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2-11.Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against the theft of Human Mates by Non-Human Entities:

The Universe is Infinite in spatial capacity and inside that spatial capacity consists of Humans, but Human are not the only Beings that exists inside the Universe other Beings and Things Exists inside the Universe. Human Beings must make sure that we do not lose Human Spouses to other Beings and Things that are not Human Beings. Human Beings are the Most Beautiful Beings in existences when we are beautiful though not all Humans are as Beautiful as each other, when a Human is actually beautiful that Human is one of the most beautiful things in existences, as a result of this other beings and things in the Universe often desire to steal a Human Spouse from Human Beings. Human Beings must make sure that only Human Beings mate with Human Beings. Human Beings must make sure that we perfect pair all Humanity so that every Human will be perfected in mating. When the Marc-G-P-L Creatic is established every Human Model Number will be Paired with a Member of the opposite sex in Heterosexuality Matrimony and Perfect Pairing. Every Model Number will be Paired with a Predefined Model Number that is Perfect For Them. Perfect Pairing Laws will consider the persons, Race, Color, Facial Type, Body Type, Age, and Height. If an outside race or species, being or thing steals a Human Spouse Humans of the Marc-G-P-L Creatic will have the right to re-confiscate the stolen mate and return the stolen mate back to Humanity and Perfect Pair the Stolen Human Mate.