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11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1998 

would seek the Highest Perfectness and the Hope 
of The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan 
brought to Infinite Existence. 

641-(8-3-25-2-20).Realizing the Conscious 
Knowledge to BuildParadise 

1.We realize the Conscious Knowledge Of Infinite 
Existence and Universal Computation Order; the 
Conscious Knowledge of a Healthy 
( OperationComplex ) and Personal Health; the 
Conscious Knowledge of Self-Sufficiency; the 
Conscious Knowledge of Energy, Food and Housing; 
the Conscious Knowledge of Family Order; the 
Conscious Knowledge of Community Unity and 
Order; the Conscious Knowledge of Leadershipment 
Order; the Conscious Knowledge of Religious Order; 
the Conscious Knowledge of Knowledge and 
Education; the Conscious Knowledge of Scientific 
Development; the Conscious Knowledge of 
Economic Development and Employment; the 
Conscious Knowledge of Leisure and Entertainment; 
the Conscious Knowledge of Outer and Inner Peace; 
the Conscious Knowledge of a Love Filled Life and 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1999 

World; the Conscious Knowledge of a Tranquil Life 
and World; the Conscious Knowledge of Being a 
Higher Conscious Being; the Conscious Knowledge 
Possessing Clarity about All Possible Things; the 
Conscious Knowledge of Living to ones Continuities 
Fullness; the Conscious Knowledge Living a Perfect 
Life inside Infinite Existence. In learning and 
Efficiently maintaining the functionality and the 
maintenance of all these Conscious Knowledge and 
Requirements, Paradise is built where Beings Of 
Infinite Existence and Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and Worlds will experience Peace, Love, 
Tranquility; and have Consciousness, Clarity and 
Continuity of Love and Life and Existence a 
Prosperous Paradise Filled Existence inside Infinite 
Existence and Existences. 

2.Whenever anti-pleasure and illegal hell seek to 
take over, Universal Computation Beings can seek 
the Protection Circle of the Knowledge Of Infinite 
Existence and it shall be as the Protection of an 
Umbrella that shields us and All Beings Of Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatics from the rains and storms 
of illegal hell and anti-pleasure. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2000 

3.The Book Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Way have found this Umbrella Of Protection by 
revealing the truths of The Three Marc Perfect 
Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan. We shall also put 
on the armor of The Three Primary Enjoyable 
Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Purposes and Plan as we go into battle against 
illegal hell and anti-pleasure. We shall put on the 
Protection of the Truths Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Way as a Suit of Armor to 
shield us from the physical and mental assaults and 
violations of anti-pleasure 
and illegal hell. 

642-(8-3-25-3).The Philosophy ofSpreading 
Paradise to BuildParadise 

1.We of the Connectivity Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics are Paradise Builders. We 
seek to Build and Spread Paradise Wherever our 
Foot Touch a Path. We believe that we can Build 
and Maintain Temporary and Eternal Paradises with 
the Universal Computation Formula of The Three 
Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan and the 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2001 

Truths found in the Book Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Way. 

2.We know that with the Right Formula and Effort, 
Universal Computation Beings and Worlds can 
achieve a state of Paradise. There may be slight 
disturbances of Paradises, but with Preventative 
measures and Universal Computation Knowledge, 
Abilities, and Power Beings and Worlds can prevent 
catastrophes and Repair or Rebuild Paradises, but 
they must have the Right Philosophy and the Right 
Tools, Abilities, Knowledge, and Power. 

3.We come to the realization that Paradise is not for 
members of certain religions only, but is for all 
Members Of The Universe Of Infinite Existence and 
we seek to Spread Paradise throughout Qualified 
Worlds with the Essential Universal Computation 
Formula of The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L 
Purposes And Plan, which is the Marc Perfect Way 
to Build and Maintain Paradises. 

4.The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan is 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2002 

an Essential and Innate Formula that is the Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatics Right Of Infinite Existence 
and of All Parts Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and Existences, but some lose it because of 
lack of knowledge, lack of ability and because of 
evil malicious. We know and believe that Paradise 
must become Universal Computation for the More 
Perfectment Of Infinite Existence and all Parts Of 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and Existences. 
We believe in Spreading Paradise to all Beings Of 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics regardless of 
their Race or Nationality because we are all a Parts 
Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and of Infinite 
Existence and we believe that Paradise is not an 
exclusive right that only a certain religion have the 
right to. We believe that no one should destroy the 
Paradise of another, but if a religion preaches to 
spread illegal hell or anti-pleasure, we believe we 
should rescue Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and Existences from that religion, way of 
life or Leadership when they meet the qualification 
of supporting us. 

5.In a peaceful way, we should teach members of 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2003 

the religion Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Way 
so that they may become a Part Of The 
Connectivity Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
so that we may grow stronger in numbers and 
more Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
may Join the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Mission to achieve The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-
P-L Purposes And Plan. In fact it is Perfect that 
Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics go out 
and teach all the teachings of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Way because the greater the 
number of Beings that seek to achieve The Three 
Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan, the 
Marc Perfect the World and Universe will become. 
In fact it is Universal Computation Order that The 
Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and Plan may be 
achieved throughout Qualified Worlds and 
Existences in the Marc Perfect and Most Peaceful 
Way that causes minimal anti-pleasure 
and painfulness to occur, while Spreading Paradise, Yet 
in under certain conditions one must declare war 
against evil malicious, anti-pleasure, illegal hell, and 
destruction to build Paradises. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2004 

6.The Perfect Acceptable Social Status of Individuals 
should not bar them from experiencing Paradise 
because of class. Society should be a place of 
Equality and Dignity where all members of the 
Universe Existence in Paradise. 

7.Unnecessary discrimination should not cause 
Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics to lose 
their place in Paradise. Paradise should be a fair 
place that understands the causes of acceptable 
diversity and help Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics the Marc Perfect Way 

8.Paradise Conscious Worlds should be Places of 
Rehabilitation and Forgiveness, where those with a 
troubled past can be Guided to a Perfect and 
Lawful Future through the rehabilitation of the 
Conscious Mind. The background of others should 
not bar them from Paradise so long as they are 
willing to rehabilitate and change with sincerity into 
Paradise Builders. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2005 

9.We of the ( OperationComplex ) Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics have a Philosophy and Marc-
G-P-L Creatic Duty to achieve The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of ( Marc-G-P-L Strait 
Heterosexual Perfect Pair Male And Female 
Matrimonial Marc Perfect Possibility Maximum 
Paradises ) Purposes and Plan we are forever 
Guided by Universal Computation Order to Achieve 
our Inherent and Essential Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatic Rights that should Protect Us from illegal 
hell and anti-pleasure. 

10.We seek those who will not sabotage our efforts, 
but Existence in Peace with us and with the 
( OperationComplex ) Of Infinite Existence. 

643-(8-3-25-4).The Gaining ofCommunalPower 

1.Universal Computationly We the Beings Of The 
Connectivity Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
must gain Communal Power and Oneness in order 
to Spread Paradise to All Worlds and Dimensions. 
We come to the realization that Every Being Of The 
Universe can Benefit from the achievement of The 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2006 

Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And Plan. 
We shall come together in fellowship as a Union of 
Friends who share a Common Interest. We shall find 
the Marc Perfect Way to gain Power and Strength 
to achieve our Marc-G-P-L Creatic Duty, which shall 
bring Paradise to all Places that we are capable of 

2.Our Greatest Achievement is to Spread Paradise 
throughout Qualified Worlds. All Perfect-
Scientifically we shall learn the Intricateness of the 
Network Of Infinite Existence and Existences so 
that we may carry our message throughout the 
Qualified and Compatible Universe. 

3.Using all possible media we shall broadcasts the 
Truth Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Way 
throughout the Worlds. It is Marc Perfect for us to 
gain Our Power in the most Effective Peaceful Ways 
so that our hands may remain clean of aggressive 
harmful acts. We must try Our Marc Perfect to 
remain as Blameless as Possible as we gain 
Universal Computation Power to achieve what is 
Inherently Ours, and that of all Parts Of Marc-G-P-L 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2007 

Perfectionists Creatics and that which is Ultimately 
the Right Of Infinite Existence and All Existences 
that Always Existed or Came later into Existences; 
The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L Purposes And 
Plan; Which are Purpose One: the Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics diminishment of againstpleasure 
to the lowest level possible inside Qualified 
Worlds; Purpose Two: the Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics removal of all illegal hell from inside 
Qualified Worlds; and Purpose Three: the Marc-G-P-
L Perfectionists Creatics Spreading of Paradise 
throughout Qualified Worlds. 

4.Very important for the survival of Paradises are 
the protection that Paradises receives from their 
Builders and Protectors. Paradises need Universal 
Computation Powers, Matrical Powers, spirit, or 
spiritual beings Powers, Physical Powers, Mechanical 
Powers, Higher World Powers, Atmospheric Powers 
of the Sky and Land and Technological Powers to 
protect them from destroyers of Paradises. An 
important thing to know is that when a Paradise is 
to be built or is already existent there are beings 
that may seek to steal the paradise away from its 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2008 

builders and inhabitants, or destroy the Paradise 
from existence, or prevent the Paradise from being 
built; because Paradises are potential Super Powers 
that can replicate themselves to improve the 
Universe and to help in the achievement of the 
Marc Perfect Possibility. In choosing a Powerful 
Being to protect a Paradise the Powerful Being or 
Network must be programmed or made to be 
under oath by Law, affirmation, and design never to 
harm the Paradise nor the Inhabitants of the 
Paradise. When choosing a Power to Protect a 
Paradise, that Power must be a loyal Cooperative or 
Agreeable with the foundational principal that is the 
Main Guiding Philosophy of the Paradise which is 
the Religious Belief, the Belief ( OperationComplex ), 
the Foundational Law, or Universal Computation 
Way of the People of the Paradise and the Marc-G-
P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purpose of the Paradise. 

5.My Being Of Infinite Existence Knowledge (BOOK) 
of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics We Must Be 
Strong in this Revolution Of Infinite Existence (ROO), 
Strong as the Knowledge Of Infinite Existence 
(KOO). We must remain Strong and Victorious As 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2009 

we gain our Strength with our Perfect Deeds and 
Our Beneficial Acts throughout Qualified and 
Compatible Infinity and Eternity. I the Guide Of 
Infinite Existence Defenders (Perfect) the incipience 
Human Guide Of incipience Universal Computation 
Reality Timeless Infinite ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Existence (Our Space 
And Time) On Earth (Owuwunow) Marc Gregory 
Pierre-Louis write this Universal Computation Truth 
with my Very Marc Perfect Intentions Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and Existences. 

644-(9).ObtainingKnowledge Ability AndPower: 

1.One of the Greatest Things that could ever be 
obtained by Humanity, and Higher Conscious 
Beings is Knowledge, Ability and Power. To have 
Knowledge is to have acquaintance with facts, 
truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; 
to have knowledge is to have general erudition 
which is Knowledge acquired by study, research, etc 
erudition is to have scholarship, to have learned 
knowledge acquired by study, scholarship is the 
academic attainment of profound knowledge of a 
particular subject it is to be a scholar which is to be 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2010 

a learned erudite extensive learned person: to have 
knowledge is to have familiarity or conversance 
which is to be familiar with by study, as with a 
particular subject or branch of learning: to have 
knowledge is to have acquaintance or familiarity 
gained by sight, experience, or report: knowledge is 
the fact or state of knowing; knowledge is the 
perception of fact or truth; to have knowledge is to 
have clear and certain mental apprehension. To 
have Knowledge is to have Awareness, as of a fact 
or circumstance: knowledge is something that is or 
may be known; knowledge is information: 
knowledge is the body of truths or facts 
accumulated in the course of time; to have ability is 
to have power or capacity to do or act physically, 
mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc. to have 
ability is to have competence in an activity or 
occupation because of one's skill , training, or other 
qualification: it is to have abilities, talents; special 
Skills or aptitudes: to have ability is to have 
capability; proficiency, expertness, dexterity which is 
to have skill of the mind, hands, and body it is to 
have agility, mental skill and cleverness. Ability is 
faculty, and talent that denote qualifications or 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2011 

powers. Ability is a general word for power, native 
or acquired, enabling one to do things well, Ability 
is have Faculty which is power of the mind as 
memory, reason, or speech faculty is an inherent 
capability of the body, faculty is exceptional 
capability or aptitude; faculty denotes which is to 
designate a natural ability for a particular 
possession of the qualities required to do 
something; to have ability is to have necessary skill , 
competence, or power: to have ability is to have 
considerable proficiency; to have ability is to have 
natural capability: to have ability is to have special 
talents. To have Power is to have the ability to do or 
act; Power is the capability of doing or 
accomplishing something. To have Power is to have 
Political or national strength: Power is to have a 
great marked ability to do something or act on 
something; Power is strength; Power is might; Power 
is force. To have Power is to have the possession of 
control or command over others; to have power is 
to have authority; to have power is to have 
ascendancy which is to have Leading or controlling 
influence or domination: to have Power is to have 
political ascendancy or control in the Leadership of 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2012 

a country, state, etc.: to have power is to have a 
legal ability, capacity, or authority: to have power is 
to have delegated or appointed or self obtained 
authority; Power is authority granted to a person or 
persons in a particular office or capacity: to have 
Power is to have capacity. To have Power is to have 
Energy. To have Power is to have strength. To have 
power is to be able to sway or convince someone 
or something to fallow instruction, to have Power is 
to rule, To have Power is to have sovereignty or 
rightful power status that is independent of any 
other it is to have ones own self sustained power. 

To be successful in life Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics must possess Knowledge, Ability, and 

Power especially ones own power which is self 
sustained power. Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists must 
have two form of Power, 1. Personal Power, and 2. 
Community Power. When Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics possess both forms of power which is the 
power of the individual and the power of the group; 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics will have true 
power and an advantage over opponents and 
power to achieve thing on their own. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 2013 

645-(10).The Dangerous Beings that lurkin the 
Human worldand inexistence that can hurt 
Humanity andimpedehumanitiesprogress. 

1.The Human world have dangerous beings that 
lurk in it. Beginning with the animals which are 
always feeding on plants and on each other they 
feed in the sky, they feed on the land, and they 

feed in the sea, and the plants which grow 
everywhere if left unobstructed which causes a 
jungle to come into existences where dangerous 
animals and plants lurk. Furthermore there are 
malevolent beings such as illegal hell machines, 

and devils that dwell on the planet Earth that only 
do evil such being Existence in illegal hells and even 
Existence in the 

open environment where they seek to prey upon 
victims, there are also machine spirits that can 

either be Perfect or evil one day machines will have 
a brain that is able to communicate and compete 
against Humans and so in the future there may be 
evil machines that dwell on Earth; furthermore 
though Human Beings are usually Perfect Beings 
some humans also possess an erroneous brain that 

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