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789-(19-67-1). What is Lifetime Partnership:

MARC GPL PERFECTIONISTS CREATICS SUPPORT MORE THEN JUST MONOGAMY WE ALSO SUPPORT BALLANCED POLYGAMISTS RELATIONSHIPS AS LIFE TIME PARTNERSHIP ALSO; ( Any teaching this paper have against polygamy is against illegal forms of unbalanced and  un lineage polygamy without illegal usurpations. );


1.Lifetime Partnership is the Marc Perfect form of Procreation Espouse ever invented and it was invented by Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis. Lifetime Partnership takes into consideration that for Humanity Procreation Espouse and childbirth is the foundation of Human continuance and nations in that the children of Humanity build the entire Human continuance and nations apart from what nature provide as elemental material and natural resources. In order to insure the most perfect possibility occur through Procreation Espouse, Lifetime Partnership concept use three ( OperationComplex )s the first is Perfect Pairing spouses, the second is arranged Procreation Espouses into the school ( OperationComplex ), and the third is guarantying that Procreation Espouses last through education, counseling, and preventative measures.

2.The Steps and Processes of Lifetime Partnership: Like mechanics Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouses are very orderly and are arranged and formatted in a way to achieve maximum performance of advantages for spouses, families, and society.

3.Perfect Pair Arrange Procreation Espouse Into the School ( OperationComplex ): The first step in Lifetime Partnership to guarantee that the relationship and the Procreation Espoused bond last for a lifetime even for all eternity is Perfect Pairing two children into the school ( OperationComplex ) through Procreation Espouse in a legal manner. Perfect Pairing takes into consideration what the child will look like in the future and a perfect match is made between the two spouses to insure that they will be compatible with each other. Such consideration are physical features such as facial type, body type, color, race, and height. Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis figured that when two Procreation Espoused couples share similar attributes in a heterosexual manner they are more likely to love each other, be loyal to each other and stay with each other. When two Procreation Espoused couples share similar attributes in a heterosexual manner they are more harmonious with each other. Lifetime Partnership uses a technical formula Marc Gregory Pierre-louis came up with to pair two couples together into perfect pairs or closer pairs. Lifetime Partnership also arrange two children into the school ( OperationComplex ) so that they may grow up together ever since they are young children from the first year of schooling they are arranged with each other into the school ( OperationComplex ) to learn all format-table education, family rearing education, and all employ-mental education to sustain and contribute to a family and to society.

4.United Couple Grade School and College Education and Graduation: From the first year of schooling perfect paired and arranged Procreation Espoused couples receive school education together as a united team; a young girl and a young boy are made to become teammates in education with a greater ideal as to their purpose in society as contributors towards the progress of Human continuance and nations. Unlike traditional and wayward Procreation Espouse practices these couples will know each other from the age of six years old and they shall be paired preferably at the same age or the closest age possible and they shall be perfect for each other or very close in compatibility with each other. The education they receive in the Perfect Pair School ( OperationComplex ) shall teach them all format-table knowledge, all family raising knowledge, and all employ-mental knowledge to sustain a family, and Human continuance and nations. Perfect Pair Lifetime Partners do not indulge in sexual activity until they graduate with a Masters degree from college both male and female remain a virgin until they are 13 years old and receive their sexual right Procreation Espouse ceremony to have puberty activated professional creation procreation prohumancreationsex.

5.Pregnancy and Family hood Procreation Espouse at 24 years old: After 19 Years of Perfect Pairing Schooling which is 13 years from kindergarten to 12 grade, and six years of college to receive a masters degree in trade. Perfect Paired Lifetime Partners are ready to receive their second Procreation Espouse ceremony into pregnancy and family raising at this stage they shall be 24 years old and it is the perfect age for pregnancy. According to doctors and scientists the female body is fully developed and at its peak for pregnancy at the age of 24 to 34 and based on the Law of perfection and the Marc Perfect possibility after 19 years of schooling a man and a woman are 24 years old and have received up to a masters degree in occupational education. At the age of 24 years old Perfect Paired Lifetime Partners receive their second Procreation Espouse ceremony and for the first time in their life they copulate and give birth to children.

6.Family Raising Stage and Occupation Stage: The family unit is the foundation of Human continuance and nations and all occupations invented for the sustainment of Humanity are to insure a Marc Perfect existence for the family unit which is the builder and foundation of Human continuance and nations. From the age of 24 years old after receiving their second Procreation Espouse ceremony Perfect Paired Lifetime Partners are at the stage of raising a family and fulfilling their employ-mental duty to maintain and progress society. From the age of 6 years old arranged Procreation Espouse stage into the school ( OperationComplex ) to the age of 24 years old which is the age of graduation from college with a Masters degree in occupational Skills and knowledge and the second Procreation Espouse ceremony into family hood and child bearing and rearing this is what Lifetime Partners and Perfect Pairs have been waiting for and are born for to contribute to society and to achieve the most perfect Possibility of companionship with each other and to be the greatest parents a child will ever have.

7.Eternal Companionship in this world or Death and Reunion in the After world: Procreation Espouse is eternal and divorce must never come; this is one of the philosophical foundations of Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses and Lifetime Partnership. Human Beings at their most perfect form desire to be with each other forever although the current state of world affairs allow humans to perish and be torn apart; one of Humanities greatest aspiration is to Exists forever in Procreation Espoused companionship, Perfect Pair and Lifetime Partnership philosophy and formulas support and allow eternal companionship of Procreation Espoused couples to occur by Law, design, and support. One of the greatest plans of Perfect Pair and Lifetime Partnership is that Human Beings Exists forevermore together in Procreation Espoused companionship on earth or in any afterlife forevermore. Such perfect pairs shall accompany each other to every destination that is possible to facilitate their companionship. If and when a perfect pair die the other shall be reunited with the dead perfect pair in any after world that the continuance of the dead pair is transferred to.

8.Why do we need Lifetime Partnership: The sustainment, improvement, and continuance of Humanity requires that Human males and Human female mate appropriately and remain loyal to each other in Procreation Espoused companionship. Lifetime Partnership is the safest, most secure and most effective and efficient way to build and maintain a Procreation Espoused relationship between two Human heterosexuals a male and a female. The Procreation Espouse of the Human continuance can be safeguarded through Lifetime Partnership and Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses

9.Current Procreation Espouses and why they fail: Current Procreation Espouse practices fail because of several defects in their design and their mismanagement of Procreation Espouses and their incorrect union and matching formulas; currently there are various formulas of Procreation Espouse Human societies fallow some of them lead to childbearing and some of them lead to Berenice and death.

10.Social problems caused by defective Procreation Espouse practices: Current Procreation Espouse Practices, Past Procreation Espouse Practices, and if Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses and Lifetime Partnership is not instituted future Procreation Espouse Practices lead, have led, and will lead to 18 or more social and Procreation Espoused problems non Lifetime Partnership and non perfect pair Procreation Espouses practices cause to occur. I will list the defects below.

11.Unintelligent and Inexperienced Parenting: Defective Procreation Espouse practices do not take into consideration that parenting need training just like any occupation a Human is expected to perform; in fact parenting is one of the most important occupation a Human will ever have, parenting plays a large role in what a child will become in the future successful intelligent parenting lead to successful intelligent childhood to adulthood; unintelligent unsuccessful parenting lead to unintelligent and unsuccessful childhood and adulthood. Children are born to contribute to the success of Human continuance and nations parenting and education is one of the most important contribution to the proper formulation of a child to adulthood success. In order to remove unintelligent and inexperienced parenting from society children must be educated from the first year of schooling to the last year of college in specific classes that teach them how to become successful parents Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouses allow future parents to be Procreation Espoused into companionship by the school ( OperationComplex ) this early companionship and training insure that they will become effective parents in the future.

12.Spousal Abuse and Violence Against Children: Defective Procreation Espouse practices lead to spouses and family members that attack each other or one specific spouse that enact unnecessary violence against another spouse and children in the family; in fact certain Procreation Espouse practices encourage violence in the home against members of the family. The Lifetime Partnership school ( OperationComplex ) will teach Lifetime Partners from childhood to adulthood in specific classes how to avoid abusing each other and children that are born in the household.

13.Divorce: Most or all current defective Procreation Espouse practices and Leadments allow divorce to occur between Procreation Espoused partners. Our Lifetime Partnership Law forbid divorce from occurring completely. Our Lifetime Partnership formulas would rather cause warring partners to Exists in separate housing then to divorce them; furthermore Procreation Espoused counseling of warring and disagreeable spouses is required by our Law. A family unit once formed must not be allowed to be separated by divorce; divorce does not guarantee that a person will find a Marc Perfect partner to be with in fact most divorced people wined up reProcreation Espouseing more the once and the more a person have been divorced the more likely their next relationship will be a failure.

14.Promiscuity and dating: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices require fornication in order to test a partner and make judgment to qualify them to become a spouse. These practices cause promiscuity to occur and premarital sex to become a normal practice, these practices also cause disease to spread and unplanned pregnancy and fatherless children to be born and single mothers to become a norm. Our Lifetime Partnership formulas take in consideration what male feature should be Procreation Espoused to what female feature using our formulas we measure the facial features and body features of Procreation Espoused candidates ever since they are children and males and females that share similar attributes in a heterosexual manner are Procreation Espoused to each other ever since childhood and furthermore; our Procreation Espouse into the school ( OperationComplex ) ever since childhood guarantee that Procreation Espoused partners will be compatible with each other and use to each others temperaments; furthermore Procreation Espoused partners receive specific training on how to become Perfect companion of each other and perfect parents of children.

15.( non-main polygamy and non-balance polygamy ), non-balanced polyandry, and Concubinage: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow one man to be Procreation Espoused to several women or a large sum of women in a unbalanced manner, or one women to be Procreation Espoused to several men or a large sum of men in an unbalanced manner this causes promiscuity, disloyalty, and having sex with multiple partners unreasonably and in an unbalanced manner. The practice of ( non-main polygamy and non-balance polygamy ) can cause a specific number of men to wind up with most of the women in a society and the rest of the male population to wind up without a spouse and so such Procreation Espouse practices are not the most perfect possibility; The practice of unbalanced polyandry can cause a specific number of females to wind up with all the males of a population and cause the rest of the females of a population to be without a spouse. and also the ( OperationComplex ) of concubinage can cause females to become second class spouses that do not have the full rights other Procreation Espoused Partners do, such concubine Procreation Espoused Partners are seen as sex objects instead of Procreation Espoused Partners. Our Perfect Pair formulas only Procreation Espouse two perfect pairs together monogamously and heterosexually; Except for the Lineage Papa ( Main Leadershipment Law Maker Powerful Leader ) that is Procreation Espoused Main Polygamously to Perfect Pair Supporting Leadershipment Law Maker Route Mothers; Perfect Pairing causes extreme loyalty because the person is a perfect pair using perfection of pairs mathematical equations of facial features that make a male specifically a male and a female specifically a female.

16.Child Procreation Espouse to Adults, Child Abuse and Molestation: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow a grown adult to Procreation Espouse and underage child this causes child molestation to occur and potential physical and mental damage to underage children that are Procreation Espoused to grown adults. Underage children can also die because of structural integrity issues if they become pregnant for a grown adult while their body is not fully developed. Also grown adults are not compatible with young children in Procreation Espouse and any sex that occurs between a grown adult and a young child is child molestation and child abuse. Our Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouse formulas only allow people of the same age or closest age to Procreation Espouse each other; and furthermore no one who is 10 years older then another person can Procreation Espouse them; furthermore anyone who is not Procreation Espoused in the same year must wait for the younger partner to turn 21 years old in order to accompany each other.

17.Early Pregnancy: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow a female to become pregnant too early and this causes structural integrity problems to occur that can cost the mother and child their Exists. Our Lifetime Partners Procreation Espouse practices allow perfect pairs to have sex only after they turn 13 years old and have reached the age of puberty this will allow two thirteen year old puberty enabled Procreation Espoused couples to copulate with each other instead of have sexual desires that remain unfulfilled which can cause disloyalty and non-permission sex to occur by allowing puberty enabled teenagers that are Procreation Espoused to each other to copulate in safety and in permission their Procreation Espouse with each other is have become sexual and have been activated into procreation hood such sexual copulation can be done with harmless birth control pills until such Procreation Espoused couples reach the age of 24 years old this is the age when the Human Female body become fully mature to bear children.

18.Dowry ( OperationComplex ): Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow a spouse to be bought into a Procreation Espouse through the ( OperationComplex ) of dowry. Dowry ( OperationComplex ) allows a certain amount of fee and objects to be demanded in payment in order for a Procreation Espouse to take place this causes a spouse to become purchase-able and this allows a spouse to have a fee put upon their head which mean they have a price value this causes a Human to become purchasable. Some men resort to terminating a female they Procreation Espoused through the dowry ( OperationComplex ) because they did not receive a high enough payment for their Procreation Espouse; this have also caused certain evil malicious men to Procreation Espouse only to receive a payment or even terminate a spouse to receive more dowry payment from the next spouse; this ( OperationComplex ) have also caused certain men to Procreation Espouse large sums of females so that they can receive a dowry payment to become wealthy by the obtainment of Procreation Espoused Partners and dowry payments this is known as dowry "traditional fatal prostitution". Our Lifetime Partnership into the school ( OperationComplex ) Procreation Espouse ( OperationComplex ) does not use any dowry or payment ( OperationComplex ) for a Procreation Espouse; the Leadership provide everything needed for the Procreation Espouse to take place and no fee is required to get Procreation Espoused, in fact when our ( OperationComplex ) is the Leadershipment body of a nation no one pays for anything everything is regulated by their availability to the Leadership and the general public. Human Life and Procreation Espouse is priceless therefore no fee is put upon a humans head nor a Procreation Espoused couple.

19.Disloyalty: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices causes disloyalty to occur there are several reasons for disloyalty; one reasons is incompatible pairs, another reason is lack of loyalty training of how to control the urge to copulate with someone who is not a persons Procreation Espoused partner, another reason are sexual habits that promote disloyal behavioral patterns. Our Lifetime Partnership formulas try our Marc Perfect to arrange compatible pairs together so that they may be more loyal with each other, we also train from childhood to adulthood Procreation Espoused couples of compatible age or same age how to be loyal to each other so that they may not have lack of knowledge as how to maintain loyalty of each other.

20.Swinging a Partner: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices train Procreation Espoused partners of low morality to swing their partners which means they train Procreation Espoused partners to share their spouse with someone else. This practice of swinging partners causes severe disloyalty to occur and lack of care that ones spouse is having sex with other people, this careless perverted behavior can lead to an unhappy life and Procreation Espouse it can also lead to illegitimate children and the spreading of disease, it can also lead to vengeance and murder once the Procreation Espoused partner realize what they have done. Our Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses Support ( Loyal Heterosexual Main Monogamous Polygamy; and Multi-Conscious Mind Node Monogamous Polygamy; and Balanced Polygamy; and Protective Against-Abomination Polyandry; and Monogamous Heterosexual bonds and Procreation Espouses, Procreation Espoused couples are expected by Law to be loyal to each other or they can face imprisonment in a counseling institution to receive training on how not to commit extra-Procreation Espoused affairs. Our Leadership also promote humane treatment towards people who have committed extra-Procreation Espoused affairs so that no death will occur to someones spouse, but re-unification and forgiveness can heal wounded hearts and Relationships into Continuity.

21.Orgies: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices train sexual beings to practice orgies which is group sex; group sex is immoral, unsafe, and mass robbery of ones spouse through perverted agreements to participate in group sex. Group sex allow a small or large group of people to have sex with each other in a group without any shame this causes multiple partner sex to occur indiscriminately this causes disease to spread and illegitimate children to be born to mothers who do not know fully who the father of the child is; people who participate in orgies have also been known to indulge in abortion of children that are fertilized and conceptioned through orgyous sex. Our Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouse into the school ( OperationComplex ) take into consideration that humans must have sex with compatible pairs and not indulge in indiscriminate orgyous sex. We also outlawed abortion completely in our society, abortion can only occur to save a mothers life from death though pregnancy complications, but not for any other reason. We also teach our Procreation Espoused couples to be extremely loyal to each other and not to copulate with anyone who is not their Procreation Espoused couple, as our Procreation Espouses involve perfect pairs Procreation Espoused couples know the facial and body type they are supposed to copulate with and are loyal and seek Procreation Espouse to that facial and body type only.

22.Sexually Transmitted Diseases and STD's: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices lead to sexually transmitted diseases because they do not guarantee safety measures that prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading; for example having sex with more then one partner for ones whole life can cause sexually transmitted diseases to spread there is a greater chance to spread sexually transmitted diseases when Human beings practice having sex with more then one partner for a lifetime, the greater number of sexual partners the greater the chance of catching a sexually transmitted disease increase. Even someone who have sex with one extra partner for a lifetime run the risk of catching a sexually transmitted diseases. Divorce cannot be allowed nor reProcreation Espoused because divorce and reProcreation Espoused increase the chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Our Lifetime Partnership program only support that someone have sex with one lifetime partner forever and they are matched from the same age of six years old, when the Lifetime Partnership ( OperationComplex ) becomes perfect children will be tailor made for each other before they are even born they will be Procreation Espoused to each other and they will be designed perfect for each other through facial and body match programs that are heterosexually formatted.

23.Abortion: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices and Leadershipment policies allow abortion to take place this means a future Human can be murdered inside of the future humans mothers womb. Almost every impregnation of a Human female will lead to the birth of a Human as child mortality rates are far lower then child birth rates in most places throughout modern earth therefore the abortion of a Human baby is the murder of a future Human who is terminated in fetal stages inside of the mothers womb. Our Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouse policies do not allow abortion to take place except if the mother is in imminent danger of death through pregnancy complication that will surely lead to the death of the mother of the fetus. Abortion is the murder of future workmen that will contribute to the progress of Humanity, abortion is also the terminating of the Permanent Life spirit, or spiritual beings of Humanity before it is formed; and also the Universe is Infinite in spacial capacity therefore there is plenty of space for all living beings that will never be filled by any living being, for infinity can never be filled.

24.Incompatible Pairs: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices lead to incompatible pair throughout all Human history until the birth of Marc Gregory Pierre-Louis and his theories about perfect pairing a Human being in his own specific formulations that calculated all component in a humans body to pair a Human is precisely as possible with another Human; Humanity practiced what is known as free inquire in which any Human female model number could be Procreation Espoused to another Human male model number despite of the model number type. Human beings come in many model numbers just like many things do; each Human male model number have a specific Human female model number that is the perfect pair of that Human's model number this is known as perfect pairs. The free inquire ( OperationComplex ) does not take this into consideration instead it promotes cross model number pairing between Human males and Human females in fact free inquiry can even become worst it can cause homosexual pairing to be made or even beastiality and objectophilia pairing to be made in its worst form. In free inquire worst form it can become a ( OperationComplex ) of careless and indiscriminate Procreation Espouse practices that cause extreme cross model number mating. Our ( OperationComplex ) of Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pairing take into consideration model number types between males and females and perfect pair heterosexually Human males and Human females by using computations of all facial and body features to perfect them in a perfect Procreation Espouse of “Human Union Model Attribute Number Synchronicity” (Humans). When two Human lovers have similarities in a heterosexual manner when the male have male attributes and the female have female attributes the Human lover pairs love each other more and are more loyal towards each other; they make a Marc Perfect union.

25.Incest: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices cause incest to occur such Procreation Espouse practices allow members of the same direct family to mate with each other. Though someone would be Marc Perfect off Procreation Espouseing inside of their own race; Procreation Espouse inside the same direct family group is immoral and a danger to the health of progeny. Though a certain amount of ancestry is necessary to form a race in the beginning stages of the birth of a new race; incest is the practice of Procreation Espouseing direct family members in a community where there are enough indirect families that can interProcreation Espoused each other in a non-related manner. Our Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair formulas take into consideration that members of the same family group must not mate with each other and must avoid incest. Incest can cause retardation and dumbness of children. Perfect Pairs must come from non-related family groups, though they must come from the same race, they must come from non-related family groups.

26.Pornography: Certain defective Procreation Espouse ( OperationComplex )s allow pornography to be legalized; pornography is the publishing of sexually graphic images; sexually graphic images of the opposite sex for Humanity is an easy trap to fall into as sexuality is the foundation of Human life, this magnetic pull of sexually graphic images can attract almost any Human into spying and purveying the opposite sex, voyeurism have become a preoccupation in modern Human culture, the magnetic pull of sexually graphic images of the opposite sex have caused pornography to become legal in many parts of Human continuance and nations. Humanity must realize that pornography cannot be sustained through scrutiny and that pornography is a danger to Human culture even though sexuality is the foundation of Human life, Humanity must allow sexuality to become a private aspect of Human life. Our Procreation Espouse ( OperationComplex ) have come to the conclusion that maximum privacy must be used by Human culture that the Human home must have maximum privacy from foreign invasion, especially Human sexuality must become a private aspect of Human life, as non-humans especially may come to the conclusion to offend Humanity for being nude and see Humanity in a lower manner not understanding that Human sexuality is dear to Humanity. Humanity must guard Human sexuality with privacy Law and the Human home from all foreign invasion. In every Human home must be a private room where Human copulation between Procreation Espoused couples occur no eye must see such mating habits for the security of Human spouses.

27.homosexuality: Certain defective Procreation Espoused practices and Leadershipment Law allow homosexual unions and homosexual Procreation Espouses; Humanity have no platform for the homosexual lifestyle as humans are a heterosexual species requiring the copulation of a male and a female to produce children. The Human male and female bodies are designed perfect for each other. The male body uniting with the female body is a perfect mathematical and scientific formulation and equation. The way the Human male and female body are designed for each other is perfect. homosexual union is extremely imperfect and abominable to Human existence and Human pride. The copulation of two homosexuals is a sign of the decline of Humanity as it takes the union of a Human male and a Human female to produce children, and the copulation of two homosexual humans produce no offspring therefore the union of homosexuals is the sign of the decline and death of Humanity. homosexuals can also become very deadly to a society as it is proven that in large cities homosexuals making up 3 percent of the population are responsible for 50% of the murders in large cities; therefore homosexuals are some of the most murderous people among Humanity and must be arrested and jailed for being homosexuals among a heterosexual species and race. homosexuals are also more prone to be cannibals. homosexuals also average anywhere from 500 to 1000 sexual partners for a lifetime; when the average heterosexual average 8 to 38 partners for a lifetime. Our Lifetime Partner Perfect Pair Procreation Espouse practices do not recognize homosexual unions at all. homosexuality is seen as an abomination against Humanity and a decline of Humanity. Our Lifetime Partners and Perfect Pair Procreation Espouse Practices only pair a male and a female together in lifetime partnership. We also practice perfect pairing in which we unite the male and female model numbers in a perfect manner; males have male attributes and females have female attributes, they are perfect paired with each other in perfect heterosexual Procreation Espouse.

28."traditional fatal prostitution": Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices and Leadershipment Law allow "traditional fatal prostitution" to become legal in a society. "traditional fatal prostitution" is the exchange of sexual acts for monetary compensation. Such practices lead a "traditional fatal prostitute" to become extremely promiscuous for the obtainment of monetary payment and sexual pleasure. The desire to gain sexual pleasure and money at the same time causes a "traditional fatal prostitute" to become a sex machine. "traditional fatal prostitute"s are known to have anywhere from 200, 300, or even 1000 sexual partners per year a "traditional fatal prostitute" who have sex with 2.7 people per day would have sex with 1000 people per year within the time space of 15 years such a "traditional fatal prostitute" would have had sex with 15 thousand people; a "traditional fatal prostitute" that have sex with 300 persons a year would have sex with 4500 people in 15 years, a "traditional fatal prostitute" that have sex with 200 persons a year would have sex with 3000 people in 15 years. "traditional fatal prostitute"s have a 200% higher chance of death then normal people, 1 out of every 2 "traditional fatal prostitute"s will die of HIV/AIDS which is 50% of "traditional fatal prostitute"s, 90% of "traditional fatal prostitute"s will be infected with a deadly Sexually Transmitted Disease STD. "traditional fatal prostitute"s are usually raped 10 times per year. 50% of "traditional fatal prostitute"s used drugs before becoming "traditional fatal prostitute"s. Our Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses outlaw all forms of "traditional fatal prostitution", only Procreation Espouse is allowed in our society and Procreation Espouse is entered into ever since the age of 6 years old into the school ( OperationComplex ) by perfect pairs and also one of our plans is to remove money use and compensation from the daily life of Humanity therefore no "traditional fatal prostitute" would need to be payed cheap bucks to "traditional fatal prostitute" their body. Sexual pleasure would remain between two Procreation Espoused partners only in the privacy of their own home. We also believe in the imprisonment and rehabilitation of "traditional fatal prostitute"s in counseling institutions so that they may receive rehabilitation and re-routation into a new prosperous life loosuncapturety from "traditional fatal prostitution" programming and danger.

29.Sex Slaves: Certain defective Procreation Espouses lead to sexual enslavement. In the past and in the present, and in the future if it is not outlawed and prevented. Many people will be forced into sexual enslavement. In many culture that kept women as slaves, female slaves were made to Procreation Espouse the very person who bought them as a slave; such females who were bought as slaves are rape victims; also there are females who are kidnapped and forced into Procreation Espouses against there own loosuncapturety will they are raped and "traditional fatal prostitute"d. Our Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouse practices outlaw sexual slavery and all forms of slavery; mental and physical slavery are outlawed by our Leadershipment Law; in fact even though our Procreation Espouses are arranged, a spouse can refuse to participate in sexual activities until a mutual agreement is made by the ruling in a court room; furthermore even though Procreation Espouses of children are arranged in a perfect manner; if a parent find there is a problem with the Procreation Espouse; the child with the disagreeable parent must wait until they are 21 years old to choose a single partner with a similar situation as a spouse. Our Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouses are loosuncapturety of rape and sexual enslavement.

30.Rape: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow one spouse to rape the other spouse customarily or through forced sexual encounters. Our Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Law forbid one spouse to rape the other, it is known as spousal rape for one spouse to force the other spouse to copulate by force. Though there is no divorce granted by our Leadership a spouse can be arrested for spousal rape. Sexual encounters are only entered through consensual agreements in our community though Procreation Espouses are arranged no spouse is forced to copulate without consent.

31.Beastiality: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow a Human to Procreation Espouse a beast or an animal this abominable practice is one of the most degrading things a sexual Human being will face; which is the copulation of a Human with a beast or animal. Humans are not compatible with beast and animals. Most humans are pure souls and are a clean creature it is abominable to allow a clean creature like a Human mate with a unclean creature like a beast or animal. Human were made to Procreation Espouse other humans only. It is perfect for humans to Procreation Espouse each other instead of other beings. Our Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses take into consideration that humans must be perfect for each other in every way possible including physically and mentally. We first pair a Human male with a Human female as perfect pairs who are physically compatible with each other; we then allow them to go to school together ever since the age of six years old, by being companions in school work they learn to cooperate with each other and are thought to become mentally compatible with each other. Our Perfect Pair Lifetime Partnership Procreation Espouses match humans in the most compatible manner.

32.Separation at death and Asexuality: Certain defective Procreation Espouse practices allow spouses to be separated at death or after death. In the after world Procreation Espoused couples are made to become eunuchs in the after world and their eternal Procreation Espouse vow ends; and also in certain customs when the Human spirit, or spiritual beings and soul travels to the after world they are made to become separated from each other and Exists in all male or all female societies; and also in certain circumstances male and female spirit, or spiritual beings are made to become homosexual and dwell in homogenous societies. Our Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses matrimonially require that Procreation Espoused humans reunite with their spouse in any world after death so that spouses can continue their eternal companionship as a Procreation Espoused couple that is never separated without reunification.

33.The Benefits of Lifetime Partnership: Lifetime Partnership and Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses are more beneficial then all other forms of Procreation Espouses. For those who are fortunate enough to have been arranged into the most perfect form of Procreation Espouse there is stability and security in Procreation Espouse and family hood. Because of the training received from childhood to adulthood Lifetime Partners are also more intelligent parents; another benefit of Lifetime Partnership and Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses is a more loving relationship; Lifetime Partnership and Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses make Marc Perfect society that are more advanced and progressive; For those who were fortunate enough to have been arranged into a perfect Procreation Espouse from childhood to adulthood with both partners having the same age there is less promiscuity, a zero chance of catching STD from promiscuous sex, no abortion, and no divorce; and also because pregnancy is controllable without abortion Law there can be scheduled a beneficial increase in the population and a regulation of population without abortion or genocide of children.

34.Stable Families and Intelligent Parents: A benefit of Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses is a more stable family and intelligent parents. Because there are Law drafted for the security of Procreation Espoused couples and specific training that causes Lifetime Partners to be more loyal towards each other and less negligent or abandon-able or each other Lifetime Partners have more stable relationships with each other; and also Lifetime Partners are more intelligent Parents because they are trained in parent hood ever since childhood to adulthood; furthermore even after graduation from Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair Procreation Espouse School Graduates receive period training on how to be Marc Perfect Procreation Espoused partners and parents of children.

35.More Loving and Loyal Relationships: A benefit of Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair relationships is a more loving and loyal relationship. Perfect Pairs are selected at a young age in a perfect manner based on the attributes of their facial features, body type, color, and race. They arranged at a young age which means that they will be familiar with each other as husband and Procreation Espoused Partner and build the necessary loyalty base to be extremely loyal to each other. Having compatible features that are heterosexual in nature causes perfect pairs to love each other more because they are more compatible, being familiar with each other causes Lifelong Partnership Perfect Pairs to be more loyal to each other; the loyalty training they receive in the school ( OperationComplex ) reinforce their familiarity with each other.

36.More Intelligent, Advanced and Progressive Societies: Another benefit of Lifelong Partnership Societies have is to be more intelligent, advanced and progressive, because of the formation of education in a Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair society pairs are synchronized components that are educated together to become a well function-able Human machine that work together with the most effectiveness and efficiently to achieve tasks in society. Ever since childhood Perfect Pair couples are trained and prepared to contribute to family hood and society; the training and stability they receive and become causes a more progressive society to come into existence with more intelligent lifeforms dwelling among each other.

37.Less Promiscuity, STD's, Abortion, and Divorce: A Benefit of Perfect Pair Procreation Espouses and Lifetime Partnership is a less promiscuous, less STD filled, less abortive, and less divorce filled society. Because Perfect Pairs are paired with each other ever since the first year of schooling in a Marc Perfect manner and they are trained and obligated to stay together in loyalty forever there is less promiscuity in a perfect pair lifetime partnership society. Perfect Pairs also have less sexually transmitted diseases, STD's because they do not have sex with anyone else except with each other. Abortion is illegal in a Perfect Pair, Lifetime Partnership Society except for when a mother is in danger of imminent death from pregnancy complications and so there is less murder and infanticide of children in a perfect pair lifetime partnership society. Divorce is also a non-existent thing in a perfect pair lifetime partnership society, relationship are guarded with Law and policing, relationships are also guarded by years of mental training and pair familiarity, and so there is no divorce granted in a lifetime partnership perfect pair society even if partners are separated they are never granted a divorce and can be required to re-unite.

38.Beneficial Increase and Regulation of Populations: A great benefit of Lifetime Partnership Perfect Pair society is a healthy increase in population perfect pairs are guided into pregnancy when required; furthermore, they are guided to become pregnant at the correct age which is 24 years old and higher; the age of 24 years old to 34 years old is when the Human female body is most matured for pregnancy; this is the age when Lifetime Partners are required to give birth to children, this causes a more successful pregnancy with less trouble and fatality caused by structural integrity problems of the Human female body. Population can also be regulated based on the availability of space and resources to increase with very little trouble by the ordering of spouses to give birth to children in an orderly manner based on the availability of space and resources.

39.The Future of Procreation Espouse Based on Lifetime Partnership Formulas: The future of Procreation Espouse is perfect based on Lifetime Partnership and Perfect Pairing. Children are pre-formatted into birth by the Mind ( MindOperationCausation ) of their parents. Parents receive an order from the pregnancy department of the Leadership to Create a new child. The specifications of the design of the child is given to the parents as to what the child will look like, what color the child will be, what height the child will be and what characteristics the child will possess. Two separate unrelated families are selected to give birth to Perfect Pairs, every child birth comes in pairs one family makes the girl, and one family makes the boy. They are born next to each other in the hospital as full sized adults. There is no pain to give birth to children. Children are born from an egg cocoon that grows larger into Human form inside of a growing tube. Children are born as Perfect Pairs every feature of Procreation Espoused males and females are made perfect for each other down to the last detail of design of a heterosexual male and female. Procreation Espoused couples are trained at the school ( OperationComplex ) on how to become perfect partners, perfect parents, and perfect contributors towards the progress of society. Children are born with pre-formated knowledge such as language Skills, mathematical Skills, writing Skills, creativity, talent, and perfect memory. Knowledge, Ability, and Power is given the greatest importance along with the Marc Perfect Possibility in everything.



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