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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1112 

beings into a human form. 

8-3.A more powerful male or female being or thing 
then a genuine human with lessor power fighting 
warfare to mate with lessor powerful genuine 
humans mates. 

8-4.A lower male or female creature such as an 
animal, beast, devil, demon, animal head, animal 
transformer, or thing, reincarnating or possessing 
the body of a humans to compete against genuine 
birth humans for a genuine birth human as a mate: 

8-5.Being a Non-Human Being or Thing that Desire 
Worship and Leadership over Humanity; 

8-6.Temporary Torture; 


8-8.Intention to to destroy Human Formed things or 
Human Oriented Programs and Beings who are 
Heterosexuals as a Sexual Modality from Existences 
and Discrimination against the practice of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1113 

Heterosexual-ism, evil malicious Intention to stop 
the breeding of Human Formed things, or Human 
Oriented Programs and Beings who are 

8-9.Unnecessary Suicide; 

8-10.Repetitive curse words Warfare with the 
Intention of torturing and tormenting the victim of 
the curse words warfare for more than 1 month, or 
for multiple years, or for a lifetime, or forever, 
without the excuse of self defense from physical 
and mental harm; “instructional note, if a being or 
thing is causing a life threatening curse words 
warfare attack the victim or rescuers of the victim 
have the right to terminate the life threatening 
curse words warfarer on the scene of the 

( "sincrime" ) in self defense to rescue the person 
from the life threatening entity that is the life 
threatening curse words warfarer.”; 

8-11.Blasphemic Warfare; “instructional note, what is 
blasphemic warfare: blasphemic warfare is a 
injurious grievous unusual act against someone; 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1114 

wicked high level insulting act against someone; 
extremely toxic heinous act against someone; 
extremely hateful polluting act against someone; 
extremely perverted twisted insanely wicked act 
against someone; extremely sexually contaminating 
act against someone; extremely insanely racists 
demoralizing decadent enticing low quality act 
against someone; extremely toxicly tormenting act 
against someone; extremely repeatedly infectious 
injurious act against someone; an extremely 
persecutive repeated dirty explosive verbal assault 
against someone; or an extremely assaulting 
act against someone; or 
extremely assaulting cannibalistic wrecking 
murderous tearing mind decaying and mind 
terminating speech and emotion wrecking wicked 
speech against someone; causing an extremely 
insulting state of existence to occur to someone; or 
an extremely cannibalistic debauchery 
act against a 
Human Beings or Higher Intelligent Being without 
the actual eating of the person; an extremely toxic 
polluting dirty rapine sex against someone; an 
extremely bestial sodomy toxic contaminating act 
against someone; an 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1115 

extremely oppressive insulting evil malicious bias 
act that lead to the termination of someone or their 
kind without actually terminating them yet; an 
extremely deceiving profane wicked twisted lying 
confusion causing profanity toxic dumb enticing 
technique that is used on Perfect Minded Beings so 
that evil malicious may get away with ( "sincrime" ) 
against them; an extremely abominating perverted 
wicked rotting decaying degrading polluting 
demoralizing abomination act against someone; 
Note Though Blasphemic Warfare carry a sentence 
of 50 to 100 years of imprisonment for normal 
cases under extreme cases of Grand Blasphemic 
Warfare the death penalty can be given to the 
person that is committing the Grand Blasphemic 
Warfare after assessing that the Grand Blasphemic 
Warfarer must be terminated for Grand Blasphemic 
Warfare. “instructional note, if a being or thing is 
causing a deadly life threatening blasphemic 

warfare against a victim, the victim or rescuers of 
the victim have the right to terminate the deadly 
life threatening blasphemic warfarer on the scene of 
the ( "sincrime" ) in self defense to rescue the 
person from the life threatening entity that is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1116 

causing the deadly life threatening blasphemic 
warfare to occur to the victim.” “It is important to 
note that speaking appropriately against evil 
malicious or deserving religious or Leadershipment 
authorities, or evil malicious or deserving powerful 
or powerless beings of any level of existences and 
evil malicious and deserving religious and 
Leadershipment Law and customs in a correct 
manner is not considered blasphemy in Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatic, only the above listed things 
known as blasphemic warfare is considered 
blasphemy in Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatic 

8-12.Abomination Attack; “instructional note, 
Abomination attack is the intentional and strategic 
evil malicious act of institutionalizing abomination 
as a weapon of warfare against others. “instructional 
note, the worst possibility is an abomination attack 
against all who it affects institutionalizing the worst 
possibility is an abomination attack; the worst 
possibility is everything that is dooming, harmful, 
deadly, sickly, sabotaging, against-pleasic, painful, 
and illegal hellish therefore institutionalizing these 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1117 

things is an abomination attack; also an 
abomination is a dooming, extremely obscene, 
extremely deadly, extremely genocidal in nature, 
extremely racists in nature, extremely disagreeable, 
extremely erroneous, extremely disappointing in 
nature, extremely hateful in nature, extremely 
sabotaging, extreme rape in nature, extremely 
sexually immoral in nature, extremely murderous in 
nature, extremely fatal, extremely poignant and 
rotting in scent in nature, extremely decomposing, 
extremely defiling in nature, extremely immoral, 
extremely backward thinking in nature, extremely 
monstrous in nature, extremely cannibalistic in 
nature, extremely beastly in nature, extremely 
profane in nature, extremely tormenting, extremely 
torturous, and extremely illegal hellish in nature, 
extremely criminal in nature, extremely injurious'ly 
illegal in nature.” “instructional note, if a being or 
thing is causing a deadly life threatening 
abomination attack against a victim, the victim or 
rescuers of the victim have the right to terminate 
the deadly life threatening abomination attacker on 
the scene of the ( "sincrime" ) in self defense to 
rescue the person from the life threatening entity 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1118 

that is causing the deadly life threatening 
abomination attack to occur to the victim.”; 

Sentencingfor Level8Offenses: Beings that 
commit level 8 offenses if found guilty shall receive 
50 to 100 years of incarcerated counseling and shall 
only be released after it is proven that they are 
rehabilitated from committing the same offense. In 
the case of abortion the abortion doctor shall 
receive the death penalty after serving 60 years in a 
rehabilitation prison institution for murder and 
aborting a child without the exception of pregnancy 
complications that endanger the life of the mother. 
The woman that received the abortion shall go to 
incarcerated counseling institution for 60 years or 
until she turns 100 years old then she will be 
released after it is proven that she will no longer 
commit an abortion, it is mandatory for women 
who have committed an abortion to become 
pregnant to replace the dead child inside or outside 
an incarcerated counseling institution, but such 
pregnancies shall be monitored and prevented from 
malice and harm to the fetus or woman and shall 
only be done by the Husband of the Female; 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1119 

furthermore, an evil child cannot take the place of a 
child that was not evil when a child that was not 
evil is aborted, preferably children who are not evil 
should be born without any usage of abortion to 

kill children that are not so perfect; in the condition 
that a being or thing with greater power murder a 
human to steal his human mate if it is a human the 
higher power being or thing can be sentenced to 
death for killing the lower power human to steal his 
human heterosexual mate; but if it is a non human 
being or thing, the competition to steal the lower 
power humans mate itself with or without murder 
can lead to the death penalty for the non-human 
being or thing; in the case that a lower being or 
thing such as an animal, beast, animal head, animal 
transformer, or things and objects, reincarnate into 

a human body or posses a human body to compete 
against genuine humans for their heterosexual mate 
the lower being or thing can be sentenced to death 
for the competition or for killing the human being 
during the competition; beings and things that 

force first birth Humans, into illegal reincarnation 
into lower forms such as animals and beast and 
food, and things and similar can be sentenced to 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1120 

the death penalty for tormenting Humans into 
lower things and taking away the Humanity of 
Humans; Being a being or thing that wish to force 
Humans to worship them or force humans to give 
them leadership over humanity can cause that nonhuman 
being or thing to be given a death penalty 
for attempting to oppress and kill humans to take 
over humanity as a god or object of worship or 
leadership over Humanity; Minors below the age of 
21 years old who commit a level 8 ( "sincrime" ) 
shall receive rehabilitation at a Juvenile Incarceration 
Institution for 30 years, if the minor become an 
adult during sentencing the minor shall be moved 
to an adult incarceration institution. ( All Applicable 
Mind Box Punishments, Mind Box Scripts, Mind Box 
Reversals, Mind Box Entanglements, Taparaiote 
Struggles, Vengeance Tribunals, Prison Sentences 
and Rehabilitation that apply for Level (8) 

( "sincrime" ) Shall Be Applied By Judgment or Self-
Defense if Qualified. ) 

338-(13). Level (9) ( "sincrime" ): 9-1.Attempted 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1121 


9-3.Deaths that occur through illegal Warfare; 

9-4.Murder and Cannibalism; 

9-5.Cannibalism Without Willful Murder, or 
Cannibalism Without Commanded Murder, and 
Cannibalism Without Order Murder; 


Sentencingfor Level9Offenses: Beings that 
commit level 9 offenses accept for attempted 
murder which is not punishable by death, or 
Cannibalism Without Willful Murder, or Cannibalism 
Without Commanded Murder, and Cannibalism 
Without Order Murder; if found guilty shall receive 
the death penalty if the victim dies as a result of 

the level 9 ( "sincrime" ) and shall be terminated 
humanely after receiving incarcerated counseling for 
20 years and their spirit, or spiritual beings, soul, 
and mind shall be released after it is proven that 
they are rehabilitated from committing the same 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1122 

offense. Beings that committed attempted murder 
shall not receive the death penalty because the 
victim did not die; because the victim did not die 
beings that commit attempted murder shall receive 
65 years in a rehabilitation prison institution; beings 
that commit Cannibalism Without Willful Murder, or 
Cannibalism Without Commanded Murder, and 
Cannibalism Without Order Murder shall receive 70 
years of rehabilitated prison institutionalization; 
Minors below the age of 21 years old who commit 
a level 9 ( "sincrime" ) shall receive rehabilitation at 
a Juvenile Incarceration Institution for 45 years, if 
the minor become an adult during sentencing the 
minor shall be moved to an adult incarceration 
institution. ( All Applicable Mind Box Punishments, 
Mind Box Scripts, Mind Box Reversals, Mind Box 
Entanglements, Taparaiote Struggles, Vengeance 
Tribunals, Prison Sentences and Rehabilitation that 
apply for Level (9) ( "sincrime" ) Shall Be Applied By 
Judgment or Self-Defense if Qualified. ) 

339-(14).Level(10)( "sincrime" ): 10-1.Creating 
illegal hell to torture, desecrate, abominate, and 
murder containable others and 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1123 

restrain-able others; and becoming an evil malicious 
minded being such as an unchangeable spirit, or 
spiritual beings that give illegal hell to containable 
others and restrain-able others forever; evil 
malicious unchangeable super natural being that 
give illegal hell to containable others and restrainable 
others forever; evil malicious unchangeable 
Super Natural that give illegal hell to containable 
others and restrain-able others forever; evil 
malicious unchangeable angel that give illegal hell 
to containable others and restrain-able others 
forever; evil malicious unchangeable Human that 
give illegal hell to containable others and restrainable 
others forever; evil malicious unchangeable 
spirit, or spiritual beings that give illegal hell to 
containable others and restrain-able others forever; 
evil malicious unchangeable animal that give illegal 
hell to containable others and restrain-able others 
forever; evil malicious unchangeable sub-matrihellic 
worlds that give illegal hell to containable others 
and restrain-able others forever; or evil malicious 
unchangeable illegal hell machine that give illegal 
hell to containable others and restrain-able others 
forever; or any unchangeable evil malicious beings 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1124 

that spreads murder through Level 10 offenses by 
spreading catastrophic, torturous, murderous, 
abominable illegal hell to containable others and 
restrain-able others as a way of life and evil 
malicious philosophy. 

10-2.And also Sexual Modality 17. illegal hell 
Monger Torturer Sexual Pervert: A illegal hell 
Monger Torturer Sexual Pervert is a sexual pervert 
that delight in torturing and giving illegal hell to a 
victim while sexually assaulting them or while 

urging them to commit a sexual act to monitor or 
experience while giving them illegal hell at the 

same time. Victims of such illegal hellish abuse are 
under some of the most demeaning cruel treatment 
in the Universe they are attacked sexually or 

aroused sexually while at the same time they are 
giving them illegal hell. Some illegal hell Monger 
Torturer Sexual Perverts even want to sexually 

abuse, and torture and give illegal hell to their 
victim even forever while getting sexual gratification 
from watching their illegal hell victim practice sexual 
copulation while at the same time experiencing antipleasure, 
painfulness, and illegal hell. 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1125 

Sometimes illegal hell Monger Torturer Sexual 
Perverts put a person in a situation to seek after 
sexual gratification only to close the trap on them 
and torture them at them same time; in its worst 
form illegal hell Monger Torturer Sexual Perverts 

will rape illegal hell victim in many different 
obscene manners, even many forms of rapine they 
perform on their illegal hell victims, including rapine 
incest, rapine homosexuality, rapine child 
molestation, rapine In-compatible Cross Humanoid 
Beast Mode Shape sexual rape, rapine beastiality, 
rapine pan-sexuals and eco-sexualsism, and rapine 
necrophilia munging they perform on their illegal 
hell victims. They also spit upon their illegal hell 
victims while the illegal hell victim is having sex, 
they even try to put manure in the mouth of illegal 
hell victims while they copulate or think about sex, 
they also often murder their illegal hell victims 
during sexual copulation and they then cannibalize 
the meat of the illegal hell victim. Sometimes they 
even seek to torture the illegal hell victim in a 
Sexual Perverted manner forever without 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1126 

10-3.The heinous intentional illegal hiding, 
prevention, or robbery of the Appropriate 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power to rescue deserving 
people from illegal illegal hells and other extremely 
abominable situations or to resolve extremely illegal 
illegal hellish situations and extremely illegal 
abominable situations that could be resolved 
immediately with the appropriate Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, or the intentional illegal hiding, 
prevention, or robbery of the appropriate 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power to resolve all things 
that go wrong, all things that cause sickness, 
disease, death, and fatality, and all things that are 
evil malicious, criminal, wicked, and abominable, 
and illegal hellish in a living being, or world, or 

( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ), or situation, or universe, or existences. 

10-4.Stealing the Humansicad Marc Powers and the 
Reality of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionist Creatics, or 
Stealing the Lineage Mothers Circumference of 
Lineage Papa Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis as Marcia 
Yesmanyprogeny Girlines and His Progeny as Marcs 
and Marcia's and stealing the Permanent Life To Be 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 1127 

of Lineage Papa Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis, His 
Lineage Mothers, or his Marc and Marcia Progenies 
as one of the Greatest Benefactors of Reality that 
Ever Existed or Shall Ever Existence; or doing the 
same ( "sincrime" ) to any Undeserving Because 
They Are Not a worst possibility ttwus code 
Approved Lineage Papa, Lineage Mothers, or 
Progenies that own a Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatic Like Reality Approved by Lineage Papa Marc 
Gregory Pierre-Louis. 

Sentencingfor Level10Offenses: evil malicious 
unchangeable beings that commit level 10 offenses 
if found guilty shall receive death and discontinuity 
after incarcerated counseling for 20 years. Minors 
below the age of 21 years old who commit a level 
10 ( "sincrime" ) shall receive the same sentence as 
adults and shall receive punishment when the minor 
becomes an adult over the age of 21 years old. ( All 
Applicable Mind Box Punishments, Mind Box Scripts, 
Mind Box Reversals, Mind Box Entanglements, 
Taparaiote Struggles, Vengeance Tribunals, Prison 
Sentences and Rehabilitation that apply for Level 

(10) ( "sincrime" ) Shall Be Applied By Judgment or


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