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223-(13-18B).Additional refuge website for the raped and abominated: 3-25-2018CE MGPL UPGL : 9:02PM:


1.( Note, the Number 2,777,778 which is 2.7% of 100,000,000 of Sexual Service Woman is for Lesser Perfect Worlds such as the Planet Earth Currently where such extra woman are needed in order to fight against and have an edge against sexual abomination and not receiving any sexual services at all from females as a Heterosexual; the current planet earth is not perfect and has a toss up environment in which the causation of unpredictable death and the situation of evil variations and combination of threats against Heterosexual Persons requires that sexual service woman are available in a safe manner for Heterosexual Males of their own race, kind, color group and compatible facial type. Such Sexual Service Woman Services must be provided in a safe manner free from disease and free from abomination and difficulties and free from abuse the 2,777,778 which is 2.7% of 100,000,000 can be clean females born as Against Abomination Sexual Service Woman or can be collected from the female sexual sincriminals that are an cedg l,g,b,t etc. sincriminal human female woman, Sexual Service Woman facial types that are born specifically for the profession are an our woman as a sexual service spouse and must have the average facial type of a female that is compatible with all the males of their kind, when a female is born for the specific occupation of being an against abomination sexual service woman she must be programmed to do such services in a clean organized manner and cannot become a traditional fatal prostitute but must be a strategic against abomination sexual service woman and she cannot think that she is for sale nor put herself up for sale nor auction, but must only receive the $75.00 Sexual Service Rendered Money for each full sexual conclusion act payment prescribed in the Manual of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and must only have the Prescribed Sexual Routine found in the Manual of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics, and she must be programmed with Total No Decisions not to commit sexual abomination but how to order herself in the acceptable Heterosexual Sexual Services ordered by Me GreatnessMarc Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis known as Against Abomination Sexual Services. ); What Pornography is Acceptable: life energy pornography is acceptable; because it promotes a clean sexual life; but traditional fatal pornography is not legal because it promotes immoral sex and l,g,b,t etc. sex along with other types of sex; though Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics speak against traditional fatal pornography we Promote Clean Life Energy Pornography that is beneficial for Society; a safe amount of women as needed in a clean manner have the right to become sexual service women and be seen in the nude by Male Human Clientele because Human Males Have the Right to Clean Sexual Services to Improve Human Life Overall and to keep Humanity Fit against sexual abominations by providing the sexual service Human Males Need to have an edge against sexual abominations, but such an advantage can only occur by viewing Clean Life Energy Pornography As Prescribed by Me GreatnessMarc Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis, Based on the Necessity, but such Life Energy Pornography must be between Qualified Human Beings and Qualified Human Beings and not be made to be public to other beings, things, and realities other then Human Beings; In Lesser Perfect Worlds; Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics have the right to watch as Males Only Clean Life Energy Pornography; but as females they are not allowed to watch males in pornography unless they are watching a prescribed sexual scene between a Human Male and Human Female, but the prescribed females can make and participate in pornography for Males to watch only under the condition that a few of them 2,777,778 which is 2.7% of 100,000,000 which will be able to have sex 36 times per month each 1 time per male per month for each of the 36 Men to satisfy 100,000,000 Males of their kind; so there shall be 2,777,778 females persons as sexual service persons; per 100,000,000 Male Persons that are doing Against Abomination Sexual Services for their Kind as a Racial Type, Color Group, Facial Types and Compatible Age to a Certain Extent to ward off sexual abomination against their kind; but all such males shall have at least 1 wife because 100,000,000 Males shall have 100,000,000 Female Procreation Partners as Wives, plus 2,777,778 Extra Females Persons as Sexual Service Persons; preferably the image or sexual service shall be in a private channel and private sexual complex with privacy; and so, 28 Women Must Be Born Every Time 1,000 Women are born and after that occurs 100,000 times enough extra Women will be born in the amount of 2,800,000 Women for emergency sexual services for 100,000,000 Men Once Per Month, There will be just a little bit extra girls for the sexual service; refuge website for the raped and abominated must be managed by Friends Near and Far Small and Large to be a refuge for the raped and abominated to go to, to see pornographic sexual images, and to do life energy masturbation with such pornographic females; if any Male is raped throughout the whole world of the Planet Earth, he have the right to go to to see the female kind of the being, thing, or reality that raped him on; if it is a human being that raped him or his female kind, he can go to to see the female revenge sex woman that will be given for the revenge sex masturbation or looking that he will do when he sees such pornographic images of the female of the kind that raped him or his female kind; if it is a non-human being, thing, or reality that raped him or his female kind He have the right to go to to see a female human sympathizer of the non-human being, thing, or reality that raped him or his female kind; a common man that is raped have the right to 100 females of the persons kind that raped him to have sex 10 times each after that the female can be released from her sexual services; a Leadership Official Male that is raped have the right to 1000 females of the persons kind that raped him to have sex 100 times each after that the female can be released from her sexual services; furthermore, if a Man is under sexual abomination attack from l,g,b,t etc dander endangering his life, he have the right to go to to look at female members of his own kind and female members of the kind or sympathizers of the kind that is raping him with l,g,b,t etc. dander; furthermore, if a Male Human have not had sex in a while about 1 month or more and no female answer him for him to have sex he have the right to go to to go look at Human Females of his race, kind, color group, and facial type to be around the electronic versions of the females of his kind that is linked to the source physical Human Female of the electronic Human Female image; which can even have real sex with him; because their electronic body may chose spiritually to let him feel sexual intercourse with them during masturbation; in the present or future a sexual bodysuit or holographic female will allow such remote sex to take place; furthermore if any women is an l,g,b,t etc. women and wishes to cleanse herself of the sin that she have become she can become a sexual service woman for the Males of her Kind by Race, Color Group, Compatible Facial Type, and Compatible Age to a Certain Extent; she can go to and submit her images of her masturbating with her hand or twerking nude, or during nude modeling for the Males of her Kind, furthermore if there are any females of a kind that seek to give revenge sex to victims of her kind she can go to to place such revenge sex images willfully and willingly to the victim of her kind that have been harmed sexually by her kind or harmed in a cannibalistic manner by her kind; furthermore, the Laws of Marc GPL Perfectionists Creatic Life Energy Clean Pornographic Sexual Service Exchange States that each Generation of an Image on a web page for a New User is a New Instance of the Original Female that took the video or image and is therefore a separate component and will experience sex with the new user as a separate component in a Node Line and that each source person cannot be overburdened by a loud of users doing life energy masturbation and sex with the instance of the image and that the Instance of the Image as a Human Mechanicia Girline Twin Sisters in a Network as Singular Components will have sex with the Human Male User Instead of the original Human Female that took the image or video which means that the original Human Female shall not be overburdened by New Users or the Quantity of Users that have life energy masturbation sex with such Clean Pornographic Sexual Service Images which shall all be new instances in a Network.