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Why you should not get a dog instead of a monitored security alarm systems.

1.There is a problem of Human Beings getting dogs to guard their house instead of monitored security alarm systems and this is a humongous error; getting a dog instead of an monitored security alarm systems to guard your house can be tragic and can either cost you your life, your sanctity, your cleanliness, your sanity, and can even lead to abominable bestiality assault against you by the dog especially a male dog in the house of a Human Female is a great danger of rape and bestiality.

2.When especially a woman get a dog as a guard dog instead of a monitored security alarm systems there is great danger of malice occurring to the woman that she may regret forever. There are two main things that are of the most concern they are 1. The dog may kill the woman and eat her as a food while they are alone if it is big enough to do so; and problem number 2. that may occur even if the dog is a small size dog or a large size dog the dog may become an abominable bestiality sexual predator of the woman secretly inside the house which will ruin the life of the woman forever. If the dog becomes the bestiality sexual abominator of the woman privately inside the house the women will be polluted forever by dirty dog semen, the women will have mental illness of the highest level, she will feel filthy beyond comprehension, she will hate herself and sometimes will commit suicide, she will hate normal copulation with men and hate family hood, she will be condemned by every disagreeing faction that is visible and invisible that knows of her deeds. She may sometimes die from contamination from dog semen, she will be invaded by evil spirits that will live inside of her and torment her and lead her into all evil and they will try to claim her to become a denizen after death or a victim of hell or even a sex slave to beast, evil devils and demons, evil spirits, evil abomination gods, and evil animal heads, and evil animal transformers and transmutators. With all this evil that can occur who in their right mind would get a dog.

3.With all this evil that can occur if a woman obtain a dog for protection instead of a monitored security alarm systems or a husband that is a Moral Person, why would a woman or a man get a dog at all. If you are a male or female do not get a dog to guard your property get a monitored security alarm systems instead, especially do not get a live in dog that live in your house with you because 60% of all female dog owners from the age of 18 to 34 sleep in the same bed with their dog and most of those pet owners are single women that sleep in the same bed with their dog. The highest percentage of people found sleeping with their dogs are single females between the ages of 18 and 34. Nearly 6 out of 10 women in the group of 18 to 34 that own a dog allow the dog to sleep in the same bed with them, many of those women are raped by those dogs if it is a male dog and they start practicing bestiality because they owned a pet dog and had low morality IQ, in fact owning a live in male pet dog if you are a Human Female indicate that you have low morality IQ. It's estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat; wither the dog is a small dog or a large dog the dog is a great danger to especially women kind. In case you are not concerned about a pet dog killing you alone in the house a large number of dog owners, or their children, or guess are attacked and killed by their own dog every year; even worst there is a bestiality epidemic that is claiming many lives around the world because a person owned a pet dog, many dog owners have evil entities dwelling inside of them. It is predicted that even 12.5 percent of the human population is infected with these evil entities from the invisible world and is practicing bestiality which is devastating. In 2015 there are 7 billion Human Being on the planet earth if indeed 12.5% of Human Being are infected and are practicing bestiality then that means that 875,000,000 Human Beings are infected and are practicing bestiality and having sex with dirty animals this number is too much for comfort and if this is indeed truthful then we could be seeing the ending of the human race in this reality if actions are not taken immediately to curtail the spreading of bestiality throughout the world.

4.With all this information about the great danger of owning a pet dog any Human male or female especially a female Human of any age should never own a pet dog or even see a dog as a good thing, but should see a pet dog especially a male dog as a great danger. No matter what the price an alarm system is, the alarm system is far More Perfect then a dog barking in your ear 24 hours a day, pooping and peeing in your house every day, demanding expensive food everyday, and even the worst possibility committing bestiality abomination against you through mind control which is a damnation that may not be recoverable from. Please do not purchase or get a dog as a gift from anyone get a monitored security alarm systems or a moral husband instead as a security you can even purchase a gun, or or get dead bolts for your house, do not get any breed of dog or you may be abominated in a sexual manner or even get mauled, killed, or even eaten by the dog. Furthermore a dog merely barks annoyingly and gets madly enraged with rage and can even attack their own owner when dark rage and insanity occurs, but a security alarm system will immediately alert you and the police and your neighbors and a threat have tripped the alarm, and Human Police will come running to your aid with their guns drowns to save you, the sound of the alarm will alert the intruder that the police is coming and the police are far smarter then a dog and are Human like you. The intruder will most likely run off thinking that evidence will be found of their intrusion into your house, and to make matters More Perfect if the alarm is tripped and you own a gun you can become armed ready to defend yourself from the intruder; but if you own a dog all the intruder will do is shoot the dog or kill the dog or give the dog food to silence the dog; a dog as a security is not More Perfect then a monitored security alarm systems; with a monitored security alarm systems you will be monitored by fellow Humans 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the local police; please do not get a deadly dumb dirty dog enraged to bite you, eat you, or commit abominable bestiality against you especially if you are a women get a monitored security alarm systems instead of an evil abominable dog that can cost you your life, your sanctity, and cleanliness, and even your sexual purity.

5.Lastly I have something to reveal to you if you are a Human Female sometime a male dog will even keep a Human Male from living in the same house with a Human Female because the male dog will think that the male dog is the Human Female's mate instead of a Human Male such male dogs have evil spirits dwelling in them that are even smarter then the dog and more dangerous then the dog, these evil spirits dwelling in dogs also seek to keep a Human female company instead of a Human Male; please do not get an abominable wicked spirit infested dog that will abominate you are eat you instead get a monitored security alarm systems that will protect you without any trouble Human Monitors from the monitored security alarm systems company will dispatch local police to your location and they will come running to your aid when you need them from the monitored security alarm systems people dispatching them to you location.

This message was brought to you by Owuwunow Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis of the organization Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics: www.marc-g-p-l-creatic-way.com

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