​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power




The Declaration of Warfare against the inability for Humans to control what progeny comes out of them without killing or aborting children:

Marc-G-P-L Creatic is seeking to give Human Being Genuine Power to control the end result of a Child's Birth. Marc-G-P-L Creatic is seeking to change the way children are born among Humanity. Currently children are born in a dangerous manner in which a mother have great birth pain when giving birth to a child. Many mothers die from child birth complications and many children die because of the birth process of Humanity. Marc-G-P-L Creatic came up with a new birth method that involves firstly the Marc-G-P-L Creatic pregnancy department designing the child information directions are given to the parents then the parents create the child then the child is born as an egg cocoon then the egg cocoon is placed inside of a growing chamber where the child grows to full size; both spouses the male and female Human spouses are born next to each other in the hospital; they are brought home where they begin to learn all formatation and education, and programming to function in Marc-G-P-L Creatic society. Marc-G-P-L Creatic Progeny are born with pre-formatted Knowledge, Ability, and Power to function and prevail in life. Marc-G-P-L Creatic is seeking to give Humanity a new inheritance that is far More Perfect then current human existence.