( MindOperationCausation ) of that worship sector 
of existences to be against the non compliant or 

the Owuwunow mind ( MindOperationCausation ), 
because an Owuwunow Mind is not dormant or 
oblivious nor unaware of what worship is and what 
evil is or what the worst possibility is, this causes 
evil worshiper world ( MindOperationCausation )s to 
declare war against the non-compliant Owuwunow, 
but the non-compliant Owuwunow is a Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatic and is correct and not evil and 
is the Protagonists instead of the antagonists, but 
an Owuwunow should never be satisfied to live 
among worshipers, but must move out of their 
worshiper zones to Perfect Marc-G-P-L 

Perfectionists Creatic Reality ( OperationComplex ) 
Paradises; those who are truthfully compatible nonobject 
worshipers that wake up in a worshiper 

world can find peace in a Technical Planet built for 
such Peoples by me Owuwunow Marc Gregory 
Pierre-Louis when I have the Knowledge, Ability, 

and Power to build such a world reality 

( OperationComplex ) for Owuwunows that become 
Owuwunows because their Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) is Programmed be 

become an Owuwunow they shall dwell in peace 
and be content with life among those who are 
compatible with them in such Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Compatible Reality Universe Sectors; 
because of the Law of Variation and Combinations 
in Existences we shall find Three Modalities, Non 
Object Worshipers which can become an 
Owuwunow and other modalities; Object 

Worshipers which can become a monotheist or 
polytheist, or anarchists which fallow no Law or 
order ( OperationComplex ) at all; because of these 
3 Laws of Order it is a Defined Truth that Non 
Object Worshipers will be born into Existences in 
fact all 3 Laws of Order will give birth to Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) Operendices; all 3 Laws 
of Order are incompatible with each other and must 
be segregated from each other completely or they 
will go to war against each other, that is Why I 
Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis seek to 
segregate all incompatibles from each other 
including the 3 Laws of Order Mind Operendices. It 
is Marc Perfect for non-object worships to Existence 
in a sector of existence that is compatible with their 
mind ( MindOperationCausation ). A sector that 

they control, or a sector that is compliant and 
compatible with non-object worshipers, or a sector 
that cannot harm them for being a non-worshipers, 
or even a mindless, senseless, unaware sector that 
cannot desire worship. 

34-(1-14). worshipers can often be dangerous 

1.The final mind of a worshiper is a total slave mind 
to the object of worship that will bow down 

forward or backward completely upon the ground 
to show how they are not a power at all before the 
object of worship which can be anything powerful 
and powerless that they are told to worship, and 

will be programmed to feel that they are a nothing 
and a total slave to the object of worship and that 
the object of worship can literally eat them as a 
staple food or ravish and rape them in any form 
without any contest or burn them and their loved 
ones, and their children, family, and friends as a 
burnt sacrifice or even torture them in illegal hell 

for all eternity the final mind of a worshiper is a 
totally defeated mind to all objects which they 
worship even forever their mind is a total corruption 

of servitude and worship slave hood; a Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatic Owuwunow that does not 
worship is Truthful a Blessed Person that is of 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power and Contentment 
with life with no worship programming language 
even forever they will not worship and they shall 
never be a slave mind to worship programming. 
Worshipers are sometimes the most dangerous 
people to be around; this includes visible 

worshipers to a Human eye and invisible worshipers 
that the Human eye cannot see. worshipers feel as 

if they are righteous even when worshipers do evil 
malicious acts and deeds if it is in the name of 
worship, the worshiper feels justified to perform the 
evil malicious act. worshipers often call a god or 
object of worship for help, so long as a worshiper 
have a god or object of worship that have little or 
great power the worshiper will feel more powerful 
then the people around the worshiper, even if the 
people around the worshiper are more moral or 
even more powerful then the worshiper personally, 
so long as a worshiper can get a god or object of 
worship to do the worshipers will and to protect the 
worshiper the worshiper will feel more powerful 

then those around the worshiper; the worshiper will 
use the god or object of worship will and power to 
covertly and publicly terminate and dethrone others 
around the worshiper and those who are in 
associations that the worshiper feels like getting rid 
of, the worshiper will use the power of a god or 
object of worship that is visible or invisible to 
dethrone Leadership and peoples. worshipers 
especially when their religious manual speak of 
righteousness and a great name of a god or object 
of worship is used will feel as if they have been 
given all power over any opponents that they are 
against so long as they can prove or even suspect 
that the god or object of worship have enough 
power to put fear in others, terminate others, 
torture others, or sabotage others. If a god or 
object of worship is good or evil malicious a 
worshiper will not care so long as the god or object 
of worship they fallow protect them, provide for 
them, and terminate others for them; this is what 
make worshipers dangerous it is the use of a god 
or object of worship with power to destroy and 
terminate others who are against the worshiper or 
who do not agree with the worshipers way. 

2.If a worshiper can find a great name to use as a 
god or object of worship a worshiper feel as if the 
worshiper have great power even if it is unproven 
whither the god or object of worship helps the 
worshiper or not the worshiper will feel as if the 
worshiper have great power to terminate others and 
to dominate over others by the use of the great 
name or by the use of the power of the god or 
object of worship. Owuwunow Non-Object 
worshipers must seek after Personal Power, 
Communal Power, and ( OperationComplex )ic 
Power to protect themselves against worshipers. 
Non-Object worshipers must use the rule of Perfect 
Law against harmful objects of worship, objects of 
worship, and harmful worshipers. At the end of all 
sequence of events, whither it is personal or by the 
aid of another only Knowledge, Ability, and Power, 
shall keep a Being loosuncaptured from destruction, 
defeat, and failure; only Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, shall loosuncapture an Owuwunow from 
being overpowered. worshipers under the spell and 
programming of worshiping can become very 
unreasonable. worshipers often feel as if worship is 

the only solution to all problems, worshipers often 
feel that worship is the Perfect form of association 
yet worship is one of the worst form of association. 
Leadments that are based on worship are total 
domination Leadments. All who are under the 
Leadance of worship are dominated to the point of 
kneeling, bowing, and prostrating. Total Domination 
Leadments such as worshiping reduce the worshiper 
to those who are upon their knees and upon their 
bellies, those who cannot keep their heads up from 
bowing nor think beyond the boundaries of 
worship. worshipers are the dominated and 
conquered and they become a nothing a powerless 
being this keeps them inline for the object of 
worship always want all the power and worshipers 
usually wind up with no power at all before an 
object of worship. Being dominated and conquered 
causes worshipers to seek after others to put under 
the dominance and conquest of the god or object 
of worship that rules over them and dominate 

them. worshipers are as crabs in a bucket every 

time a crab attempt to crawl out of the bucket the 
other crabs grab the crab down to the bucket until 
all the crabs are all served for dinner. worshipers are 

dangerous and unreasonable because worshipers 
do not see that they are servants, slaves, the 
dominated, and the conquered and they seek to 
convert others to servants, to the enslaved, 
dominated, and conquered, even by force a 
dangerous worshiper will convert all that can be 
overpowered upon their knees, and bellies and 
backs; even the powerful are threatened by 
worshipers and by the total brainwash 
programming of worship. 

35-(1-15). The things that are usually worshiped 
andhow to avoid worship them: 

1.worshipers usually need something to worship 
over them; this object that they worship, worshipers 
shall give all power over themselves. It is strange 
that someone would want to give someone, or 
something total power over themselves, but that is 
exactly what worshipers have been trained to do 
and many worshipers are born to totally submit for 
it is a part of their core mental programming and 
such a programming was put there by the god that 
they worship or by conditioning evolved in their 
genetics from the past worship of ancestors; 

worshipers have been trained to give an object of 
worship total power over themselves. Objects, 
worshipers worship don't necessarily have to be 
powerful or have any power at all, because certain 
things worshipers worship cannot do anything for 
them at all, yet they will attribute worship to such 
objects. The fallowing is a lists of things worshipers 
usually attribute worship to. 1.gods or supernatural 
beings, 2.angels, 3.human authority figures, 4.devils, 
5.demons, 6.universes, space 7.planets, worlds, and 
environments, 8.reality ( OperationComplex )s, 
9.matrixes, 10.elements, earth, wind, water, air, fire 
and their elemental spirit, or spiritual beings, 
11.stars and suns, 12.light, 13.darkness, 14.Idols, 
statues, photos, 15.candles, 16.clouds, 17.animals, 
18.phallic symbols, 19.great whores or sacred 
whores, 20. household objects and furniture, and 
many more things unnamed here, 21.nature and 
nature spirits, or spiritual beings beings, 22.some 
worshipers even worship excrement, 23.the dead, 
24.ghost, 25.religious books, 25.colors, 26.souls, 
27.shakras, 28.food, 29.breath of air, 30.spirit, or 
spiritual beings, 31.aliens, 32.galaxies, 33.prayers 
and psalms, 34.magic, spells, incantations, and 

symbols 35.religions, and religious symbols 36.Marc 
Perfectes, 37.spouses, 38.parents, 39.skin color, 
40.temples, houses and buildings of occupancy, 
41.perfect, 42.evil malicious, 43.famous historical 
people, 44.some people worship everything there is 
nothing they won't worship such people are total 
mind slaves to all things in the name of something 
that dwells in all things, that is what they usually 
say to worship all things, they usually say a god as 
the universe Existence in all things therefore they 
must worship and serve all things, those are the 
greatest slaves of the mind that could be found in 
existence for all things are their master and are a 
god over them. Remember no matter what a 
worshiper worship the worshiper will bestow 
godhood unto it and give it total power over the 
Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of the worship. 
Under Marc-G-P-L Creatic Law Marc-G-P-L Creatics 
usually allow incompatible worshipers to worship 
their object of worship without converting them 
because if they are a true fraction of worship they 
are incompatible with our teachings and way of life; 
but if the worshiper is a Human Beings and is 
worshiping incompatible things with Humans or is 

worshiping immoral things, or is worshiping 
abomination, or is worshiping criminal things Marc-
G-P-L Creatics have the right to suspend, stop, and 
illegalize their form of worship even by arrests or 
warfare to clean up Humanity; Marc-G-P-L Creatics 
must only allow incompatible worship able Human 
Beings to worship a clean, legal thing or someone 
that is compatible with Human Beings and Human 

2.Not all Beings are born an Owuwunow for there 
are beings that are programmed to be worshipers 
since birth, it is as if a computer or machine had 
been programmed to behave in a certain way 
based on the programming language that is in the 
mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of the worshiper. 
Humans are born with three mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) that are ready to 
format into behavioral patterns the first Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) is a Non Object 
Worshiper or Owuwunow that does not worship 
Mind ( MindOperationCausation ); the Second Mind 
( MindOperationCausation ) is a worshiper Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ); the Third Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) is an Anarchist Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ). Humans who are born 
with an Owuwunow Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) can overwrite worship 
command and refuse to worship just about 
anything and everything and form a Perfect Order 

( OperationComplex ); other humans are born with 
a worshiper Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) and 
will worship anything they are told to worship or 
even worship everything they come in contact with, 
such humans that possess this mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) are the slave minds 
among us for they can become subservient to 
almost anything and become the servant of just 
about anything in existence; anarchist are disorderly 
mind ( MindOperationCausation )s that cannot form 
any order ( OperationComplex ) at all. 

3.You who join Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Way must conduct yourself as a Owuwunow even if 
you die professing that you are an Owuwunow. You 
must not become profane about your Operendice, 
nor are you allowed to profess any evil malicious 
way at all nor commit evil malicious acts with 

knowledge of what you do. With or without 
knowledge you must not be evil malicious at all. 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics is designed for 
the Owuwunow Mind ( MindOperationCausation ), 
you must be able to overwrite worship command in 
order to be a true Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics, at the end of all programming a Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) that can have freewill 
to choose to fallow a command is Marc Perfect 
then a Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) that fallow 
all programmed command; this I say is only for 
Higher Intelligent Lifeforms not for lower intelligent 
lifeforms. Humans are Higher Intelligent Lifeforms 
and so humans require freewill to choose certain 
things and to make certain decisions on their own 
freewill. Though Freewill is a Perfect thing there are 
exception when freewill will not be an option but 
set value programming will take priority. 

4.How to end worshiping or avoid worshiping 
objects; objects of worship usually need the 
worshiper to be vulnerable or without power to 
defend the worshipers self from danger, objects of 
worship also often require for the worshiper to have 

no power for the worshiper to provide for the 
worshipers own self or community. It is the lack of 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, that ultimately doom 
a Higher Intelligent Life form to a life of worship 
and servitude. When a Higher Intelligent Being 
possess enough Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to 
protect themselves and to provide for themselves 
objects of worship no longer have an importance in 
their Existences. You as a Owuwunow who is a 
Human must know that there are certain beings 
that currently have more power then Human beings 
do, this is very disappointing to me, because, 
humans having lessor power may be coerced, 
conquered, or tempted into submitting themselves 
to a life of servitude, slavery, worship bondage, or 
abomination; because they had no power against 
an abomination and sought to worship the 
abomination and become a servant of the 
abomination; on their knees and bellies, and with 
their heads down they will Existence. 

5.I instruct you to say no to worship beings for their 
power; but only Knowledge, Ability, and Power, shall 
save you from worship bondage. You as a Human 

who is born with an Owuwunow Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) have the will power to 
refuse to worship just about anything, but a Human 
who is born with a worship mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) does not possess the 
freewill to say no to worship and will worship just 
about anything they are told to. I advise you as a 
Human who is an Owuwunow Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) Inheritor to obtain all 
the Knowledge, Ability, and Power, that you can 
Physical Power, Mental, Power, Spirit, or spiritual 
beings Power, Power to Control ( Mind-ActuatedReality-
Calculated-Existence Matrixes ), Matrixes, 

and Worlds by the obtainment of the Particle Codex 
to control such things, Power to protect yourself 
from the very world and universe you Existence in 
for you will need it and it helps to start by using 
the rule of Law on your side; and so I advise you 
not to be unlawful at all and to be Marc Perfect 
then worshipers because you will need to be Marc 
Perfect then worshipers in order to win against 
them. Do not think objects of worship will not be 
savage against you, because when objects of 
worship find someone that cannot worship them 

that is exactly what they become savage against the 
person; some of them will persecute an Owuwunow 
that does not have enough Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, until they torture, doom, terminate, or even 
the unthinkable give eternal illegal hell to the 
Owuwunow forever. worshipers no matter how 
Perfect they wish to become will become as 
monsters when they are not worshiped; worship is 
what hold the evil malicious instincts inside of them 
from coming out; when they cannot get worshiping 
their true nature is revealed, especially when they 
are evil malicious instinctively. The only true 
protection against worship is Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, words alone will not save an Owuwunow 
from an object of worship seeking after worship 

that can overpower them at the end of all sequence 
of events only Knowledge, Ability, and Power, and 
being Marc Perfect then worshipers shall save an 
Owuwunow from the oppressive worship mind 

( MindOperationCausation ). 

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