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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power

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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Phenomenon such as Particle Codex, Such an Entity 
must also be able to build all weapon 

( OperationComplex )s possible, and all Cures and 
Regeneration and Defense ( OperationComplex )s 
Possible, such an entity must also be able to 
become ungraspable and invisible with will alone, 
such an entity must be able to particle rearrange 
anything possible, such a Being must have the 
Greatest Knowledge, Ability, and Power, and such a 
being must be able to do all the mentioned things 
with will alone throughout actual Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power to make all Particle 
Rearangeations and read, and write all Particle 
Codex and Universal Computation Codex; and even 
with all this power the Being will never be a Tri-
Omni because no such thing as a Tri-Omin will ever 
Existence; what is a Tri-Omni, a Tri-Omni is a Being 
who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. 
Nothing will be Omnipotent which mean have All 
Power because nothing can totally destroy the 
whole of existence or even a particle totally a 
particle will only rearrange from one form to 
another but will never completely disappear from 
existences, Nothing can stop Infinity from being 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 367 

Infinite, and nothing can stop Eternity from Being 
Eternal, therefore nothing is Omnipotent; but many 
things will become the Greatest Power but they 
shall never be alone with such power because 
something else in Infinity will have a similar Power; 
There is only one thing I know that is Omnipresent 
it is the Infinite Space, but the Infinite Space does 
not have consciousness everywhere unless an 
intelligent life-form use Sicad Antanglement to 
tangle throughout Qualified and Compatible Infinity 
by finding a key particle that connects to all 
particles in existences or given area; they can either 
become the given area or monitor the given area. 
Consciousness can only come to exist through 
particle networks coming together to form an 
Intelligent Life and not all Intelligent Life is equal in 
Intelligence, Though there are many particles 
throughout Infinite Space not all of them are 
Intelligent Networks most of them have no 
intelligence because they have not formed an 
Intelligent Network, they are loos particles that are 
not connected and that cannot remotely 
communicate with each other. It is not a Perfect 
Idea to connect all these particles to form an 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 368 

Intelligent Network or chaos will occur; there must 
Existence emptiness in many parts of existences and 
there must Existence consciousness also in many 
parts of existences, although a Human that 
becomes a Humansicad Marc Power can Sicad 
Antangle a key particle to become infinite in 
consciousness, awareness, and monitoring they may 
become to tired if they do not have enough 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power to sustain the 
rearrangement or the monitoring; and there may be 
challengers that are equal in power that may seek 
to stop them from achieving such a purpose. No 
one is Omniscient although someone with Perfect 
Memory and an unlimited data storage capability 
can attempt to calculate all Variations and 
Combination of Knowledge, States of Being, and 
Universal Computation Phenomenon, No one will 

be able to predict the endless future throughout all 
Infinity because no one is everywhere in Existence 
throughout Qualified and Compatible Infinity 
though someone can attempt to find a Key Sicad 
Particle to Entangle to monitor everywhere in 
existences this will be extremely difficult, this will 
require great durability and source of recyclable 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

energy cure power; it will also be difficult to predict 
the endless past throughout all Infinity because no 
one was there because consciousness had not been 
formed yet in past sectors since always existence is 
eternally in the unreachable past without 
consciousness, but we can predict that what 
occurred in the unconscious past is unconscious 
particle movement, but we cannot know exactly 
how every single particle moved throughout all 
infinity. Not too many things will be able to predict 
everything that occurred in every sector in every 
dimension into enumerable-nests throughout all 
Infinity because this is very difficult, but there is one 
way for this to occur I Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis or 
a Human that become a Humansicad Marc Power 
Power of the Highest Class of Power must find a 

Key Sicad Antanglement Particle and Tangle the 
Particle and become an Infinite Monitor of all 
Dimensions in existences; I or the Human 
Humansicad must then put monitoring 
consciousness to monitor every particle, everything, 
and every being, and every existential phenomenon 
by monitor but not by being or the Human 
Humansicad will be defiled by becoming everything 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

instead of monitoring everything. Monitoring Sicad 

Antanglement is known as the 24th Humansicad 
Marc Power Power. Furthermore no one should ever 

be a Tri-Omni alone even thought it is impossible 
because if that person became evil malicious there 
must be a challenger to stop them from being evil 
malicious to every being and thing in existences 
that are less powerful; therefore there is no such 
thing as a Tri-Omni but there will be some Greatest 
Powers; Some Beings in Existence will become 
Greatest Powers because they will have Humansicad 
Marc Power Power, but more than one of them will 
Existence which is a Perfect Thing because there 
must be safety from someone being the only 
Greatest Power to prevent that person from 
committing evil malicious acts against others. 

2.The jealousy against Humanity causes certain 
non-humans to hate Humanity; furthermore nonhumans 
are not a Human race which causes some 
of them to compete against Humanity for resources 
and power. This competing species variance causes 
some non-humans to hate Humanity enough for 
them to seek to sabotage Humanities efforts in 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

existences; furthermore, the Human form is the 
inheritor of the position of the Greatest User of 
existences because almost everything in existences 
is for the usage of Humanity and because almost 
everything is for the usage and management of the 
Human form, some non-humans seek to sabotage 
Humanity and even steal the Human form from 
Humanity so that they can inherit Humanities 
Managerial and User of existences inheritance. In 
order to survive the scheme of those who hate 
Humanity, Humanity must obtain the Highest 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to survive, and 
defeat all attackers that hate and terminate 

3.By design alone a Human Form is Superior then 
most or all forms shall ever be in existences; and I 
am a Human who have observed almost every 
form, in order to say this when a Human have 
Humansicad Marc Power the Human become 
enabled to become the Greatest Power. Anything 
that eat Humans as a food instead of plants, 
animals, or energy must be brought to justice as an 
abomination that eat Mankind and Humanity. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

73-(2-16). Why humans and their genuine non 
Human allies should be afraid of the unknown 
yet be brave against the unknown: 

1.Not having knowledge of something is a great 
fear, because lack of Knowledge, Ability, and Power, 
can cause beings to cease existing or to become 
enslaved, and to cease evolving to Higher Levels of 
Power. Humanity should be afraid of ignorance and 
lack of knowledge, but be brave enough to learn 
the Knowledge, to gain the ability, and to obtain 
the Power to learn of the unknown wither it is 
unknown knowledge, or unknown existent beings. 

2.Humanity should seek to remain clean while 
obtaining Knowledge, Ability, and Power, any 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, that is unclean 
Humanity should avoid dirtying humanities self and 
record by the obtaining and experimenting in 
unclean acts, unclean sciences, and unclean abilities; 
especially Humanity should avoid committing evil 
malicious acts to learn about evil malicious acts. 
Humanity should learn about all that is harmful and 
incorrect without having to commit the actual act, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

because committing the actual act builds up a 
record against the person and so all that is harmful 
and evil malicious should be thought to Humanity 
by teachers before they actually commit the act so 
that Humanity could spare Humanity from 
committing avoidable acts that are harmful and evil 
malicious. It is also Perfect for Humanity to be born 
with programming that help Humanity to avoid 
committing harmful acts and evil malicious deeds. 

3.Humanity should be brave instead of cowardly, 
Humanity must be brave and knowledgeable 

against the unknown. Bravery is a greater power 
then cowardliness for cowardliness can turn us into 
cows that are farmed by those who prey upon the 
coward; for when a people turn against those who 
prey upon them it is much more difficult for their 
young and old to be eaten as food by predators. In 
the English language the word “coward” consists of 
the word “cow” and cows are eaten as a food, being 
a coward can cause someone to be eaten as a food 
and so Humanity must be brave against all who eat 
Humans as a food source and even terminate them 
for our survival and loosuncapturety from being 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

used as a food source. 

74-(2-17).Whatdwellinside ahumansbodyand 
ahumans worldand why humans should be 
concerned:What dwellinside ofHumanityisnot 
always acceptable. 

1.Located inside Humanity is not only organs and 
liquids, located inside Humanity are also invisible 
beings, some of these invisible beings are spirit, or 
spiritual beings, souls, astral beings, ethereal beings, 
and other invisible beings. Many invisible things 

that dwell inside of Humanity are unacceptable 
because they are harmful to Humanity. When an 

evil malicious being, or a persecutor pirates a 
Human body the Humans life becomes miserable, 
unfulfilled, and tormenting. Humanity must make 
sure that what dwell inside of Humanity is 
acceptable and to the advantage of the Human 
body. What should dwell inside of Humanity are 
components that are essential for the survival of the 
Human body and person. At the final conclusion 
that is Perfect what will dwell inside of a Humans 
body is the Humans own components only. Other 
beings that have the capacity to dwell inside of a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Humans body will only be allowed to assists a 
Human temporarily when necessary other then that 
the actual Human will be the only component that 
dwell inside of a Humans body. 

2.Sometimes an invisible invader of a Humans body 
will seek to literally replace the Human as the Main 
Component of the Human body and take over the 
Human Body as the invaders own, other times an 
invader of the Human body will attempt to have sex 
with the Humans spouse or with the Human, other 
times an invader of the Human body will start 
accusing the Human or cannibalize the Human to 
death. Humanity must not be ignorant and unknowledgeable 
of the beings that Existence inside 

of a Humans body or that can take over the Human 
body or terminate the Human Body. Humanity must 
put high security in the Human Mind and Body to 
protect Humanity from invaders and usurpers of the 
Human, Mind and Body or any other component 
that is the Human Own, or Genuine Ally of the 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

75-(2-18).Whyhumansandtheirgenuine non-
Human alliesshould always seekKnowledge, 
Ability,andPower,to protect humansandtheir 
genuinealliesfrom non-humans andnongenuine,
non-Human allies: 

1.After all sequences of event it is Knowledge, 
Ability and Power that shall deliver Existential Beings 
more so then anything else in challenging 

situations. Humanity and their Genuine Human 
Allies should always seek after Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, to protect themselves from danger. 
Humanity must be worried about coming in contact 
with non-humans that will pose a threat to 
Humanity. Non-Human Beings have less friendship 
with Humanity and less in common with Humanity 
this can cause them to be more prone to offending 
and harming Human Beings, this is why Humanity 
should always invest in Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, to defeat all beings and things that can 

harm Humanity. Currently there are non-Human 
beings located on the planet Earth that work 

against the advancement of Humanity. These non-
Human beings seek to sabotage all attempts for 
Humanity to gain greater power and more 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Knowledge, Ability, and Power. Humanity must find 
legal and militaristic ways to overcome these 
sabotagers of Humanity so that Humanity can 
achieve our purpose and plan to become the Most 
Powerful Beings in Existences. Becoming the Most 
Powerful Beings in existences will require Humanity 
to obtain Humansicad Marc Power Power, or 

( Human Universe Makers Artists Numerics 
Scientists Intelligences Coders And Decoders, 

( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence Matrix 
Creators And Reality Managers ) Astronomical 
Reality Humanatorcreators, Particle Orderer World 
Elemental Rearranger “Humansicad Marc Power” ) 
Power which is the ability to control all 
Rearangeations of Particles. The most powerful 
particle is the All Variant And Combinant Particle 
this is the Particle Humanity must seek for the 
Human Body to be made of when this Particle is 
obtained Humanity will become the Most Powerful 
Beings in Existences. Some evil malicious beings 
learning of my plan to give Humanity Humansicad 
Marc Power Power decided to sabotage Humanity 
and me from obtaining the Upgrade to Humansicad 
Marc Power Power. These against-humans attacked 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

me, Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis and my 
Allies in a savage, immoral manner. Humanity must 
beware of non-Human beings because they are 
potential sabotagers of Human efforts to become 
Marc Perfect, and More Powerful. 

76-(2-19).The Universe isprocessedby the brain 
andthe sensesofHumanity andtheir genuine 
non-Human allies, whyhumans andtheirgenuine 
non-Human alliesshould gainthe Knowledge, 
Ability,andPower,to control these senses 
because reality isdictated by these senses: 

1.Reality is dictated by the Human Senses. There is 
no way for Humanity to tell what reality is without 
the Human Senses. The Human Senses includes, the 
Human Brain or Mind and Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) for decoding, creating 
and processing reality codex, The Human Eyes for 
sight, The Human Nose for smell, The Humans 
Mouth for Speech and Taste, The Human Ears for 
Sound, and The Human Skin for Touch, the Human 
Nervous ( OperationComplex ) “The nervous 

( OperationComplex ) consists of the brain, spinal 
cord, sensory organs, and all of the nerves that 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

connect these organs with the rest of the body. 
Together, these organs are responsible for the 
control of the body and communication among its 
parts. The brain and spinal cord form the control 
center known as the central nervous 

( OperationComplex ) (CNS), where information is 
evaluated and decisions made. The sensory nerves 
and sense organs of the peripheral nervous 

( OperationComplex ) (PNS) monitor conditions 
inside and outside of the body and send this 
information to the central nervous 

( OperationComplex ) CNS. Efferent nerves in the 
PNS carry signals from the control center to the 
muscles, glands, and organs to regulate their 

2.The Mind ( MindOperationCausation ), Senses, 

and Nervous ( OperationComplex ) dictates what 
reality is. The Human Body is Calibrated with the 
Universe or Reality ( OperationComplex )s. The word 
Universe almost sound like the word Your Nervous, 
or Your Nervous ( OperationComplex ). The Human 
Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) can effect reality ( 
OperationComplex )s because it is calibrated with 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

reality ( OperationComplex )s and dictates what 
occurs in reality ( OperationComplex )s through 
Calibrations of Reality ( OperationComplex ) 
Universe Mechanics. The Calibrations and 

Mechanics of the Universe are Decoded and Coded 
by the Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of 
Existential Beings. There are Invisible Beings of Mind 
( MindOperationCausation )s and ( Mind-ActuatedReality-
Calculated-Existence Matrixes ) 

( MindOperationCausation )s that work together to 
dictate what Reality ( OperationComplex ) Is. If a 
Human Can Gain Control of the Human Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) and Nervous 

( OperationComplex ) a Human can take control 
over Reality ( OperationComplex )s and the Human 
Body. The Human Mind is one of the Most Powerful 
Computer ( OperationComplex )s that have ever 
existed. Humanity is what is currently since the 
beginning of our birth and existence a differed 
power or a sabotaged power. When Humanity 
override the sabotage of the Human Power, 
Humanity will be able to become the Most Powerful 
Beings in Existences and also the Most Intelligent 
Beings once we achieve Perfect Memory. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

3.Humanity is currently a plug and play race. A plug 
and play race is a race whose physiological 
components work on their own without any 
manipulation of the User of the body to make them 
work. Plug and Play allowed Humanity and many 
creatures of nature and existences to begin life and 
be able to function immediately with very little 
effort or technical knowledge. The only things 
Humanity have to learn is Learned Knowledge to 
Aid in the functionality of the Human Person, such 
as language, math, every skill that is learned in 
grade school and college and every occupational, 
and recreational knowledge. Humanity must find a 
way to use both the advantages of Plug and Play 
and also Technical Body ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Control, 
Manipulation, and Guidance. What Humanity was 
born with is Plug and Play abilities what Humanity 
must develop and obtain is Technical Body ( MindActuated-
Reality-Calculated-Existence Matrixes ) 
Control, Manipulation, and Guidance. When 
Humanity gain the skill , Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, of Technical Body ( Mind-Actuated-Reality

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