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Ability and Power

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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Possibility Existence in the everyday Existences of 

Individuals, Communities, and ( OperationComplex ) 

s. Perfect Law and their implementation into the 
everyday Existences of individuals, communities, and 
( OperationComplex )s cause all participants that 
agree to function in the parameters and 
functionality of perfect Law to be at peace, love, 
tranquility with life and the ( OperationComplex ) of 

3.At the end of all sequences of event Perfect Law 
that cause the Marc Perfect Possibility and the Most 
Advanced Reality Creation to come into existences 
with Knowledge, Ability, and Power, is Marc Perfect 
then worship. 

43-(1-23). The Marc Perfect Possibility is Marc 
Perfect than worship: 

1.Over the history of the planet Earth most forms of 
worship have not been been directed towards 
achieving perfection or a Marc Perfect Humanity 
and World. Most civilization that are at least five 
thousand years earlier then the year Two Thousand 
Common Era had some form of worship all of these 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

forms of worship found on the planet earth did not 
achieve perfection for those cultures, most of those 
forms of order were more concerned with pleasing 
an object of worship mainly through sacrifice then 
with achieving perfection for Humanity. Most of 
those forms of worship were more concerned with 
prayer then giving the Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, to Humanity to achieve perfection that is 
mental, physical, spiritual, and ( OperationComplex ) 
atic. Some would come to the conclusion that many 
of the failures of early Human culture had to do 
with the form of worship that was established in 
their civilization. 

2.Perfection is Marc Perfect then worship especially 
when those who seek to become Marc Perfect have 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to help in the 
formation of such perfections and to maintain such 
perfections. Higher Conscious Beings should seek 
after Four forms of perfection, 1. Mental Perfection, 

2. Physical Perfection, 3. Relation Perfection and, 4. ( 
OperationComplex )ic Perfection. 
3.The first form of Perfection Mental Perfection, is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

having a Perfect, Calculative, Powerful Mind. Having 
a Perfect, Calculative, Powerful Mind lead an 
individual possessing such a mind to become Marc 
Perfect in decision making, in remembering 
parameter Law that cause one to commit less 
errors, in becoming more creative and inventive, in 
making more moral decisions, in making great 
calculations that lead one to becoming more 
advanced, in withstanding stress and obstacles 
because the mind is powerful, in becoming greater 
in the ability to communicate and in becoming 
more powerful to fight mental combat. 

4.The Second form of Perfection Physical Perfection, 
is having a More Advanced body that can withstand 
the test of time. Such a body will have enough 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to be Permanent Life 
and everlasting. Such a body will be able to repair 
any damage done to it, such a body will be able to 
defeat all illnesses, germs, and disease that attempt 
to terminate it. Such a body will be able to give 
birth to progeny in an orderly manner and the 
parents of such a body will be able to design 
children purposefully, such a body will give birth to 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

children with no pain at all. Such a body will be 
perfected for eternal companionship in a 
heterosexual manner which means that both 
existential gender codex male and female will 
Existence in matrimony. Such a body will be 
powerful enough to defeat all enemies that is 
against its kind and race, which means such a body 
will be the most powerful body design having the 
power to control particle codex, time and space, the 
Most Powerful body is a ( Human Universe Makers 
Artists Numerics Scientists Intelligences Coders And 
Decoders, ( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-
Existence Matrix Creators And Reality Managers ) 
Astronomical Reality Humanatorcreators, Particle 
Orderer World Elemental Rearranger “Humansicad 
Marc Power” ) Body that is a Form Preservation 
Body, that control Particle Codex that is personal 
and ( OperationComplex )ic. 

5.The third form of Perfection is Relation Perfection. 
Relation Perfection is the Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, to maintain peace between individuals that 
come in contact with each other. When individuals 
come in contact with each other there is only 3 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

routs of variance that can occur between them, they 
can either 1. Become Friends, 2. Become Enemies, 

or 3. Ignore Each Other or Go Their Separate Ways. 
Relations Perfection teaches individuals that come 

in contact with each other 1. how to maintain peace 
and friendship amongst each other; 2. how to 
survive conflicts that occur between those who 
come in contact with each other by avoiding such 
conflicts, or winning such conflicts, or surviving such 
conflicts; and 3. how to ignore and walk away from 
those that have no purpose in ones life enough to 
initiate conversation, and how to Existence with 
being ignored by others. 

6.The fourth form of Perfection is 

( OperationComplex )ic Perfection. 

( OperationComplex )ic perfection deals with 
making a Marc Perfect ( OperationComplex ) that 
Higher Conscious Beings Existence in; this includes 
building the Most Advanced Resourceful Continuewe-
nation, Building a Perfect 

( MindOperationCausation ) with Perfect Law and 
Perfect Parameter Rules of Operations. Inventing all 
knowledge, Ability, Power and Tools for the Perfect 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Operation of ( OperationComplex )s and the People 
that Existence inside of them. Making sure that the 
rules of ( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-ActuatedReality-
Calculated-Existence Matrixes ) give the User 
and Inhabitants of such ( OperationComplex )s 
Protection and Lawful Peace to Existence inside 

such ( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ). Making sure that 
only safe ( MindOperationCausation )s that are 
harmless towards Users and Inhabitants of 

( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) operate 

( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ). Making sure that 

( OperationComplex )s and the Users and 
Inhabitants of such ( OperationComplex )s Existence 
in Paradise and Happiness with the greatest 
protection for their home world, inhabitants, and 
continue-we-nation from invasion and destruction. 

7.Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics come to the 
conclusion that Perfection is much Marc Perfect 
then worship especially when those who seek for a 
Marc Perfect Operendice have Knowledge, Ability, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

and Power, to sustain such perfections. 

44-(1-24).The postures worships use todocilitate 
theirfollowers into the powerlessandthe needy: 

1.Posturing is a key part of worship. objects of 
worship wither they are real or fake weak or 
powerful will seek some form of posturing to assert 
their dominance over the worshipers. Some of the 
most favorite postures objects of worship and their 
priest teach worships is kneeling and bowing. 
worshipers must learn how to show an object of 
worship that the object of worship rules absolutely 
over their mind, body, and soul the most common 
way to show the object of worship and the priest of 
the object of worship that the object of worship 
dominates the mind, body, and soul absolutely is to 
bow, kneel, or crawl before the object of worship. 
The gesture and posture of bowing, kneeling, and 
crawling inputs the code into the mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of the worshiper that 
the worshiper is inferior and totally defeated before 
the object of worship; and the gesture of seeing a 
worship bow, kneel, and crawl input the code in the 
mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of the object of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

worship that the object of worship is more powerful 
and totally dominates the worshiper. 

2.Inferior posturing causes worshipers to become 
inferior before the object of worship, but this 
inferior posturing does not only cause the 
worshiper to become inferior before the object of 
worship, but causes the worshiper to give life to the 
inferior mind codex, the inferior mind codex causes 
those who worship to have a sense of inferiority 

this sense of inferiority causes worshipers to 
depend, and this dependence causes them to 
forsake having their own personal Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, to defend themselves, instead 
they immediately call the object of worship to 
defend them all day long. This dependence causes 
a worshiper to call the object of worship before 
even driving a vehicle out of a parking lot. This 
dependence causes worshipers to call on the object 
of worship before, sleep, when they awake, and 
during the day. This dependence causes worshipers 
to say that they are nothing before the object of 
worship and shall never seek to have power with 
the object of worship and as far as a worshiper is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

concerned only the object of worship should have 
power no one else. Inferior Posturing and gestures 
causes worshipers to hate having power with the 
object of worship to a point where they would 
tremble in fear, or even terminate, or "curse" the 
person, or give illegal hell to the person if they 

were told they could have similar power with the 
object of worship. Inferior posturing and gestures 
causes the object of worship to keep worshipers in 
a lower position and causes the object of worship 

to prevent worshipers from obtaining Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, that would set them 
loosuncaptured from the subjugation of worship. 
Inferior posturing and gestures causes the object of 
worship to give illegal hell to worshipers even for all 
eternity, because worshipers prove to the object of 
worship that they are nothing before the object of 
worship this inferior posturing causes objects of 
worship to punish worshipers severely because 
worshipers never fight for their rights before an 
object of worship but agree with all judgments that 
the object of worship pass because of programming 
brought upon by inferior posturing and gestures. 
Inferior posturing is the sign an object of worship 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

look for to tell the object of worship that the object 
of worship have dominance over the worshiper. 
Inferior posturing such as crawling on the belly 
before an object of worship is a sad sight to see 
when it is a Human who crawls. Crawling is the 
lowest posture of all this is when a worshiper get 
upon the worshipers belly or back and totally 
submit before the object of worship this posture 
signifies that the worshiper is a total servant of the 
object of worship. 

3.An Owuwunow must avoid all worship postures 
bowing, kneeling, and crawling must be avoided by 
Non-Object worshipers. Owuwunows must develop 
postures that motivate the uplifting of Knowledge, 
Ability, Power, and Mental Pride and Physical Pride. 
The Power Up Gicpair Posture is Marc Perfect for a 
Owuwunow to use because it causes pride and the 
hand to go upward instead of the knees to go 
downward, the Chin Up Posture is Marc Perfect for 
an Owuwunow to use because it causes alertness 
and the head to go upward instead of bow 
downward. The Muscle Strong Posture is Marc 
Perfect for a Owuwunow to use instead of the hand 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

of praise because it causes a Owuwunow to feel 
strong instead of weak and needy. The Power Up 
Posture is Marc Perfect to Use because it Motivates 
the User to Desire to Have and to Keep and to 
Increase Knowledge, Ability, and Power and to Give 
Priority to Knowledge, Ability and Power over 
powerless worshiping. Owuwunow must avoid 
inferior, docile nature that lead others to take 
advantage of them. It is Perfect to have a Perfect 
Nature, but being to docile can cause everyone to 
take advantage of a person. A person must have a 
humble personality, but must carry Great Power in 
the Mind, Body, and Soul being humble does not 
mean to be docile, to be humble is not to show off 
to much because showing off too much can cause 
someone to look like a fool. An Owuwunow must 
have a kind nature only when kindness is necessary, 
but must have a stern nature when combat is 
necessary. An Owuwunow must avoid trembling 
before an enemy and so an Owuwunow must have 
a strong Mind, Body, and Soul. An Owuwunow must 
seek after personal, communal, and 

( OperationComplex )ic power so that the person 
can always count on the persons self in all situation, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

and when the person give way the community can 
count on the communities power to help the 
person, and when the community give way the 

( OperationComplex )ic program and its parameters 
can help the community to survive. Whatever the 
person and community put into the 

( OperationComplex ) that is what they will get out 
of it and so when a community build a 

( OperationComplex ) they must put the proper 
parameters to deliver themselves from evil malicious 
beings and things and nature. For example a battle 
ship is a ( OperationComplex ) in which a 
community of sailors Existence inside of and so the 
sailors that build the Most Powerful Battle Ship to 
command and operate will win over other 
battleships, and so when a community build a City 
Machine or a World Machine the community must 
build a City Machine and World Machine that they 
can command to rescue themselves when they are 
in great danger; and so a world 

( OperationComplex ) must be designed to rescue 
communities that command it from danger; and so 
the Most Advanced Resourceful Continue-we-nation 
must be build by Individuals and Communities for 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

their own advantage and safety. The City Machine 
must be under the command of the Human 
Community for their own safety, for the Individual 
and Community will build the City Machine for their 
own advantage and for the advantage of the City 
Machine Infrastructure and Mechanic. 

45-(1-25).The 6LevelsOfPosture 

1.There are six postures that one observes; the first 
Five Postures are found in worship and the Last one 
The 6th One is the Owuwunows Posture. Below I 
will Explain the Meaning and Significance of the Six 

2.(posture 1): total submission on your belly or 
back: posture one on your belly is the lowest 
posture of all it signifies that the being who is 
worshiped by the object worship have obtained 
total domination over the mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of the worshiper and 
that the worshiper have no conscience or rights 
with the object of worship and that the worshiper 
can't event stand on the worshipers knees before 
the object of worship. This form of posture is not 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

used by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics. 

3.(posture 2): total submission on your face: posture 
two signifies that the object of worship have 
obtained total domination over the worshiper and 
have allowed the worshiper to at least get on the 
worshipers knees but the worshiper cant even look 
at the face of the object of worship and so they put 
their face down to the floor. This form of posture is 
not used by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics. 

4.(posture 3): on your knees: posture three signifies 
that the worship is in punishment and defeat and 
must be on the worships knees before the object of 
worship. Though the worshiper can look at the 
object of worship face the worshiper Existence on 
the worshipers knees before the object of worship 
but not on the worshipers feet. This form of posture 
is not used by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics. 

5.(posture 4): on one knee: posture four signifies 
that the object worship have obtained some form 
of rights or dignity and have been allowed to 
evolve somewhat, but not quite sometimes those 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

who are found on one knee are knights of a king or 
super natural being. This form of posture is not 
used by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics. 

6.(posture 5): bow down your head: posture five 
signifies that the object worshiper is not held too 
much in check and have been given some form of 
respect or rights to at least stand on the object 
worshipers feet as a worshiper. This form of bowing 
is the more respectable one and the one with the 
most dignity out of the worship postures. This form 
of posture is not used by Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 

7.(Posture 6): Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Way 
Power Up Strong loosuncaptured Beings of Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatics Way Power Up: posture 
six is when a Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics realize that It is Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, that is the true Power inside of Existences; 
and that Knowledge, Ability, and Power, is Greater 
then worship. This is when Being Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics realize that Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, along with the Marc Perfect 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Possibility which is the Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan is the 
Greatest Guidance to achieve the Marc Perfect 
Possibility inside of Existence. Realizing this absolute 
truth Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
invest their time in the pursuit of the obtainment of 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, and the Marc Perfect 
Possibility to guide them towards the achievement 
of the Marc Perfect Possibility throughout Qualified 
and Compatible Infinity. This is when Being of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics realize that only the 
Marc Perfect possibility shall Existence throughout 
Qualified and Compatible Infinity if their effort as 
Non-Object worshipers are achieved. Realizing that 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, along with the Marc 
Perfect Possibility is the Greatest Achievement 
Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics put 
their Arms in a Muscular Way and Power Up Gicpair 
each other and those who are their genuine ally 
and a Gicpair to all their friends and allies inside of 
Existence and to each other they Gicpair upon their 
two feet but not upon their knees for upon their 
feet they Gicpair with the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Power Up Gicpair. They come upon their 

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