
body, spirit, or spiritual beings aspect, and soul 
because these pirate spirit, or spiritual beings are 
stealing the power of Human beings, and also there 
are spirit, or spiritual beings that Existence on walls, 
floors, and the sky line of the Human ( MindActuated-
Reality-Calculated-Existence Matrixes ) and 
matrix that steal all the power of Humanity and use 
Humanity as a food source, some of these entities 
are homosexual, beastial, and evil malicious in 

5.When a supernatural being possess great mental 
and spiritual powers the supernatural being can 
sometimes feel very powerful over lessor powerful 
beings and demand worship and servitude from 
beings of lessor power, when beings of lessor 
power refuse to worship if the supernatural being is 
evil malicious the supernatural being will seek to 
harm, torture, violate, or terminate the noncompliant 
to worship. worship is an optional 
requirement not a standard procedure. Following 

Perfect Law that are proven to be Perfect Law is a 
standard procedure, but not worship. A 

( OperationComplex ) matrix can function with 
lawful parameters set to order the matrix without 
any worship nor bowing down nor prostration. The 
rule of Law alone can manage a world environment 
without any worship nor prostration, nor bowing 
down. When a Owuwunow is asked to become a 
worshiper of a greater or lessor power the 
Owuwunow must refuse worship and seek to 
Existence by justifiable Law instead, because 
worship is a form of slavery and a great brainwash 
and mind control. When an Owuwunow Existence 
among worshipers there can Existence compatibility 
issues in which they do not get along with each 
other, because worshipers desire to be worshiped 
and to worship. When comparability issues are 
raised between worshipers and Non-Object 
worships separation must be made between the 
two factions. Non-Object worshipers must Existence 
in their own sector and fallow their own formality 
and worshipers must Existence in their own sector 
and fallow their own formality. 

38-(1-18).Building an Owuwunow Leadership 
that Care for you andworkfor you without 
demanding that you become a worship slave: 

1.The Law of variations and combinations require 
that there are three Main Modalities of Leadership 
the first modality is the Owuwunow form of 
Leadership, the second modality is the object 
worship form of association, and the third is 
anarchy. Object worship forms of association usually 
require complete submission to the object(s) of 
worship in the association or religion, the desire to 
obtain complete submission from worshipers also 
cause most worshipers to be ordered to live upon 
their knees before the object of worship which 
means that worshipers must show the gesture of 
complete submission by kneeling and bowing or 
even crawling upon their bellies before the object(s) 
of worship. Owuwunow Leadership must not 
demand worship nor servitude nor must they 
require kneeling and bowing nor crawling upon the 
belly before Leadership and authorities of 
Owuwunow Leadership. 

2.Building a Owuwunow Leadership the drafter 

must build a Leadership and people that care for 
each other without demanding that either 
Leadership nor people become a servant nor slave 
to the other. Owuwunow must build a Leadership 
with the parameters and formulations that achieve 
the Marc Perfect Possibility through formulations, 
observations, purposes, plans, Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power. 

3.Behavioral Parameters and Structuralist Self and 

( OperationComplex )ic Leadershipment Law are the 
main orderers of life in a Owuwunow Community 
and World. One of the most important things for an 
Owuwunow must be the obtainment of personal 
and ( OperationComplex )ic Knowledge, Ability, and 

Power, along with the achievement of the Marc 
Perfect Possibility which requires that the Three 

Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Purposes and Plan be achieved individually and 

( OperationComplex )atically; the three Marc Perfect 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and 
Plan are; purpose one: the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics diminishment of anti-pleasure 
painfulness to the lowest level possible throughout 

oneself and throughout ones community and 
eventually throughout the whole of existence; 
purpose two is the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics removal of all illegal hell from oneself, from 
ones community, and eventually throughout the 
whole of existences; and Purpose three is the Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Spreading of Paradise 
throughout oneself, throughout ones community, 
and eventually throughout the whole of existences. 
The Owuwunow Leadership of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics is drafted to achieve a Marc 
Perfect Possibility and to advance Humanity to the 
Highest Level of Evolution physically, communally, 
worldly, and Universal Computationly. By obtaining 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, the Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Leadership and Peoples will 
be able to Create Paradises in any environment and 
the Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan will be achieved in any 
environment, by the rearrangement of such 
environments into Livable Paradises where there is 
no illegal hell nor anti-pleasure 
and painfulness; but 
newly established lands are far marc perfect then 
used illegal hellish lands that are rearranged. 

39-(1-19).The Two FormsOfObject Of worship 
worshipersSeekAfter, SuperNaturalBeingOf 

1.The Law of Variations and Combinations dictate 
that there are two variances of objects of 
worshiping; objects of worship that desire worship 
through Awe and objects of worship that desire 
worship through Egotism. objects of worship of Awe 
try to impress their worshipers with their 
supernatural power or their Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, in general. Objects of worship of Awe are 
very impressive to their worshipers and when 
worshipers here of how impressive objects of 
worship of Awe are they seek to fallow them and as 
a result submit themselves to worship such objects 
of worship of Awe. For example if a worshiper here 
that an object of worship heal all illnesses and the 
worshiper does not have the worshipers own power 
to heal the worshipers self nor the power of a 
Owuwunow who does not require worship to heal 
illnesses, then the worshiper will seek after the 
object of worship of Awe to receive the healing of 
illnesses from the object of worship of awe. For 

example if a worshiper hears that an object of 
worship can protect them from all danger then the 
worshiper that does not have their own power to 
protect themselves nor an Owuwunow to protect 
them without demanding worship nor servitude will 
go and worship the object of worship of awe for 
protection. Wither the object of worship of awe tell 
the truth or not about their awesome power is 
sometimes irrelevant to the worshiper so long as 
the worshiper believe that the object of worship of 
awe have awesome powers the worshiper will go 
and worship the object of worship of awe. 

2.The second variance is the Object of worship of 
egotism, the object of worship of egotism is an 
object of worship that puts fear in the heart of 
worshipers and other beings; when worshipers 
become afraid of objects of worship of egotisticnest 
worshipers quickly let the fear and their hearts 
and minds take over their 

( MindOperationCausation ) and it is through that 
fear of harm, illegal hell, and death they get upon 
their knees to worship an egotistic object of 
worship. objects of worship of egotistic-nest do not 

care for the well being of others if they seek to 
obtain worship they will terminate, harm, and give 
illegal hell to all who do not submit upon their 
knees before the object of worship of egotism. Even 
eternal illegal hell an object of worship of egotisticnest 
is willing to give to others who do not submit 
to the egotistic super natural unconditionally. 
objects of worship of egotism are very dangerous 
and their usual method to obtain worship is to put 
fear of harm, death, and illegal hell in the hearts of 
potential worshipers and worshipers. When an 
individual does not have enough Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, to protect themselves from a super 
natural of egotism the individual is in great danger 
of being terminated or subjugated into worship 
posture and servitude. 

3.Only Knowledge, Ability, and Power, will ultimately 
save Owuwunows that do not worship at the end of 
all sequence of actions; and so Owuwunows must 
individualistically and ( OperationComplex )atically 
seek after the obtainment of Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, to protect themselves and save 
themselves from the eternal subjugation of worship. 

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