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US Whites and Others Can't Catch AIDS

CCR5 Delta 32 Negative Might Be Wide Spread in some Communities

According to my finding some large segments of white society cannot catch HIV/AIDS. 

It is predicted that 1 in 16 African Americans in America will be infected with HIV/AIDS in this lifetime and African American in America are 12.6% of the population of the United States. There are 38,929,319 African Americans in America in 2014. 6.25% of 38,929,319 African Americans is 2,433,082

It is predicted that 1 in 170 whites in America will get HIV/AIDS. There are 223,553,265 Non Hispanic Whites in America; 1 in 170 whites equal 0.58% of Non-Hispanic Whites, which is 1,296,608 people who are predicted that will be infected with HIV/AIDS. This is not even 1% of Non-Hispanic Whites in America who will catch HIV/AIDS for this lifetime. 

If Non-Hispanic Whites had a 6.25% infection rate like African Americans in America 13,972,079 Non-Hispanic Whites would be infected with HIV/AIDS, but the disproportion figures are even worst then this; Non-Hispanic Whites in America are 4 times more numerous then African Americans in America, which means if Non-Hispanic Whites receive a proportional infection rate that was similar to African Americans in America 4 times more numerous whites x 13,972,079.0625 (6.25%) infection rate would equal 55,888,316.25 HIV/AIDS infected Non-Hispanic Whites in America but the predicted infection rate is 1,296,608 Non-Hispanic Whites. The Infection Rate in Percentage rates would be 6.25% x 4 because Non-Hispanic Whites are 4 times more numerous then African Americans and pretty much have similar risky sexual behaviors as African Americans do and so they would have obtained HIV/AIDS in a similar manner and rate, but this is not what happened which means Non-Hispanic Whites have a cure for AIDS and cannot catch AIDS like African Americans can and do.

According to the above figures and according to my calculation Non-Hispanic Whites in America have some form of immunity to HIV/AIDS and cannot catch it like African Americans do. Even when they come in contact with an HIV/AIDS infected person they do not catch HIV/AIDS nor die of HIV/AIDS like African Americans do. There is evidence and proof that 10% of whites in Europe carry a gene called CCR5 Delta 32 Negative which means even if they have sex with someone who have HIV/AIDS or are injected with HIV/AIDS they cannot catch HIV/AIDS nor die of HIV/AIDS. I believe the CCR5 Delta 32 Negative Gene is far more widespread then health officials have reported among Non-Hispanic White People. The evidence is suggesting and is proving that Non-Hispanic Whites have some sort of immunity or cure in their blood against HIV/ AIDS. Not even 1% of Non-Hispanic Whites in America are predicted to catch AIDS during this lifetime. 

Since HIV/AIDS is a conspiracy I believe that the conspirators will make sure that the figure gets worst then 1 in 16 African Americans in America to be infected with HIV/AIDS. If the conspirators are not stopped, if a cure is not found for HIV/AIDS, and if precautions are not taken to evade HIV/AIDS, the disease will get worst through spiritual and physical conspirators plans to kill Humanity starting with the Afro-Genetic Community firstly.

Many sources have reported that HIV/AIDS is a conspiracy disease that spread through conspiratorial means by spiritual and physical beings and the illuminati to spread HIV/AIDS as a disease to kill 80% to 90% of Humanity. I believe this is truthful. Please watch my video on this subject at https://www.marc-g-p-l-creatic-way.com/four-reasons-to-practice-lifetime-partnership.html. The abortion conspiracy is even worst more then One Billion babies have been killed by abortion doctors throughout the world since abortion began in the US in 1971 through Roe Vs Wade.