11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1096 

Entanglements, Taparaiote Struggles, Vengeance 
Tribunals, Prison Sentences and Rehabilitation that 
apply for Level (5) ( "sincrime" ) Shall Be Applied By 
Judgment or Self-Defense if Qualified. ) 

335-(10).Level(6)( "sincrime" ): 

6-1.Children born with abnormal sexual organs such 
as baby girls with male penises, young boys with 
vaginas or breast, women with beards, are a level 6 
birth ( "sincrime" ) and it is mandatory by Law to 
properly remove the abnormal sexual organ by 
force without torture and without the consent of 
parents or society; wither the person born with the 
abnormal sexual organ is a child or an adult the 
abnormal sexual organ must be removed by 
surgical means or rearrangement by force without 
any consent of the person, nor the parents of the 
person, nor the society. Women with extremely 
small breast cannot be charged with a ( "sincrime" ) 
nor are they allowed to have surgical implants, but 
when rearrangement knowledge, ability, and power 
is available their breast shall be rearanged to the 
appropriate size without surgery; and also fatty 
tissue in the breast and body of men and women 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1097 

because of overweight problem is not a ( "sincrime" 
) they can remove such fatty tissue with exercise, 
diet, or rearrangement. 

6-2.Sexual Bondage: Bondage is when a person tie 
up a sexual partner with torturous tools, ropes, and 
paraphernalia, and whip them, or Mid Size-torture 
them while at the same time having perverted sex 
with them to achieve some kind of a perverted, 
immoral, painful sexual gratification. 

6-3.Troubled Sexual Modality Propaganda: No one 
is to make any propaganda advertising the approval 
of any sexual modality which is written to be a 
trouble in this book this includes trouble sexual 
modality 5 to 17 which are are Sexual Modality 5 
Are Greysexuals, Sexual Modality 6 Bi-Sexuals, 
Sexual Modality 7 Agalmatophilia, Sexual Modality 8 
A Living Human Head Without a Body Entity, Sexual 
Modality 9. homosexuality, Sexual Modality 10. 
objectum sexuals, Sexual Modality, 11 Pedophilia, 
sexual Modality 12 Necrophilia, Sexual Modality 13. 
In-compatible Cross Humanoid Beast Mode Shape 
Heterosexual Breeding, Sexual Modality 14. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1098 

Beastiality, Sexual Modality 15. Necrophilia-
Cannibalism or Munging, Sexual Modality 16. pansexuals 
and eco-sexuals, Sexual Modality 17. illegal 
hell monger torturer sexual pervert; 

6-4.Child Pornography; 

6-5.Sexual Molestation; 

6-6.Forcing (nopemsec) on someone, by doing 
illegal sexual acts that cause (nopemsec) and 
forcing a victim to watch the act against their own 
freewill or giving them the (nopemsec) agitations, 
emotions, and feelings by force against their own 
freewill; and also forcing sperm or vaginal fluids out 
of someone against their own loosuncapturety will: 
(nopemsec) is outrageous, frightening, sexually toxic 
and radioactive, uncomfortable, extremely evil 
malicious, agitating and negative trembling, or 
negative vibration, negative nasty feeling “negative 
ominous perversion evil malicious mood shift 
excitement causing” (nopemsec), and (nopemsec) is 
an abomination attack; and immoral sexual 

( "sincrime" ) such as beastiality, or a grown adult 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1099 

having sex with a little child, or any sexual 
( "sincrime" ) that is too negatively obscene, 
negatively offensive, negatively nasty, or agitatingly 
evil malicious for the public to see and bare witness 
to, and that give the public wicked hedonistic 
negative excitement or and fright that is caused by 
wicked toxic contaminating perversion such as a 
dog, or beast, or animal copulating with a human 
female or male; another way to say (nopemsec) is 

6-7.Adults Having Sex with little Children/ Child 
Sexual Abuse; 

6-8.Sex Change Surgery; In the case of those who 
have Sex Chang Surgery both the doctor and the 
patient shall receive 20 to 30 years imprisonment 
and the implants shall be removed by force in a 
humane manner. 

6-9.Those who practice trouble sexual modalities 
found in chapter (6-21-3-18-8-10) such as: Sexual 
Modality 5 Are Greysexuals, Sexual Modality 6 Bi-
Sexuals, Sexual Modality 7 Agalmatophilia, Sexual 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1100 

Modality 8 A Living Human Head Without a Body 
Entity, Sexual Modality 9. homosexuality, Sexual 
Modality 10. objectum sexuals, Sexual Modality, 11 


6-11.Sexual Modality 12 Necrophilia, Sexual 
Modality 13. In-compatible Cross Humanoid Beast 
Mode Shape Heterosexual Breeding, Sexual 
Modality 14. Beastiality, Sexual Modality 15. 
Necrophilia-Cannibalism or Munging, Sexual 
Modality 16. pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals. 
“instructional note those who practice 2 of the 

worst case scenario of sexual evil malicious behavior 
which is sexual modality 15 & 16.; 15. necrophiliacannibalism 
munging, and 16. pan-sexuals and ecosexuals 
can be given the death penalty if they are 
practicing murder, combined with rape, combined 
with cannibalism, combine with defecation of a 
Human corps.” “note on pan-sexuals and ecosexuals” 
pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals are omnisexual 
perverts there is not an indecent sexual thing 
they won't practice. pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals are 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1101 

among the most perverted people that shall ever 
Existence in existence when they are Human they 
are among the dumbest people on earth, no matter 
how intelligent they are in the sciences and the arts 
they cannot make a logical decision to Existence a 
clean sexual life, they will copulate with just about 
anything and anyone, they are far worst then 
"traditional fatal prostitute"s, could ever be when 
traditional fatal prostitutes have sex with men only, 
such a person as pan-sexuals or eco-sexuals can be 
given the death penalty if the person is not 
rehabilitable. All pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals must 
be placed under arrest when found. They must be 
given rehabilitation to see if their mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) can be modified to 
prefer non abominable sexual conduct, if they 
cannot be rehabilitated then they are to be given 
the death penalty. No pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals 
is allowed to distribute any form of propaganda to 
promote pan-sexuals and eco-sexualsism any form 
of propaganda from a pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals 
the pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals must be placed 
under arrest immediately and all such propaganda 
must be destroyed, or saved as evidence; and also 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1102 

any person that promotes propaganda that 
promotes and support evil malicious sexual 
modality 5 to 17 as a legality is arrest-able; Not to 
forget to mention that pan-sexuals and eco-sexuals 
and necrophilia-cannibalism or munging criminals 
that are rehabilitated should only be Procreation 
Espoused to another rehabilitated pan-sexuals and 
eco-sexuals. The worst case scenario of sexual 
indecency and ( "sincrime" ) are Sexual Modality 17. 
illegal hell monger torturer sexual pervert is a level 
10 ( "sincrime" ) and shall be dealt with according 
to level 10 ( "sincrime" ) punishments and 

6-12.homosexuality; In the case of those who 
commit the ( "sincrime" ) of homosexuality and 
those who commit the ( "sincrime" ) of beastiality; 
offenders who commit homosexuality and 
beastiality that can prove to authorities that they 
are under an invisible or visible abomination attack 
by proving that an external or internal being, thing, 
spirit, or spiritual beings, force, or proxy is causing 
them to be homosexual or beastiality against their 
own loosuncapturety will through force, or through 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1103 

manipulation shall receive non-incarcerated 
rehabilitation, cleanup, reprogramming, and 
counseling until they are clean and loosuncapturety 
of the abomination attacker or the abomination 
attacker is terminated or imprisoned, if the offender 
who is a proxy or victim of manipulation is a threat 
to the general public or to themselves they shall be 
rehabilitated in a secure location; offenders who are 
mortal who willfully, appreciatively, or ill-will-fully 
commit homosexuality and beastiality shall receive 
20-30 years imprisonment. homosexuals and 
beastiality offenders who declare war against 
authorities when authorities come to place them 
under arrest, or organize protest in a combative 
manner against against-homosexual and beastiality 
Law shall be shot to death or terminated by the 
Law in self defense from death by homosexuals and 
beastiality combatants if homosexuals and 
beastiality offenders and combatants become a 
death threat against authority figures and against 
citizens of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Nations and Worlds. If beastiality practitioners, 
homosexuals, bisexuals, or any trouble sexual 
modalities found in chapter (6-21-3-18-8-10) from 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1104 

trouble sexual modalities number 5 to 17 cause the 
life of the race of Humanity or society to become 
endangered such a person or persons can be 
sentenced to death as an individual or group. When 
a homosexual race is found that is not a Human 
race, but an all homosexual race, Humanity shall 
quarantine the all homosexual race and limit 
communication with them; and put a boundary 
between the all homosexual race and Humanity, 
Humanity shall not attempt to give females to the 
race if it is all male and shall not attempt to give 
males to the race if it is all female, but shall 
quarantine the all homosexual race and put a 
boundary between the all homosexual race to 
protect the Human race from an all homosexual 
race. If the all homosexual race shall become 
homosexual combatants against Humanity and 
declare war against Humanity, Humanity shall take 
action to protect Humanity by declaring war against 
the all homosexual race in self-defense of Humanity 
against genocide and violations from an all 
homosexual race that is at war against Humanity 
and heterosexuals and shall terminate them. If 
Heterosexual Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1105 

Humanity shall find an all beastiality race of Human 
forms copulating with beast in a country, or world, 
or galaxy, or dimension, or Universe; if it is proven 
that the whole people copulate with beast as 
Human forms wither they are Re-arrangeable or not 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics have the right to 
terminate the whole beastiality practicing Human 
forms as a people and all the beast they lay with 
and the world they Existence in. “note, eating and 
processing animals as a food is not beastiality only 
having sex with animals as a Human form is 
beastiality.” Any quarantined planet that is 
quarantined because the whole population practices 
level 6 ( "sincrime" ) infractions that are sexually 
immoral if not challenged, the whole doomed 
abominable people of the planet shall quietly 
without any warning or torture be turned into 
dormant enstonement statues until the whole 

planet is discontinued, but if there is a power 
structure to challenge the enstonement then a war 
shall take place killing the power structure if any 
fatality is incurred on our part we shall taser the 
whole population of doomed abominations 3 times 
taser strength then turn them into dormant 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1106 

enstonement statues then quarantine the planet 
until we discontinue the planet; note, anytime 95% 
of a population practices something it can be 
considered that the whole population practices it. 

Sentencingfor Level6Offenses: Beings that 
commit level 6 offenses if found guilty shall receive 
20 to 30 years of incarcerated counseling and shall 
only be released after it is proven that they are 
rehabilitated from committing the same offense. 
“instructional note those who practice 2 of the 

worst case scenario of sexual evil malicious behavior 
which is sexual modality 15 & 16.; 15. necrophiliacannibalism 
munging, and 16. pan-sexuals and ecosexuals 
can be given the death penalty if they are 
practicing murder, combined with rape, combined 
with cannibalism, combine with defecation of a 
Human corps.”; In the case of (nopemsec) which is 
an outrageous, frightening, sexually toxic and 
radioactive, uncomfortable, extremely evil malicious, 
agitating and negative trembling, or negative 
vibration, negative nasty feeling “negative ominous 
perversion evil malicious mood shift excitement 
causing” (nopemsec), and (nopemsec) is an 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1107 

abomination attack; and immoral sexual ( "sincrime" 
) such as beastiality, or a grown adult having sex 
with a little child, or any sexual ( "sincrime" ) that is 
too negatively obscene, negatively offensive, 
negatively nasty, or agitatingly evil malicious for the 
public to see and bare witness to, and that give the 
public wicked hedonistic negative excitement or and 
fright that is caused by wicked toxic contaminating 
perversion such as a dog, or beast, or animal 
copulating with a human female or male; another 
way to say (nopemsec) is (nopemsickness); only 
selected members of Leadership, selected members 
of Valid Employment, and selected members of the 
Police Force shall be allowed to bare witness to 

such negative, sexually explicit ( "sincrime" ) to 
cause arrest, or rehabilitation of offenders, because 
the General Public should not be enticed negatively 
in an immoral nor sexually enticed in an illegal 
hedonistic sexual dirty perverted manner to see 
such immoral sexual acts.; Minors below the age of 
21 years old who commit a level 6 ( "sincrime" ) 
shall receive rehabilitation at a Juvenile Incarceration 
Institution for 15 years, if the minor become an 
adult during sentencing the minor shall be moved 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1108 

to an adult incarceration institution. ( All Applicable 
Mind Box Punishments, Mind Box Scripts, Mind Box 
Reversals, Mind Box Entanglements, Taparaiote 
Struggles, Vengeance Tribunals, Prison Sentences 
and Rehabilitation that apply for Level (6) 

( "sincrime" ) Shall Be Applied By Judgment or Self-
Defense if Qualified. ) 

336-(11).Level(7)( "sincrime" ): 

7-1.Slavery in the form of mental slavery, sexual 
slavery, and physical slavery. 

Sentencingfor Level7Offenses: Beings that 
commit level 7 offenses if found guilty shall receive 
30 to 40 years of incarcerated counseling and shall 
only be released after it is proven that they are 
rehabilitated from committing the same offense. 
Minors below the age of 21 years old who commit 
a level 7 ( "sincrime" ) shall receive rehabilitation at 
a Juvenile Incarceration Institution for 20 years, if 
the minor become an adult during sentencing the 
minor shall be moved to an adult incarceration 
institution. ( All Applicable Mind Box Punishments, 
Mind Box Scripts, Mind Box Reversals, Mind Box 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1109 

Entanglements, Taparaiote Struggles, Vengeance 
Tribunals, Prison Sentences and Rehabilitation that 
apply for Level (7) ( "sincrime" ) Shall Be Applied By 
Judgment or Self-Defense if Qualified. ) 

337-(12).Level(8)( "sincrime" ): 

8-1.The practice of “Temptation into actual 
entrapment fatal state of being”: “Instructional Note, 
the Practice of “Temptation into actual entrapment 
fatal state of being” is the practice of testing, 
couching, convincing, deceiving, brainwashing, 
tempting, leading, suggesting, running through an 
obstacle course, giving evil malicious choices, doing 
a sting operation that lead to the actual harmful 

( "sincrime" ) being committed and acted upon, and 
changing faith of human nature by any being in 
existences to cause an actual negative harmful 
change in behavior, a negative harmful state of 
mind and state of being that is dooming in nature, 
catastrophic, extremely worst then before, causing 
the Human to become criminal like, causing the 
Human to become an actual ( sincriminal ), causing 
the Human to become an actual faulty, defective, or 
actual wrong doer, causing the Human to become 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1110 

an actual immoral person is illegal and a 
( "sincrime" ) against Humanity; because without 
such manipulation that lead to the actual practicing 
of corruption by the Human individual or group, 
such a Human individual or group have or high 
chance that no such actual practicing corruption of 
the Human individual or group would have 
occurred this actual chance of aversion of actual 
practicing of corruption by the Human individual or 
group have a chance that it could have been 
averted even forever therefore such practicing of 
“Temptation into actual entrapment fatal state of 
being” is Highly illegal and a ( "sincrime" ) against 
Humanity. The practice of “Temptation into actual 
entrapment fatal state of being” is often used by 
those that want to ruin others Existence, but mask 
their intention as a test of faith which actually lead 
to the actual damnation and condemnation of the 
target individual or group. The practice of 
“Temptation into actual entrapment fatal state of 
being” can be seen as a state of illegal hell and 
torture that is put upon an individual or group and 
is Highly illegal.”, If the ( "sincrime" ) of “Temptation 
into actual entrapment fatal state of being” lead to 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1111 

the (death) and, (or) the eternal illegal hell of the 
individual the causer of the ( "sincrime" ) can be 
given the Higher applicable punishment that is 
Higher then a Level 8 ( "sincrime" ) Punishment, a 
Level (9) ( "sincrime" ) Punishment, or Level (10) 

( "sincrime" ) Punishment.” “Instructional note, 
Academic test to excel to the next school grade, or 
to obtain an academic degree, or to obtain 
employment positions, or to obtain a re-certification 
of privileges, degrees, or employment are perfectly 
legal, and are not classified as the ( "sincrime" ) of 
“Temptation into actual entrapment fatal state of 

8-2.Reincarnation; Those who cause humans to 
reincarnate into lower forms such as animals, plants, 
beast, demons, pretas, things, food, or similar lower 
things; or those who repeatedly reincarnate humans 
when they could have lived forever, but give them 
seasonal life as a human being by punishing them 
or deceiving them into living a reincarnation of 
seasonal life; those who also reincarnate, or those 
who reincarnate as an animal, animal head, beast, 
demon, or animal transformer, or similar to such 

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