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The Declaration of Warfare against evil racists practices that doom the Human Race:

Compatibility issues have always been a part of Human Life. When beings and things are not compatible they resort to attacking, fighting, rejecting, and even killing each other from existences. Racism is a great danger for Humanity as a whole and can lead to the end of Humanity. If Human Beings hate each other enough they will resort to killing one another from existences. Racism is one of the greatest obstacles Humanity will have to overcome. Humanity must learn to respect each others abode, spouses, families, kind, and property in order for racism to end on the Planet Earth. Human Being must first respect each others abode by not illegality migrating to another Humans territory or invading another Humans home, Human Being must respect each others spouses by not mating inappropriately with each others races, but by mating inside of their own race and kind; Human Being must respect each others families by not killing other Humans because they are not family; Human Being must respect each other kind by not attempting to kill another Humans kind because they are different in color and physical attributes; Human Beings must respect each others property by not stealing property from other Human Beings. Racism is one of the most deadly weapon Human Beings will use against each other, other non-human beings have taken notice of the fragile Pandora box that is among Human Beings which is racism. Racism is as a powder keg waiting to explode into genocide among Humanity. Marc-G-P-L Creatic is seeking to remove racism from Humanity not by intrusions, but by management and respect for the existence of each other.