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Ability and Power

GreatnessMarcs 3 Advise that will Help You in Life Forever:

If you are Real Mankind GreatnessMarc Gives you 3 Advise that will Help You in Life Forever for Only $00.86 Pennies' which is .86 Cents: ( Real Men who are Cousindry As African, Caribbean, Negro American, Niger Peoples and MarcAndMarcia Peoples ) : www.marc-g-p-l-creatic-way.com

GreatnessMarc Advisory 01 Sex: Always Practice safe sex with a condom, women around the whole universe are being raped by non human entities and animal like beings, things, and reality; you may not know that but always wear a condom when having sex with any women even if she is your own kind; note, never kiss a women or not use a condom with her unless you have a clean bill of health for her that she is not diseased, note to be on the safe side if a women is not a virgin you met never kiss her on the mouth only kiss her on the cheeks; never have sex in the anus of a women without wearing an condom and only have sex with her in the anus if it is clean only; Never have vagina sex with a women without a condom unless she have a clean bill of health and you wish to make her pregnant; note if you are not trying to get a women pregnant always wear a condom if you have a traditional human body; never trusts that a women is clean if she is your spouse she may be cheating on you and bring disease to your house and body so therefore always wear a condom when you have sex with your wife even until you prove that she has a clean bill of health and wish to get her pregnant; One more thing if you are a decent heterosexual person and moral you can go to strip clubs and sexual services that are legal and participate in sexual activities there; One More Advise monogamy is less great then Polygamy so long as the women is yours to have you are better a polygamy then a monogamy; polygamy add to the family monogamy minus to the family and keep it small, note do not join traditional religions to become polygamy or to have sex traditional religions are all in charge by non human beings, things, and reality and they wish to have sex with human females instead of allow Real Human Males to have sex with real human females; therefore try having sex in a non-worshiper manner www.marc-g-p-l-creatic-way.com are Non-Object Worshipers and Safer to Join them as Non-Worshipers then to join traditional worshipers who take human women and life away;

GreatnessMarc Advisory 02 Business: If you have a job and you are satisfied with your career keep it do not quite the job the money is for your survival and freedom to practice manhood and career if you are a Male and womanhood and career if you are a female; money is very important for legal minded moral people and you should keep your money if you earn any and pay all your bills on time; rely lesser on credit cards and loans, and rely more on your own money; if you are a business person who own a small business always get a low overhead of the rent or anything in the business or you might not make it in business at all; always keep a low overhead in a small business or you wont be able to stay in business if you are a small business; see which business is your niche your own kind or everyone in the general public you must decide who your business niche is 1.your own kind or 2.everyone in the general public, not all business can assists everyone in the general public because of fraud among humanity; mainly franchise business can support all peoples in the general public when possible; but private small businesses are usually for a persons own kind to support them;

GreatnessMarc Advisory 03 Safety: always lock your doors and windows when you go to sleep or when you are at home or when you are in your car and use a seatbelt when you are in a car, and always wear all protection gear when driving a motorcycle; keep your front porch and back yard lights on if you are moral; if you are moral seek to own a gun and a private concealed weapons license; or own a baseball bat to carry this will keep you safer from an evil coming in contact with you if evil come in contact with you at all any weapon you carry with you causes lesser amount of evil to come in contact with you; never choose crime to commit it will not pay you anything but steal from you instead;

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