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MarcPerfect Ruby Pay


11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1935 

Perfectionists Creatics to Optimize their Being to the 
Marc Perfect Form and Functionality with Universal 
Computation All Perfect-Scientific Knowledge and 
Ability. Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
can Scientifically and Intentionally Guide and 
Improve the Evolution of their Mind, Body, spirit, or 
spiritual beings and Soul. Knowing the reality that 
we who are Mortal Originate from an Eternal, 
Permanent Life Source which is Infinite Existence; 
We Consciously realize that we can Emulate Our 
Desires to Improve Our Source Conscious Life 
Driving Desire and improve our Physical Form to 
the Highest and Marc Perfect functionality which is 
that of the Permanent Life Form that is capable of 
Metamorphosising to Higher Forms and to spirit, or 
spiritual beings or Flesh without death. This Higher 
Capability is now a dream for Humanity, but if we 
the Human Continuum seek after this Great 
Evolution and Optimization of our Being, we shall 
achieve our dream with the Knowledge and Ability 
gained through Effective, Investments in All Perfect-
Sciences. Which is the Scientific Knowledge of the 
Universe and how Everything Function. 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1936 

3.Knowing the Universal Computation Truth that all 
things come from the Primary Atomic Essence Of 
Infinite Existence, which is indestructible and 
Permanent Life, we the Wise Higher Conscious 
Beings Of Infinite Existence realize that we can 
achieve a Higher State Of Being by rearranging the 
Variations and Combinations of our Atomic Essence 
in their smaller sizes and in their larger sizes of our 
Physical Composition. 

4.We realize the truth that we may not be born with 
certain traits but can evolve and achieve the trait 
through education and invention. An example of 
this truth is that Humanity was born in jungles, but 
using our Higher Conscious Mind, Science and 
Invention, Humanity turned jungles into Great Cities 
with Skyscrapers filled with Awesome Technology 
and Social Order. It is truthful that Humankind was 
born naked, but with Knowledge and Invention, 
Humanity invented clothing which led to an 
Evolution of Fashion and Beauty. The same way, 
Humanity was born Mortal and is now Mortal, but 
through the use of our Higher Conscious Minds, 
Humanity can become Permanent Life through 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1937 

Invention gained by our Investments in All Perfect 

5.With Clarity we who seek after the Metamorphosis 
must be inclusive towards our fellow Beings Of 
Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and Existences 
we must include all Races of Humanity in our Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Plan when they are 
compatible only, when they are not compatible we 
must divide from them. Working together as a team 
comprised of all races of Humanity that are 
compatible we can achieve a Higher State Of Being 
as One Human Family that is compatible. In 
accordance with Perfectness, we must not be racists 
nor colorists. All races of Humanity are capable of 
Higher Consciousness and can achieve Awesome 
Universal Computation Achievements. Scientist have 
proven that Humans from all races are 99.9% alike 
in their Genetic Makeup; currently because 
Humanity does not Existence in a perfect situation 
of equality based on design even though Human 
being are 99.9% similar genetically they are still not 
created equal because most Humans cannot 
achieve many things equally such as physical feats, 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1938 

mental aptitude, and lawful behavior. Color itself is 
not Perfect or evil malicious. All Colors of the 
Universe are Perfect Colors. Colors are only 
associated with Perfect or evil malicious, when they 
are stigmatized with prejudice or bias or when the 
controller of the color or the 
( MindOperationCausation ) of the color is Perfect 
or evil malicious. 

6.As an example of the fact that colors are only 
associated with Perfect or evil malicious, when they 
are stigmatized with prejudice or bias, we shall use 
green as an example. In one example a group of 
invaders wear green and attack a people while 
wearing the color green, they commit great 
atrocities and genocide against the people. As a 
result of this, the people Existed in fear of the 
invaders and began to hate the color green which 
they associated with evil malicious invaders that 
committed great atrocities against their people. In 
another example, a group of people came from 
another world and wore the color green. The 
visitors came in peace and brought great 
Knowledge, Technology, Cure for illnesses and 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1939 

helped a Society to evolve to a Higher Level of 
Peace and Paradise. As a result of this, the People 
who were helped by the green clothed people 
Loved the color green and gave the color green 
Great Prominence in their World and told stories 
about how a Great People who wore the Beautiful 
color green saved their People and helped them to 
advance to a Higher Evolutionary Level of Peace 
and Paradise. 

7.In all their variations, colors are Perfect and 
Beautiful. It does not matter if a color is black, 
white, purple or orange, it is a Perfect Color, It is 
bias, prejudice, stigmatization, racism, hatred and 
ignorance that make people associate colors with 
Perfect and evil malicious. As a result of this great 
scientific understanding we who seek after the 
Great Metamorphosis shall not worry about color, 
we shall worry about the physiology, structural 
integrity, the combination and variation of the 
Atomic Essence Of Infinite Existence that makeup 
the Human Body, spirit, or spiritual beings and Soul. 
We shall not judge Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and Existences by their color, 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1940 

we shall judge them by their acts and deeds and by 
the content of their character that lead them into 
being Perfect or evil malicious. 

8.Using the process of gaining Universal 
Computation Knowledge Effectively with Clarity, we 
the Beings of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
shall learn the Secrets Of Existence. We shall Learn 
how Variations and Combinations of the Atomic 
Essence and Genetic Essence Of Infinite Existence 
found in Living Beings Combine and Vary to cause 
Mortality or Permanent Life. In learning this 
Universal Computation Scientific Formula, we shall 
Evolve our Atomic and Genetic Essence to a Higher 
State Of Being. As we shall seek, so shall we find 
the Key that shall Open the Doorway to Permanent 

9.It is very important and ethical not to attribute 
racists theories because of physical variations such 
as color and other appearance when it comes to 
judging fellow Human Beings and Beings Of Marc-
G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics and Existences. An 
example of this truth is that two computers may 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1941 

look different on the exterior, but may be running 
the same processor speed and memory speed on 
the interior; likewise two computers may look 
exactly the same on the exterior, but may be 
running different processor speed and memory in 
the interior. A blue Toyota may have a faster engine 
than a certain green ford, but a green Porsche may 
have a faster engine than that same blue Toyota. 
The same is true for Human Beings and other 
Universal Computation Beings Education plays a 
very Important role in the life of Human Beings to 
increase the Intelligence of Human Beings and 
other Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics . 
We must take Perfect Care not to allow prejudice to 
give us negative motivation so that we may not 
make incorrect or racists judgments when observing 
physical variations and combinations such as color, 
facial types, nor racial types. 

10.As Connective Beings Of Marc-G-P-L 
Perfectionists Creatics and of Qualified and 
Compatible Existences, we must achieve the Great 
Metamorphoses in Brotherhood and in Sisterhood. 
We shall Optimize the Physical Variations and 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1942 

Combinations of the Essence Of Our Beings to the 
Marc Perfect Form and to the Marc Perfect 
Functionality so that we may Existence to our 
Continuities Fullness Unto Eternity. 

11.Our incipience Infinite Existence is Eternal and 
Eternity needs Perfect Company and the Marc 
Perfect Security of Health, Prosperity and Paradise; 
therefore, we the Beings Of The Connectivity Of 
Infinite Existence shall Continuously seek to achieve 
and maintain The Three Primary Enjoyable 
Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Purposes and Plan which is our Marc-G-P-L Creatic 
Duty and Birth Right. 

619-(8-3-25-2-10-3). spirit,or spiritualbeings 
Variations andCombinationsTo BuildParadise 

1.Beneficially and Intelligently, we who seek to 
Existence to our Continuities Fullness must have 
clear and detail Scientific Knowledge about all Parts 
of our Being. At our current state in the history of 
Humanity many religions teach about our spirit, or 
spiritual beings and Soul, but non have proven the 
existence of our spirit, or spiritual beings and Soul 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1943 


2.We the Beings of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics must build Reliable Technology that will 
enhance our senses by doing what our limited 
senses cannot do at the current stage of our 

3.Proving the existence of our spirit, or spiritual 
beings and Souls require great development of 
High Sciences. I the Guide Of Infinite Existence have 
seen invisible Beings with my own eyes and have 
spoken to invisible entities for years, One day we 
shall prove the existence of our own spirit, or 
spiritual beings and Soul Scientifically by the 
development of our Mind 
( MindOperationCausation ) and through the 
invention of Technological Tools and 
( OperationComplex )s. 

4.In order for Humanity to prove the existence of 
the Human spirit, or spiritual beings and Soul, 
Humanity must evolve to a Higher Scientific Level. 
By proving the Existence of Our spirit, or spiritual 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1944 

beings and Souls Humanity will be able to gain 
control of our spirit, or spiritual beings and Souls, 
we then can control the variations and 
combinations of our spirit, or spiritual beings and 
Souls; we then can avoid such disadvantages as 
reincarnating into undesirable beings and things, for 
we shall metamorphosis and rearrange to new 
states of existences we shall not reincarnate through 
death and dis-carnation. We would also have the 
opportunity to avoid being doomed in the carnage 
and confines of illegal hells, death and destruction. 

5.For the protection of our Mental and Physical 
Health, Society must promote an environment of 
Perfect spirit, or spiritual beings and Invisible Being. 
Variations and Combinations of spirit, or spiritual 
beings must be Beneficial and not harmful to 
Universal Computation Beings and Universal 
Computation Worlds. Bad Polarity and harmful 
Opposite-ism such as Perfect spirit, or spiritual 
beings and bad spirit, or spiritual beings must be 
changed. spirit, or spiritual beings must fallow the 
Universal Computation Law of The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1945 

Creatics Purposes and Plan and must choose to be 
Perfect spirit, or spiritual beings so that they may 
not become evil malicious minded and destroy the 
Paradise Of The Infinite Existence and of the Beings 
of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics throughout 
Infinite Space. 

6.Universal Computation Communities must control 
spirit, or spiritual beings Variations and 
Combinations so that they may not go into 
extremes and give birth to evil malicious minded 
beings that use polarity as an excuse to become as 
evil malicious as they can become so that they may 
say that evil malicious is needed to oppose Perfect 
in order for there to Existence balance in the 

7.When evil malicious opposes Perfect in the 
Universe, The Three Primary Enjoyable Conditions 
Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics Purposes and 
Plan cannot be achieved and constant warfare and 
hatred occur between the polarities of Perfect and 
evil malicious in order for the Inherent and Essential 
Rights Of Infinite Existence and the Beings of 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1946 

Infinite Existence to be achieved and not be 
destroyed by the evil malicious end of the polarity. 
In order to achieve The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-
P-L Purposes And Plan, there must Existence an 
environment where the Marc Perfect Efforts and 
Actions are used to achieved an Environment of 
Perfectness, Peace, Love and Tranquility which 
results in the Spreading of Paradises throughout 
Individuals, Communities, Worlds, Galaxies and 
Ultimately throughout Qualified Worlds. 

8.In reality there are Perfect Polarity and there are 
bad polarity. Bad polarity is when evil malicious 
polarity is encouraged as a balance to Perfect 
Polarity. When this occur anti-pleasure 
and illegal 
hell increases throughout the 
( OperationComplex ) ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) of its incipience. 
Knowing this truth variations and combinations of 
Perfect and evil malicious must be organized so 
that all variations and combinations may be guided 
into Perfectness so that evil malicious may be 
diminished to the lowest level possible and be 
removed from All Realities, spirit, or spiritual beings 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1947 

and Physical. 

andCombinations to BuildParadise 

1.Purposefully, Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and Existences must Control and Guide 
Environmental Variations and Combinations so that 
Universal Computation Communities and Worlds 
may become an Environment of Peace, Love, 
Tranquility that is filled with Paradise. 

2.Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics must 
Scientifically gain Practical Environmental 
Knowledge that will allow Universal Computation 
Communities to stabilize their Environments Socially 
and Naturally to avoid natural and unnatural 
catastrophes, such as earth quakes, tsunamis, 
freezing temperatures, scorching hot temperatures, 
hurricanes, drouths, environmental degradation of 
soil and other resources and all other harmful bad 
environmental conditions and natural catastrophes. 

3.Universal Computation Communities must have 
High Skills and Expertise that reveal the 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1948 

Combinations and Variations that Lead 
Environmental Conditions so that Universal 
Computation Communities may Control and Guide 
Environmental Conditions in order to insure 
Environmental Healthiness, Improvement and 
Beneficial Evolution. 

4.Progressively Beings Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics and Communities must Continuously Work, 
Evolve and Sustain the Marc Perfect Environmental 
Combinations and the Marc Perfect Environmental 
Variations in order to achieve The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan. 

Employment to BuildParadise 

1.In order to achieve The Three Marc Perfect Marc-
G-P-L Purposes And Plan, Regulation and 
Employment must be designed in a fashion that will 
achieve The Three Marc Perfect Marc-G-P-L 
Purposes And Plan; and maintain The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan and Continue-we-nation, 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Page: 1949 

while evolving the ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) 
( OperationComplex ) and ( Mind-Actuated-RealityCalculated-
Existence Matrixes ) Beings to the 
Highest and Marc Perfect level of Being. 

2.Employment must be used to evolve and maintain 
the ( Mind-Actuated-Reality-Calculated-Existence 
Matrixes ) ( OperationComplex ) of Continue-wenations 
and for education purposes and must be 
accepted as a necessary Marc-G-P-L Creatic Duty 
and Obligation to achieve The Three Primary 
Enjoyable Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists 
Creatics Purposes and Plan and to Maintain 
Continue-we-nations while continually evolving the 
( OperationComplex ) to the Highest level of 
Perfectness and to the Marc Perfect State of Health 
and Happiness, which results to a Paradise Filled 
Environment of Peace, Love and Universal 
Computation Tranquility. 

3.Money must not be the motivation of society, but 
the achievement of The Three Primary Enjoyable 
Conditions Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 

11/10/2017 4:15:18 PM

Purposes and Plan must be the motivation of the Society, 
which shall result in a Continue-we-nation of Peace, Love, 
Tranquility and Paradise. A ( OperationComplex ) of 
Regulation and Circulation that does not involve having 
money solely for wealth yet being contentfully wealthy 
not by a poverty class and a rich class, but by the full 
circulation of the Occupation level hierarchy of the distribution 
of money throughout the Continue-We-Nation shall be used to 
insure that all Citizens Of Marc-G-P-L Perfectionists Creatics 
Continue-we-nation gain access to resources so that the 
Whole Infinite Existence Marc Perfect Continue-we-nation 
shall be provided with available resources to achieve a Marc 
Perfect existence. 

4.In order to achieve this Great Purpose and Plan, there must 
Existence effective regulation ( OperationComplex ) that 
ensures that no member of society will be poor, whether they 
are employed or unemployed, but have a standard level of 
living that allows Everyone to experience Peace, Love, 
Tranquility and Paradise. 

5.The Obtainment of resources must be Guided by a Higher 
Purpose and by the Marc Perfect Purpose and Plan. Essential 
Necessities to maintain the Perfectness of life must be 
Guaranteed to All Members of Society, whether they are 
employed or 


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