Advisory Against Being Brainwashed Into Practicing Bestiality:

Alert This Information Reveal to you not to watch beastiality or zooaphilia that is only valid for those who are not at war with zooaphilia and beastiality all those who are already at war against zooaphilia or beastiality must be advised to watch such zooaphilia and beastiality etc. to be against zooaphilia and against beastiality and against pansexualism and against sodomy and against lgbt and declare war against it to study the defilement of these sincrime as to the evil they are; if you have joined the war against zooaphilia and pansexualism you will have to watch such evil by being against it for all permanency of existences, any mentioning of do not watch zooaphilia or pansexualism or beastiality is for those who are not at war against such things and who are not investigating against such things burt wish cleanliness in their lives not to see the gay dander or the diritier things in life; Alert, if you have heard of read this Alert about zooaphilia and pansexualism, and beastiality and lgbt sodomy you have two choices if you are at war already and against zooaphilia already and investigating agaisnt zooaphilia, and pansexualism, and beastiliaty, and lgbt and sodomy keep investigating against them and being against them and reporting against them; but if you are not a person who is actively at war against zooaphilia already and investigating agaisnt zooaphilia, and pansexualism, and beastiliaty, and lgbt and sodomy do not go any further into looking at such things for they are dander which is tainted evil and not okay for your safety or your health to see or know of instead stay heterosexual and keep having life energy sex with you female or male spouse do not go any further into investigating or seeing zooaphilia or pansexualism or sodomy instead be against it and stay watching clean things only; Alert, at the end there is no person in a community who does not watch real live show under protection to see evil for what they are and by convicting them they see all sin in the universe but they are protected to see such things under MarcPerfect Laws and they are against such things and they remove such from their own minds and bodies and from the near by universe from them and from all over the universes eventually as MarcPerfects for their own safety.

This message is brought to you by Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis of the organization Marc-G-P-L Creatic: I have first hand evidence that Humanity is under a massive bestiality attack from specific bestiality infested, sodomy homosexual infested, cannibal infested, evil infested infested, animals that are able to think infested, animal head and animal transformer infested, demonic spirit infested and spiritual and other property invisible frequency world that surrounds the physical Human World. The entities that are causing bestiality to spread throughout the world are causing massive infiltration of the Human Body and Mind by getting inside of their body and toxic-ly sexually stimulating them in a brainwashed manner to copulate with dirty animals especially household dogs. They will try to excite you to abominate you with dogs, beast, and other animals through brainwash be prepared to get rid of any dog or animal in your house no matter what size the animals is or what sex the animal is if the animal is a male or female animal get rid of the animal out of your house after you hear this report; get rid of the animal especially if it is a male or female dog, male dogs are far more dangerous to keep in the house then female ones because I have witnessed with my own eyes that male dogs are being used to rape and defile females of all levels of society no matter how beautiful the woman is evil invisible beings are using mind control and brain wash to rape the female with stink dirty dogs. Do not feel sorry for the animal feel sorry for yourself if a dirty animal lay with you instead of a Human Being. Under no circumstances are you to watch any bestiality pornography at all or the invisible agents lurking on your walls and floors, in the sky and in other wicked dimensions will try to brainwash you and toxic-ly stimulate you in a negative sexual wicked manner to appreciate abomination videos of humans beings rapped by dirty dogs and other animals. It is predicted that even 12.5 percent of the human population is infected with these evil entities from the invisible world and is practicing bestiality which is devastating. In 2015 there are 7 billion Human Being on the planet earth if indeed 12.5% of Human Being are infected and are practicing bestiality then that means that 875,000,000 Human Beings are infected and are practicing bestiality and having sex with dirty animals this number is too much for comfort and if this is indeed truthful then we could be seeing the ending of the human race in this reality if actions are not taken immediately to curtail the spreading of bestiality throughout the world. I have first hand evidence that other worldly entities are doing this to humanity this massive wicked hedonistic mindless toxic infection by dirty animal sex with humans is being orchestrated for the take over of humanities reality system by wicked ugly dirty looking creatures that are lower then human being forms these dirty ugly filthy evil looking creatures look like ugly monsters and ugly animals some of them are standing animals such as dogs that stand like humans, reptiles that stand like humans, demons that stand like humans, and all kind of animals that stand like humans do; these ugly monstrous looking evil spiritual and other material beings are trying to replace humanity and copulate with human males and females by rapine bestiality mutt sex to mutt the human race into an animal looking trans-formative being that transform to all dirty lower animal forms while copulating as a clean human form with all monstrous dirty looking beast of the field; these dirty monstrous cannibalistic creatures are not new to human experience they have even been worshiped as gods in the past by heathens who were dumb worshipers some of these monsters are even worshiped today secretly and publicly by dumb humans that turn to worship for safety instead of their own power which was stolen from them by the spiritual world in order to use Humanity as a servant race of worshipers that are eaten as a food by the mentioned cannibalistic bestiality monsters even though Humans are superior in form and emotion and knowledge then those bestiality monsters. Many countries are being used to spread the destruction of Humanity by the usage of the internet to spread evil bestiality videos of Humans breeding with dirty animals these videos display shocking lies about human nature and show humans in toxic contaminating hedonistic appreciation of infectious dooming deadly animal sex; do not watch these videos or you shall be contaminated with evil visions of wickedness of the highest level of doom. Whatever you do, do not fallow you curiosity to see these wicked videos based on my own experience the evil monsters will try to stimulate you sexually to wicked toxic filthy dooming animal sex and this will contaminate your blood, poison your sperm, or dirty you vaginal fluids into a poisonous liquid this can even cause infertility; only listen to my advisory and fallow my instruction to you next: If you do not have an animals as a pet do not get one; do not get especially a male or female dog; If you have a dog especially in your house or any animal get rid of the animal or the evil monsters of the invisible world that is at war with humanity will try to copulate the animal with you especially a male dog they will try to rape you with; If you are a male or female couple and you own a male dog the dog only tolerate you because you feed it in its natural environment it will form a dog pack and eat Humans as a food. dogs are not the friend of Humans at all they are only using humans for housing and food, and they are even being used to rape Humanity and kill our race from existence. Do not feel sorry for the animal see it as the enemy of Humanity as it is fallow my instruction take the animal to the dog pound wither it is a male or female or a puppy, or a cat; take the animal to the pound and pay them whatever fee they ask you for; if they tell you that they will kill, euthanize, or put the animal to sleep agree with them for you are saving your own life and your own kind from termination by terminating an animal that is being used to kill Humans from existence by rape through massive mind control by evil thinking animal monsters of invisible dimensions that are at war against humanity. If you feel that an entity is putting thoughts in your head to watch bestiality pornography don't listen to them at all or they will doom you. In fact if you watch any pornography stop the habit and find a faithful spouse to dwell with that is especially your own race, your own color, and a compatible facial type. If you have any though or sexual stimulation to copulate with an animal especially a male or female dog it is massive mind control that is being used against you to kill your kind from existence by proving that Humans are lower in consciousness just like animals such as bovine, cattle, dogs, and other lower creatures of the most abominable nature. Do not copulate with such animals or you are proving that you are a lower animal just like the animal you breed with in a toxic, hedonistic, murderous against your own kind; Human are usually very loyal to their own kind as a mate and lover any human that have the capacity to mate with an animal have some kind of a evil in them or they are not a true human but something posing as a human form but in reality is a transformer into another ugly monstrous form but is blending in with Humanity to pass as one of our kind while eating us as a food. Any Human that is a true Human that is feeling like breeding with an animal or that have already bred with an animal is under massive mind control and body is infiltrated already by the evil spirits and monstrous creatures such Humans are unfortunate and dirty and are in doom and condemnation by monsters that are trying to replace Humanity from existence and power. Many great peoples and nations are already infected by the bestiality virus that is spreading throughout the world No matter what race or color you are Do Not Copulate with any animal get rid of all animals out of your house the number one raper of Humans are male dogs; male dogs are especially being used to rape human females that are under massive brainwash and mind control by thinking animal monsters, animal transformers, beast, demons, evil godly creatures and monsters, and wicked mad minded inferior minded human form sexual slaves of animals; if you condemn yourself and dare watch any bestiality video and you are a male the animal monsters will try to excite your heart rate and raise your penis against your own will there by raping you even sperm they will throw out of you against you own will, this sperm will be a poisonous sperm and can cause infertility; if you are a female and you condemn yourself and dare watch any bestiality pornography the animal monsters will excite you in a negative sexual toxic manner they will attempt to excite your heart rate and raise your nipple in a dirty bestial manner, and they will try to excite your clitoris in dirty wicked filthy bestial manner then a wicked poisonous virginal fluid shall come out of you against your own free will the animals will rape you while you watch them rape your kind then a poisonous virginal fluid will come out of you against your own free will and this can cause infertility if you do not wash it immediately out of your vagina. Anyone that is contaminated with bestiality monsters and is under mind control and have a junk brain and low will to resist breeding with beast will become contaminated with dirty stink poisonous animal sperm this will cause their death and all kinds of wicked illnesses such people will have the lowest self esteem among Humanity. This is why you should hate all dogs and animals in the world because they are the natural enemies of Humanity and will even try to eat us as a food. Take my advise get rid of all animals in your house immediately if you are a female and have a male dog in the house see it as your death get rid of the male dog immediately take it to animal control and pay the fee that they ask you for set yourself free from your own doom. I have something to reveal to Human Beings male dogs are especially the most dangerous animals to keep in a house because they have evil spirits inside of them that seek to copulate with human females. When a Human Male and Female Couple have a male dog at their house as a pet the male dog often tolerate the male human as an alpha male over the dog because the Human male feed the dog, but when the Human male leave the house as an Alpha male the male dog then tries to approach the Human female behind the Human males back often the male dog will even elongate its filthy animal penis in front of the Human female to sexually entice her to mate with the male dog; when the evil spirits see this they excite the heart of the female and give her nopem sickness by making her have toxic excitement for dog penises the evil spirits then brainwash the female through mind control and hedonistic heath to submit to the dirty filthy animal which then abominate the Human Female behind the Human Males back when the Human Male gets home the animal had already abominated his wife and she is too shameful to reveal that she is unclean and dirty forever because she laid with a dirty filthy dumb stink lower animal flea infested dog; but I have even worst news a male dog will even try to mount a female or male Human right in front of each other, male and female children are not safe from males dogs trying to copulate with them by force; when a Human own a male dog sometimes the male dog try to mount the leg of the Human by force; Humans should never keep dogs in their home or in their world. If a Human Female live alone with a male dog wither the male dog is a small dog and especially a large filthy dog the Human female is in great danger of being raped by the stinking dog through evil invisible being mind control, the evil stinking dog will approach the Human Female alone in the house somehow by elongating its stinking dog penis at the Human Female this is when the evil spirits will give mind control to the Human female and toxic hedonistic heath to mate with a dirty stinking filthy animal in the privacy of their own condemned hell filthy house; If you are a Human female listen to my advise get rid of especially a male dog you have at your house or you are the cause of your own condemnation if you are defeated in combat by evil invisible spirits get rid of the stinking dog before Humanity die as a race because of an expandable worthless race of wicked no good that are not worth the life of Humanity. If I tell you get rid of all dogs in the world; Do not get angry with me or you deserve to die, but we cant kill you for your ignorance; Humanity is in danger of extermination and replacement by the invisible world against us hundreds of thousand of videos are on the internet displaying human having sex with dogs I cannot show you any pictures of the evidence for they are too evil for the eyes to see and you may condemn yourself by seeing them but I will revel to you but don't seek to see for yourself for it is not good for you to see such things that I am about to say; I am sorry to say this even dirty, filthy, stinking, rotting dog penises are being displayed being sucked by Humans to make matters worst no matter the beauty of such females or males they are displayed having sex with the most ugly stinking filthy diseased dogs and animals in public over the internet do you understand that an up-evil of the worst nature is occurring for the destruction of Humanity and the replacement of Higher intelligent lifeforms such as us Humans by lower beast. I have bad news for a group of people I think the animal monsters are choosing which race among Humanity to kill firstly to destabilize Human Culture; based on my knowledge and reconnaissance information the White European Race is the first target by the bestiality monsters to be exterminated, the white race of Europeans is being targeted for extermination by evil spirits these spirits first chose the white European race to exterminate and shame firstly among humanity because they posses great influence in the world that is why they became the first target for extermination because they have more military and economic power then most other Human races, according to my research white Europeans are being targeted for extermination by evil spirits and they are one of the most exploited group by the bestiality monsters, the bestiality monsters have infiltrated the white European race and is assimilating them for destruction also the Hispanic Race and the Japanese and some other Asian groups have been infiltrated badly because they have too much wicked videos of bestiality on the internet displaying their kind;
( Alert, I once thought whites as a people was innocent for being attacked by beastiality animals and animalbase creatures I was partially wrongs apparently there are 7 white skin races known as actual artificial mankind, 1.jews, 2.arabians, 3.asians, 4.europeans, 5.east indians, 6.native americans, hispanics, I have learned that these race have been under assimilation by animalsbase creatures for thousands of years and had been almost fully assimilated by animalsbase gods that is correct animalbase gods is what they worshipped and their kind have been majorily assimilated by such animalbase and transformer base and omnipresent beings that dwell in all things base non human creatures, this means that such race have aleady been assimilated into evil practices of beastiality, pansexualism, zooaphilia, and sodomy lgbt under jews, chrisitians, and muslims such animalbase gods have been sensorshiped not to be pictured or revealed to be real or explain as to who they are, note, white skin races in particular even have similar skin color with animals under the fur of them and scales of them, this means that white skin is found upon the mojority of animals actual skin furthermore white races have a lot of religious documentation agree with animals reincarnating into human or animals incarnations into humans, this means that white races were assimilated by animalbase entities and are not just innocent victims but are active players in the game to further the power of zooaphilia and pansexualism, and beastiality, and sodomy, and lgbt, note, white races are not the only players in the evil game violations that are terminates of humanity but also the other races that are Middle Browner Colored ActualMankind races which are 1.Africans, 2.Carribbean, 3.Negro American, 4.Niger Peoples, and 5.MarcAndMarcia Peoples also have what I call non-humans infiltrating them to down them to underdogs practice dog sex and zooaphilia not by choice but by cracking into their brains and bodies to turn them into subhumans against their more advance human traits gained from Me Marc Programmings, though these 5 races are Actual Mankind the 7 white races are actual artificial mankind and are not real responses and programming Actual Human would Prefer as the 7 white races are more of a eater of human races and damnation to make them have fucksex with non humans also known as animalbase and reality base humans. ); to continue about white races; this means that the bestiality monsters have infiltrated their race and is killing them from house to house with dogs raping members of their kind secretly this problem is occurring because they like to keep pet dogs especially male dogs in their house as pets because of cultural norms and reinforcement of keeping pet dogs, through Massive Mind Control brought upon by TV commercials displaying dogs licking the face and mouth of Humans especially white humans this have caused them ever since childhood through mind control to let dogs come near them and even lick them, but this is mind control that is leading to something far worst which is bestiality; and also movies displaying friendship between humans and dogs; furthermore, Hollywood stars like to pose picture with dogs, and even the White House have a National Dog; this fascination with keeping pet dogs especially male dogs may be the end of White Civilization according to what I am witnessing on the internet and hearing from the spirit world white people for the first time in the history of Humanity are in danger of extermination because of wicked bestiality videos over the internet; and secret society indoctrination into beast worshiping, and spiritual house to house warfare against their kind to lay with pet dogs through mind control; their kind is not the only target if you are an African Gene Person you are also a secondary target of bestiality attack; if the FBI and the CIA and the US and other European Governments do not get rid of all bestiality videos on the internet and get rid of all dogs from their countries and the rest of the world and outlaw bestiality throughout the whole world white Civilization will come to an end in the most embarrassing manner; by a multi-dimentional, standing two legged, and crawling four legged beast that are able to think attack, by spiritual and other form monsters to replace them from existence by accusing them and conditioning them through mind control of having immoral sex with dogs on TV and on the Internet and that they are lower then animals because they bow down sexually to animals; (Alert, the notion for whites and others tor remove beastiality and zooaphilia and pansexual and lgbt videos off of the internet was a mistake such things cannot be hidden from the general public at war against them or the whole planet population will be taken over by animalbase creatures and under sensorship no one will find out why the whole planet died without ever knowing that zooaphilia and pansexualism killed the whole population, alert, zooaphilia animalbase creatures kill whole planet populations with zooaphilia and pansexualism and beastiality and lgbt lifestyle and eat their whole generations away earlier when I wrote this paperwork I did not have full information about the zooaphilia offensive into the termination of humanity, my further information reveal that zooaphilia must be publicly spoken against and shown for the evil that it is which is the termination of male and female heterosexuality with each other. ); I over heard these beast plans and saw them with my own eyes in fact I and my team are at war against these beast myself and they have even attempted to attack me personally these wicked beast are crawling all over the matrix grid and on the walls and floors of our homes we cannot see them unaided with our eyes, but I have the capacity to see them with a technique which I have developed over the years; I see them transforming and cannibalizing each other and Human Spirits that are on the walls protecting Human Beings from an attack by their kind; First white, Hispanic, and Asian people shall be shamed they are already the main people displayed on the internet being raped by these filthy animals; then the culprits shall make their way to the Afro-Genetic community there are already scattered videos also displaying Afro-Genetic people and other groups in a lessor manner such as Indians, Arabians, Aborigines, Native Americans, and Jews doing the same bestiality immorality behavior in a lessor manner; no race of Humanity is immune to attack we are all in this together; If we do not remove all bestiality videos and practices from Humanity and destroy all bestiality pornographic videos from the internet and locate all practitioners of bestiality and arrest them and block all attacks from extra normals of the invisible worlds Humanity within 100 years will become a low scum race breeding with beast publicly already even bestiality brothels were legalized in Germany and other parts of the world the spreading of bestiality is the fault of world governments for it is the policy of world governments that govern what Humanity does on an everyday bases; This bestiality attack can be curtailed by world governments outlawing all forms of bestiality and all forms of bestiality pornography and removing all such wicked bestiality videos from the internet. Then all practitioners of bestiality must be removed from the planet Earth completely No Human must be left on the Planet that practice bestiality however they are removed they must be removed by force; furthermore all dogs must be killed from the planet completely or they will cause the end of Humanity; No animal must be kept as a pet by Humans anymore. Humans must stop being fascinated by animals and must see that animals are the enemy of Humanity and are being used by invisible agents to terminate the Human race from existence. Human Beings must only marry members of their own kind, their own color, and compatible facial types; Humans must only be Heterosexual in nature only. This is not a Human and Human mating issue but something far worst by a billion degrees of evil; bestiality is a trillion times worst for Humanity then Human to Human immorality; Humanity must see bestiality as one of the worst things that have ever occurred to Humanity. All Human Races are affected by this up-evil of bestiality no matter what race you are of Humanity you are a target of bestiality monsters listen to my advise declare war against all animals declare war against all beast, declare ware against all creatures from the invisible world that are plotting the extermination of Humanity from existences by raping us with lower animals. You who heard this truth do not watch any videos displaying bestiality if you see any picture or video displaying bestiality do not investigate any further, don't watch it; if you have a pet dog get rid of it take it to the dog pound, if you have any other animal as a pet get rid of the pet. Try to get married to your own kind only keep a spouse and family company only in your house marry a person that is your own race, your own color, and a compatible facial type with you. This message was brought to you by Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-louis of the organization Marc-G-P-L Creatic Way; 




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