​MAIN PAGE1-3-2. Perfectness is the way which an Owuwunow 
should travel by, not the way of evil maliciousness 
for evil maliciousness is the roadway towards the 
worst possibility in existences, evil maliciousness is 
the route towards the increasing of anti-pleasure 

and painfulness, evil maliciousness is the roadway 
towards the spreading of illegal hell, evil 
maliciousness is the roadway towards the 
destruction of paradises. evil maliciousness which is 
against-Perfectness is not suppose to be the way of 
Non-Object worshiper Owuwunows. evil 
maliciousness is not defined by color, but by acts 
and deeds and the formulation of ones mind 
( MindOperationCausation ) from education or from 

programming. The Solution for the Owuwunows is 
that Perfectness must be the way of Owuwunows 
not evil maliciousness which is dissatisfying, wicked, 
and injurious. 

24-(1-4).When you become anOwuwunow, 
worshipersinthe ground andskyfind out about 
it, andthey are nothappy to knowabout it: 

We are not alone in this world, Humanity is not 
alone in this world even though the Human world 
which we Existence in is a motionless world for our 
own Perfectness this world is motionless for if the 
spirits, or spiritual beings beings of this world could 
move this world and animate the beings of other 
dimensions and densities Humanity who are not 

supernatural beings currently would have died from 
the spirits, or spiritual beings beings of this world 
and those who dwell in invisible frequencies. Even 
food they would turn Humanity into; unfortunately, 
even now in this day that I write this truth (June, 27, 
2013) Common Era Humanity is being used as a 
food source by invisible and visible beings secretly 
they who eat Humanity and other beings, eat us 
without us even knowing about it. When you 
become an Owuwunow spirits, or spiritual beings 
beings especially who are addicted to worship find 
out about it from the spies they put inside of the 
body of the Human beings of this world and from 
the inter-connected networks of information that 
crawl in the matrix of the earth and believe me 
when you become an Owuwunow who does not 
worship the powers, gods, evil malicious minded 
beings, human deities, alien deities, matrix deities, 
universe deities, reptilian deities, idol deities, 
planetary and solar deities, elemental deities and 
even the animal spirit, or spiritual beings and 
animals of this world and matrix they find out about 
it and are not pleased to see an Owuwunow that 
does not worship among them who does not give 

them absolute power over the Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of Humanity through 
worship. A worshiper is a slave mind that give the 
object of worship total power over their mind 

( MindOperationCausation ), body, and soul. Before 
an object who is worshiped, a worshiper is nothing 
but a servant and slave and when a worshiper is 
fortunate enough to be born an Owuwunow who 
does not worship or Converted into a Owuwunow 
who does not worship, objects of worship become 
enraged with hate for the Owuwunow and if that 
Owuwunow is not protected by that Person's own 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, or by a Visible or 
Invisible Friend or Communities Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power, that Owuwunow sometimes might die 
from an invisible or visible attack from a worshiper 
or object of worship. Even the Non-Object 
worshipers kind or family who are worship slaves 
may or will attempt to harm the Owuwunow who 
does not worship for they are worship slaves and 
worship slaves have no mind to save that which is 
greater then them which is an Owuwunow Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatic, for an Owuwunow is a 
mind that can truly question what is Perfect or what 

is evil maliciousness for nothing have total power 
over the Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of an 
Owuwunow with the appropriate knowledge to 
calculate what is Perfect and what is evil 
maliciousness, even the Most Powerful Beings can 
be calculated by the Mind of a Owuwunow, but a 
worshiper will even bow down to a sewer 

( OperationComplex ) for I was asked to go down 
and worship a worldly god called evil oum and 
hindu gods down a sewer by oum, hindus, and their 
worshipers and I Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis refused 
to do it, because I have a Strong Owuwunow mind 
that does not worship anything; and even today 
some worshipers who are polytheist worship even 
dung as a god over them, while Non-Object 
worships are flushing such things down the sewer 
and as Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics are trying 
not to eat food at all and to obtain a Nourishment 
Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable Pleasure 
Food, Deathless, Energy Cure Body for that is what I 
offer Humanity as Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-
Louis a Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave 
Recyclable Pleasure Food Deathless Metamorphosis 
Body that we shall obtain one day through our 

Efforts To Obtain The Upgrade. 

25-(1-5). Don't Be Afraid of worshipers Protect 

worshipers can become very intimidating towards 
other worshipers and toward Owuwunow Non-
Object Worshipers that Do Not worship. Worshipers 
sometimes feel protected by the object that they 
worship and if the object that they worship is a real 
living supernatural being or being with powers and 
abilities to harm others the entity will covertly and 
obviously work for worshipers to terminate and 
harm people who are not their own worshipers, in 
fact most of the victims of an object of worship is 
actually those who worship the object of worship 
for the people who worship an object of worship 
are the people that objects of worship have 
jurisdiction over and so many worshipers are 
harmed, afflicted, terminated, or sent to illegal hell 
to be tortured by the object of worship who they 

1-5-1. Many times an object of worship who is real 
and have the power to harm invisible and visible 

beings will move in to protect a worshiper as a 
servant and attempt to harm or harm someone that 
is not the worshiper of the object of worship 
including rivaling worshipers and Owuwunows that 
do not worship. An Owuwunow must try personally 
and ( OperationComplex )atically to obtain 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, of that which is 
physical, and spirit, or spiritual beings Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, of that which is visible and 
invisible, of that which is ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) and Matrix Code 
and Non-Code, of that which operates Worlds and 
Universes; and so if an Owuwunow does not have 
any power an Owuwunow becomes vulnerable and 
it is through that vulnerability of the Owuwunow 
and the vulnerability the Owuwunow that does not 
worship Community that the Owuwunow and His or 
Her Community is challenged. 

1-5-2. Owuwunows that do not worship must use 
their own Law ( OperationComplex ) to protect 
themselves and must institutionalize rules and Law 
to protect the Owuwunows that do not worship 
community from that which is powerful and that 

which is powerless. An Owuwunow must not be or 
become afraid of worshipers though worshipers can 
be extremely dangerous and cruel for it is 
worshipers who torture victims among themselves 
and who are not of them for all eternity in fires of 
illegal hells and in never interrupting torturous 
illegal hell ( OperationComplex )s. The worst 
possibility of torment, torture, anti-pleasure 
been institutionalized by worshipers of many 
religious backgrounds and so we who are against 
these worst possibility institutions are the 
Owuwunows with compassion, empathy, mercy, and 
a Perfect Mind that sees that the confines of illegal 
hell could be less tormenting places of 
rehabilitation, containment, stasis and 
discontinuation of those who cannot be 
rehabilitated instead of eternal torture. As an 
Owuwunow you should never be afraid of 
worshipers, but at the same time you should seek 

to obtain Knowledge, Ability, and Power, to protect 
yourself from worshipers, because those who cannot 
protect themselves from worshipers become victims 
of worshipers and objects of worship when they 
cannot protect themselves from harm through 

Knowledge, Ability, and Power. 

26-(1-6). You may be approached to become a 
worship slave donot agree: 

Many worship institution are always seeking to 
increase their sizes and they use many means to do 
so such as conversions, and conquest. If they 

cannot convert in individual or society they then 
seek to conquer that individual or society. Many 
times the leadership of worshipers is not Human, 
but spirit, or spiritual beings who are beings that 
humans usually cannot see unless they die and their 
spirit, or spiritual beings body is transferred to the 
invisible spirit, or spiritual beings world in which 
they may then be able to see representatives of the 
object of worship; and so religions are as kingdoms 
and Leadments with a leadership and as far as 
Humanity is concerned many of the leadership of 
religious institutions are not Human at all 
sometimes humans are lucky and it is a former 
Human that becomes the object of worship, but 
many times that is not so; many times it is a non-
Human who is the object of worship and this 

causes Humanity to be led by a non-Human who is 

out of touch with Humanity and a foreign agent 
against Humanity this can be catastrophic if the 
object of worship is evil malicious instead of Perfect 
when this occurs Humanity is under the leadership 
and ruler-ship of an evil malicious being that is not 
even Human. This can cause Humanity to become 
inferior and less developed as a people, or even 
become the food of such beings or even the sex 
slaves of non-human things that are worshiped; for 
many things who are worshiped are evil malicious 
and undeserving of worship. 

1-6-1. As an Owuwunow you may be approached to 
convert if you are a follower of the truths that I 
reveal don't convert instead seek after yours and 
your communities own power to survive the 
pressure, and counter forces of existence. It is not 
worship that motivate me to Guide you toward the 
truth which I reveal, but the quest to achieve the 
Marc Perfect Possibility in Existences. Many times it 
is the hunger and desire to find a protector that 
make mankind seek to become a worshiper of an 
object of worship. It is promises of living a good life 
in another reality ( OperationComplex ) in heaven or 

in another place that makes Humanity seek after a 
savior for this world we Existence in is full of 
programming errors that can all vanish away if only 
Humanity possessed the Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power to remove all the programming errors of this 
world and the evil maliciousness of this world that 

is in the way of the progress of Humanity, Humanity 
is blind to the evil malicious beings that share the 
world along with Humanity, the evil malicious 

beings that cloak themselves with magic and 
sorcery and advanced technology and ability so that 
the eyes of Humanity may not awaken and see 
them living even inside the home and body of 
Humanity to dominate the conscience and body of 
Humanity and to use Humanity as a food source or 
a vehicle for their purpose in this 
baphamotomorphosis world of one eat the other a 
world of eat and be eaten. 

1-6-2. Humanity must seek after and obtain our 
own power to build world ( OperationComplex )s 
that does not devour us and terminate Humanity in 
mass and use us as food just like the animals 
Humanity have to eat and devour and throw in the 

trash, as if life was as cheap as a $4.19 sandwich 
combo; Yet I reveal to you Humanity there are 
beings that dwell in secret and public frequencies of 
this world who eat Humanity and throw our bodies 
in the trash like our body was a $4.19 animal 

burger. Humanity must build Worlds that don't have 
a mind or secret beings and layers that dwell in it 

to terminate Humanity and make us live a less 
fulfilled life of the fragmented that live and die, and 
live and then die away to anther world, and be 
eaten away life we call plants, planetary, animals, 
humans, spirits, or spiritual beingsism, and Universal 
Computation existences. 

1-6-3. worshipers will approach you to convert you, 
but if you are a follower of the truths that I Marc 
Gregory Pierre-Louis reveal to you, don't convert 
but seek to come together with your fellow 
Owuwunows that do not worship and that build 
world ( OperationComplex )s and Continue-wenations 
in this world or in any other world that we 
may Existence inside of where only the Marc Perfect 
Possibility shall Existence throughout our personal 
self and communities and maybe one day only the 

Marc Perfect possibility shall Existence throughout 
Qualified and Compatible Infinity, if our mission of a 
Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable 
Pleasure Food Deathless Metamorphosis Body, 
World, and Universe is Achieved. 

27-(1-7).Why worshiperscling on to anobject of 
worship forprotection andwhy you should seek 
tohave yourown Knowledge,Ability andPower 

Humanity in general lack Supernatural Power or 
Elemental Conversion and Ordering Powers, unless 
they are born with Powers Mysteriously through a 
mutation, unless power is given to them, or unless 
they become a spirit, or spiritual beings being or 
something other than a spirit, or spiritual beings 
being that have supernatural powers; or unless they 
invent it themselves through Knowledge, Ability, 

and Power. Because Humanity do not have extra 
powers to protect themselves Humanity turn to 
something that suppose to have greater power then 
themselves for protection and sometimes Humanity 
even turn to beings who are lower in consciousness 
and in power for protection because Humanity was 

thought to worship things, for example some 
humans will turn to an animal for worship, yet with 
the appropriate knowledge, ability, power, tools, and 
bravery almost any Human can out-think and 
terminate an animal that is found on Earth, 
therefore humans are superior then animals yet 
some humans turn to worshiping animals as a god 
over themselves, even when animals possess equal 
intelligence with Humans and can speak as Humans 
can Humans should not worship them because they 
are not our kind and are a lower form to Human 
Beings. Animals are a lower form then Humans and 
Humans should despise animals and keep animals 
away from the household and daily Existence of 
Human Beings. 

1-7-1. Because of the lack of extra powers certain 
humans turn to an object of worship that they 
believe will rescue them from harm and protect 
them from harm and these humans cling on to the 
object of worship as a savior over them and as a 
god over them and they refuse to let the object go. 
Because of the lack of extra powers Humanity have, 
other then Human saviors was created by the 

invisibles who seek to become saviors and the 
visible humans who seek after a savior to save them 
from danger and this is how most of Humanity 
became depended upon a savior that is usually 
non-Human and spirit, or spiritual beings in nature. 
Some humans became those saviors after death by 
becoming religious leaders or by sainthood or 
leadership, became spirit, or spiritual beings god 
over Humanity, some humans also believe in 
worshiping their ancestors who died into spirit, or 
spiritual beings as a god over them. The lack of 
knowledge, ability, and powers have cause 
Humanity, a great race of builders with great 
intelligence to become dependent upon objects of 
worship as a savior over themselves. 

1-7-2. Many times, the object of worship does not, 
or cannot help Humanity in a satisfactory manner. 
For ages Humanity who worshiped objects only 
Existed short Existences even till today life is dissatisfactory 
and filled with disease, accidents, 
warfare, disappointments and death. Until about 30 
thousand years ago prehistoric man Existed less 
then 30 years old; Life expectancy from 30 

thousand years ago to 1500AD is 20 years to 35 
years of age. The main cause of death was 
infections from disease, infections from wounds, 
infections from accidents, or infections from 
fighting; also unhygienic living conditions with little 
access to effective medical care caused many to die 
and also infant mortality was as high as 30 percent. 
From 1800 to today life expectancy have doubled in 
less then 10 generations because of improved 
healthcare, sanitation, immunizations, access to 
clean running water and nutrition, yet disease is still 
a common terminator of Humanity. If we look at 
these figures we see that humanities lifespan is 
extremely short despite of worship. From the age of 
the Upper Paleolithic during the age of huntergatherer 
the life expectancy at birth is 33 years but 

if someone Existed pass their 15th birthday life 
expectancy increased to around 54 years; from the 

age of Neolithic life expectancy is 20 years old; for 
the Bronze Age and Iron Age life expectancy is 26 
years old; from the Classical Greece Age life 
expectancy is 28 years; from the Classical Rome Age 
life expectancy is 28 years but if someone Existed 

pass their 15th Birthday life expectancy might reach 

to 52 years; from the Pre-Columbian North 
American Age life expectancy is 25 to 30 years old; 
from the Medieval Islamic Caliphate life expectancy 
is 35+ Years; from the Medieval Britain Age life 
expectancy is 30 years old but if someone reached 
the age of 21 years old life expectancy was 64 years 
old; from the Early Modern Britain life expectancy is 

25 to 40 years old; from the Early 20th Century life 

expectancy is 31 years of Age; from the year 2010 

Life expectancy is 67.2 years of age. From these 
dismal figures we see that life expectancy raised if 
someone Existed pass their childhood unto 
adulthood these figures show the age that a person 
could expect to Existence if they became an adult 
over the age of 15 to 21 years old life expectancy 
would increase from the age of 1200-1300 C.E. Life 
expectancy for those who Existed pass the age of 

15 to 21 years old is 43 years to 64 years; from the 
age of 1300-1400 C.E. Life expectancy for those 

who Existed pass the age of 15 to 21 years old is 34 
years to 55 years old; from the age 1400-1500 C.E. 
Life expectancy for those who Existed pass the age 
of 15 to 21 years old is 48 to 69 years; from the 

age of 1500-1550 C.E. Life expectancy for those 

who Existed pass the age of 15 to 21 years old is 50 
years to 71 years. 

1-7-3.Despite of worship life is unsatisfactory for 
Humanity, the lifespan of Humanity is short and 
filled with disappointments brought upon by 
disease, accidents, warfare, hunger and 
malnourishment, stress, disappointments, poor 
living conditions, paying bills, hatred, lack of 
knowledge, ability and power to make life Marc 
Perfect and to advance the ( OperationComplex ) 

( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ) of Humanity unto a Marc Perfect world 
where all troubles are removed from Humanity by 
the implementation of the Marc Perfect Possibility. 
Despite our short lifespan the solution worshipers 
give to Humanity is that Humanity must leave the 
Human body to die as waste or food and to die 
unto said spirit, or spiritual beings paradises as a 
servant of gods or die unto illegal hell to be 
tormented by humonics, invisible demonics, 
Supernaturalmonics, godmonics and submatrahellics, 
or to be discontinued from existence 
completely. Life on Earth is not at its Marc Perfect 

possibility despite of worship and the current 
Leadments implemented on Earth and in spirit, or 
spiritual beings realms. The answer to our problems 
on Earth is not worship, the answer is Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power to build a much Marc Perfect 
Human Body and ( OperationComplex ) ( MindActuated-
Reality-Calculated-Existence Matrixes ) 
that is a Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave 
Recyclable Pleasure Food, Deathless, 
Metamorphosis, ( Human Universe Makers Artists 
Numerics Scientists Intelligences Coders And 
Decoders, ( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-
Existence Matrix Creators And Reality Managers ) 
Astronomical Reality Humanatorcreators, Particle 
Orderer World Elemental Rearranger “Humansicad 
Marc Power” ) Qualified Humanity must have a 
(Humansicad Marc Power) body.

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