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11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 526 

Humanity and Higher Intelligent Lifeforms as a 
food they learn knowledge from, get entertainment 
from, get worship from, get sex from, get revenge 
from, and get energy from; what I mean by this is 
that Humanity and other Higher Intelligent 
lifeforms possess just about enough knowledge, 
and ability for them to learn knowledge, ability, 
obtain power from studying and eating Human 
Beings afterwords as a food source to make their 
own energy from then they replant the seed which 
is the soul, or spirit, or spiritual beings, or mind of 
the Human or Higher Intelligent Life-form to start 
the harvest cycle all over again through 
reincarnation, dreams, upgrading, and 

downgrading of experiences in reality 
( OperationComplex )s. This is why Humans and 
other Higher Intelligent Lifeforms ultimately die in 
many world reality ( OperationComplex )s because 
they are being used as a study-able, and molestable, 
food source for entities that have enough 
conning to deceive them and make them unaware 
and oblivious to the death that is prepared for 
them and the rebirth into food again that is 
prepared for them in the future. Ultimately it is 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 527 

food the evil malicious that is doing this to 
Humanity and other Higher Intelligent Lifeforms is 
looking for so long as the Higher Intelligent 
Lifeform is asleep and oblivious to the act they can 
never even challenge the eater or even know what 
have occurred to them which is they have been 
harvested and have only Existed to become a food 
source to something that have enough conning 
techniques to make them oblivious and unaware to 
their faith and why they even existed in the first 
place only to die instead of Existence forever it is 
not because they cannot Existence forever it is 
because someone is looking for something from 
them which is everything they posses as a profit 
which is their body as a food source and every 
knowledge and potential they have produced for 
themselves to benefactor from, but they never 
enjoy the benefaction they have built for 
themselves instead a cannibalistic leach have stolen 
all their benefits and even their body is eaten as a 
food after the whole process of studying them, 
sexing them, rewarding them and punishing them 
they are eaten as a food source and some of them 
are replanted for the next wicked illegal harvest, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 528 

while others are fully departed and eaten 
completely out of existences and will never 
Existence again unless salvaged from the past link 
of their existences that is lost in time in space. 
Some even are unlucky enough to be granted 
eternal life to be eaten eternally by milking their 
energy source and feeding them food to produce 
more wicked energy for the eaters of Humanity 
and Higher Intelligent Lifeforms is also used on 
prey that Existence forever in captivity while being 
used as a “forever oblivious without knowledge 
skimming” (fowks); Humanity and other Higher 
Intelligent Lifeforms die in many reality 

( OperationComplex ) because the very reality 
( OperationComplex ) they were born in is a 
pasture where a conning entity collect food out of 
them the final destination is a sad ending for 
beings that would otherwise Existence forevermore 
as a loosuncapturety from being used as a food 
source person, but that is not what occur in sad 
ending reality ( OperationComplex )s that are a 
pasture instead they are Using Humans and other 
Higher Intelligent Lifeforms to Collect Knowledge, 
Entertainment, Sexual Gratification, Experiences, 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 529 

Revenge, Food, Energy, and Power by Planting 
them like seeds, watching them grow, and 
harvesting them afterwords, and letting the cycle 
begin again with forever intention to commit 
necrophiliac illegal hell munging against the seed 
and the prey which are Higher Intelligent Lifeforms. 
The only way to win over the eaters of Humanity 
and other Higher Intelligent Lifeforms is to obtain 
the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power to 
overcome them or escape from their pasture reality 
( OperationComplex ). In reality no one need to eat 
Higher Intelligent Lifeforms as a food because they 
can obtain a never ending source of energy known 
as the Energy Cure which would cure all their need 
for external energy by giving them an inescapable 
recyclable source of energy that never escape their 
body and recycle throughout their body to 
replenish itself. Eating Humans and Higher 
Intelligent Lifeforms with a Human or Higher 
Consciousness is illegal such violators must be 
brought to justice for eating Human or Higher 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 530 

95-(3-10-4).The confirmed to be food material: 

1.Confirmed to be food material is a material that 
can be used as food because it have no lost and 
no gain from being used as food it have no mind, 
no thought, no emotion, non consciousness, no 
awareness, no ability to be spent without being rematerialized 
and recycled back into food or its 
basic foundation state of matter. 

96-(3-10-3-1).The ToxicPredatory Hateful 
whoreletry of aHuman EatingEntity who 
practice reincar-eating necrophilia munging on 
Human BeingsandHigher Intelligent Lifeforms: 

1.Many Humans make a mistake and think that 
they are too pretty to be eaten and that the eaters 
of Mankind will see that they are a Beauty or 
Intelligent or Talented and cannot be eaten by 
them; they are correct they are indeed too Pretty, 
Too Talented, and Too Intelligent, and Too Human 
to be eaten, but those abomination that eat them 
at times know how to build them over and over 
again and known how to transfer their conscience 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 531 

and recognition over and over again to the same 
form or to a new form; the eaters of Humanity 
who are gods or devils or transformers, or 
universe, or reality who can create, transform, and 
divine a Human into existences have become the 
greatest abomination and the greatest evil that will 
ever Existence against Humans and Higher 
Intelligent Lifeforms, they who eat Humanity and 
practice necrophilia fucking and munging against 
Humanity by fucking humanity and eating 
humanity at the same time; and giving birth 
repeatedly to the same humans that they are 
fucking, torturing, killing, and eating, are the worst 
possibility that could ever occur to Humanity and 
Higher Intelligent Lifeforms. This story is fatal, it is 
usually called reincarnation, but it should be called 
reincar-eating; reincar-eating occurs to Humans all 
the time for they have spoken about reincarnation 
for thousands of years; reincar-eating is the 
process of an evil god or devil, or creator, or evil 
transformer, or evil divinity, or evil reality, or evil 
universe; creating a Human as a cow for them to 
eat repeatedly through reincar-eating processes 
while fucking and sexing them which is a form of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 532 

raping and eating them, while keeping them 
unconscious of what is occurring while corrupting 
them into ( "sincrime" ) to eat them with proof of 
fault called ( "sincrime" ), and while collecting 
knowledge from them to grow the eaters own 
power through sacrificing the eaten for their 
knowledge, and killing them afterwards, and eating 
them as a food source. The toxic whore eaters of 
Humanity do not care how pretty or how 
intelligent a Human they eat is for they have eaten 
that person and their kind hundreds, thousands, or 
even millions of times before and they have 
reincarnated that persons kind and that persons 
conscious and recognition mind into the very body 
that is so precious to the person who they have 
eaten before; no matter how vain or what color a 
person who eat Humans through reincar-eating 
look they are a truthful testament of what a 
wickedness, or a monster, or a diabolical worst 
possibility god of evil or devil of evil or demon of 
evil or divinity of evil or transformer of evil, or 
animal of evil, or world of evil, or reality of evil, or 
universe of evil is in first person. Catastrophically, 
for a Human to be in the presence of something 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 533 

that eat Humans for lunch, breakfast, and dinner 
and know how to manipulate reality and know how 
to give birth to the same Human repeatedly as a 
cow and at the same time fuck the human by 
sexually raping the human through unconscious 

sex with their own eater and those who poop 
humans down stink dirty revulsing sewers; such 
beings are the true wicked diabolical monsters of 
reality that farm Humanity and eat Humanity as a 
staple food while fucking and killing and eating 
Humanity. To sum the abomination it is as if a 
Human woke up in a farm where Humans are 
being farmed, but no Human know that they are 
being farmed, and the very farmer that is farming 
them is also coming on to them and asking them 
for sex and the same eater who is about to eat 
them enters into sexual relationships with them 
and is fucking them, the very thing that is eating 
them then decide the next day after fucking one of 
them that it is time to eat the women or the man 
and then gives the very disease and condition that 
lead to the death of the person the eater was 
fucking and then the fucker ate the person the 

very same day as a food; let us not mention the 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 534 

person they ate was a great inventor who invented 
great things for Humanity and graduated top of 
the class as one of the most intelligent Human in 
existences; yet all of it was done unconscious to 
the mind of the Humans of the community and 1 
by 1 they ate Humanity until all that generations 
fell dead; yet is was not over; for they kept giving 
birth to generations of Humanity for the same 
purpose through reincarnation and reincar-eating, 
that is why they never cared at all about the 
beauty nor the intelligence of Humanity because 
they even did the unthinkable they chose to look 
human while eating Humans from existences; these 
wicked diabolical monsters may not all look 
human, but many of them who eat Humanity 
chose to look human to deceive Humanity while 
eating Humanity repeatedly through reincarnation 
and reincar-eating. Not to mention that they the 
reincarnation and reincar-eating wickedness and 
diabolical monsters even practice beastiality 
against Humanity by causing Humanity to 
reincarnate into lower animals and animal 
transformers; they do not care about Humans once 
this occur they will turn any animal against a 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 535 

Human form for them to entertain themselves 
seeing a human being abominated by a mere 
animal, but they already see Humans as a dung 
before them that they eat as a food and so they 
do not care when a mere animal fuck a low iq 
human being or a raped Human Being. They the 
reincar-eating eaters and farmers of Humanity 
must be discontinued in order for Humanity to live 
a forever life without being fucked into a food 
source by wicked diabolical monsters. If a Human 
female had an argument with a reincar-eating 
fucker one night who was pretending to be human 
and her husband he might say something like this 
“that he had fucked and ate her hundreds or even 
thousands of times before and she is just a food 
and a fuck to him and he would tell her, ignorant 
you think you know everything about me, but you 
know nothing at all, he might say you just don't 
know how much trouble your in.” and indeed that 
woman would be in great danger for the very 
thing that had eaten her hundreds and thousands 
of times before and had dunged her down dirty 
sewers before and had raped her and tortured her 
before while she was unconscious and unaware of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 536 

it while reincarnating as a recognition and an 
awareness that is a Human the wicked diabolical 
monster is right before her face and in the same 
room with her if that women knew how much 
danger she was in the very sight of that man 
would make her puke and open fire with a 

machine gun or run the other way as fast as 
possible frightened yelling “help that wicked, 
diabolical, monster is after her again to fuck and 
kill her and eat her as a food and reincarnate her 
all over again to fuck kill and eat her over and over 
and over again”. Yet this is very real for 
reincarnation have been thought as a reality for 
thousands of years and reincar-eating is discovered 
as a ( "sincrime" ) by me Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis 
yet those who teach religiously reincarnation as a 
normalcy are the very eaters of Humanity keeping 
the ( OperationComplex ) of eating Humanity 
through reincarnation active and going through its 
planned never ending cycle of fucking, killing, and 
eating Humanity even forever; yet this fucking, 
killing, and eating of Humanity must never occur 
we Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and 
Applicable Helpers must destroy the 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 537 

( OperationComplex ) of eating Humanity as a food 
through reincar-eating which must come to an end. 

97-(3-10-4-1).The separation of fuel food 
material,andbuilding material: 

1.There must be a separation made of what is fuel 
food material which is food that maintain beings 
that eat food alive by being used as fuel to keep 
their vitality and life from dying; and building 
material which is compositions of matter that are 
used to build a being or thing up to form, when 
food material is separated from building material 
conscious being become non edible and material 
that is food is only eaten instead of non-food 

98-(3-10-4-2).What ispleasure foodin 
comparison tobuilding material,andfuelfood: 

1.Pleasure food is food that is eaten for its tasty 
taste to bring pleasure and happiness and 
contentment with life from is pleasurable taste, in 
its Marc Perfect form pleasure food is not used as 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 538 

fuel material nor building material, but is used for 
pleasure only; building material food is used to 
build things up while pleasure food is used to give 
eaters of food pleasure instead of building them 
up; fuel food material is used as fuel to maintain 
the life o eaters of food and to give power to 
them, while pleasure food is used to give pleasure 
to eaters of food instead of maintain their life, 
though pleasure food does cause contentment 
with life which prolongs life and makes life much 
easier to Existence. 

99-(3-10-4-3).Entities that wish to become 
somethingbybeing used asafood: 

1.There are entities that have the property of 
atomic and spirit, or spiritual beings and other 
states of being materials and they do not die from 
being cooked, or eaten, or being processed as 
waste and energy, as food such entities often 
desire to be used as food material so that they can 
become beings and things by being used as the 
food that beings and things eat. Such beings have 
a lost and a gain to being used as food and are 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 539 

not the Marc Perfect food because they can 
register a lost and a gain from being used as a 
food and have feelings and senses, this is not a 
preferable food for a Marc Perfect person; the 
preferable state of food would be a food that have 
no feelings, or senses, or desire, or emotions of 
losses and gains. Such beings that are conscious 
death-less food material able often do not want to 
be a being or thing they have become forever and 
sometimes seek for the destruction of what they 
became by being eaten as a food, because of this 
and other factors of feelings and senses, it is Marc 
Perfect to seek after food that do not have 
feelings, nor senses, nor awareness, nor a state of 
gains and losses. There are also entities that are a 
food based material that are not deathless but die 
along with the person that ate them that they 
became such beings also register a loss and a gain 
from being used as food material and are not the 
Marc Perfect food choice. Deathless material that 
have no awareness and no registration of loss nor 
gain is the Marc Perfect food material to use, 
because less anti-pleasure 
and painfulness is 
registered by the senseless non-aware food 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 540 

material and the user of the senseless non-aware 
food material. 

100-(3-10-4-4).Entitiesthat claim toeat 

("sincrime" )asafoodand the dangers of such 

1.There are entities that claim they eat 

( "sincrime" ) as a food, which means whatever ( 
"sincrime" ) they will eat it, this means that 
whatever have fault called ( "sincrime" ), 

( "sincrime" ), and ( "sincrime" ) or wrongdoing or 
karma or any defective nature that is what they will 
eat as a food so that they can remove 

( "sincrime" ) from the world; the problem with 
these beings is that they are often very 
cannibalistic against any life form they claim to eat 
as ( "sincrime" ) including their own kind at times 
who they commit cannibalism against by eating 
them when they have been said to have sinned. 
Such beings often eat lower and higher intelligent 
lifeforms that they claim have sinned; such beings 
are dangerous in that they are even willing to eat 
higher intelligent lifeforms as a food because of 

11/10/2017 4:15:17 PM

Page: 541 

accusing them of ( "sincrime" ) or any other level of 
infractions. Sinners, ( sincriminal )s, criminals, karma 
violators, wrong doers, or any other form of 
violators of Law that are a higher intelligent 
lifeforms cannot be used as a food, but must face 
justice by the justice ( OperationComplex )s of 
worlds and nations; entities that say they eat 

( "sincrime" ) are often evil malicious in nature, and 
use their cannibalistic desire to eat lower and 
higher intelligent lifeforms as a food to satisfy their 
hunger and their desire to becoming bigger or to 
gain energy resources, or power from eating others 
as a food; Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics must 
used the justice ( OperationComplex ) for Higher 
Intelligent Lifeforms instead of eating them as a 
food; entities that eat Higher Intelligent Lifeforms 
must be brought to justice for eating Intelligent 
Beings that are not a food, but are Higher 
Intelligent Life-forms that must face the justice 

( OperationComplex ) instead of being used as a 
food source. Cannibalistic entities that eat Higher 
Intelligent Life forms especially Humans as a food 
must be brought to justice.


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