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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power


This is an Against Abomination Sexual Service, and is not traditional fatal prostitution

​​​​​Red Cap Membership Sex Club

( “Is a Private Membership Club and Have and a Private Business and Have Private Rules and Laws Conducting the Club” );

All Male and Female Members Require a Red Cap To Enter into Membership Actual Sex Club and Hangout and Dance Room; and Must Absolutely Wear Condoms; Club Will Sell Them Both Male and Female Condoms; Shaparone Will Check For Condoms Before Entering Privacy Room and Throughout Club that Both Males and Females Wear Condoms, Female Nurse Shall Surpervise that Both Male and Female Wore Condoms before Sex Begin; Shaperone and Nurse, Overview Allows Sex to Take Place by Having Condom Checks and Tidiness Check and Health Senetary Check; Both Male and Female Condoms Allowed but Men Only Absolutely Required to have Condoms;

Money Back Gauranteed if Event do Not Start On May 3rd 2023; Must Purchase Ticket Upfront Before Event to Enter; Ticket Will Be Given to You At Door On Day of Event After Giving Your Name and Phone Number;

Other then Stripper Services; Sex Occurring in Club is For Free Only Membership Fee Must be Paid Ahead of time to Join Fantastic Life Energy, Anti-Rape Place to Be, Life Energy Saving 24 Hours Per Day 7 Days A Week Membership Sex Club;

This is a Private Business and Club and Can Deny Business to Anyone We Do Not Agree to Do Business With: To Join Men Must be: Middle Brown Skin Color Only From These 5 Races; ( 1.African Peoples As Friends, 2.Caribbean Peoples As Friends, 3.Negro American As Friends, 4.Nigger Peoples As Friends, 5.MarcAndMarcias Peoples As Friends );

To Join Women Can Be These Skin Color

Middle Brown, Chocolate Brown, Orangy Brown, Yellow Brown, Dark Brown, Beige, White, Black; For Life Saving Fantastic Sex; from these 5 races 1.African Peoples, Only As Actual Females As Friends, 2.Caribbean Peoples, Only As Actual Females  As Friends, 3.Negro American, Only As Actual Females As Friends, 4.Nigger Peoples, Only As Actual Females As Friends, 5.MarcAndMarcias Peoples, Only As Actual Females As Friends

Also Mending Sex Women From Other Races Consisting of White Skin and Other Skin Color are Allowed to Join for Mending Sex; 1.whites only actual females allowed; 2.east indians, only actual females allowed; 3.latinos, only actual females allowed; 4.arabians, only actual females allowed; 5.jews, only actual females allowed; 6.asians, only actual females allowed; 7.native americans, only actual females allowed;

Invitation to you as a Strait Male;

Invitation to you as a Strait Female Other Actual Females are Welcomed for Rehab Sex;

to join a strait sex, membership only sex club;

giving service to 1.African Peoples As Friends, 2.Caribbean Peoples As Friends, 3.Negro American As Friends, 4.Nigger Peoples As Friends, 5.MarcAndMarcias Peoples As Friends;

This Fantastic Membership Only Sex Club is Focused On Privacy Sex Rooms to Have Actual Sex and a Dance Area for those who like to dance in a Friendly Manner; and a Hang Out Area in Comfortable Couches and Chairs for those who like to hang out 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week Hang Out Area Open; the club also provide stripper services;

Opens 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week;

Offering Free Limitted Buffet and Free Limitted Drinks;

Offering On Wall TV's to Watch; Interesting Statistics; MGPLPerfect News and Information; Interesting Facts; Interesting Advisory; Math and Educational Lessons; MarcPerfect Morality Lessons; Emergency Weather Alert or Emergency Alert; Food and Drink Advisory inlcuding Anti-Cannibalism Lessons; Abussive Male Genocide Against Females Around the Town and Universe Lessons; Adversaries Against Humanity Lessons;

Offering Low Volume Instrumental Music Only In Popular Culture Music;

Environment Shall be Cool Warm Environment to hang out in for long time and Membership Club Opens 24 Hours a Day 7 Days Per Week;

Offering Armed Security Service;

Only After Around More or Less or as Prefferred lower number or Higher number of 5,000 Male Members and 10,000 Female Members Join Will be Opening and Need You to Pay Membership Fee Upfront which is Refundable if Event do not Start On May 3rd 2023; Location of Event will be Emailed to You Before May 3rd 2023;

Money Back Within 30 Days or Less if Event Does Not Start;

Membership Fee $100 Per Month For Both Male and Female; and Gain 24 Hours Per Day 7 Days Per Week Access to the Red Cap Actual Sex Club;

Note Club Rules Both Men and Women Must At Least Leave Club Area 1 time per day to go home or shower and tidy up and change clothing; Note, also Hygene Law Enforced at Door any person who does not pass hygene Test cannot enter the club and anyone who does not have on a Red Cap cannot enter Red Cap Private Member Club;

Person cannot enter; with strange cosmetics on body; such as strange teeth or any other strange looking beyond usual bodyparts or accessories;

Person cannot enter; with stink smell on or upsetting smell or miscellaneous smell not prefferred;

Person cannot enter with dirty clothing or unkept unclean clothing;

Person cannot enter with weapons on them;

Person cannot enter with unbathed body for too many days;

Person cannot enter with obvious illness or sickness that is catchable or giveable std;

Person cannot enter if handicapped or crippled or severely injurred or with unsightly cuts and bruises on body, or hunchback etc.;

Person can also be turned down from entering premisses for other miscellaneous reasons;

Person can be asked to leave club premisses inside or outside if monitoring find them to be evil or criminal or insulting emotion of anger or practicing thing beyond allowed club behavior; or harming persons inside of club area; or they did not meet sex club rules;

Person cannot enter to eat women or men as food or to commit cannibalism, or to commit serial killings, or to commit the abuse of any person, or to beat a person, or fight a person inside club premisses; or to do beyond usual activity club allows on premisses or in general; club does not allow abussive languages or abussive types of sex on premisses, or in general;

club does not allow evil to occur after encounter of persons at club premisses by the person willfully and willingly plotting the evil to take place to the person they met;

Club may put restriction of amount of sex allowed to occur per case or individual by the shaperone saying how many sex is allowed per individual after 1 round of sex shaperone at club may ask a person to leave for having more sex then usual at club, though it is legal to have sex more then 1 time per day at club up to 48 times for women and an undefined 48 times or less as dictated by shaperone for men of amount of sex; sex can be limitted to 1 round of sex or 3 round of sex or less then 48 rounds of sex;

Person as a male can be turned away and not allowed to enter if they are not a Middle Brown Male who is from these 5 Races: African Peoples As Friends, Caribbean Peoples As Friends, Negro American As Friends, Nigger Peoples As Friends, MarcAndMarcias Peoples As Friends;

Club Allows Middle Brown Males to have Sex with Middle Brown Colored Women or Any Other Skin Colored Women and Women from Different Races of Humanity over Club Personal Preferencial Laws of Club GM-MGPL and MGPLCreatic Laws;

Club have Legal Club Rules and Laws to Keep Things According to Club Preferencial Rules and Laws by Owner of Club GM-MGPL and MGPLCreatic Laws;

Club have Legal Permission to Turn Away Any Person if Club Occupancy Meets Capacity of Persons According to Club Preferences;

Club Determind Only 1 Man can Have Sex with 1 or More Women at at time but not 2 or More Man to 1 women at the same time;

Club is a Agree or do Not Agree Rule Club which means Members of Club have Legal Permission to Agree or Not Agree to Have Sex with Individuals based on their Preferences of Conditions of MGPL Laws of Agreements;

Club Only Allow Strait Sex to take place on Premisses and hold the Legal Permission to stop any and all sex that is not strait sex at premisses and is under private organization and private business law to deny such other sexes;

Club allows Free Sex on Premisses and Does Not Charge for the sex and is not doing traditional fatal prostitution and is not in violation of state-con laws; but Any Women is Allowed to give stripper services of $5 table dances and $10 lap dances stripper services; and to ask Men for $15 Dollars Optional By Selling them a Picture of Themself for Memobilia with the Man at the Picture Room, This is Not Required for Sex to Occur and is not prostitution by state-con laws, but a micro business they are allowed to do at the Free Sex Club, but any women before the sex occurs or after the sex occurs can ask the Man an Optional $5 Stripper Services or $10 Stripper Lap Dances, or $15 Dollar Tip which is not obligatory, by Selling a Memobilia Picture of themselves with the Man with the women naked or clothed as a Memorabilia This can Occur Up to 48 times Per Day for Each Women; a maximum of 1 picture only is allowed per male with each individual women; picture only allow 2 persons at a time to take picture; if a Man does not have any money to pay for a picture they can apply for the money giveaway 3 spins to get a chance to spin the wheel on red cap which gives away $15 dollars to each individual male up to 20 Males Per Day shall be given $15 if they let their pockets and wallets be inspected not to have any money in it at all more then $10 in their possessions;

Large Amount of Privacy Sex Rooms Available;

Men are to keep their clothes on outside of privacy rooms; and only take their clothes off to have sex inside of privacy rooms; but women can keep their clothes on or become naked outside or inside of privacy rooms; also men can have sex with women while sitting down fully clothed outside of privacy rooms by putting on a condom; while sitting down on chairs and couches, while women give them lap dances or Oral Sex; or can stand up while fully clothed and put on a condom and women have sex with them while men keep their clothes on fully and women take their clothes off or keep their clothes on, on the dance floor or hang out area or sitting area or inside of the privacy rooms; Condom must be removed after having sex each time at the club;

Money Must be Paid Upfront to Gain Access to Red Cap Actual Sex Club;

Money Back Gauranteed if Event do Not Start On May 3rd 2023; Must Purchase Ticket Upfront to Enter; Ticket Will Be Given to You At Door After Giving Your Name and Phone Number;

Red Cap


Sex Club

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