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Ability and Power

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11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1545 

keep peace between each other despite of the color 
and facial difference we possess this can only occur 
through Knowledge, Ability, and Power to keep 
peace between people who are different; Humanity 
must have Knowledge that support that fairness 

and legal behavior must be used between different 
Human Races in order for different Human Races to 
keep peace in between each other when there is no 
Law and no fairness that keeps peace in between 
Humanity, Humanity becomes as wild animals that 
devour each other like we observed in World War 
Two and Hitler Genocide Campaigns, Middle Eastern 
and Western Slavery, Extermination of Native 
Peoples, Religious Extermination Warfare, Political 
Feuds, Cast ( OperationComplex ) Exterminations, 
Land Grabs, Territorial Invasions, and Material 
Resource Theft Warfare and Exterminations, Rape of 
Other Races and Gene Spreading Genocide, and 
other exterminations activities humans cause to 
occur against each other. When Humanity is not 
trained to maintain peace between each other 
despite of color and facial differences and other 
harmless differences found in each other Humanity 
become what is observed to be racists, genocidal, 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1546 

exterminators of each other and other kinds. 
Humanity no matter how uncomfortable a Human 
feels when I say this if Humanity is not ordered in a 
lawful manner to keep peace between each other 
and not to violate each other or oppress each other 
based on race, color, or facial type Humanity will 
violate each other and even exterminate each other 
from existences through genocide campaigns 
against each other. If someone thought this racists 
genocidal behavior was bad in the physical world in 
the spirit, or spiritual beings world this racists 
tendency of Humankind, objects of worship, entity , 
Beings, Machines, Things, Worlds, devils, and 
Animals is even worst then in the physical world. In 
the spirit, or spiritual beings world these beings and 
things literally eat each other as a food in certain 
parts and dimensions of the spirit, or spiritual 
beings world. In order for Humanity not to become 
as genocidal terminators of each other Humanity 
must be thought Law and behavioral patterns that 
avoid each other from violating each other; such 
Law must teach Human Beings how to Existence in 
peace with each other in a lawful manner and how 
not to terminate each other in an unlawful manner; 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1547 

furthermore I would like to reveal that when 
Humanity is not trained on how to Existence in 
harmony with each other that Humanity can even 
become as evil malicious as certain animals and 
spirit, or spiritual beings and see each other as a 
food source. Even lowly cannibals Human beings 
can become. Humanity having different facial 
features and color must also be thought that it is 
not facial features and color that makes someone 
intelligent and powerful, but it is Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power that makes someone Intelligent and 
Powerful. In order for Humanity to Existence in 
peace with each other, Humanity must be thought 
Lawful Behavior that support living in peace with 
each other in segregation despite of Color and 
Facial Feature differences and other Harmless 
Differences and such Law must be enforced in a 
Perfect Manner. Humanity is truly in peace with 
each other when different groups of Humanity 
Existence in segregation with each other with their 
own ( MindOperationCausation ) and Genuine 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1548 

449-(6-21-3-22-9-1-33).The removal of the 
process of waste andgarbagefrom ones world 
bytheinventionoftheParticleOrderer to 
diminish anti-pleasure 

1.One of the greatest problem a world can have is 
the accumulation of garbage such a problem can 
be solved by the invention of Particle Orderer s. 
Particle Orderer s rearrange particles instead of 
waste them. The accumulation of wastes in a world 
causes health problems and the ugliness of the 
world environment. With the invention of Particle 
Orderer s things will no longer be needed to be 
thrown away in the garbage instead they will be 
rearanged into new forms. A large amount of waste 
will be avoided with the invention of Particle 
Orderer s. When all things are Re-arrangeable and 
repairable waste is avoided and resources are no 
longer wasted and thrown away in the garbage. All 
things used by Humanity and Compatibles are Rearrangeable 
and can be rearanged and repaired 
when this occurs Humanity will longer waste 
resources nor run out of resources. anti-pleasure 
and Painfulness is diminished to a lower level when 
Particle Orderer s are Invented and Used to prevent 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1549 

the accumulation of garbage and the waste and 
vanishment of resources. 

Environment andKind asBeautiful asPossible 
PhysicallyandClothinglyandProtecting those 
whoarenotsoBeautifulin oneskindfrom 
extinguishmentandgenocide todiminish antipleasure 
andpainfulness tothelowestlevel 

1.It is Perfect to keep ones kind as beautiful as 
possible, but when members of ones kind are not 
so beautiful, the not so beautiful must also be 
protected from extinguishment because they are 
members of ones kind also. From 5000 Years BC to 

the 21st Century and hopefully in all future times all 
Human Being model numbers are modern Human 
Model Numbers. Some Humans will be born 
defective because of birth defects, such birth 
defects can be corrected with surgery and with 
Particle Orderer Tools when Particle Orderer Tools 
are invented. Humanity must try to look beautiful 
physically and fashionably also, but this beauty I 
speak of is not a narcissistic beauty, but beauty that 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1550 

is generally Human not all Humans will possess the 
same beauty, but most Humans possess an 
acceptable face because they possess a Humans 
face. Though not all Humans are a supermodel 
most humans are acceptable because they possess 
a Human Face and Body. A Human Face and Body 

is an Acceptable Face and Body and is one of the 
Most Advance Body Designs that will ever Existence. 
Humanity must protect each other despite of 
Human Beauty and Supposed Ugliness Human Law 
shall protect all Humans despite of beauty and 
supposed ugliness found in Human Model 
Numbers. Humanity must keep a Perfect Hygiene 
Physically, Perfect Fashion Beauty, and Orderly 
Beautiful Homes and Continue-we-nations. 

451-(6-21-3-22-9-1-35).Living to ones 
continuitiesfullness atitsMarcPerfectpossibility 
todiminish anti-pleasure 

1.Since the beginning of the existence of Humanity 
the lifespan of Humanity have been cut short. 
Humanity as a species and race have trouble living 
to our continuities fullness, there are many reasons 
for this. Reason 1. is that the Humans body is 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1551 

programmed to die by design and by evolution, 
reason 2. is that diseases terminate the Human 
body, reason 3. is that accidents and catastrophe 
terminate the Human body, reason 4. is that 
warfare and murder terminates the Human body, 
and reason 5. is that the Human body need food 
and sustenance to survive and without it the 
Humans body dies, reason 6. is that some invisible 
and visible being secretly farm the Human body as 
a food source, reasons 7. is that the Human body 
has a spirit, or spiritual beings body that comes out 
of it when it dies and so the Human Body is seen 
as a temporary vehicle to travel with that will be 
discarded for a new one known as the spirit, or 
spiritual beings body, reason 8 is that physical and 
spirit, or spiritual beings are constantly judging the 
Human Being for enterworldsincrime, karma, and 

( "sincrime" ) and when a ( "sincrime" ), karma, or 
( "sincrime" ) is found that is sufficient enough to 
cause the death of the Human body a physical or 
spirit, or spiritual beings being terminates the 
Human Body to Judge the spirit, or spiritual beings 
Body to even eternal illegal hell. Whit these 8 
Reasons why the Human Body dies numerous 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1552 

numbers of things terminate the Human Body. 
Humanity have trouble living to our Continuities 
Fullness, not too many humans have Existed to their 
continuities fullness even in spirit, or spiritual beings 
many Humans have died before seeing a great 
amount of years of life. Humanity needs to learn 

the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, and Power to 
Existence longer without such Knowledge Humanity 
will fade away. According to my calculations 
Humanity need to do these things in order for the 
Human Body to Existence to it's continuities 

fullness; 1. Humanity must learn the Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power to reprogram the Human 
Genome and Body to Existence forever by obtaining 
the metamorphoses to turn the Human Body into a 
Nourishment Food-Less, Particle to Wave Recyclable 
Pleasure Food, Deathless, Metamorphoses, 
Humansicad Marc Power Particle Orderer Body that 
never dies, this will be done by the obtainment of 
the All Variant and Combinant Particle which is a 
particle that can rearrange to all elements, 
properties, and codex when this occurs Humanity 
will be able to transfer such a particle as particle 
networks into the Human Body by Re-arrangeable 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1553 

the Human body into such particle networks and 
passing on the trait to new Human offspring; 2. 
Humanity must learn the appropriate Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power to cure all diseases and 
malfunction that occurs to the Human body, the 
current Human immune ( OperationComplex ) is not 
sufficiently Perfect enough at curing diseases that 
terminate Humanity and need to be upgraded to 
heal all diseases and malfunctions that terminate 
Humanity, the Human body will also need to rapidly 
heal all harm and damages done to it currently it is 
estimated that over 3 Quadrilhumen diseases and 
malfunctions affect the Human Body and scientists 
have cataloged over One Hundred Thousand of the 
diseases that affect and terminate Humanity, the 
Human immune ( OperationComplex ) and body 
have to be upgraded to heal the Human body and 
terminate all diseases that affect the Human body 
existent diseases and newly established diseases 
must be healed or terminated; 3.Humanity must be 
able to avoid accidents and catastrophe the ability 
to avoid death from accidents and catastrophe have 
to do with forecasting and safety measures and 
protections. When Humanity gain the ability to 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1554 

forecast future events such as accidents and 
catastrophes Humanity will be able to avoid them 
such forecasting abilities must be personal 
forecasting abilities and ( OperationComplex ) 
forecasting abilities. Humanity must have 
psychokinetic mental powers to see the future when 
an emergency is about to occur such as an accident 
or catastrophe and must be able to avoid such an 
accident or catastrophe from occurring; also 
Humanity must have technology that avoid natural 
disasters from occurring at all or must be able to 
survive all natural disasters with technological, 
supernatural, spirit, or spiritual beings, and 
Humansicad Marc Power Powers; 4.Humanity must 
be able to avoid unnecessary deaths that are 
brought upon by warfare and murder; warfare and 
murder are avoidable among Human Beings with 
each other; Human Beings do not need to go to 
war against each other nor murder each other such 
things as warfare and murder among Humanity are 
avoidable by the proper training a personal lawful 
mind and Leadershipment lawful minds; when the 
Human Mind and the Leadershipment Mind of 
Humanity are all lawful towards each other and 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1555 

fallow Law not to engage each other in warfare, 
warfare and murder are avoided among Human 
Beings and their nations and also Humanity must 

be fit enough to win all wars fought against 
Humanity with very few casualty lost by Humanity 
or the enemy when necessary this will only occur if 
Humanity becomes the Most Powerful Military 
Power in Existences this can only occur through the 
obtainment of Humansicad Marc Power Particle 
rearrangement Power and the Weapon 

( OperationComplex )s associated with Humansicad 
Marc Power Particle rearrangement Power; 5.In 
order to avoid the Human Body from dying the 
Human body must be a Nourishment Food-Less, 
Particle to Wave Recyclable Pleasure Food deathless 
body that does not need any food to survive, but 
can survive on a never ending energy source, this 
energy source I call the Energy Cure because it 
cures all thirst and need for energy by recycling a 
never ending inescapable source of pure energy 
that does not need any external source of energy to 
survive and is transferable to offspring and is self 
growing and self sustained; 6.In order for the 
Human Body to Existence forever no one must see 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1556 

the Human Body as a food nor use the Human 
Body as a food, currently there are beings that are 
more powerful then Human beings in some way or 
another that use Humanity as a food source and 
eat Human beings as a food whatever power over 
Humanity these eaters of Humanity have, Humanity 
have to be able to stop them and bring them to 
justice, because Humanity is not a food. Humanity 
is a Higher Intelligent Lifeforms and not a food 
source. Humanity is among the Highest Intelligent 
lifeforms in the Universe and is not to be seen as a 
food source by anything in existences including 
fellow Human beings who are cannibals. 
Cannibalism must especially be removed from 
among Humanity, because anyone who see their 
own kind as a food source for themselves is inferior 
and insufficient to dwell among their own kind 
because they eat their own kind as a food. 
Humanity must be ready and prepared to terminate 
anyone who eat Human Beings as a food this 
include any visible and invisible being that eat 
Humanity must be terminated or they will farm 
Humanity and turn Humanity into dung and so 
Humanity must be willing to terminate any being 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1557 

or thing that eat Humanity as a food regardless of 
status. When Humanity have removed all the eaters 
of Humanity from existences then Humanity will be 
safe to dwell in existences without any being or 
thing seeing Humanity as a farm-able or hunt-able 
food source in order for Humanity to Existence to 
our continuities fullness all things that are 
incompatible with Humanity, Eat Humanity, or 
terminate Humanity must not Existence in our 
environment or near to Humanity; 7. in order for 
the Human Body to Existence forever it cannot be 
seen as a temporary vehicle that is used for a short 
lifespan only for the spirit, or spiritual beings to 
come out of it; I have a solution for this it is known 
as the Humansicad Marc Power Body that rearrange 
from flesh to spirit, or spiritual beings and spirit, or 
spiritual beings to flesh without death nor decay or 
to any other property of Elemental, Physical, spirit, 
or spiritual beings, Ethereal, Spacely, or Universal 
Computation Matter. The Humansicad Marc Power 
Body will remove the process of dying into spirit, or 
spiritual beings instead of dying into spirit, or 
spiritual beings Humanity will rearrange into spirit, 
or spiritual beings and rearrange back into physical 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1558 

form with will alone. The Humansicad Marc Power 
body will totally remove the process of death 
especially to travel to other world environments; 8. 
In order for the Human Body to Existence forever, 
Humanity cannot face a death sentence easily, there 
must be written Correct “Marc GPL Perfectionists 
Creatic Laws Of Death”, which means that Humanity 
must only die for qualified things which is for 
Murder and other qualified heinous ( "sincrime" ). 
Humanity can no longer die for just about any 

( "sincrime" ), karma, or ( "sincrime" ) accept for the 
violation of the Marc GPL Perfectionists Creatic Laws 
Of Death which is if a Human Being commit a 
murder and other heinous ( "sincrime" ) against 
another Human or Higher then a Human in 
Consciousness. When these 8 requirements are met 
the Human Body Existence Forever and Humanity 
Existence to our continuities fullness; when 
Humanity Existence to our continuities fullness antipleasure, 
painfulness, and illegal hell that is brought 
upon by a short unsatisfactory lifespan that leads to 
death is removed. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1559 

among ones own kindand other peoples one 
comes in contact with to diminishagainstpleasure 
andpainfulness to the lowest level 

1.Large scale cataclysmic death is the result of 
genocide. With the appropriate Knowledge, Ability, 
and Power warfare does not lead to mass genocide, 
but the defeat of the weaker opponent, this can 
only occur when the victor is ethical and Marc 
Perfectic in combat. In warfare it is the defeat and 
securing into a defeated captured state of the 
enemy that a combatant that is ethical and Perfect 
seek after, but an evil malicious combatant with the 
upper hand seek after total defeat and genocide of 
the defeated; and so a Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics must seek to secure a defeated foe in an 
honorable manner to face justice and hearing as to 
their wrong on the battlefield and the illegal 
warfare they waged against Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics or others, but genocide 
should not be the directive of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics, but victory in warfare should 
be the directive of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1560 

Creatics. Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics must 
seek to avoid genocide among members of their 
own community and also avoid committing 
genocide against members of other communities. 
Large deaths of enemy combatants should only 
occur under Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
when they do not have the Knowledge, Ability, and 
Power to defeat the enemy and secure an enemy as 
a prisoner undergoing rehabilitation into a non 
aggravater of warfare against Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and innocent others. 

453-(6-21-3-22-9-1-37).The abilityfor aHuman 
to have amachinelike brain that have perfect 
memoryandthat candoanything amachinecan 

1.After obtaining the appropriate Knowledge, 
Ability, and Power, Humanity must obtain a 
Computer Like Brain that is far greater then any 
computer currently known to Humanity. Humanity 
already possess a Pretty Powerful Perfect Brain that 
is processing Reality ( OperationComplex )s. 
Humanity must obtain a machine like brain that 


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