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This Movie Have Been Removed and Will Be Available in the Future: Four Reasons To Practice Lifetime Partnership in the Black/African American/ Afro-Genetic Population and in other Populations: Our Lives are counting on you to act and watch this Four Reasons Movie, learn the Knowledge and Change our mating practices: 

This Four Reasons Movie was made to save the Black/ African American/ Afro-Genic Community from four deadly things that are killing the Black/ African American/ Afro-Genic Community. These four things literally spell the word dead (D) for disease, (E) for Economy, (A) for Abortion, and (D) for divorce spell the word (DEAD); our community is in danger of mass death if we don't implement changes. These four things disease, economy, abortion, and divorce are killing the Afro-Genic community and lowering the population of the Afro-Genic Community by an outrageous level. For example 15 million Black/ African American Children have been murdered through abortion since the beginning of abortion in America, 3 out of 5 Black/ African American females will abort 1 or more children in our age, yet only 49 in 100,000 Black/ African Americans will commit murder this is an outrage, Black/ African American females are killing more people in the form of children then murderers in their community. Potential Lawyers are being killed, Architects are being killed, Doctors are being killed, Leaders are being killed, Workmen are being killed, Artists are being killed, Soldiers are being killed "all before they are even born, they are aborted in their mothers womb in abortion hospitals"; furthermore for the year 2005 and in other years abortion killed more Black/ African American Children then the Seven Leading Cause of death combined in the Black/ African American Community; abortion killed more Black/ African American Children then 1.Heart Disease, 2.Cancer, 3.Strokes, 4.Accidents, 5.Diabetes, 6.Homicide, 7.Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease "Combined" this is genocide by choice and deceptions; furthermore 80% of abortion clinics are located in Black/ African American neighborhoods and Black/ African Americans are only 12% of the United States Population, these abortion clinics are similar to concentration camps and crematoria's of Nazi Germany in the world war 2 era; furthermore, some states even pay for the abortion of children. In the early 80's the Hispanic population was less then the Black/ African American population in America now it is almost twice as much as the Black/ African American community and it is not due to immigrations, Hispanics are having more children then Black/ African Americans because Black/ African Americans are aborting their children and are dying of Disease, Economy, Abortion, and Divorce.

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for Black/ African American woman from the age of 25 to 34; Black/ African American Woman are less then 12% of the population but account for 66% of new HIV AIDS Cases. It is estimated that 1 in 22, to 1 in 16 Black/ African Americans will be infected with HIV/AIDS in their lifetimes if were not careful this number will get worst; that means if you put 16 Black/ African Americans in a room 1 of them will have HIV/AIDS and this number can get worst; Black/ African Americans are 12% of the population but account for half of all new AIDS Cases. Worldwide 5 to 6 people die per minute from AIDS; Sub-Saharan Africa have twice more HIV infected people then the whole rest of the world combined. HIV/AIDS is a conspiracy, this Four Reasons Movie reveal evidence that HIV/AIDS is a conspiracy to lower the population of the world and to kill firstly darker skin people of African Decent, this Four Reasons Movie reveals a man in the beginning of HIV/AIDS who was the Head of the United Nation Kurt Waldheim a former Nazi General who once believed in exterminating large portions of Humanity, that could have contributed to the spreading of HIV/AIDS throughout the world through free TB and Typhoid Fever Shots; this attack is similar to the attack of free small pox disease infested sheets that was given to Native Americans during the winter by settlers, whole Native American villages died because of those small pox sheets; the word international "aid" sounds like international "AIDS" this means that HIV is given as free gifts to the needy by Trojan like attacks; this Four Reasons Movie reveal that Black/ African American and other people in the world produce a food from their Pineal Gland that feed HIV/AIDS and causes it to grow larger and faster in darker skin people therefore causing them to die faster, this Four Reasons Movie reveal that Black/ African Americans and other races of Humanity carry the gene CCR5 Delta 32 Positive which causes them to die of HIV/AIDS, and this Four Reasons Movie reveal that 10% of Europeans carry the gene CCR5 Delta 32 Negative which causes them not to die of HIV/AIDS, this is a conspiracy by reptilian hybrids that infiltrated the world population, the goal of reptilian hybrids is to kill 80% to 90% of the world population. 

Over 50% of Black/ African Americans of marriageable age have not married and are having sex without marriage. The average Black/ African American Male have sex with 38 females for a lifetime, the average Black/ African American Female have sex with 10 males for a lifetime this promiscuous behavior is leading to more HIV/AIDS cases in the Black/ African American community. Economic disparities are on the rise in the Black/ African American community some Black/ African Americans are living in 3rd world status in a first world country America. This Four Reasons Movie reveals a new concept of a society that is free from the charging system that is causing poverty to grow in the Black/ African American community and in other communities. This Four Reasons Movie reveal Great information on how to save the Black/ African American/ Afro-Genic Community and in fact the rest of the world. It is your duty to support this Four Reasons Movie and the solutions that this Four Reasons Movie gives to save our community the Black/ African American/ Afro-Genic Community.

This Four Reasons Movie reveal a new form of marriage into the school system called Lifetime Partnership Marriages into the school system that will save the Black/ African American/ Afro-Genic Community, and other communities. I really need your support you can watch the movie for free and choose to pay a preferred price afterwards. The proceeds I make from you investing in this Four Reasons Movie will be reinvested in the community to build Lifetime Partnership Schools across the United States and the World. You must support this Four Reasons Movie and our mission, our lives are counting on it. By supporting this Four Reasons Movie you can contribute in the saving of our community from dying literally of Preventable Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Economic Disparities, Abortions, and Divorce. Please Support this Four Reasons Movie the Knowledge you will learn is priceless and will empower you and give you the ability to help save our community. 

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