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​​Only Knowledge

Ability and Power

M1foot by 1 foot by 1 foot or smaller and posses no 
sexual organs or intelligence. 

1-9-3. Many times it is the infrastructure of the City 
Machine that Humanity build and the education 
and knowledge that is in the Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of Humanity that is 
helping Humanity to survive; it is the infrastructure 
of the City Machine that humans command over 
and work inside of that is helping Humanity to 
survive, such as hospitals, farms, supermarkets, 
stores, schools, trades, science, libraries, machines, 
Leadments, military bases, police stations, many 
various types of institutions, firemen, rescue 
workers, services to the poor and impoverished and 
many more Human Mechanics. Though there are 
secret invisible beings that fight among each other 
to prevent evil malicious beings from entering into 
the ( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) of Humanity or even 
spirit, or spiritual beings that can cause it to rain, 
these invisible entities are not preventing the 
inevitable and the everyday ills, and deaths from 
occurring to Humanity which is the ailments that 

occur to those without the Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power, to avoid avoidable catastrophes that can 
only be defeated with Personal and Communal 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power. 

1-9-4. Around Humanity is located a great amount 
of spirit, or spiritual beings that are swimming and 
crawling and moving and running all over the 

matrix grid, yet these matrix crawlers can be very 
harmful to Humanity or can attempt to assist 
Humanity with their limited power, even with all 
these numerous number of matrix elemental spirit, 
or spiritual beings, Humanity will find that many of 
them are the very cause that Humanity is 
experiencing trouble in this world, some of them 
even eat Humanity as a food. Humanity must turn 
to the True Power of all Worlds which is Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, that is the True Power to 
everything and the Humansicad Marc Power I 
invented in One of the Greatest Power in Existences; 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, is the True Power not 
worship, for worship is not the True Power it is 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power, that is the True 
Power to everything. Humanity must turn away 

from worship and start investing on the True Power 
which is Humanities own Effective Knowledge, 
Ability and Power. All Perfect Knowledge must be 
obtained that is to sustain the personal self of 
Humanity, the Communal Self of Humanity, and the 
World and Universe of Humanity. Humanity must 
invest in Matrical Codex and Source Code 
Knowledge Ability and Power; Physical Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power; Spirit, or spiritual beings 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Universal 
Computation Knowledge, Ability, and Power; All 
Perfect Trades and Industry Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power; Agricultural Knowledge, Ability, and Power; 
Scientific Knowledge, Ability, and, Power; Chemistry 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Military Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power; Supernatural Power Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power; ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Elemental 
Rearranger Knowledge, Ability, and Power; a 
Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable 
Pleasure Food, Deathless, Metamorphosis, 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Procreate 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Permanent Life 
Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Planetary 

Knowledge, Ability, and Power; Creation Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power; and All Perfect Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, of all Perfect Subject Matter, 
Trades, and Abilities. 

30-(1-10). worshipcan leadyou to become a 
servant foreveror to become avictim ofillegal 

1.objects of worship almost always take the 
worshiper as a servant of the object of worship. 
Sometimes its even worst when the object of 
worship is an evil malicious being; when the object 
of worship is an evil malicious being the worshiper 
becomes a total slave of the object of worship and 
a sacrifice to the object of worship. When the 
worshiper becomes a sacrifice the worshiper can be 
terminated at any given time as a sacrifice. There 
was once a ritual in mayan civilization in which a 
shaman as a worshiper was made to dance for the 
mayan gods all day long in the hot sun and after 
dancing all day in the hot burning sun, the 
worshiping priests would take the worshiper who 
danced all day in the hot burning sun and cut, rip, 
and remove the worshipers skin off while the 

worshiper was still alive and then they would burn 
the worshiper alive after ripping and removing the 
worshipers skin off. All the shaman worshiper got 
for the shamans dancing for the mayan gods of the 
time was to get her skin ripped off her and for her 
to be burned alive as a sacrificial offering. objects of 
worship can sometimes become the cruelest people 
in existence only the most cruel and dumb society 
would allow such a ritual to take place against a 
human being; and it was worship that caused the 
mayan civilization to come to an end because they 
worshiped european invaders of their land by 
thinking that the european invaders were their gods 
because they had a tale of a light skin god that 
would come to reign over them and so when the 
europeans landed in mayan civilization the mayans 
started worshiping them for their shiny skin color 
and their shining armor and the european invaders 
decided to terminate almost all the mayans and 
burned and destroyed all their manuscript and 
knowledge to take possession of their land and all 
their possessions. 

1-10-1. worshipers are almost always the equivalent 

of a servant or a slave, not a citizen, not an equal 
by Law, but always a servant or a slave. To show 
that worshipers are servants or slaves priest of 
objects of worship and objects of worship almost 
always put worshipers upon their knees as a sign of 
servitude and slave-hood. Higher intelligent 
lifeforms such as Humans are even made to bow 
down before lower beings as a god over them. 
Such as hindus who worship rats and mice and get 
down upon their knees before rats and mice, they 
also worship cows as a god over them, hindus are 
also known to worship monkeys, snakes, elephants, 
tigers and all sorts of animals as a god over them 
and they do so by getting upon their knees before 
the lower animal and showing that they are a 
subservient of the animal. Humans should never 
become subservient to animals mentally nor 
physically, but must remove all animals from a 
Humans environment by force and terminatings, 
only animals that are temporarily eaten by Humans 
as a food while Humans still need to eat food and 
animals that pollinate plants, and animals that eat 
germs from water such as large quill eating whales 
and others should survive the great animal 

extermination while they are still needed after they 
are no longer needed Humans should remove such 
animals from Human environments until Humans 
Existence in an environment that have no animals. 
Humans should naturally hate and despise all 
animals, animal heads, animal transformers, and 
beast, and evil malicious invisible demonic creatures 
and keep animals away from their homes and world 
when ever possible. 

1-10-2. The Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of a 
worshiper functions as a slave mind that cannot 
question the will of the object of worship nor 
reason with it to see what is advantageous and 
disadvantageous for the worshiper against the 
object of worship. At its highest level of brain wash 
a worshiper will do anything for an object of 
worship and getting on the knees before the object 
of worship is the sign, habit, and programming that 
an object of worship put into the Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of a worshiper that 
defeats all since of conscience not to become a 
servant and a slave of objects of worship it is the 
act of getting upon the knees before an object of 

worship that is the sign that a worshiper is totally 
defeated in the Mind ( MindOperationCausation ). A 
worshiper is totally defeated against an object of 
worship until the worshiper receives new 
programming to worship something else as a god 
or to become a Owuwunow that does not worship. 
worshiping another god causes the object worship 
to come from one master and to bow before a new 
master, but becoming a Owuwunow is the total 
removal of the inferior slave programming 
worshipers obtain from worshiping. Sometimes to 
show that the worshiper is a total mental slave the 
object of worship and the priest of the object of 
worship ask the worshiper to sacrifice something 
dear and valuable to the worshiper such as a child, 
a family member, a spouse, some food, an animal, 
or the worshipers own self or the worshiper may be 
asked to go and terminate an enemy of the object 
of worships form of religion. 

1-10-3. worshiping is not the Marc Perfect form of 
programming for the Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ), Reasoning and 
achieving the Marc Perfect Possibility in all 

situations is a Marc Perfect form of 

( MindOperationCausation ). A Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) that reasons and come 
to the conclusion to achieve the Marc Perfect 
possibility after all reasonable variations and 
combinations of thought and calculation and 
sequences is a Marc Perfect Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) then the Mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) of a worshiper. A Marc 
Perfect Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) is that of 
the Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) that Reasons 
that the Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) must 
achieve the Marc Perfect Possibility in all situations, 
even over the wishes of a commander or object of 
worship. An Owuwunow Reasonable Marc Perfect 
Possibility Perfect Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) 
is much Marc Perfect then the Slave Subservient 
Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of a worshiper 
that cannot reason nor question the programming 
of worshiping. 

31-(1-11). worshiping can lead a person to 
become afood: 

Not all beings and things that are worshiped are 

Perfect beings nor Perfect things. Because of the 
structuralist programming of becoming a docile 
being towards worship authority when an evil 
malicious being is worshiped by a population, it is 
sometimes difficult to remove the worship program 
that they are running as an operation 

( OperationComplex ) or as an instructional software 
of the mind. For Humanity education is instructional 
HumanProgram however it is dictated to the person 
who is the learner; and worshiper as an educational 
HumanProgram is a very addictive domineering 
HumanProgram program of the mind and it leads 
the practitioner or student to become a worship 
slave mind. worship Slave minds have difficult 
letting go of the programming or accepting a new 
program. When a cannibalistic race or society 
becomes the object of worship if the overseer or 
object of worship is a cannibalizer of the beings 
who worship them, it is very easy to brainwash 
worshipers into becoming the secret or public food 
of objects of worship that are cannibals. In fact 
some gods in existence are cannibals; even scarier 

in the sphere of the planet earth we find hidden in 
secret dimensional frequencies and with cloaking 

devices that many beings considered as gods and 
objects of worship are cannibalistic against 
Humanity and these beings who are considered 
gods and objects of worship eat Humanity as a 
food secretly. 

1-11-1. I met some of these cannibalistic beings 
known as gods and objects of worship personally 
while practicing “Waking Up from Your Sleep To See 
Invisible Worlds” (Wufystsiw). Some of these super 
natural beings, gods, and objects of worship that 
eat Humanity as a food can transform any mass at 
hand into life and when I transferred my mind into 
one of their dimensions while I was laying on my 
bed one of them reached out his hand and 
transformed some of the skin on my face into a 

jelly like meat protein and ate it. In another 
experience a entity shadow being tried to eat me as 
a food while practicing Wufystsiw when I interred 
the dimension; in another experience while I was 
laying on the floor and sleeping a entity super 
natural being, god, or spirit, or devil, or devi, or 
spiritual beings being, or transformer reached out 
and tried to eat me and my soul as a food instead 

of eating me a spirit, or spiritual beings being that 
dwelled inside of me was snatched instead of me, I 
heard the spirit, or spiritual beings being scream 
and the spirit, or spiritual beings being was dragged 
down by the reptile cannibal who ate the spirit, or 
spiritual beings being. In fact many super natural 
beings, gods, spirits, devils, and demons, and 
transformers cannibalize and eat each other as a 
food. Some super natural beings and gods, and 
devils, and demons, and transformers, are cannibals 
of each other eating each other until the eater 
becomes a huge god head in the sky or godly 

Being form in the ground and sky. In this dimension 
Humanity is a secret illegal food of some types of 
super natural beings, gods and devils and evil 
malicious beings in general that seek worship from 
Humanity, some of these cannibalistic super natural 
beings that eat Humanity are animal headed super 
natural beings, others look Human, but they are not 
humans in reality they are supernatural beings that 
look Human, but are not Human in physiological 
make up. In some dimensions Humanity is a public 
food of evil malicious entity threatening evil beings 
that deserve to be discontinued; evil malicious 

objects of worship, evil demons, and evil devils, and 
evil malicious matrix entities and evil malicious 
transformers, and evil malicious minded beings who 
eat Humanity as a food as a slave worship race, yet 
Humanity must obtain the Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power to overcome all eaters of Humanity. These 
evil malicious entity threat and super natural beings 
when they are cannibals of Humanity seek after 
worship to control the mind of the beings that they 
eat as a food. worshiping is a strong tool of 
brainwash against worshipers because of the strong 
structuralist programming that worshiping put into 
the mind of worshipers getting on their knees 
before an object of worship is the sign that an 
object of worship is looking for that reveal that the 
worshiper is broken down upon the knees as a 
servant or slave mind. One of the most infamous 
religion that publicly announce to Human followers 
that they are food is known as hinduism. In 
hinduism worshipers are programmed to accept the 
religious rules of hinduism that are based on the 
Law of karma worshipers can be made to 
reincarnate as inanimate things that are used as 
food, animals that are used as food, plants that are 

used as food, evil malicious minded beings that are 
used as food, worlds that are used as food, spirits, 
or spiritual beings beings that are used as food, 
super natural being and gods that are used as food, 
and Humans that are used as food secretly or 
publicly, in fact that very religion for over one 
thousand years have a sect of cannibals known as 
Aghori Sadhus that are known to eat Human meat 
as food, rotting caucuses as food, and even feces as 
food. I met some spirits, or spiritual beings entities 
and super natural beings, gods, and objects of 
worship they were some of the most evil malicious 
beings anyone could meet in the universe, they 
sought to sexually assault me with homosexual 
spirits, or spiritual beings beings and eat me as a 
food at the same time. An hindu is one of the most 
evil malicious and inferior thinking persons that 
someone will ever meet in existence, especially in 
spirit, or spiritual beings form; in fact the religion of 
hinduism uses caste ( OperationComplex ) to 
inferiorize the whole society that hindus live in, 
during our age in 2013, india the nation where 
hindus Existence in is one of the most slum infested 
countries on Earth and it is that way by design not 

by chance, the religion of hinduism promote lower 
living conditions for lower caste peoples by design 
through the use of the law of karma. hinduism is a 
polytheist religion that have a lot of evil malicious 
beings that are devi gods and objects of worship of 
the religion. A Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
must not befriend hindus and must see them as an 
enemy; for hindus were some of the most evil 
malicious people I met in spirit, or spiritual beings 
and they also became great sabotagers of my work, 
they even tried to "traditional fatal prostitute" my 
family by using spirits, or spiritual beings means to 
do so. These hindu gods and objects of worship 
also tried to make me worship everything, but any 
wise and knowledgeable person will know that a 
person who worship everything, everything have 
power over them and their mind 

( MindOperationCausation ). A person who worship 
everything is a slave to everything; a person who 
worship everything everything is that persons 
master; every object in the world from things, 
furniture, homes, tools, food, plants, animals, spirits, 
or spiritual beings beings, machines, humans, 
elements, planets, stars, worlds, galaxies, super 

natural beings and gods, objects of worship, Perfect 
and evil malicious, whole universes will become the 
master of anyone who worship everything, 
everything will dominate over that persons mind 

( MindOperationCausation ) and they will become a 
total mental slave on theirs knees to everything in 
existence. A Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
cannot and must not worship a being because the 
being dwell in everything or everything will become 
the persons master. A Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics must not worship anything at all, but must 
use a ( OperationComplex ) of Knowledge, Ability, 
Power, Perfect Leadership and the Marc Perfect 
Possibility and Great Reasoning to achieve a Marc 
Perfect possibility and world environment. 

1-11-2. Becoming a Owuwunow with reasoning can 
save a Human or Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics from becoming a permanent 
race of food to objects of worship. The structuralist 
programming of an Owuwunow lead the mind of 
the Owuwunow to calculate almost anything in a 
logical manner with educational training Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power; this gives the Owuwunow the 

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