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Why A Middle Brown Women Should Not Date or Get Married to Extremely Light Whiter Skin Males or Extremely Darker Blacker Skin Males: This Paper Permit Multi Racial Relationships Only Through Legal Revenge Sex Practices Based on Trespass Payments of Sexual Unions For Trespass Against the Women of Another Kind between Human Males and Human Females.

am a Middle Brown Male; this means that my color is in between the light skin peoples and the dark skin peoples which means it falls in the middle ground. I noticed that Middle Brown Females have been dating and marrying and prostituting themselves not only to Middle Brown Males, but also to lighter skin males of any nationality and darker skin males of any nationality; this is a great error and a deadly mistakes; I see the news all the time a white male or a darker skin male have killed a Middle Brown Women; this happens all the time around this deathsite earth. This world is a deathsite because 3 humans die per second that's how many Humans die per second out of the many reasons Humans die because spirits kill them all day long from all kinds of reasons; spirits are like hunters of Humans hiding in cloaking devices. Spirits come in many different form of creatures and races and they all have the capacity to hunt humans and eat them; spirits are some of the most racists people that have ever existed and they are some of the most racists people to ever live in existences. If someone were to mate with the wrong race because Humans as spirits don't exactly get along with each other in fact Humans in the spiritual world even eat each other as a food as separate races that hate each other in a racists manner; that is one of the reasons why its so dangerous for a Middle Brown Women to marry into another race or color because when a spirit of another color is angry at a middle brown person or even a darker or lighter skin person they retaliate seeking persons of that kind to kill and if a person is in multi-racial relationship spirits inside the race that is their own will sometimes cause the person who is their own race to attack and kill the opposition race that they hate; for example if a lighter skin male in spirit is angry at darker skin people and one of their kind a white male is in a relationship whit an Afro-Genetic Women no matter what color that women is, if white spirits seek vengeance in a racists manner against a Afro-Genetic People no matter what color the Afro-Genetic Person is that is in the relationship with the white guy the white spirits will tell the white person especially if he is a white male to insult, injure, or even kill the Afro-Genetic Person that is in a sexual relationship with the white person; and a Middle Brown Female is Right in the Middle as a Color, but is darker then a White Male and is Also an Afro-Genetic Person that means that the white male have a Middle Skin Brown Person and an Afro-Genetic Person to take revenge on right inside of the privacy of his house own house and he may insult, abuse, or even kill the Middle Brown Women without anybody seeing what he have done behind closed doors to a Member of Our Kind that is why it is dangerous for Middle Brown Women especially to enter into sexual relationships with white males and foreign males; vise verso if a white or lighter skin or Middle Brown Skin Colored persons and darker blacker entities or darker blacker afro-genetic males are at war against each other in the spirit world and darker blacker afro-genetic males is in a relationship with a Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Women, if darker blacker spirits seek revenge they may cause a darker blacker skin afro-genetic or indian human male to retaliate against a lighter or Middle Brown Skin Afro Genetic Person in revenge; if the Middle Brown Afro-Genetic women is in the privacy of the darker blacker skin male he is not under observation and a darker blacker skin entity or human may counsel him to insult, harm, or murder the Middle Brown Women that is in an illegal inter racial or inter color marriage with the darker blacker indian or afro-genetic male; and remember lighter and darker spiritual entities are not only human they are also all kinds of being and things and whenever a Human fight against them in the physical or spiritual realm they take revenge both in the spiritual and physical realm this mean whenever two humans are in a multi-racial or multi-colored relationship they are in great danger from manipulation of lighter and darker entities that are not even Human to kill each other in insults, abuse, and murders; therefore multi-racial relationships are illegal and must not be entered into; I advise Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Women to please date and marry only Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Men of Your Own Kind Only and Make Sure their Facial type matches with yours in compatibility.

I have bad news to give to Middle Brown Women in General there is an up-evil of lighter whiter and darker blacker spiritual males causing evil to occur to Middle Brown Women these lighter whiter and darker blacker males have been trying to prostitute and cause bestiality to occur to Middle Brown Women because they are jealous of middle brown women's beauty and future benefit that I Main Governmental Law Maker Powerful Leader Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis of the Private Government of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic have written in Programming Book for another Universe where only Middle Brown People of My Lineage Live Only as Heterosexual Males and Females; because lighter whiter and darker blacker males and females are jealous of Middle Brown Women in Particular they have been releasing prostitution and beastiality dog sex against middle brown women; they the lighter whiter and darker blacker males and females have been trying to rape, bestiality, and kill Middle Brown Women especially that look anything like my Middle Brown Perfect Heterosexual Pair anywhere they find her on this deathsite earth planet. If you are a Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Women beware of danger lighter wither and darker blacker men especially are not your friend they are trying to use you and have illegal sex with you if they could get their lighter wither or darker blacker hand or penis inside of a Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Female they feel as if they have achieved a great conquest of our kind because our kind under My Government was due to become Perfect Heterosexual Pairs that neither a lighter wither or darker blacker male or female could mate with. Therefore if you are a Middle Brown Female especially beware of all lighter wither or darker blacker males even if they are your family you grew up with from childhood.

I have another warning for Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Females beware of all things egyptian for they are a curse and evil against all Modern Middle Brown Peoples pharoah and egyptians have been trying to usurp the Authority of Modern Middle Brown Peoples they will say they are our kind as egyptians, but they are not, they are a mixture animal heads and humans cohabiting with each other do not let any egyptian art attract your attention or liking see egyptians even if they appear as middle brown like yourself as an abomination against as a Modern Middle Brown Person; do not buy any egyptian artifact or join any egyptian group or religion stay away from ancient egyptians they are an abomination against Modern Middle Brown Afro-Genetic Persons, ancient egyptians were stricken by animal heads that caused the bestiality and prostitution curse to fall upon their society they have a bunch of animal heads trialing and leading them do not fall into their traps do not be impressed by them at all trust my Modern and Future Perfect Government the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic instead do not trust any other Government More then my own the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic; I wish you the Marc Perfect Possibility in All Positive Things. 

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