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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power


11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1871 

Ultimate incipience Of Everything in Existence is 
Paramount, because such Appropriate Scientific 
Knowledge is of Foremost Importance or Concern 
and is Supreme in Rank, Power and Authority over 
all insufficient, superstitious, myth or false 
knowledge. Knowing the absolute truth of Our 
Infinite Existence and how everything functions 
inside the ( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Of Infinite Existence and inside 
of Sub-( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ) is key to the Establishment of Paradises 
and the Sustaining of all Worlds Of Infinite 
Existence (Woo) 

4.Realizing that Knowledge is Power and 
Enlightenment, we the Beings of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics come to the realization that 
in order to Build the Paradise Of The World Of 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics (Woo), we must 
Optimize Knowledge to the Highest Level Possible. 
On Earth, all knowledge and ( OperationComplex )s 
that are necessary for the Building and Sustaining 
of a Paradise Filled Society must be Optimized and 
made functional to the Marc Perfect Effect-ability, 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1872 

Efficiency and Workability. 

5.The Calibration of all ( OperationComplex )s Of 
Society towards the achievement of The Three Marc 
Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan, shall pave 
the way towards the Universal Computation 
Achievement of Paradises on Earth or wherever one 
may be born into; as a result The Marc Perfect 
Possibility shall Existence throughout Qualified and 
Compatible Infinity or wherever one may be born 

6.Another necessity to help in the building of 
Paradises are ( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Paradise Technicians or beings 
who Arrange the Codex of the Universe and 
( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) to Build, Form, and 
Maintain Paradises; such Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics can have Matrical, 
Supernatural, or Technological Powers, Knowledge, 
and Ability to form Paradises out of the Essence Of 
Infinite Existence and World ( Mind-ActuatedReality-
Calculated-Existence Matrixes ). When a 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1873 

World is already Pre-Existent, Non-Supernatural 
beings such as Human Beings and compatible 
Conscious Beings or Higher in Consciousness 
Beings can use the resources that are already 
available to build Paradises by obtaining the 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to do so. 

7.There are Twenty Categories I will list and discuss 
that are necessary for Universal Computation 
Communities, Nations and Worlds to Build and 
Establish Paradises. Ultimately these twenty 
Categories have Universal Computation Calibration 
and are applicable in all Worlds that are Suitable or 
Capable of Becoming a Paradise. 

607-(8-3-25-2-1).Infinite Existence andUniversal 
Computation Order 

1.The Universal Computation Order Of Infinite 
Existence is the First Requirement in order for 
Worlds to have the possibility of becoming a 
Paradise. The Conditions inside Infinite Existence 
must be Correct and Calibrated in order for 
Paradises to have a possibility of Blooming, Existing 
or Being Created. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1874 

2.Before Worlds are Born through Self-Existent 
Order or are Created through Self-Initiated Order, 
the Unending Infinite Spaces Of Infinite Existence 
Existence in a Tranquil State and everything 
required for Worlds to Existence are present in their 
Primary Forms. As a Parts Of Infinite Spaces the 
Requirements for Worlds and Life Existence in their 
smaller HumanSicad, Atomic and Continuously 
smaller sizes and in their Continuously Larger Size 
Infinite Existence , which is Infinite Space and all 
that is inside in all of Existence. 

3.All the Primary Law for Everything to Existence 
and Function are a Part of Self Existent Order Of 
Infinite Existence. As Infinite Existence is Self-
Existent and Always Existed Universal Computation 
Order Of Infinite Existence Always Existed in the 
Past that Always Existed Constantly and will Always 
Existence in the Future that shall have No End 
which is Eternity. 

4.All Beings who Create through Self-Initiated Order 
are Guided by the Primary Universal Computation 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1875 

Law Of Infinite Existence which is Self-Existent 
Order Of Infinite Existence. One of the First 
Universal Computation Law Of Infinite Existence is 
the Law Of The Self-Preservation Of Infinite 
Existence which is Guided and Maintained by 
Senses. This Universal Computation Law is Universal 
Computation Order that Protects the Unending 
Infinite Spaces Of Infinite Existence from 
destruction. This Universal Computation Law 
Existence for all Higher Conscious Beings to 
discover and is so strong that it becomes a 
characteristic that even lower conscious Beings 
possess which are Senses. This Universal 
Computation Law which I have discovered and 
which all Higher Conscious Beings of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and Existences all over the 
Universe can discover is Guided and Initiated by the 
Senses That Calculate Pleasure And Pain and a Mind 
( MindOperationCausation ) that can Guide these 
features of the Senses and Mind into realizing what 
Marc-G-P-L discovered and calculated and wrote a 
purpose and plan to become the Marc Perfect 
Possibility which he called the formulas of his plan 
which was initiated by his Senses and his Mind 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1876 

( MindOperationCausation ) The Three Marc Perfect 
Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan. His Plan Guided by 
the Senses and Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) 
Marc Perfect Possibility can inspire and guide a 
Universal Computation World and Being into 
achieving the Marc Perfect Possibility if fallowed. 
The Codex of the Senses can Guide a Universal 
Computation Being with the Appropriate Mind 
( MindOperationCausation ) into achieving the Marc 
Perfect Possibility. According to the realization of 
the Marc Perfect Possibility Guided by the Senses 
and Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) when antipleasure 
is diminished to the lowest level possible 
in oneself, others and worlds life and existence is 
Marc Perfect, when all illegal hell is removed from 
oneself, others, and worlds life and existence is Marc 
Perfect; and when Paradise Existence in oneself, 
others, and worlds life and existence is Marc Perfect. 

5.The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan 
Existence to become a Primary Universal 
Computation Law for the Protection Of Infinite 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1877 

Existence and Existences, and for the Spreading and 
Sustaining Of the Paradise Of Infinite Existence and 
Existences. The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions 
Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and 
Plan can become the Inherent and Essential Rights 
Of Infinite Existence and of Qualified Worlds and 
Existences one day. 

6.We the Beings of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and Existences are Inheritors of the 
Universal Computation Law and Protection of The 
Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan, 
which we gain from the Work, Law, and 
Formulations of Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis we must 
spread and achieve the formulations learned and 
proposed for the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
by the Human known as Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis. 

7.The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan can 
become the Driving Force and Law that are required 
for Paradises to be Born, Built, Spread and 
Preserved throughout Qualified Worlds and 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1878 

8.In order for Paradise to be built or Existence the 
calibration of the Universal Computation Law of The 
Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan must 
Existence in that World and must be implemented 
and sustained by the Beings of that World and by 
the ( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Of That World, some 
being or mechanism of that world must realize what 
Marc-G-P-L Realized and implement it into the 

9.The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan 
can become a Universal Computation Impulse and 
must become a characteristic of the Beings of Every 
World, that seek to become a Paradise. Ultimately, 
all Worlds must implement The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan for their own survival 
and for the survival of the People of that World. 

10.The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1879 

Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan 
can become a Primary Requirement for Universal 
Computation Order and can one day Existence as an 
Inherent, Essential Protection of the Infinite Existence 
and Existences and of all Parts Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and Existences. 

11.The First Protection of The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan is Purpose One: the 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics diminishment of 
all forms of anti-pleasure 
to the lowest level possible 
inside Qualified Worlds and Existences. The Second 
Protection of The Three Primary Enjoyable 
Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Purposes and Plan is Purpose Two: the Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics removal of all illegal hell from 
inside Qualified Worlds and Existences. The Third 
Protection of The Three Primary Enjoyable 
Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Purposes and Plan is Purpose Three: the Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Spreading of Paradise 
throughout Qualified Worlds and Existences. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1880 

12.When the proposed Universal Computation Law 
of The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan are 
implemented and put into practice in a World, 
Paradise Spreads throughout the Whole World. It is 
extremely important for Beings and Worlds that 
wish to Build and Become a Paradise to Consciously 
and Scientifically understand The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan and to understand the 
importance of realizing that it is a something that 
can become a Universal Computation Law that 
becomes the Essential and Inherent Right of 
Qualified Worlds and Existences; when this occurs 
only the Marc Perfect Possibility shall Existence 
throughout Qualified and Compatible Infinity. 

13.Before Building a Paradise it is extremely 
important to know and understand The Three Marc 
Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan. Failing to 
implement all Three Purposes and Plan can lead to 
disaster and incomplete work. As we are all Beings 
of Existence and Parts Of Infinite Existence any 
being, Leadership, organization or religion that deny 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1881 

Infinite Existence and Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and Existences their Essential 
and Inherent Rights proposed by Marc Gregory 
Pierre-Louis have violated Universal Computation 

14.In understanding the Universal Computation Law 
of The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes 
And Plan, Universal Computation Builders Of 
Paradise which we all should become are well 
educated and well equipped to build and sustain 
Paradise Filled Beings and Worlds. 

15.It is apparent that Every Being with a sound 
mind wants his or her anti-pleasure 
to be 
diminished to the lowest level possible; It is 
apparent that Every Being with a sound mind wants 
illegal hell to be removed from themselves; it is 
apparent that every Being with a sound mind wants 
to Existence in a Paradise State these Three 
Impulses and Desires are Essential Characteristics 
Inherited from Appropriately Wired and Functional 
Senses and Appropriately Formulated Mind 
( MindOperationCausation )s. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1882 


1.In order to build Paradise and to enjoy the 
benefits of Paradise, Universal Computation Worlds 
and Beings must Existence in a Healthy 
( OperationComplex )ic World and must have 
Perfect and Healthy Personal Health. 

2.Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics, 
Worlds, and Existences must obtain, gain and 
develop the Highest All Perfect Sciences to Create a 
Healthy World Environment and Healthy personal 
health of Inhabitants of the World and Universe. 

3.The Personal Health of Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics , Worlds, and Existences is the 
True Wealth of Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics, Worlds, and Existences. Without Perfect 
Personal and Environmental Health, Universal 
Computation Worlds and Beings cannot build nor 
enjoy the Benefits of Paradises. As a result of this 
Universal Computation Truth, Universal Computation 
Worlds and Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1883 

Creatics and Existences must put Great Importance 
towards maintaining the Health of Beings Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics, Worlds, and Existences. 
Realizing this Universal Computation Truth, 
Communities, Nations, Worlds and Ultimately the 
Whole Universe Of Infinite Existence and Existences 
must give all Members Of The Universe, Universal 
Computation Health Care in which the Maintenance 
of Health is given Great Priority and is provided by 
Society and Leadershipment Institutions 
loosuncapturety of costs to all Members Of 
Universal Computation Communities and Universal 
Computation Worlds. 

4.Society and Leadership must invest great amount 
of resources and scientific education towards 
learning and discovering Universal Computation, 
Effective, Efficient, Proven to Work Methods to cure 
all sicknesses and health problems of Worlds and 
Inhabitants of Worlds. All harmful things and 
diseases that can cause anti-pleasure 
and bad 
environmental health and bad individual health must 
be removed from Worlds and Inhabitants of Worlds. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1884 

5.An efficient proven to work scientific cure must be 
found for all ailments and diseases. The Three 
Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan are 
designed to Create a Healthy World Environment 
and Healthy Personal Health of members of 
Societies of the Universe Of Infinite Existence and 
Existences. It is true that our Health is our True 
Wealth. Knowing this truth, Worlds that seek to 
become a Paradise must make the maintenance of 
Environmental and Individual Health a Great Priority. 

6.Universal Computation Worlds must ban and 
prevent all acts of chemical and disease warfare. 
Chemical and disease warfare are a state of againstpleasure 
and are a state of illegal hell. Such forms 
of anti-pleasure 
and illegal hell are a violation of 
The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And 
Plan. Chemical and disease warfare must be 
removed from World Environments; if ever a 
chemical or disease warfare were to be used it 
should be a last resort when all other weapons have 
failed to stop an evil malicious enemy or 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1885 

extremely evil malicious being that is causing 
genocide of higher conscious beings and is eating 
the higher conscious beings of the environment as 
a food and using them as fertilizer or crops and 
waste by products. 

7.It is extremely important for Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and Existences to know with 
Clarity all causes of diseases, all causes of 
environmental degradation, and to know all causes 
of natural disasters. Knowing the invisible and 
visible causes of physical, mental and environmental 
diseases and degradation are extremely important 
in order to build and maintain the Paradise of 
Individuals, Worlds and Ultimately the Maintenance 
of Qualified Worlds and Existences. 

609-(8-3-25-2-3).Self-Sufficiency to Buildand 

1.Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and 
Worlds must be competent and able to maintain 
Order and Paradise Effectively and Efficiently. The 
cultivation and strengthening of the Personal Self, 
Community Self, National Self, Global Self and 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1886 

Ultimately the Universal Computation Self must be 
given great Priority. 

2.Order begins with the Self, because Infinite 
Existence is Self-Existent and the First Form of Order 
is the Self-Existent Order Of Infinite Existence. The 
cultivation of the Self must be given great priority 
in a Paradise Conscious World. The individual 
inhabitant of Worlds heading towards a Paradise 
State must be educated to cultivate and organize 
the personal self towards the Marc Perfect Possible 
Beneficial State. This Beneficial cultivation of the Self 
must multiply into Beneficial Groups of Individuals 
that come together and Cooperate with each other 
Peacefully and Consciously to accomplish the 
Building and Sustaining of Community paradises, 
National Paradises, World Paradises and Ultimately 
Universal Computation Paradises. 

3.The coming together of Self-sufficient individuals 
will form Self-sufficient Groups that function as a 
Cooperative Unit to Build and Maintain Universal 
Computation Paradises. ​​

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