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Ability and Power





1-1.Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against the destruction of Humanity through the system of mortality:

Every Second 3 Humans Die and their destination in the spirit world is not always a good destination; furthermore not all Humans become a spirit many Humans based on their religious faith reincarnate such incarnation could be another humans race, color, or kind, or an animal, plant, vegetation, object, or some other variety of spirit that is not Human in nature. Many Humans of faiths that allow them to become a spiritual being are judged to see what will be their next destination many shall be judged to heaven to become a servant of their God or to hell to be tortured even forever based on accused sin. Many things kill Human Beings it is estimated that more then a Quadrillion diseases affect Humanity, doctors have cataloged One Hundred Thousand of these diseases. Many things kill Human Beings diseases, warfare, accidents, natural disasters, catastrophes, murder, lack of knowledge, ability, and power, policies put into place by Humans and other Beings such as capitalism, racism such as the termination of races through murder genocide or through sexual intercourse with their kind for the purpose of the elimination of genome, furthermore Human being are mortal not by the will of Humanity, but by the will of invisible beings that mainly non-human beings, but some of the policy is supported by mostly religiously minded humans beings that want to die to become a spirit, spiritual beings such as Gods, devils, Routers, System Beings, force human beings to die through programmed death, Human Being can live forever in a Human Body that is improved and programmed not to die in fact the material Human Beings are made of is an eternal material, as the law of thermal dynamics states after all reactions energy, mass, and matter is conserved they only transform from one form to another; the Human body is made of an eternal material, but the material have been programmed by certain invisible beings to die by many causes, that is why Humanity die furthermore some of these being see Humanity as a food source physically and spiritually, even the energy of Humans are used as a food; furthermore Humanity currently need food to survive and this need for vanishing food causes Human Beings to die of starvation, the Human body can run on a never ending energy source without the usage of vanishing food. Marc-G-P-L Creatic is declaring warfare against all the mentioned things in this book that caused the mortality of Human Being Marc-G-P-L Creatic would like to transform the current Human Body into a Food-less, Deathless, Energy Cure, Total Met Tet, Particle Transformer Body. This new body will not need any food to survive, this new body will be designed and coded to be deathless, this new body will have an Energy Cure which is a recyclable energy source that never fade away but recycles itself forever and its energy source shall be inescapable, this new Human Body shall be a Total Met Tet Body which means it will have total control over its elemental and atomic codex, but shall maintain a Human Form and Identity, This New Human Body shall be a Particle Transformer body which means that this new Human Body shall be able to transform Particles in the environment and particles of itself for Good Reasons only, this new Human Body shall have Great Knowledge, Ability, and Power and shall have Perfect Memory to control all its components and remember all that it have learned. This new Human Body shall have Power over Universal Phenomenon and Matrix Phenomenon, and shall also be able to Read and Write Particle Codex and Manipulate Particle Codex, This new Human Body shall be able to become flesh or spirit by will alone and so a Human Being will not need to die to become spirit, this new Human Body shall be able to become more than just flesh or spirit, but also multiple elemental codex and properties, this new Human Body will be able to control the Plug and Play components of the Human Body and so this new Human Body will have complete control over itself and will be a Total Met Tet Body which stands for a Total Matrix Elemental Transformer Body who is the owner of the Self; but with all this Great Power this new Human Body shall not practice any abominable transformations, but shall be coded to remain a Human Form.