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illegal Fights are on the rise in the Afro-Genetic Community (Only Legal Fights are Legal not illegal fights, illegal fights cannot be support by Marc Perfect Law of Operations.)

There is an increase in illegal fights in the community especially in the Black/Afro-Genetic community there is obviously a rise in disorderly illegal fights especially broadcasted on facebook.com, mediatakeout.com, and www.worldstarhiphop.com, youtube.com, and other websites.

These fights display many different types of fights such as same racial fight, different racial fights, different color fights and many more fights. These fights display male vs males, females vs females, males vs females, young vs old. Some of these fights are group fights involving several people fighting to large groups fighting each other, to chaotic disorderly fights. There is also a rise in riots in the community and I also noticed that police officers are also quick on the trigger to shoot suspects in police stops. 

I think the spiritual world is affecting the physical one to produce such fights. the spiritual world is far worst then the one we live in the spiritual world is a world of constant conflict unlike the animals in the jungle we see constantly eating each other as a food in fights in the physical Earth reality; the spiritual world consists of beings that are higher in intelligence and lower in intelligence fighting each other and cannibalizing each other all day long as a food just like the animals in the jungle. In the spiritual world even higher intelligent being are a food source and many times some spiritual entity is attacking another one to eat it as a food. To make matters worst in the spiritual world consists of temporary, prolonged, and eternal hells where people are tortured in the most heinous ways. 

I noticed that the physical world do have violence in it and secret malice such as secret societies of cannibals that secretly prey upon Humanity, but such cannibalistic societies must be hunted down and killed by Humanity. Humanity should prefer to let a Human Body rot, before letting anyone eat it; furthermore Humanity should seek to preserve dead Human bodies with advanced technologies instead of letting them decay. 

Getting back to the main idea of this article is that there is an increase in illegal fights in the spiritual and physical realm and I especially noticed that the illegal fights are especially being broadcasted on facebook.com, www.worldstarhiphop.com, and mediatakeout.com, and also on youtube.com.

In case you ever see or get into any illegal fights fallow this Marc GPL Creatic formula to end or avoid illegal fights:

Book of Marc GPL Creatic 18-7-06-6-01

Marc-G-P-L Creatics must avoid illegal fights any fight that could be resolved with words only, but becomes a physical fight is an illegal fight, any fight that is fought for anything except for self defense from physical attack, or self defense from mental harm, or to rescue someone from physical and mental harm is an illegal fight. Any Marc-G-P-L Creatic that see an illegal fight occurring have the right to end the illegal fight and restrain the fighter so long as the Marc-G-P-L Creatic have 2 people to restrain each fighter and so if 2 people are fighting it would require 4 people to stop them from fighting and to restrain them, if 4 people are fighting it would take 8 people to stop them from fighting and to restrain them, etc.., but if fighters are too armed or too dangerous to stop then armed authorities would have to be called to stop the fight and to arrest the guilty and to rescue the innocent. Sometimes someone is harmed in a physical and mental way and the offender gets away and the victim seeks revenge, a victim should always seek to get the law on their side to accompany them, or family and friends on their side to accompany them when the law is not available to accompany them to apprehend the offender of crime and harm against themselves, sometimes it is the quest for revenge that causes the death of a surviving victim and so surviving victims must make sure that the law accompany them, or family and friends accompany them to apprehend those who have inflicted crime and harm against them and not go alone after an offender who have committed crime and harm against them.