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Ability and Power





1-2.Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against Worship Slave Mind Programing: Marc Perfect Law is not  a conversion friendly people, we are No Object Worshipers and do not have to convert anyone as a standard procedure we are against all evil worship practices but do not necessarily desire to convert others to our way we are Mainly a Lineage Program and a Compatible People Searching Program. 

Worshiping among Human Beings began among the ignorant the earliest forms of worship was bestowed to idols and nature. Human Beings not having enough Knowledge, Ability, and Power in their earliest days resorted to worshiping an idol or nature spirit to help them in their everyday needs such as hunting and gathering of food or rainfall for farmed land food. Many early day kings and chiefs and medicine men and which doctors or early humans were later approached by spiritual beings with limited or great power to worship them and to convert their people into worshipers, such underlings of spiritual beings controlled the prey which were the worshipers among them and so spiritual beings controlled leaders of men who become their underlings and these leaders of men then controlled the prey which were worshipers of Gods and and followers Leaders of Men such as Emperors, Kings, Priest, Chiefs, Which Doctors, other leaders of men. No matter how much worship early and modern men bestowed unto God or Men they still died of all causes that kill Human Beings; early men only lived to be less then 30 years old despite of worship natural causes and unnatural causes killed them. For most of Human History when men were most brainwashed by worship this is when they died younger, for most of Human History Humankind died before turning 50 years old, many were lucky to see 40 years old and only the most lucky among Humanity lived to be 80 years old. For Humanity death is not the end of their journey because Human Being posses several bodies contained inside a Human Body that is Fleshly. Spiritual Beings that control Human Beings through worship made sure that 99 percent of Humanity never learned that they posses extra Human Bodies that they could use before they died; they always convinced Human Beings that they must die to become a spiritual Being, this caused Human Beings to give away their Fleshly Human Body to death instead of keep it alive for eternal usage. If Human Being knew that they could be flesh and spirit at the same time they would never allow their Human Body to get old neither would they allow their fleshly human body to die into waste and food. Even those who found out that they had a Flesh and Spiritual Body were convinced by their worshiped masters under secret societies to allow their Human body to die so that they could lose the property of Flesh and Spirit combined and become a spiritual servant of objects of worship. One of the main reasons humans are kept as dumb worshipers that are very docile to spiritual beings and objects of worship is because I have found out invisible beings are using Human Bodies as a food source for them to eat. I was even approached to be eaten by the eaters of Humanity and so I have first hand knowledge that there is something in our world and environment that is advanced enough to eat a Human Being or even farm Human Beings secretly without our knowledge. Human Beings are usually intelligent though some Human Being are less intelligent then usual Humans because of retardation, because of lack of education, or because of cultural influence, or intentional programing by invisible and visible being to be less intelligent then usual. Other then the less intelligent among us Humans Beings are an intelligent life form in general. Human Being cannot be used as a food source because Human Beings are a Higher Intelligent Life Form but my suspicion is proving to me that many object of worship on earth are eaters of Humanity, and that only the Good among objects of worship on Earth refrain from eating Human Beings as a Food. Many times an eater and suppressor of Humanity will demand worship to gain total power over the Minds of Humanity so that the job of suppressing and eating Humanity can be easier done. Many times worship is not established to improve Humanity but to suppress and kill Human Beings from existences; in fact most doctrines of worship on Earth directed towards Humanity demand that Humans die to become a spirit or to reincarnate. Most worship doctrines on Earth that are directed towards Human Beings are the very cause that Humans die and are dumber then other alien races. Even though I have proof that spirits exists it is proven that prayer to spiritual beings do not cure many illnesses because almost every Human that have have obtained a deadly disease have prayed to a God or to an object of worship for a cure, but have died instead; and so if almost every Human Beings that have obtained a deadly disease over the history of Humanity have prayed to an object of worship, but have died despite of prayer how can someone attribute prayer with healing illnesses, let alone a deadly disease. Based on what I have said any intelligent Human Being would come to the conclusion that only less then 1 percent of Humanity have been healed because of prayers, because almost every Human since the beginning of the existence of Humanity have died mostly of disease. Spiritual warfare occurs constantly in the Human Realm to keep a spirit from killing a Human Being, but despite of these spiritual warfare almost all Humans will wind up dead. Many times it is the object of worship that have taken the authority to give life and take life away from Human Beings therefore for many worshiper it is the very object they worship that will wind up killing them from existences. Worship slave mind started out as a basic practice of nature worship and idol worshiping and have today become an industry of religions and religious manuals; modern worshiping have become an industry of physical and spiritual institutions of Humans, Gods, Angels, Spirits, Devils, Demons, Nature Spirits, World Matrixes, Universal Nature, Elemental Spirits, Object Spirits, Animal Spirits and many other things are involved in worshiping. Most worshiping is directed towards learning knowledge of how to become a servant or nearly a slave of the objects of worship therefore most worshiping is a contract of servitude and nearly a contract of slave-hood to an object of worship. Though some religious manuals try to teach morality as an option, such morality is thought as a tool of control inside of a system of service and mental slave-hood. Though some objects of worship try to pass as adopted parents of worshipers such parenthood is as a slave master that cannot be directly spoken to or death shall be issued; such parenthood is as a master/servant relationship such objects of worship only call themselves mothers and fathers to docilitate worshipers and to pacify them into childlike servant minds. Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against Worship Slave Mind Programing, We shall not teach worshiping as an operating system at the Marc-G-P-L Creatic instead we shall teach Knowledge, Ability, and Power, along with the More Perfect Possibility, Along with Lawful Behavior, Along with Goodness as a Modality. If Human Beings had the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power Human Beings would not need to worship nor pray to anyone for deliverance; Human Beings would have the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power to solve all our problems and difficulties; and also we shall teach the More Perfect Possibility; the More Perfect Possibility shall teach Humanity how to become More Perfect using a law I have put together known as the Three More Acceptable and Enjoyable Conditions of Existences of Marc-G-P-L Creatic Way also known as the More Perfect Possibility which dictates that when anti-pleasure and painfulness is diminished to the lowest level possible Life and Existence is Better; that when all hell is removed Life and Existences is better, and when Paradise Spreads Life and Existences is Better, using the guidance of the law of the More Perfect Possibility at Marc-G-P-L Creatic we shall become More Perfect and we shall design everything in a More Perfect Manner; Lawful Behavior is also something that shall be thought at the Marc-G-P-L Creatic Marc-G-P-L Creatic shall Create Perfect Governments and Perfect Laws to fallow; Quality check shall be put in place to make sure that Government is Perfect and that the Laws People Fallow are Made Perfect to cause Perfection to occur throughout Marc-G-P-L Creatic Society; Marc-G-P-L Creatics shall also teach Marc-G-P-L Creatics how to be Good and Acceptable.