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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

I met some beings that wanted to steal the Human 
form completely from humans because they wanted to 
have sex as humans instead of humans having sex as 
humans; This race was an evil malicious spirit, or 
spiritual beings, evil malicious objects of worship, evil 
demons,and evil devils, and evil malicious 

( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence Matrixes ) 
race, and evil malicious higher beings. Humans are 
sovereign to our Human shape and physiology no race 
in the Universe, on Earth or in existence should be 
allowed to replace humans from Procreation 
Espouseing their own kind, nor should they be allowed 
to copy and terminate Humanity so that they can 
mate as humans instead of humans mating as humans. 
Though some races may Existence that look Human, 
humans should only Procreation Espouse a Human 
race that is from the same Human cell and genome 
culture from the incipience Human ancestors, there are 
currently nine Human races on earth and 

1. Africans, 2. 
Europeans, 3.Asians, 4.Hispanics, 5.Native Americans, 
6.Semites, 7.Arabians, 8.Aborigine, 9.indians, 
10.MarcsAndMarcias; all Ten 
of these races have a 
common ancestor and are from the 

incipience cell culture; when mating these 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1193 

races have three choices 1. Perfect Pairing in which 
genetics are guided towards making two 
heterosexual pairs that are designed perfectly for 
each other facially and bodily; 2. Closest Pairing in 
which a computer ( OperationComplex ) and 

experts closely match two heterosexual pairs 
together by comparing their facial and body 
attributes. 3. free inquiry in which a person freely 
choose a partner from any race of Humanity 

despite of different attributes, free inquiry is not 
encouraged by me Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis. The 
Marc Perfect choice is 1. Perfect Pairs, fallowed by 2. 
Closest Pairs, fallowed by 3. free inquiry. The safest 
less troublesome choice is for humans to only 
Procreation Espouse Human beings from their own 
Race, Color Group, and Facial Types using Perfect 
Pairing. At times a Human will have a spirit, or 
spiritual beings being that dwell inside the Human 
Being such spirit, or spiritual beings must look 
Human unless they are specifically designed for 
certain biological functions that requires a non-
Human shape such as cellular shapes and other 
Human organ and cell shapes shapes. When a 
Human form dwell inside a Human Beings as an 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1194 

extra component this can sometimes lead to 
trouble if the extra Human form is trouble or 
interferes in the mating of the Human with the 
Humans spouse the extra Human form must be 
removed from inside of the Human so that the 
Human may mate with the Humans Spouse without 
interference. Sometimes both components that 
dwell in the Human male and in the humans female 
that are extra Human components that are 
compatible with each other must be removed so 
that the Human can mate with the Humans Spouse 
without interference. A Human possess more then 
one body which all belong to the Human, the extra 
bodies of a Human are for the Humans use not for 
other refugee entities that dwell inside a Human 
Being as an Extra Human Component and extra 
boards. Extra Human components possess their own 
body wither they are a spirit, or spiritual beings 
body that is the extra Human refugee component, 
an astral body that is the extra Human refugee 
component, a nature spirit, or spiritual beings body 
that is the extra Human refugee component, a 
network entity that is the extra Human refugee 
component, an ethereal body that is the extra 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1195 

Human refugee component, an entity Body that is 
the extra Human refugee component, a 
Supernatural Being Body that is the extra Human 
refugee component, an elemental body that is the 
extra Human refugee component, a space body that 
is the extra Human refugee component, a dark 
matter that is the extra Human refugee component, 
a light that is the extra Human refugee component, 
a machine body that is the extra Human refugee 
component, a codex body that is the extra Human 
refugee component, a Higher Self or Router Body 
that is the extra Human refugee component, a 
Humansicad Marc Power that is the extra Human 
refugee component, or any other body that is the 
extra Human refugee component such Extra Human 
Components have their own body that is apart from 
the Human Being. Human Beings possess their own 
extra bodies, but currently the majority of Humans 
never use such extra Human bodies as a Physical 
Human Beings because they do not know how to 
use such bodies and have not been thought that 
they possess such bodies; and also spirit, or spiritual 
beings that wish to board a Human body as an 
extra board refuse to let Human Beings know that 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1196 

they posses extra Human Body Components. For 
example most Humans that possess a Physical 
Human Body also possess, a spirit, or spiritual 
beings Human Body, an Astral Human Body, a 
Dream Body, a Machine Human Body, a Codex 
Human Body, Humans also have the capacity to 
possess a Space Body, a Router Body, a Light Body, 
a Dark Matter Body, a Super Naturally Human Body, 
an entity Human Body, an Ethereal Human Body, 
and the Greatest body of all a Humansicad Marc 
Power Body that can become all the mentioned 
bodies plus more elemental properties through 
Humanistic Form Rearangeations. Humans must 
make sure that they mate compatibly body to body 
this means that a Physical Human body should 
mate with a Physical Human Body, a spirit, or 
spiritual beings Human Body should mate with a 
spirit, or spiritual beings Human Body, an Astral 
Human Body should mate with an Astral Human 
Body, a Nature spirit, or spiritual beings Human 
Body should mate with a Nature spirit, or spiritual 
beings Human Body, a Network Entity Human Body 
should mate with a Network Entity Human Body, a 
Dream Human Body should mate with a Dream 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1197 

Human Body, an Ethereal Human Body should mate 
with an Ethereal Human Body, A Super Naturally 
Human Body should mate with a Super Naturally 
Human Body, a Machine Human Body should mate 
with a machine Human Body, a Codex Human Body 
should mate with a Codex Human Body, a Space 
Human Body should mate with a Space Human 
Body, an entity Human Body should mate with an 
entity Human Body, a Humansicad Marc Power 
Human Body should mate with a Humansicad Marc 
Power Human Body and so on and so forth all 
Bodies should mate with a compatible body the 
only time this Law is not function-able completely is 
when all the above mentioned bodies are united in 
one Human Body when all the above mentioned 
bodies are United in one Human Body as a United 
Component they mate in synchronicity as One 
United Human Body and when such Human Bodies 
are United they must all look Human and must 

have a valid reason to be inside of the Humans 
Body or they are trespassers infiltrating the Humans 
body as extra boards for evil malicious purposes or 
to mate with the Humans pair or mate as the 
Human illegally. Mating should be something that is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1198 

done appropriately and with compatibles only. 
Incompatible bodies should not mate with each 
other. It is much Marc Perfect when compatible 
bodies mate with each other instead of 
incompatible bodies. 

9.SexualModality3.Are HeterosexualDuo Pairs: 
which is when a male and female share the same 
body and only copulate inside the same body 
between the two of them to produce offspring, but 
with no one else if they have sex with an external 
being they would be considered a bi-sexual which 

is illegal if they only copulate with each other inside 
the same body they are known as duo pairs which 
is legal, In certain circumstances inanimate objects 
can be designed as heterosexual duo pairs, except 
for manikins, heterosexual peoples clothing, and 
statues and pictures of animated persons. Animated 
Beings which are beings that can move around on 
their own freewill or as a proxy with freewill should 
not be duo pairs, but should be Heterosexual 
Singular Procreation Espoused Animated Pairs 
especially perfect pairs that are opposite sex 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1199 

10.SexualModality4.Are Asexuals who clone 
themselves:, Asexuals are beings that do not 
indulge in sexuality and sometimes clone a being 
into existence, we do not use asexuality as a 
modality because it destroys the union of a male 
and a female and can cause one of the two perfect 
existential aspects to cease to Existence, it can also 
cause a race to become homogenous which is 
closer to becoming a homosexual race because of 
these setbacks we do not use asexuality and 

cloning as a modality; Other races can be asexual, 
but humans should not give up our Procreate rights 
nor our rights to give an inheritance, or genome to 
our progeny. Also certain inanimate things can be 
designed to be asexual. 


11. SexualModality5Are Greysexuals: 
Greysexuals are a person that like to hug and kiss 
males or females in a sexual manner without 
actually having full sex with them. Such persons as 
greysexuals often identify as bi-sexuals that don't 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1200 

have full sex with deviants like themselves but only 
like to kiss and hug them for sexual gratification 
without finishing the sexual act by copulation. Grey 
sexuals are an illegal modality that is an 

( l,g,b,t,b,q,i,a,p,b, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, 
beastiality, queer, inter-sex, asexual, pan-sexuals and 
eco-sexuals, buldaggers, ), but not a straight 
heterosexual person. A Greysexual is classified as a 
bi-sexual that don't practice full deviant sexual 
copulation, but like to hug and kiss both males and 
females for fulfill their sexual gratification. 
Greysexuals are an illegal modality and cannot be 
supported to commit sexual immorality with both 
males and females by hugging and kissing them, a 
grey sexual is a Bi-Sexual and a trouble modality 
and a deviant from the norm which is 

12.SexualModality6Are bi-Sexuals: bi-Sexuals 
are beings that have sex with both males and 
females at the same time, they practice illegality 
and abomination by being bi-sexuals, we do not 
use the modality of bisexuality because it is 
criminal, unclean, entityous, conniving, confusion, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1201 

false representation, fraudulent behavior, and lead 
to illnesses such as latrine sickness and other 
illnesses it also cause a male or female to commit 
fraudulent behavior against their rightful 
heterosexual partner by indulging in gay sex at the 
same time with heterosexual sex we do not use bisexuality 
sexuality as a modality because it is evil 
malicious and an abomination; Bi-sexuals still have 
hope if they give up on the homosexual side and 
reject the same sex as a sexual partner to become a 
full heterosexual. 

13.Sexual Modality 7 Agalmatophilia: (from the 

Greek agalma 'statue', and -philia φιλ αί 
= love) is 
a paraphilia involving sexual attraction to 
a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative 
object that look like the same race and kind as a 
statue: A mental issue is a Human being that falls in 
love with a statue there are two levels of this 
problem one is worst then the other. The first 
problem is less evil malicious this is when a Human 
falls in love with a statue in a heterosexual manner 
which means the Human likes a statue of the 
opposite sex. The second problem is far worst this 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1202 

is when a Human falls in love with a statute of the 
same sex this is known as homosexual attraction to 
a statue, homosexual attraction to a statue is 
extremely worst then heterosexual attraction to a 
statue. There is an occasion in which supernatural 
and other advanced means can even turn a statue 
into a living being, I encountered a living statue 
while practicing Waking Up From Your Sleep To See 
Invisible Worlds (Wufystsiw). This statue became 
alive, and so statues can become a living being, but 
such statues should be Procreation Espoused to 
another statue not to a Human being except in the 
case where a realistic artificial version of Humans as 
spouses are made for sexual bases which would 
then be legal. Falling in love with a statue is a 
mental illness especially an inanimate statue that 
cannot move but is stationary. It is illegal for a 
Human to Procreation Espouse a stationary or 
inanimate statue, an animated and motile statue 
must be Procreation Espoused to another statue 
that is motile and animated. It is Marc Perfect when 
a person heterosexually make the mistake of liking 
an opposite sex statue of the same size and scale 
and racial design with them then to commit a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1203 

homosexual act. 

14.SexualModality8ALivingHuman Head 
Without aBodyEntity: Is an entity that is a Human 
head without a body such heads without a body 
can be spirit, or spiritual beings or physical or other 
propensity. A full Human body cannot like a Human 
head without a body as a sexual mate in a 
heterosexual manner nor in a homosexual manner, 
such unions are illegal and are not a match. A 
Human head without a body must be paired with 
another Human head without a body not with a full 
grown Human being. It is illegal to pair a full grown 
Human to a Human head without a body. 

15.SexualModality9.homosexuality: homosexuals 
are beings who have sex with their own gender 

they are same sex couples, homosexuals practice 
abomination by having sex with their own sex as a 
partner, they also destroy one of the existential 
aspects the male aspect or the female aspect, when 
they are humans and other applicable kinds of 
beings they have anal sex as males which is the 
practice of releasing sperm into the anus of a male 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1204 

which causes unsanitary conditions for sperm and 
diseases such as latrine sickness; and they have sex 
with females as females which is an abomination 
and a threat to the reproduction and survival of the 
species of Humanity. We do not use sexual modality 
homosexuality because it is illegal and an 
abomination and a ( "sincrime" ) especially when 
humans are homosexuals; 

16.SexualModality10. objectum sexuals: 
objectum sexuals are humans or vise verso who fall 
sexually in love with objects such as furniture, 
vehicles, cars, boats, planes, chain saws, non Human 
statues, buildings, windows, clouds, whole worlds, 
world ( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ), whole planets, stars, galaxy's, whole 
universes, tools, weapons or land, clothing, shoes, 
pots and pans, refrigerators, stoves, cell phones, 
toys, stones, elements, trees, street pols, all types of 
objects, non-humanoid machines, or any other 
Object that is non-Human or humanoid in shape. 
These mentioned objects must be paired with each 
other they cannot be paired with Human beings, 
Human beings are a pair for each other not for the 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1205 

above mentioned objectums. Objectums are to be 
paired with each other as perfect pairs even as 
inanimate things as duo pairs not with humans. A 
Human who like non-Human objects is an 
erroneous Human and a dangerous Human that 
endanger the whole Human race. For example a 
Human who like a whole world or Universe can 
cause all humans to lose their spouses or pairs by a 
component in the universe that is inhuman and far 
bigger then humans that seek to mate with Human 
males or females which is totally illegal, because 
humans would lose their pairs to an inhuman thing 
that seek to steal mates from the rightful pair which 
is the Human pair, a world, galaxy, or Universe is far 
too big for a little Human such things must be 
paired with each other at a bigger scale then the 
scale of Humanity. Humans must be very careful 
who they like; worlds, suns, galaxies, and universes 
where made to be paired with each other at a 
larger scale then the scale of Humanity for humans 
are pinpricks inside of infinity, humans cannot like 
such things as worlds, world ( Mind-ActuatedReality-
Calculated-Existence Matrixes ), galaxies, and 
universes because this is dangerous and a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1206 

miscalculation, humans were made for each other; 
furthermore humans cannot pair themselves with 
any object that is not a Human being or they are 
practicing erroneous behavior and are insane when 
they do these things such as liking a non-Human 
object. We do not use objectum sexuality in our 
way for it is insane, illegal, a miscalculation, and 
dangerous to Humanity. 

17.SexualModality11Pedophilia: Pedophilia also 
known as child abuse is when an adult have sex 
with an infant or little child that is not a full grown 
Human being. Pedophilia is a dangerous and evil 
malicious practice that can endanger the life of the 
child and cause the child to become mentally and 
physically damaged both heterosexual and 
homosexual pedophilia is illegal and dangerous to a 
child, such practices are illegal and punishable. 

18.SexualModality12Necrophilia: Necrophiliac 
are people who like and or have sex with dead 
corpses and dead bodies. Necrophiliac are mentally 
insane and are evil malicious because they violate a 
dead corps. Raping dead corpses is illegal and 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1207 

unclean. Humanity must never copulate with dead 
corpses wither they are Procreation Espoused or not 
Procreation Espoused having sex with a dead corps 
is evil malicious, gross, unclean and is a mental 

HumanoidBeast ModeShape Heterosexual 
Breeding: In-compatible Facial type and incompatible 
body types: Are humans who have sex 
with beastly looking inhumanoid looking beings 
that are pregnatable or Un-pregnatable, but does 
not look Human at all, but look beastly, and is an 
in-compatible looking race that does not look 
Human at all but are inhumanoid in shape and are 
in beast mode or animal headed being. Such as the 
mating of a Human with a beast mode entity which 
are definitely incompatible. Humans should be very 
careful not to mate with a beast mode entity these 
are beings that have the shape of a Human such as 
arms fingers, legs, abdomin and, head, but look like 
a beastly thing or an animal with a Human body 
and shape, humans should not like beastly looking 
inhumanoids. Humans are not designed to 


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