​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power




The Declaration of warfare against the spreading of Anti-Pleasure and Painfulness throughout Human Society:

Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against the system of anti-pleasure and painfulness throughout the Human life and Society. Anti-pleasure is anything that takes away the Peace, Security, Good Pleasure, Happiness, and Contentment With Life of Humanity Humanity. There is a large category of things that take away the Pleasure and Pleasantness of Humanity; Humanity cannot be content with life so long as anti-pleasure is a part of Human Life; Common things that take away the contentment with life and pleasure of Humanity include, sickness, death, crime, accidents, disappointments, warfare, natural disasters, bad relationships, and other things; After all calculations and reactions, it is the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power that will save Humanity from all anti-pleasure, to way to get rid of all anti-pleasure is the obtainment of the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Marc-G-P-L Creatic is seeking after the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power to remove all anti-pleasure, painfulness and hell from the everyday life of Humanity and other approved beings.