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2-1. Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against Incompatible Race and Kind Mating: Inner Racial and Inner Human Kind with Human Kind Mating is only suppose to occur because of Legal Revenge Sex Marc Perfect Laws against Sexual Trespass between different kinds among Humanity. 

Some can tell their race but they cannot tell inside their race that there are different races and kinds. Every Human Consists of Genetic Codex and this Genetic Codex is what make up who they are along with knowledge learned while growing up and the environmental conditions they live in. Human Beings are usually friendlier towards other Humans who are like them or share their racial identity such racial identities as racial type, facial type, color type, body type, language type, and belief systems causes Humans to get along with each other better; when these things are removed compatibility issues occur that can even cause murder to take place. Racial Type is a major deciding factor of humans getting along with each other when Humans are from the same race they are more likely to get along with each other; when human are not from the same race they are more likely to hate each other or view each other with suspicion or see each other as a competitor because they are not alike in racial type; historically Humans of different races have attempted to kill each other in warfare and have committed high crimes against each other even murder genocide and sexual genocide this is because they are not the same race and when someone is different from another person they have a compatibility issue with each other without some form of peaceful management between such compatibility issues such as non-violent behavior and some kind of common ground such compatibility issues as different races cannot get along with each other and soon began to kill each other to gain territory for their own kind to exists in peace with each other and they usually prefer their own kind to live in peace with each other because their own kind have a similar resemblance with them such as similar color type, similar facial type, similar body type, and similar language type; the reason they prefer similar is because those with a similar point of view usually benefactor each other more this similar point of view also include similar racial identity and facial type, color, and body type. When a Government and Culture allow people of different races to have sex with each other and marry each other they cause compatibility issues to take place and the damaging of racial linage and identity to be destroyed. Statistics have proven that when people of different races mate with each other and marry each other they are more likely to kill and murder each other when left alone inside the same house with each other in close proximity, this is because they are a compatibility issue and see that they are not the same race and kind and this causes them to hate each other easier and have less patience with each other and such hatred lead to the murder of the outsider which is the person of a different race and kind then them who live in the same house with them and have sex with them they soon long to be with someone who is their own kind and this longing to be with someone who is their own kind causes them to commit murder with the slightest disagreement with the foreigner, that is why people of the same race should only be allowed to be married with each other because they are more compatible with each other and safer to dwell with each other; and also people usually desire to see their own race become numerous and when a person is married to an outside race they sometimes feel as if their own race is being diminished to give birth to a new race that is not their own and this can cause them to hate the progeny because the progeny is not like their own kind, this can cause an evil person to even commit abortion against cross breed or interracial children in fact modern abortion was invented by people who believed in killing other races then themselves and in killing crossbreed and interracial children that were not their own kind; and also sometimes races that mix with other races are only doing it to eliminate the other race from existence among Humanity it is usually the male species of a race that is trying to eliminate the males of the other race from existing while fulfilling their sexual lusts on the female species of the defeated race and so when a male child is born it is frowned upon or the male child is killed and when a female child is born the males of the sexual genocidal race mate with her to make the progeny more of their likeness, but this never gives them a pure breed as their own race because of the genetic of the other race which remains present in the genome of the crossbreed or interracial progeny. Incompatible facial type marriages and sexual copulation is another thing that causes compatibility issues When people do not have compatible faces they are more likely to hate each other; the more compatible a male and female face are towards each other the more they are likely to both like each other; for example when one mate thinks that the mate is pretty and the other mate is ugly the mate that think that it is pretty is more likely to hate the other mate that the mate think is ugly this causes compatibility issues to take place and there is less love love in the relationship. Every face is a code and the similar a male and female faces fit each other in a heterosexual manner the more love they will have for each other; and so every facial type must be compatible with each other based on the model number similar model number faces usually have a similar color, a similar nose type, a similar lip type, and compatible body type when faces of a male and female are similar they usually love each other more in a heterosexual manner, because they love their equivalent facial type in a heterosexual manner, when someone is incapable of loving their equivalent facial type in a heterosexual manner they become more prostitutive and wicked in their sexual nature; equivalent facial types are usually similar such as similar head type, similar nose type, similar mouth type, even similar eye and ear types when this occur the person makes a perfect pair in a heterosexual manner between a female facial type and a male facial type. Color type can become a humongous compatibility issue the Human Color is one of the most noticeable difference that can be seen by the Human eye. When two Human Beings of similar color mate with each other they are more happy to be together because they are the same color and this causes more harmony to take place. Historically color incompatibility among Humanity have caused even genocide to take place all kinds of racists theories have come about because of differences in color; and also when two people of similar color mate with each other especially when their blood is not mixed they are more likely to give birth to progeny that inherit their color therefore increasing their kind and color and so there is an advantage when people of the same color mate with each other because they increase their own kind as a color easier. Incompatible color mating can cause great hatred to take place between spouses even murder can occur because two people are not the same color with each other in the bedroom. Body type can also cause Humans to hate each other for example when a person is fat and a person is skinny or when a person is tall and a person is short this can cause mates to hate each other more, that is why the closer the body compatibility is the more likely both mates will appreciate each other and love each other instead of one mate loving the other and the other hating the other when both bodies are equivalent both mates are likely to be satisfied with each other for if one have a fault the other also have it. Language type is another thing that can cause compatibility issues without Humans speaking the same language they can't even understand each other and so people of different languages must be able to speak to each other in the same language it is much perfect to marry people of the same language dialect with each other. Belief system such as religion, governmental philosophy, and other associations can cause great hatred to occur among people even murder and genocide and full scale warfare can take place because of belief system differences and so people of similar belief systems should marry each other instead of people of different belief system. Inappropriate mating can doom the Human Race, if Humanity mate inappropriately it can cause the end of Humanity to take place, Humanity must seek to mate appropriately not only through appropriate race and kind mating, but through appropriate sexual behavior and modality. In this paper I will discuss problematic inappropriate sexual mating that causes the death of Humanity, genocide, and low quality Human mating.

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